Pink Razors - Scene Suicide (Cover Artwork)

Pink Razors

Pink Razors: Scene SuicideScene Suicide (2005)
Robotic Empire

Reviewer Rating: 4

Contributed by: MarkieStaboneMarkieStabone
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Let's be honest here. Recently, people have been having trouble distinguishing between pop-punk and radio-friendly pop-rock. Though the line is fine, it does exist. Thankfully, we have bands like Richmond, VA's Pink Razors to set the record straight and deliver a clear example of how pop-punk shoul.
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Let's be honest here. Recently, people have been having trouble distinguishing between pop-punk and radio-friendly pop-rock. Though the line is fine, it does exist. Thankfully, we have bands like Richmond, VA's Pink Razors to set the record straight and deliver a clear example of how pop-punk should sound.

The Pink Razors have emerged from the prolific Richmond scene with a style unlike their peers. They play a traditional brand of punk rock that harkens back to early days of Screeching Weasel, the Queers, and Dillinger Four. The Pink Razors show that the grittier side of pop-punk is still very much alive.

Scene Suicide is the Pink Razors' debut on Robotic Empire Records. This energetic 8-song EP goes by fast, but is chock full of addictive melodies and catchy hooks. The album's first song, "Fine Food," sets the stage for what's to come. The slower "Totally Nautical, Dude" features a great Dillinger Four-esque breakdown complete with "nothing fucking changes" sung loud and proud. Also, in true Richmond fashion, they've included their own tribute to their hometown with "Do You Wanna Go To Maymont?" Finally, the record ends with an acoustic singalong, "Burglarized!," which sarcastically thanks an unknown intruder that broke into their house.

It's unbelievable to me that bands like this will be dismissed simply because of the pop-punk label. Why does punk need 300 chords and tempo changes to satisfy us these days? Why can't we just kick back and enjoy ourselves? It's time to give pop-punk another shot. You have the likes of Blink-182, Sum 41, and all those other bands to blame for trying to ruin it, but you have the Pink Razors to thank for showing us how it should have been done all along.


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Anonymous (January 26, 2006)

It's not lame for Jeff to come comment here, it's lame for people to be asshoels and make Jeff feel that way

Anonymous (May 5, 2005)

Hey, this is Jeff from Pink Razors.

I fully realize how lame it is for someone to respond to criticisms of their own band. However, I just want to say that "unconcerned" is correct, our live show is mediocre at best. We've been somehow lucky/unlucky enough to be thrust onto the stage with bands who have been playing for years, and thus have all their transitions, stage moves, and banter down to a science. Of course we're gonna be awful. None of us have really been in bands that have played to the sorts of crowds we've played to. Most bands are given years to develop, unless they already have an impressive pedigree, while we've only really been at this since November. I've never played guitar in a band before, none of us have really done anything at this level--hell not even anything that's been talked about as much as it has on this site alone. We didn't even think our "ep" would be released when we recorded it. Maybe in a year or so we'll be more comfortable, I think we're getting more comfortable every week. If you want to wait until then to listen to us or come see us again, I'll understand.

unconcerned (May 5, 2005)

I am looking for something that entertains me

Bigwig's records are seriously lacking in substance but live they are genius... They shed the pop punk thing entirely and have tons of energy and just kick ass live

while Hot Water Music just do the regurgitated tom waits' whiskey for breakfast with a side of broken glass thing while playing music that I just find to be boring... The whole FL sound was never my thing and the 2,000 bands that all sounded like these guys just annoyed the piss out of me...

And the MC5 were gods...

Pink Razors on the other hand are just mediocre... Their live set was seriously lacking and both times i saw them in richmond with lucero and paint it black they were just fucking awful... I like pop punk when it is executed well... If these guys really swung off of D4's nuts as everyone here seems to think they do then I would probably really enjoy them, but instead I just see them as a bunch of guys who overshot their target audience by about 10 years... They are getting the attention of the people who miss that style of music, but as soon as a decent band makes a pop punk record you guys will forget about them...

I am not trying to sound jaded in anyway but it is just hard to impress me these days...

MrStabone (May 4, 2005)

i dont' get you unconcerned

i checked out some reviews to see what you are about

you like Bigiwig who i dig, but they are as cliche as all get out and sound like 100 bands that were signed to EpiPhat, yet you trash HWM who actually did some original shit during that time...yeah tons of emo dorks like them, but they are not emo - just a good rock band

you like the MC5 which is a good thing, but then you rag on the razors who are seriously one of the better bands out there right now

me confused as to what you are looking for

unconcerned (May 4, 2005)

After seeing these guys live twice in the last couple of months I don't think it is the name 'pop punk' that makes them horrible... I think it is just their live show...

