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The Phenomenauts

The Phenomenauts: Re-EntryRe-Entry (2004)
Springman Records

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Contributed by: greenertongreenerton
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In the year 2000, a band of five cadets came together to form the illustrious Phenomenauts. With Science and Honor in mind, these galactic pioneers, led by Commanders Angel Nova and Joe Bot, recorded the wonderfully fresh and original album Rockets And Robots. Blending together rockabilly, punk, and.
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In the year 2000, a band of five cadets came together to form the illustrious Phenomenauts. With Science and Honor in mind, these galactic pioneers, led by Commanders Angel Nova and Joe Bot, recorded the wonderfully fresh and original album Rockets And Robots. Blending together rockabilly, punk, and good old-fashioned rock‚??n'roll, the quintet quickly became loved by all who witnessed their involving stage show.

Four years, tons of shows, a new label and a pair of EPs later, the Phenomenauts have released a new album, aptly titled Re-Entry. The Phenomenauts have matured quite a bit over those last few years, and this record shows it. Delving into even more styles than their last album, the band's trademark "rocket roll" sound develops with an even more obvious 50's influence than their first effort. Thankfully, they keep the rockabilly and punk sound in there as well, keeping the album from sounding too much like a 50's movie soundtrack. The production is also much better than it was on their first album, but without sounding too overproduced.

The first track, "Mission," leads the album off flawlessly. Starting out with a nice, subtle intro, it quickly becomes a fast chant that'll have you singing along in seconds. "Progress Vs. Pettiness" is another great song, with some excellent crooning vocals, accompanied by a chant of "First Stage, Second Stage, Third Stage, LET'S GO!" The instrumentals are awesome as well, with a nice little head-banging outro. "Hurry Let's Go" sounds like it's building to something for the first thirty seconds, and delivers with a nice chorus. "I Am Robot" is another fun track, chugging along with more catchy vocals.

"Where Is The X-38?" is one of my favorite tracks on the album, with some wonderful harmonies and instrumentals. The guitar solo towards the end is particularly fitting, as is the unexpected buildup. "Neptune City" is a lovely song, showing a heavy 50's influence. "Space Fight" is a great little rockabilly tune, with another fun chorus.

"Rocket Roll" is another one of my favorite songs on the album, blending together all the best things about the Phenomenauts into one song. The song is just fantastic, and you'll have it in your head for days. It's more rockabilly than punk, but there's nothing absolutely wrong with that. "Composite Synthesizer" and "Gravity" are both fun tracks, showing two different sides of the Phenomenauts. Where the first track is a bit darker and faster, the second one is very light and catchy, with pretty amusing lyrics: "This world, trying to bring me down, with this G-R-A-V-I-T-Y." The latter track also shows more of the aforementioned 50's influence, complete with repeat piano chords and a rockin' guitar solo.

"Giant Asteroid" is yet another one of the standout tracks on the album. The vocals and instrumentals are just haunting, showing us yet another side of the Phenomenauts. The sound suits the lyrics very well -- they may be about a giant asteroid, something rather outlandish, but the Phenomenauts play it more serious than joking and it works amazingly well. "Welcome Back" is the Phenomenauts at their most formulaic. The song is upbeat, quick, catchy, and just a blast to listen to, with more 50's influence (the multiple vocal harmonies are particularly effective). The spacey synthesizers (also used to great effect on "Mission" and a few other tracks) fit in perfectly. The song "Space Girl" is something of an encore performance of "Welcome Back"‚?¶slowed down, without the layered harmonies, but sharing many of the same lyrics, most obviously "Welcome back, Space Girl." All in all, the song is a fitting finish to the album.

In an era of overproduced pop-punk bands dominating the airwaves, accompanied by gangsta rap, recycled pop, and overzealous hardcore, the Phenomenauts are a welcome breath of fresh air. I love hardcore as much as the next guy, but I can only take so much of some of these bands. If you want to go back to the days when rock was light hearted and fun, do yourself a favor and check these guys out. I was lucky enough to see them open for the Epoxies and Aquabats, and I must say they blew me away. As awesome as this record is, it doesn't come close to their live shows -- this is a band that NEEDS to be experienced live, by everyone. Between this and their first album, the Phenomenauts are quickly building up a fervid fanbase of aspiring cadets. If you know what's good for you, check out this album. You won't be disappointed.


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Mermaid (September 1, 2006)

normally, i would not be on one of these review sites posting my own comment, but just previously tonight i saw these babies live at the Knitting Factory in NYC. and felt compelled to say something.

my boyfriends brother is the keyboardist in the phenomenauts, whom i met for the first time tonight. very charming guy with tons of talent.

check them out! very unique band with fun clean lyrics. fucking fabulous live

Anonymous (November 18, 2005)

The Phenomenauts are such an amazing live band and it makes the cd that much more fun to listen to once you see them up close and personal. Their lyrics are very light hearted but the music is more than serious ROCKET ROLL. I respect them a great deal!

