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Del Cielo

Del Cielo: Us Vs. ThemUs Vs. Them (2005)
Lovitt Records

Reviewer Rating: 2

Contributed by: AnchorsAnchors
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What do rain, bird shit, and the trio of Andrea Lisi, Basia Andolsun, and Katy Otto have in common? They all come from the sky. At least, that's what their band's name, Del Cielo, infers. Whether or not the three actually fell out of the atmosphere remains to be determined, but their aim seems to be.
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What do rain, bird shit, and the trio of Andrea Lisi, Basia Andolsun, and Katy Otto have in common? They all come from the sky. At least, that's what their band's name, Del Cielo, infers. Whether or not the three actually fell out of the atmosphere remains to be determined, but their aim seems to be fairly simple: a straightforward indie rock record from an all-female band. I suppose in that rite they've succeeded, but beyond simplicity, Del Cielo really don't excel at much.

I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression, as this isn't a totally bad record; it just succeeds so well at mediocrity that there's no retaining merit. The pieces are in place, but the puzzle is never quite completed. There are some solid riffs put down, though nothing that ever really impresses. The guitars do have some grit to them, but singer Andrea Lisi's voice grates more than compliments. The guitar and percussion are put in the background by the production, while Lisi's weak vocals take the forefront. Off-key most of the time, Lisi just doesn't have enough to front a band with the backing musicianship that exists here. Sorry to say, lyrically, she doesn't stand any stronger. Clich├ęs abound, it's mostly derivative narration about break-ups.

There are some bits where the music shines through over the vocals, notably in "Three More," where some interesting chord progressions are found, and the drums keep a solid tempo amidst the vocals. The problems with the vocals don't arise here until the chorus, where it becomes painfully obvious there's some notes that Lisi just cannot hit.

I apologize for beating a dead horse on this review, but the vocals are bad almost to the point of being physically painful, and it ruins what could otherwise be a solid musical experience. Lovitt records has always had a solid roster, boasting Engine Down among others, but they dropped the ball with Us Vs. Them.


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soulbleed (January 18, 2006)

"del cielo" also means "of the sky" in spanish. i don't know if this band was going for the italian meaning or the spanish, but it's the same shit. just figured i'd mention that.

Anonymous (June 16, 2005)

My score is for the reviewer on the pure fact that he didnt' do shit worth of research on the name of this band. Del Cielo, in italain, means "of the sky" not "from the sky." If it meant from the sky the name would be "Dal Cielo." weak...

Anonymous (June 3, 2005)

this record rules!

maverick (May 8, 2005)

Del Cielo sounds very similar to Discount. You'd be foolish not to notice the similarity.


Anchors (May 8, 2005)

Bothare indie rock bands with female singers.

And while on that tangent, Broadcast is better than this band as well.

soulbleed (May 8, 2005)

what does discount have to do with del cielo?

ElVaquero (May 8, 2005)

Discount > everyone?

LMChc (May 8, 2005)

when i was in mexico city, i saw sky captain and the world of tomorrow

which translated to

el capitan del cielo y el mundo de manana

with an enye (n~) over the first n of tomorrow

Anonymous (May 8, 2005)

OK i do not comment on Del Cielo but on the Cliche factor. Im so tired of hearing it! everything is cliche at this time and age really!!! like wtf do u want ppl to sing about?! how aliens stick anal provin sticks into a Cow's Butt?! as many of u might say "hey thats not a bad idea" i think its already been done therefore provin my point that cliche shouldnt really be a point to be argued anymore

Anonymous (May 7, 2005)

I like this record and think it is a lot better than their first one. They are a great band to watch live as well. I do not see the vocals being off key personally but maybe the reviewer is a music teacher or something.

maverick (May 7, 2005)

Discount > Del Cielo.


Anonymous (May 7, 2005)

it's ok, aversion and decapolis took a shit on this too.

soulbleed (May 7, 2005)

i like this.

Anchors (May 6, 2005)

First off, I didn't find that review until after I wrote this one, so your claim is invalid right off the bat.

Secondly, I've done about 5 reviews of screamo bands, so out of 48, I really think you might just be exaggerating a bit. This is not a good record, case closed, move on with your lives.