I have yet to hear their cd and I would be willing to bet it is thoroughly unimpressive...

Pop Punk was awesome... Hell it still can be awesome if it is pulled off properly, but if you guys are looking for substance and/or decent songs DO NOT look here...

Anonymous (May 3, 2005)

this album is great, and i thought they were really good live, fuckin tight drumming.

speaking of d4... what are they doing? did they break up?

MrStabone (May 2, 2005)

yeah RCH needs some work

i feel bad talking shit cause James seems like a nice enough dude and I dug Funsize big time, but I just ain't feeling it

Anonymous (May 2, 2005)

if you want bad bands in RVA look no further than River City High. they are the suck

sickboi (May 1, 2005)

I live in Richmond, so I'll comment all I want. There are a lot of shitty bands here. And way too many dudes wearing girls' jeans and shitty jet-black moptop hairdo's.

Anonymous (May 1, 2005)

"There are PLENTY of bad bands in RVA. So many shitty screamo, wannabe metal, and toughguy-cliche'-SXE hardcore to make you vomit."

welcome to every scene in the world, retard.

Anonymous (May 1, 2005)

Is this band related to Ann Beretta anyway? I kind of hear it in this.

Anonymous (April 30, 2005)

There are plenty of bad bands in Richmond. And even if there weren't, this one, Katty Wankis would be bad enough to make up for it.

Anonymous (April 30, 2005)

The Red Chord - "Fused Together In Revolving Doors"
Buried Inside - "Chronoclast" (yeah, I know Relapse put it out, but it's 2 bucks cheaper on RE's website...)
Hewhocorrupts - "The Discographer"

Would these three be good choices?


Anonymous (April 30, 2005)

What are 3 good albums (save for CTTS, I don't like 'em) that this label has put out? I'm desperate to order something, anything.


Anonymous (April 29, 2005)

i saw these guys in philly with paint it black and they were really refreshing. good to see bands ripping off d4 and weasel, not nfg.

Anonymous (April 29, 2005)

unless u live in richmond you cant really comment on the scene. You jsut comment on the bands that have toured your way or have signed to bigger labels and have their albums reviewed on punknews

sickboi (April 29, 2005)

There are PLENTY of bad bands in RVA. So many shitty screamo, wannabe metal, and toughguy-cliche'-SXE hardcore to make you vomit.

MarkieStabone (April 29, 2005)

shit, dude, this score's FOR maymont!

Anonymous (April 29, 2005)

Are there any bad bands in RVA?

Anonymous (April 29, 2005)

Score is for having a song called "Do You Wanna Go To Maymont?"

tahoejeff (April 29, 2005)

I like it...I think you were spot on with the D4 comparison

bizzlebrizzle (April 29, 2005)

I'll pick this up one day.

sickboi (April 29, 2005)

Pink Razors are really fun live.

Good review.

MarkieStabone (April 29, 2005)

here's two songs

Anonymous (April 29, 2005)

wait.... please tell me this is a chick band? no? wtf? fuck that

crossfiyaaa (April 29, 2005)

This band is really good. I think I like Stop It!! better, though.

Anonymous (April 29, 2005)

The cd is decent.

I saw them live, and the are pretty boring. The best part was the guy touring with them, Josh Small. Plays steel guitar and banjo...he's worth checking out.

- Kretzer

Anonymous (April 29, 2005)

yet ANOTHER reason why you should live in richmond.

Big_Guy (April 29, 2005)

I saw this band w/ Paint It Black and they were pretty good

Anonymous (April 29, 2005)

they should name their next album "chixdiggit"

Kenjamin (April 29, 2005)

I give this thumbs up. Full length is coming soon I believe. and oh... neither of these guys can sing worth a damn but the bass player is awesome.

Anonymous (April 29, 2005)

mp3 please

ubershep (April 29, 2005)

When stuck without a color scheme, dayglo's the way to go.

allison_le_gnome (April 29, 2005)

I've been curious about these guys, but never bothered to actually go find mp3s.

TheOneTrueBill (April 29, 2005)

I've been listening to a shitload of Ramonescore pop-punk lately, so I'll definitly check this band out. The other day on the train I went from the Teen Idols to Teenage Bottlerocket into The Queers.

inagreendase (April 29, 2005)

I really want to hear this.

Also, this artwork looks pretty familiar; is it from the same person who did the Briefs reissues?

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