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Dash Rip Rock: RecyloneRecylone (2005)
Alternative Tentacles

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If as of right now, July 2005, time travel was a possibility, I'd have to say the first time period I'd visit would be the 1950's. Classic cars, drive-in's, and doo wop, and the birth of rockÔ??n'roll. To me, it sounds like an exciting and fascinating time, not to mention hippies didn't exist yet; what more could one person actually ask for? It was during this decade that Bill Haley & The Comets, Chuck Berry, and Elvis really put rockÔ??n'roll on the map, long before any variation of it, punk included, could ever be bastardized by bands such as Dash Rip Rock. Billed as "the best punk country band in the world," DRR is releasing their 12th studio album in 20 years, entitled Recyclone, and it is, to put it nicely, awful.

I hear very little punk rock influence here, but then again maybe it's just too hard to hear the influences of Iggy And The Stooges and MC5 among shouts of "don't mess with Texas!" What I hear out of this disc more than anything else is an amalgamate of Southern rock and 80's hair metal. Somebody please tell these guys that some guitar fuzz once in a while does not make you the Ramones. The intelligence of such 80's metal masters as Poison and Southern rockers Lynard Skynard is exemplified in "BFE," 'Bum fuck Egypt,' for those of you not hip to their highly intelligent brand of acronyms. The song gives a shout-out to Ted Nugent while throwing in some horrible metal riffs.

I apolgize if any of this is overwhelming, but there's just so much wrong with this album, I get going onto one tangent then another; I'll try to stay centered. The songs themselves have absolutely no depth to them, and they don't stray too far into the countryside away from the verse-chorus-verse formula. The country-sounding songs offer little reprieve from the "punk" attempts on this disc, though to their credit they seem a lot more akin to the country stylings than they do playing up-tempo material. Regardless of the type of song, I was unable to find a single specific example of music that saved me from boredom; the vocals, riffs, and drumming are all 100% interchangeable from song to song, right down to the lyrics, ranging from Ronnie Van Zandt to being locked inside a liquor store. Maybe they're onto something there, as these songs wouldn't sound nearly as bad with half a liter of cheap whiskey in me.

The album is over an hour long, and throughout that winding course, it manages to end in the very same place it started, because it never went anywhere in the first place. I can't even think of a demographic that would find this appealing. Fans of punk would not want anything to do with this mess, and conventional country fans would find the "punk" efforts to be just a mess of noise.

The members of this band have been making music together for two decades, and in that time, they have managed to write 12 albums, and on this 12th album, out of 20 songs, not a single one of them was able to so much as hold my attention for the entire duration. Cross-breeding of styles isn't always a bad thing; Run DMC and Aerosmith did it, the Mars Volta do it, but Dash Rip Rock couldn't be farther from striking gold. I'm not against the idea of mixing punk and country, but the problems start if you can't write a decent song in either genre, let alone combining the two. My advice to you is that if you see this in a record store, in the 50 cent bargain bin, walk to the counter and bitch-slap the clerk for overpricing. Pathetic.


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Anonymous (February 28, 2006)

Anchors...what else can I say except you've never had the awakening of a Dash Rip Rock Revival!! If you're going to review this album while listening to DRR on you iPod on the subway or cringing from your parents at dinner time, then you will NEVER EVER get the beauty that is Dash Rip Rock. To see a Dash show is to live. Sure, they're nothin' but a bunch of bass fishin' ass kickin' wiskey pissin' musicians' on a hell bent mission...but then again you wouldn't understand that because you've never swigged a mouthful of Jack from Hoakey Hickel's private reserve in a room full of your 100 most intimate friends....or better yet..wiped the jazz fest dust from the bottle on a weekend in the NOLA spring.

Anonymous (December 23, 2005)

HELLO! This is not a new studio album. Its a Greatest Hits. Hmm, that might explain the mixer of music styles on the record. Review this record again when you pull your head out of your ass and graduate high school. Obviously you don't get it. Your to serious to take a joke. Lighten up. I'm guessing you listen to all serious political music and blame your parent for how shitty your life is.

Anonymous (July 21, 2005)

If you like the Supersucks, odds are you'll like this'un.

Anonymous (July 21, 2005)

This album is in the same spirit of the Jello / Mojo Nixon country record and the Evan Johns Rolling through the night album...but of which you can find on AT

GreenVandal (July 20, 2005)

This does suck, but you kinda missed the mark there Anchors. This is a alternative tentacles release and it gave a shout out to Ted Nugent. That is obviously a joke. I dont really see that as a negative factor.

Anonymous (July 20, 2005)

RE: dumbshit reviewer

Word...what a tool.

Let me guess...he can't buy beer yet. Can somebody please get that draft started up so we can thin the heard a bit?

Anonymous (July 20, 2005)

Its good to see that punknews.org doesn't alienate the dumbshit reviewer contingent.

