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Sugus: Highschool RevengeHighschool Revenge (2004)
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Contributed by: FortyMinutesWestFortyMinutesWest
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Damn, why I didn't I take Spanish instead of French? Sugus' entire press release is in Spanish, so the only real thing I learned from it was that their drummer bears a striking resemblance to Rick Steiner. Luckily, with a bit of searching I at least had an idea of what this band is about. Apparently.

Damn, why I didn't I take Spanish instead of French? Sugus' entire press release is in Spanish, so the only real thing I learned from it was that their drummer bears a striking resemblance to Rick Steiner. Luckily, with a bit of searching I at least had an idea of what this band is about. Apparently, Sugus had been on hiatus for a while before this release; although I can't tell you what they sounded like before this hiatus, they sound pretty tight at this point.

I had this album pegged as Lookout-styled pop-punk as soon as I looked at the cover, and while I wasn't totally off-base with that assumption, Sugus brings a bit more to the table. The first song "Mario Quiere Ser Prestidigitador" seemed to confirm my suspicions as a simple but very catchy pop-punk song with group vocals in all the right places. However, the subtly named "Gonna Die It's Revenge" has more of a skate punk or hardcore vibe to it. The band counts both the Teen Idols and the Teen Idles among their influences, and bits of hardcore can be heard throughout the disc. While the music treads familiar territory, it is very catchy, and the harmonies have a way of getting stuck in your head. The lead vocals are a bit too high-pitched at times for my liking, but generally, they lend themselves well to the music.

There aren't any huge flaws to be found on this disc, it's just solid punk rock. Highschool Revenge isn't going to redefine punk for the new millennium, but is a catchy record full of memorable songs, which is more than I say about a lot of other albums. There aren't any really spectacular moments that blew me away on here either, but it's still worth a listen.


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Anonymous (August 8, 2005)

I work picking apples. it's seasonal but I did get hired and I do make more than minimum wage. it's possible

rkl (August 8, 2005)

yeah, i love screamo.
i dont own a tv. or a video game console. or have a car note. or pay for inet access. i refuse to get a loan, because id rather not fall into the great credit trap.

im 23 y/o. i work my ass off. i sell plasma to keep my head above water, it leaves my arms bruised and my veins sore, so im looking like a heroin addict without the positive effects.

someday, youll move out of your parent's house, and you too will realize that practical application triumps over romantic ideals.

Anonymous (August 7, 2005)

kids are mad when they are undercut by "illegals" because cable tv, crappy DVD's, playstation games, and mtv screamo CD's are expensive. curb your habit, get a loan, and prop up your human capital, son.

rkl (August 7, 2005)

how exactly am i racist?

Anonymous (August 6, 2005)

yeah, yeah. i know how it works around here...

Anonymous (August 6, 2005)

Fuck you, buddy. Ideals are not allowed. What is this, the 60's? Fuck that hippy shit. Get a nice job and drive around in a big car and take pictures with your fuckin' cell phone... That's the real world, and that's as good as it gets!


Anonymous (August 6, 2005)

and i think you have an awfully racist view of the world. but hey, that's the way it goes.

rkl (August 6, 2005)

you have an awfully naive view of the world.

Anonymous (August 5, 2005)

well, you seem to be faulting people just because they're willing to work for less than you're willing to. there's nothing wrong with accepting less money for your work than someone else would. most of these people are making a lot more than they would get in their native country and are just happy to get whatever they can to feed their family. the responsibility lies with their employers to comply with federal wage regulations.

rkl (August 5, 2005)

what exactly is wrong with assigning blame to both parties?

Anonymous (August 5, 2005)

i meant to add: instead of the companies who are illegally underpaying them?

Anonymous (August 5, 2005)

so you're blaming people who are willing to work for less than you are?

rkl (August 5, 2005)

hows it that diverting attention away from the real problem? the companies wouldnt pay it, if there weren't people there to accept it.

Anonymous (August 5, 2005)

well then it looks like your beef is with the companies paying $3/hr, not the people willing to work at that rate. "they're taking our jobs" is just racist bullshit meant to divert attention away from the real problem.

rkl (August 5, 2005)

because federal minimum wage is $5.15/hr. companies are skirting that by employing illegals, dumbass.

LMChc (August 5, 2005)

then why don't you get off your high horse and work for $3/hr

rkl (August 5, 2005)

"they take our jobs," isnt just some racist mantra, its fact.
i would work picking strawberries or doing construction, but its virtually impossible to get those jobs off the street, because companies would rather pay an illegal $3/hr, and not have to worry about them filing worker's compensation.

Anonymous (August 5, 2005)

Dey tek err jobs!

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