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MxPx: PokinatchaPokinatcha (1994)
Tooth & Nail Records

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Contributed by: ClaytonClayton
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All right, I'm gonna keep this review short and sweet because I hate those long-winded story reviews about how when so-and-so was growing up this band was the band that helped him realize the meaning of life or punk or whatever else that I could care less about. Reviews are supposed to be straigh.
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All right, I'm gonna keep this review short and sweet because I hate those long-winded story reviews about how when so-and-so was growing up this band was the band that helped him realize the meaning of life or punk or whatever else that I could care less about. Reviews are supposed to be straight-forward, informative, and unbiased reflections of the album. So with that said....on with the review.

MxPx is a band from Bremerton, Washington that in 1992 began molding themselves into the major-label punk powerhouse that they are today. Regardless of whether you like MxPx, you have to admit that they must be doing something right since they sell out almost every show they play and continue to maintain their status on A&M/Interscope Records. "Pokinatcha," which was put out by Tooth and Nail, was their first release and it quickly put them in the spotlight as the premier Christian punk band. With raw, powerful songs and the group's young age, MxPx was primed to become an incredible act. Pokinatcha is MxPx's hardest, fastest release and fans of old school punk will definitely appreciate this disc much more than any of the band's more recent works. Pokinatcha's not my favorite MxPx cd, but it's definitely worth the money if you enjoy raw but well-written punk rock with growling guitars and powerful lyrics. Plus Mike Herrera's voice just plain rocks.


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thrasher (June 20, 2005)

mxpx was realy good when thay were just punk now that suck but i like this album its good put i just wish thay stop playin pop CACA!! lol

Anonymous (January 31, 2005)

usuly mxpx is good but this time thay sucked donky balls

bloofy (November 30, 2004)

Holy shit, arent you quite the anarachist?

Fucking tool.

Anonymous (November 14, 2002)

fuck this jesus shit. punk rock is about fightin' and fuckin'. it's all about the pussy.

Anonymous (August 20, 2001)

I don't think MxPx has lost their faith. They just don't put it into their songs as much anymore. I mean, there are some bands that have Christian members but don't really put a Christian message into their songs, like Lifehouse and U2.

-Senor Potpourri

Anonymous (August 11, 2001)

lol at fathead's comment: "their last three releases were so bad they most likely pissed Jesus himself off pretty bad" That's some funny shit. Well ona personal note, Like most MxPx albums, I think it has its ups and downs. There's a few songs I like and there's a few songs that I just wanna skip.

Anonymous (August 11, 2001)

the score is for the review

worst review ever, you dont say a thing

Anonymous (August 10, 2001)

concerning whether mxpx is a christian band or not, they are not, well not really. they have actually said at a show when asked the question whther they are a christian band that they weren't they were just a group of chirstians in a band. whether this is or not who cares. their songs do have a very christian point of view but they aren't like said abnd OC Supertones who proclaim god and tell you that you should believe in him. they just express their personal/religous beliefs on certain subjects being life, girls or whatever. they definatley are a good band whether you likr them or not. as the reviewer said you have to give them credit that they are doing things right to be able to stay around this long on a major label, although it's looking liek they may be moving awa from A & M a little but. anyway that's all i have to say, probably msot don't care but oh well...

coldjuly (August 10, 2001)

He didnt write this review to make you bastards happy...he wrote the review because he likes the band...and it was a good review, even though I dont really like MxPx....and the thing about them losing their faith whoooo fucking cares, and to that pat41 dude...sick man, but fucking funny!

sickboi (August 10, 2001)

That was funny as shit...

pat41 (August 9, 2001)

oh yea by the way that wasnt my score i give it a 6

pat41 (August 9, 2001)

Yea i hate those reviews where some loser kid is like you see weezer made me realize what music meant to me... how does weezer... because they sing about sweaters and hash pipes, islands in the sun and his name being jonas. fuck that... well i dont really like MXPX but thats just me... however i did partially enjoy this album and the guys review was pretty damned good. I like him, if i was gay i would give him a big kiss... and if its a girl then i will give her a kiss if she is not fat, ugly or both.

Anonymous (August 9, 2001)

i doubt they lost their faith, but they sure as hell lost their song writing ability. their last three releases were so bad they most likely pissed Jesus himself off pretty bad.the only mxpx stuff i own is "let it happen", "teenage politics" and the live one, so those combat their newer stuff rather well.- fathead

Anonymous (August 9, 2001)

How can you say that MxPx lost their faith...."Foolish" on The Everpassing Moment has the opening lines: "Some people say that I threw my brain away that I'm illogical and don't have much to say. Some people say that it's foolish to believe in what we cannot see..." Then Mike says, "Just wait and listen to that voice. It comes so quietly for you to make a choice. What will it be?"

Anonymous (August 9, 2001)

Do you guys even pay attention to what Mike says in his songs? Of course they're still Christians! Almost every song on Pokinatcha is about or somewhat related to God and if you look into the lyrics on the newer releases like "The Everpassing Moment" and "The Renaissance EP" unless you just don't understand the English language then it's easy to see that their songs are written from a Christian standpoint.

Anonymous (August 8, 2001)

I don't get why mxpx says they are a christian band, i haven't heard any songs where they sing about Jesus or god. If it's because they don't cuss in their songs, i don't see how that makes them christian. A lot of bands don't use cuss sords in their song it doesn't make them christian? And Blink 182 said they awere christians (personally not musically) but they cuss.

sickboi (August 8, 2001)

I think these guys have some pretty good riffs, decent voices, etc. but the christian thing is what bothers me. More power to em if its what they like to sing about jebus but I can't hang. MXPX and the OC Supertones just get on my nerves. No offense to any bible-thumpers out there.

Anonymous (August 8, 2001)

Yeah MxPx is still Christian. This cd is purty good. Not their best stuff but good.

Anonymous (August 8, 2001)

Man I have never liked this band....Not because their "supposedly" christian. I just flat out dont like them. Im not a christian basher, but I have to call it when I see it people. are they even christian anymore????..I guess they found god and lost him again.

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