Anonymous (July 19, 2005)

not their best selection of tracks...

good songs on this album (although perhaps not all of them for punkyboys):

Johnny Ace
Silver Moonlit Rail
False Prophet
String You Up
Eventually Evangeline

good songs from this band that you should hear:

Leave Me Alone to My Bottle
Mud Island
Buried Treasure
Pack You Bags
Singin' The Blues
Anchor Me
Half Kansas Moon
Livin' The Lie I Love

Emusic has this disk. Grab the good tracks and head over to iTunes to cherry pick their other disks.

Anonymous (July 19, 2005)

re: the studio album comment

the question isn't why he wouldn't go by the "studio album" reference, but rather why he would only go by that. no reason to cling to a single piece of wrong information when looking anywhere else would have corrected the reviewers mistaken assumptions.

and the ted nugent comment...sarcastic surely.

Anonymous (July 19, 2005)

How can Jello stand having a band that even mentions Ted Nugent on his label?

Anchors (July 19, 2005)

Alright, apparently it is in fact a greatest hits collection. I made a mistake, we don't need 23 fucking replies about it, Jesus.

And if this is their 'greatest hits,' I thank God I wasn't reviewing a regular album.

Anonymous (July 19, 2005)

hey, lay off anchors for the whole compilation vs studio album thing. his press sheet calls it a studio album, so why wouldnt he go by that?

anyway, this is the lets go smoke some pot band? interesting

MarkieStabone (July 19, 2005)

from alternativetentacles.com:

Here's Dash Rip Rock's baddest, bawdiest and rowdiest tunes from throughout their history! It's a perfect introduction for the uninitiated- and a great drinking soundtrack for the band's beer-hounding faithful. This compilation of outrageously raucous countrified punk shows that Dash Rip Rock have serious chops, but are intent on not taking life too seriously. Their parodies and piss-takes of rock classics are in a league all their own, as evidenced by their "hit" single, "Let's Go Smoke Some Pot." Bottoms up!

sounds like a greatest hits collection to me...

Anonymous (July 19, 2005)

Recyclone is a greatest hits compilation. Way to do your homework. Had you bothered to know anything about the band at all you might have noticed that the tracks have appeared on other records. Perhaps it is obvious that I come into this review a fan of the band, if not this compilation in particular. One of the struggles Dash has always had is their lack of a unified sound. The band's early work, which is under-represented on this disk, comes off like a melding of early REM jangle, post-punk pop and rockabilly. Later records focused alternatively on thrashy sounds (Not of this World which was produced by Jim Dickinson), a big-rock sound (Tiger Town) or power pop (Paydirt). Thrown in along the way are a gaggle of country weepers, civil war epics, about fifty drinking songs and a dozen or so joke-tunes like "Lets Gof Smoke Some Pot," If you like The Blasters, The Replacements, Camper Van Beethoven, The Muffs, The Beat Farmers, The Knitters, The New Duncan Imperials, Southern Culture on the Skids or Mojo Nixon give these boys a try. If you want Screaching Weasel, Black Flagg or Bad Religion you're in the wrong place. I'd recommend starting with Paydirt, Sonic Boom or Ace of Clubs or the debut album, Dash Rip Rock.

rkl (July 19, 2005)

dash rip rock? jesus, my parents used to tell me about this band when i was a wee tyke.
ive also seen them a few times, nothing special.

stevejonestherealbones (July 19, 2005)

maybe its because by their 12th time in the studio, all they can think of doing is recycle all their old shit

- jones

Anonymous (July 19, 2005)

"Yes, the title somewhat alludes to that, but the press sheet said "12th studio album, not "greatest collection of songs," "greatest hits," or anything similar."

You are excused if the press sheet worded it as such. Though other online reviews and interviews clearly claim that it is a best-of compilation. I'm just trying to help out other readers.

Anchors (July 19, 2005)

No, I'm almost positive this is not a greatest hits collection.

Yes, the title somewhat alludes to that, but the press sheet said "12th studio album, not "greatest collection of songs," "greatest hits," or anything similar.

gladimnotemo (July 19, 2005)

I've heard good things about this elsewhere, so to believe a review on Punknews, well, that would be the wrong thing to do.

Anonymous (July 19, 2005)

Errrr, I believe this is actually a sort-of greatest hits collection for the band. Forgive me if I'm wrong. Did the title not even suggest that to you Anchors?

p-fresh (July 19, 2005)

Let's go smoke some pot!!

(Sun to the tune of "At The Hop")

Anonymous (July 19, 2005)

This is on Alternative Tentacles.

Given that, there's a high likelyhood that it's a joke album on purpose.

"It's not punk enough for punks and too punk for country fans!"

Yeah, albums are only good if they into massive, biased, and cliche pre-set templates. Don't you know?


stevejonestherealbones (July 19, 2005)

damn...12 albums....i dont think any band has 12 albums of material in them..no matter what. bands should not release 12 albums. i'm not sure where the cutoff number should be, but 12 is too many.

i mean, by that time, they have either already written thier greatest album, or they aint gonna ever do it

- jones the bones

- stevejones8770@yahoo.com

Anonymous (July 19, 2005)

haha, i really like the link.

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