Anonymous (September 18, 2005)

I love cornyness. Bands that have fun with the music they create are always better than bands that take themselves too seriously.

Anonymous (September 7, 2005)


Anonymous (September 6, 2005)

This is good, but a step down from their previous. There is hardly any surf on here. That alone knocks it a star. Surf was one of their main points since hardly any bands integrate it anymore. Plus, the lyrics are a little repetitive here. Its still a good release though.

Anonymous (September 6, 2005)

"do they still drive the van with all the shit glued to it?"

In a recent newsletter, they said it broke down and are selling secret design limited edition, hand screened t-shirts for $50.

Anonymous (September 6, 2005)

I can't wait for Joebot 2.0 to record with the Phenomenauts.

This blows "Rockets And Robots" out of the fucking water.

Anonymous (September 5, 2005)

"i listen to black flag and the damed u moron"

so you only listen to two bands? cool. both fairly original...but doesnt playing their cds over and over again get old? i mean, its been done before...move on

Anonymous (September 5, 2005)

this band is fucking awesome!

Anonymous (September 5, 2005)

i listen to black flag and the damed u moron

Anonymous (September 5, 2005)

bands that play dress up are a big no no I'd say. Unless your fucking David Bowie or Devo or some shit...but you know what? Its been done and you should move on.

this band uses guitars too. how lame is that? its been done before. they should move on...

let me see some of the bands you listen to....

Anonymous (September 5, 2005)

do they still drive the van with all the shit glued to it?

Anonymous (September 5, 2005)

I completely agree with the review. This band has some talent and a creative mind. I saw them with the Aquabats/Epoxies in Chicago and they did not disappoint. Their bass player is a mad man. I can't get enough of them now. Sci-fi-rockabilly-punk at it's finest.
(Because you know there's so many other sci-fi-rockabilly-punk bands to compare them to.)

Anonymous (September 4, 2005)

Ugh, this CD is awful. I almost bought it on a whim, then decided to download it first. Glad I did.


Anonymous (September 4, 2005)


For some reason, I actually imagined some dude saying that how you wrote it.


PS- He sounded like a fucking idiot.

blinkrules (September 4, 2005)

Earth's got chinese food and microphones

Anonymous (September 4, 2005)

the ebst reviews are the ones that makes everyone talk about the band

no compliments or insults

except for now

Anonymous (September 4, 2005)


lushj (September 4, 2005)

Score's for the band and their live performances. Once every few months I need a Phenomanauts fix, it's a blast. I think they're the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" of punk 2005- in terms of audience participation and outer space, not in terms of transvestism and antici pation.

Anonymous (September 4, 2005)

bands that play dress up are a big no no I'd say. Unless your fucking David Bowie or Devo or some shit...but you know what? Its been done and you should move on.

greenerton (September 4, 2005)

I wouldn't call them THE best, but definitely in the top 5. This is a very talented band that just knows how to put on an awesome show. I haven't had so much fun at a show in ages, than when I saw them (and the Aquabats&Epoxies).

Dante3000 (September 4, 2005)

I'll be honest. I saw them live opening for The Aquabats and I wasn't as blown away as everyone seems to be by their live show. I'm not saying it was bad, it was actually really good. But I think I'd have to kick my own ass if I went so far as to say the best live show ever, or even the top 5 (top 10 perhaps). I did like them however, and I would recomend seeing them live if you have the chance, just don't buy into the hype machine it's kinda an overshoot.
P.S. You got to love a band that uses a fire extinguisher in their set.

Anonymous (September 4, 2005)

I saw these guys with the Polysics, now that was quite a show.

AlmostPunkEnough (September 4, 2005)

great stuff.

TheOneTrueBill (September 4, 2005)


One of the most fun random discoveries of a band I've ever had. I was walking around warped tour in 2004 and they were playing and shooting off a fire extinguisher. I stopped to watch them, and haven't been the same since.

corpseofmymotivation (September 4, 2005)

Totally not gay.

swingline (September 4, 2005)

awesome band. not gay at all.

corpseofmymotivation (September 4, 2005)

I played with these guys about a week ago. They put on hands-down the best show I've ever seen in my life. Haven't heard them recorded, but from that show alone, this gets a 10.

Johnny_X (September 4, 2005)

"Hey! We're a local band. We're from the planet Earth. " I'm not sure this cd deserves 4 and a half stars but it is definetly a fun album. The reviewer is correct in that you must see these guys live. It was one of the most unique shows I have ever been to. You'll be chanting "Earth rocks!" before you know it.

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