Anonymous (May 6, 2005)

i love when people respond to the argument that they generally only like one type of music with the "i like this and this and gave that a good review" argument...a few random exceptions don't make an argument invalid...i remember before you made staff you seriously reviewed at least two releases by popular screamo bands per week

it sounds to me like you based your review heavily on that review that you linked for us because most people that have listened to this record would tell you that the vocals are really nice and match the music perfectly...i dunno what's so "gritty" about this record but it sounds pretty chill and cute to me and the vocals are in exactly that style

Anonymous (May 6, 2005)

This is a catchy and good record. You may not like the vocals but they are not off key as the reviewer says.

inagreendase (May 6, 2005)

The first song of this was a chore to get through. There's a difference between having an open mind and compromising things to enjoy a record.

Anchors (May 6, 2005)

That's more than I remember, I haven't touched a Spanish book since 10th grade.

ElVaquero (May 6, 2005)

From what I remember of HS Spanish, cielo is generally sky but when you throw an el in front it turns into heaven sort of like "THE Sky." Plust it would just make a lot more sense for the band's name to be heaven rather than sky. Unless they were trying to sound like pigeon shit.

Anonymous (May 6, 2005)

This is a good record

Anonymous (May 6, 2005)

Punk Planet actually gave this a really good review. The reviewer of this is so off target and I bet did nto even realy listen to the record and got lazy and copied the review they mentioned on the other web site.

Anchors (May 6, 2005)

I really try not to lower myself to defending when people attack my reviews, but if you kids are going to be this thick-headed about it, I'm putting my two cents in.

I like screamo and hardcore, yes, but no, that does not make me biased towards anything I get. I gave this record 3-4 listens, and I wasn't impressed at all. The vocals aren't good, and since vocals are the forefront of the majority of music, it makes it unenjoyable. End of discussion.

If you'd actually look at my review archive, 4 out of the lowest 5 scores are what? Hardcore albums. Mars Volta and Low are both in the top 3, and neither of them are hardcore. Stop generalizing. I don't ever want to hear the "Anchors only listens to screamo" argument ever again, it's bullshit. I still listen to pop punk, I love hip hop, and a lot of my favorite records are instrumental and ambient stuff. Hardcore may be what I know best, but if it was thought I couldn't be unbiased towards the albums I get, I wouldn't have a job here. Don't want my take on this record, I know a lot of you kids read Adequacy, and they don't think any better of this.


ElVaq, you may be right, but I put their name into freetranslation and "From The Sky" is what I got, so take that as you want.

ElVaquero (May 6, 2005)

I'm pretty sure the meaning is actually "from heaven"

Kenjamin (May 6, 2005)

Anchors is going to use his, "i have american football a nine!" excuse. However, I think american football is fucking boring as hell and didn't deserve the score it got.

Anonymous (May 6, 2005)

you need people who review with less bias and a more open mind to music and punk as a whole and not just one cheesy sub genre.

everyone knows this anchor kid wouldn't like this, there's no screaming or white belts.

but i hear katy otto is starting some skramz type band with the girl in mass movement of the moth? give him that release if it happens.

Anonymous (May 6, 2005)

Maybe if they dye their hair black.... they will get good reviews

Inspection12e (May 6, 2005)

Del Cielo > Sleater Kinney.

The cd is very simple but I think that's what makes me like it so much.

MarkieStabone (May 6, 2005)

i haven't heard the album, but i saw them about a year ago and was pretty impressed... sounded pretty sleater-kinney derivative, but in a good way.

Anonymous (May 6, 2005)

hahaha so AP, Punkplanet, and punk news haven't given this cd a good review

Anonymous (May 6, 2005)

ridiculous...this is what happens when you give Anchors something to review that isn't uber screamo...for one thing this shit takes a while to grow on you...at first it seems like no big deal but the songs are hella catchy/cute and i don't know WHERE you got that the girls have bad voices cuz they sing really fucking well and it's perfect for this style of music

LMChc (May 6, 2005)

i know everyone eventually says this about any band, but these are an awesome bunch of girls.

maverick (May 6, 2005)

What do rain, bird shit, and the trio of Andrea Lisi, Basia Andolsun, and Katy Otto have in common? They all come from the sky.

Brilliantly funny opening. Score's for that.


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