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No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name: Live in a DiveLive in a Dive (2001)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: AtomicGardenAtomicGarden
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There are usually three types of live albums. One is what I call the "NOFX-type" album. You listen to it, and sure they're good musicians and they played well, but you can really enjoy their performance too. In NOFX's case, you can laugh at their hilarious on-stage antics. The other type of live .
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There are usually three types of live albums. One is what I call the "NOFX-type" album. You listen to it, and sure they're good musicians and they played well, but you can really enjoy their performance too. In NOFX's case, you can laugh at their hilarious on-stage antics. The other type of live performance is what I call the "Face to Face type". That is a live album where you're listening to the band, and they're just incredible. They sound great, and you can really enjoy the album and listen to it constantly. The final, and third type of live album is what I call the "Bad Religion type". Now, as much as I love Bad Religion, their live album was complete and utter crap. When you listen to it, you get the feeling that you're not really listening to a show, but to a bunch of live tracks put together with no actually talking from the band or anything. Sure, they might sound good, but it's just boring.

So how does No Use for a Name's "Live in a Dive" stand? I'd say somewhere between the NOFX-type and Face to Face-type, although strongly more towards Face to Face. The tracks were recorded over two dates in Hollywood, and mixed together to form one live album. I've always heard No Use was a boring band live, and I finally saw them with Pulley. I have to say, they weren't boring at all. They're great musicians. They're great performers. That's why this album is definately one of the better live punk albums.

The tracklist is very nice - it contains a lot of their most popular songs, but it also includes a few of their older tracks - which is a nice tribute to the older No Use fans. Here's the list of songs:

1. Intro (By Hico)
2. Invincible
3. Coming Too Close
4. Chasing Rainbows
5. On The Outside
6. Straight From The Jacket
7. Soulmate
8. Not Your Savior
9. Don't Miss The Train
10. Justified Black Eye
11. Gene And Paul, I Hate You Most
12. Sara Fisher
13. Room 19
14. The Answer Is Still No
15. Martian
16. Hail To The King
17. Feeding The Fire
18. Exit
19. 6 Degrees From Misty
20. Redemption Song

This album is to be released this September in a store near you. If you're a fan of live music, or this band, it comes higly recommended.


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Bastardzach (August 27, 2005)

I credit NUFAN for introducing me to punk. The bassist, Matt Riddle's stepson was on my sister's soccer team and he introduced me to punk and gave me this CD and More Beterness. In all honesty, I felt that More Beterness was boring, yet Live in a Dive was grittier and had an edge that I liked. From there I downloaded whatever I could from NUFAN and became hooked on this thing we call "punk".

Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

kick ass No use rocks and if you al like this album i think you should get rock hard bottom also NUFAN ROCS MY SOCKS!!!!

Lunk (June 20, 2002)

or was that fields of athenry?
anyway, this is probably the best live album i've heard this side of Frank Zappa. The video section is a great touch, but obviously a mere novelty. I've seen NUFAN live, and they were good, but not THIS good. The lineup is so different now anyway. But yeah, this is a great CD, and well worth getting.
PS. Making Friends is so their best album.

Anonymous (August 21, 2001)

I ended up buying this CD this weekend for 99 cents. It was in this bin with a few other promo CD's so I figured I couldn't pass it up.

I didn't listen to any of the songs from their latest release because they are horrible songs.

The older songs on the album are great, ie. Straight from the Jacket, Justified, Exit, Soulmate, Feeding the fire, etc. are good. I have not seen NUFAN live for a couple of years, but the old songs still sound great. I wish this CD included Leave it behind, 51 Days, and Fields of Agony.

PorkPie (August 14, 2001)

To the idiot who said they didn't put Feeding the Fire in the album... well maybe you should learn how to read.

Anonymous (August 13, 2001)

Yeah whats wrong with pasting the track list? Thats one of the most important parts for a review of a live disc, especially one that isnt out in stores yet.

Anonymous (August 12, 2001)

Anonymous person, how exactly is the review bad? You can disagree with it, but how is it bad? ... could have just left off the track list, but since it's a live album and it isn't out yet - people might be interested in knowing if their favorite songs made it or not. Well, whatever.

Anonymous (August 12, 2001)

they album might also be good - i didnt hear it so i will not judge - but yer review fuckin sucks. in th e end you just said that they put together songs from 2 dates and that the tracklist is , copying/pasting from some fuckin site like cdnow or aven fatwreck.com . oh well ... do a betetr job next time dude.

Anonymous (August 11, 2001)

the no use shows that they took these from were from LA and San Francisco. i was at the san fran one, and it wasnt their best show. they played the same set list as when i had seen them a week earlier in seattle and portland that pissed me off. and they dont play enough old shit. they never play anything. and why the fuck didnt they play "feeding the fire" on the live cd? hey always close with that song, and now its not even on the live cd.

Josip (August 11, 2001)

Yeah, it has got very good sound quality, but some tracks sound like studio versions (e.g. not your savior), and the setlist isnt perfect, 6 degrees from misty and room 19 are two of their worst songs...until it's gone & life size mirror dont appear on the album...but i like it anyway, go buy it when it comes out, it comes with many features

sickboi (August 11, 2001)

1. I hate NUFAN live. I saw them once and they were fuckin assholes.
2. How can you put down the live BR album? It sounds how a truly live album should. Yes, it is lots of dates and tracks mixed together for one album but that adds to it.

AtomicGarden (August 11, 2001)

Meant to give this an 8, but my computer fucked up (in other words, I fucked up because I'm an idiot). Anyway, I do agree about lack of old stuff - but I was surprised with "Don't Miss the Train" and "Feeding the Fire" - two of my favorite oldies... and ones they usually don't play live anymore.

maverick (August 11, 2001)

From looking at the track listing, I see two big problems:
1. Too much stuff from "More Crappiness!" I LOVE No Use, they got me into punk rock for the most part, but that album sucked. Read my review in the archives here.
2. Not enough old stuff. Where's "Biomag?" "The Daily Grind?" Almost anything from the NRA years? Come on, guys, some of those songs are the best you've ever written. Get it together. I'm sure I'll buy this when it comes out, hopefully it won't be a letdown.

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