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Cellphish: Suicide KingsSuicide Kings (2005)
Ska and Reggae

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Has anybody ever wondered just what No Use For A Name would sound like if they were to add a horn section? No, probably not, but either way, if you were to add a saxophonist and a trumpet player, you very well may conjure up the sounds on Suicide Kings by Cellphish. The quintet originally formed as .

Has anybody ever wondered just what No Use For A Name would sound like if they were to add a horn section? No, probably not, but either way, if you were to add a saxophonist and a trumpet player, you very well may conjure up the sounds on Suicide Kings by Cellphish. The quintet originally formed as a threesome, adding Ivan Ibarra and Rich Iwason on saxophone and trumpet, respectively, to round out their present sound. I have never heard any of their previous recordings, so I can't say whether this change was for the better or worse, but Suicide Kings has some decent potential to be a fun summer record.

"That Magic" starts out with a quick sound byte, as many of the tracks on here do, before getting down to actual music. It's not a real hindrance, as the bytes are pretty comical, albeit silly comedy. "Last Time" leads things off in a pretty upbeat manner, although the end of the song is far too repetitious for my tastes, with the constant singing of "This is the last time!" before the song is carried to its end by some underlying horn work. "Wallz," dumb song name aside, showcases some quick splashes of sped-up guitar that sound like a machine gun barrage, yet the song again is pulled down by an overly repetitious chorus. Coincidentally enough, "Party Song" is probably the most rousing, and most fun song on the entire album with its chorus of "Get it all out of my mind, hang out with bros and forget my woes / Drank too many beers, and now there's a ringing in my ears." Simple, but still a ton of fun to tap your foot and sing along to.

Ska-punk has never been a genre known for its complex songwriting, but instead its infectious horn melodies, goofy lyrics, and singalong harmonies, and I can't deny that Cellphish have attained a solid level of success if that was their aim. Simple doesn't mean shitty, and the band's cohesion allows for some choruses that are really a lot of fun, and some horn inclusions that add a bit of variety to the mix of things. A lot of these songs have great potential to be anthems to a fun night drinking with your friends in your boring, barely-on-the-map town. "Children Of ??The Darkness'" stands as the band's attempt at hair metal, with high-pitched yelps among the metal riffs. It's a funny song for all intents and purposes, but it disrupts what was otherwise a solid flow thus far.

This album will be a good dose of fun for those among us who love ska-punk, but aside from the built in contingent of people who'd listen just on the basis of what it is, the disc does little to attract new listeners, or bring other elements to the table in what is quickly growing to be a tired genre. The execution here is solid, and the added horn section gives this some gusto, but it's still a bit repetitious for my tastes. Try it out, but it's certainly no royal flush.


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Anonymous (November 25, 2005)

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Anonymous (October 30, 2005)

wow. ...what a mix of reviews...it's a love/hate thing .....i bought the CD and I have to say that I actually thought it was good...compared to the s$%t you hear on the radio nowadyas....what I don't understand is how they are compared to Reel Big Fish...they sound REALLY different..and there are NO ska riffs ANYWHERE in the songs..so where is the ska comaprioson???? If anything, I can hear the Pennywise/Face to Face/Bad Religion formula...okay , why aren't they signed?

Anonymous (July 29, 2005)

Why do reviewers insist that just because a band has horns in it, they are automatically ska, ska/punk, ska influenced blah blah blah?? I didnt hear one single ska riff on this album. No guitar upstroke or walking bass line whatsoever which usually denotes something along the lines of ska. They are just good punk with an added horn section to give it a different flavor. They have potential. I 'd like to see what they put out next though.

- Lyrical123

rkl (July 6, 2005)

i really dont want to be a grammar nazi, but im bored. i think its sound bite. feel free to assault my language if my review ever gets "published."

Anonymous (July 4, 2005)

These guys are pretty generic.... I think Jones may have been somewhat harsh.. but he is right.
Isn't this what Less than Jake and Reel Big Fish were doing a decade ago?


crazytoledo (July 2, 2005)

terrible cover art as well...

Anonymous (July 2, 2005)

witty and misspelled band names need to fucking die.

Anonymous (July 1, 2005)

come on jones, you missed TWO reviews where you coulda said 'i hate reading words and stuff'... you're slipping man.

Anonymous (July 1, 2005)

Terrible, terrible name.

stevejonestherealbones (July 1, 2005)

i used to wonder that.

and when i was 16 i probably would have liked this.


from their myspace songs...it sounds like....have you heard that stuff from like the red kross guy where he added bass to white stripes songs? the horns on those songs what the fuck..i'm rambling. but you can probably tell where i am going with this

bottom line. if you are a gay 16 year old like i was, then you like this.

if you are a hetero 24 year old. then you think it is blah

- jones the bones

- stevejones8770@yahoo.com

crazytoledo (July 1, 2005)


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