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Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop: A Million in Prizes: The Iggy Pop AnthologyA Million in Prizes: The Iggy Pop Anthology (2005)
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Reviewer Rating: 4

Contributed by: Matt_WhelihanMatt Whelihan
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The opening track on Mogwai's Come On Die Young features a sample of Iggy Pop telling an interviewer "You see, what sounds to you like a big load of trashy old noise, is in fact the brilliant music of a genius: myself." As pretentious as this statement may sound, for the most part A Million in Prize.
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The opening track on Mogwai's Come On Die Young features a sample of Iggy Pop telling an interviewer "You see, what sounds to you like a big load of trashy old noise, is in fact the brilliant music of a genius: myself." As pretentious as this statement may sound, for the most part A Million in Prizes shows that it is true. Iggy has always taken an abrasive and in your face approach to rock (most notably in his early works) that delivers incredible and passionate songs under the guise of "trashy old noise."

Spanning his whole career, from the Stooges up 'till his most recent album Skull Ring, A Million in Prizes is a two-disc collection that shows that Iggy is not only the drug-fueled, thrashing, screaming, and bewildering rock and roll monster he is usually portrayed as, but that he is also a musical chameleon. Iggy is able to master numerous styles and sounds and does it all in a way that makes him seem more like a genre course instructor than a bandwagon hopper.

The first half of Disc One covers Iggy's time with the Stooges. Arguably his best output, these songs are raw, filthy, and bubbling over with sweaty energy and spontaneous explosiveness. The guitars are a mess of fuzz and screeching feedback, while Iggy's voice is a distorted battle cry. The production leaves the band completely exposed and they use that to their advantage, showing that "heavy" doesn't come from massive distortion and crunching guitars, but from sheer passion and a "give it 110%" type of attitude. Iggy claims he was inspired by Jim Morrison and Lou Reed, but he takes their dark underpinnings and wild abandon one step further, accidentally stumbling into the realm of what would be punk rock.

The remainder of Disc One covers Iggy's early solo work and has much more of a David Bowie-inspired sound to it, a fact that isn't too surprising considering that Bowie produced the Stooges' Raw Power, was a friend and benefactor for Pop who got him writing again, and once referred to Iggy as his musical "guinea pig." As Disc One closes out, the raw garage punk sound of the Stooges is traded in for a cleaner psych rock vibe. Still, Iggy has that undeniable wild man tone to his vocals.

Disc Two starts with "Some Weird Sin" and "I'm Bored," two songs that seem to act as the bridge between Iggy's Bowie phase and his eventual dabbling in the world of 80's music. Both songs are a mix of funk and sleaze that bands in New York are still trying to emulate today.

Even Iggy Pop couldn't escape the trappings of 80's music. He starts to use larger drum production, more synth backings, drum machines and even a Billy Idol-like sneer. On some songs, like "I Need More" and "Cry for Love" it works well, showing that Iggy has stamped yet another genre with his name, while on tracls like "Run Like a Villain" with its cartoonish rock and "Cold Metal" with its hair metal undertones show that when he gets away from "trashy old noise" he sometimes gets into trouble.

Iggy hits the 90's with two duets, one with Kate Pierson of the B-52s and another Debbie Harry of Blondie. While both are fun pop songs, you can't help but wonder when Iggy lost his edge.

The rest of Disc Two is as hit or miss as Iggy's 80s material. "Wild America" offers a rocking, Sonic Youth-styled track and the two live songs from the Feile Festival in 1993 that show Iggy still rules the realm of stripped-down rock, but the slow and melodically strained "Look Away" and the long-winded beatnik poetry over soft jazz of "I Felt the Luxury" are just disappointing. Luckily, A Million in Prizes closes out with "Mask," the song on the second disc that resembles his Stooges material the most, and "Skull Ring," which brings Iggy back to his Bowie-like delivery.

Greatest hits albums and anthologies are always a little risky, especially for an artist like Iggy who morphed his sound so much. A Million in Prizes might not be everyone's (or anyone's) mix of favorite Iggy tracks, but it is a great overview that makes stops in each part of his long and diverse career. With thirty-eight tracks, you are pretty much guaranteed that some of the material won't be great, but whether you are looking for an introduction to Iggy or just a way to avoid buying his whole back catalogue, A Million in Prizes has enough gems to do the trick.


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505Misfit (May 5, 2008)

HIs only Real good album's are Blah-Blah-Blah and Lust For LIfe.. . . . . To be Honest I found him to Be a little weird. . . . . . I mean Have you seen his LIve ViDeo"S???? All in all his old Sh!T Iz bettR!!

Anonymous (October 15, 2005)

Guy below me: I've been going to hardcore shows for years and its only since this metalcore / heavyscreamoemo stuff got huge that I've seen violence creep back into shows.
If you only go to fastcore or thrash shows (or any progressive stuff like Will mentioned) in basements, you won't ever see any idiots punching each other in the face. At least this is true in the midwest. It's when the metalcore kids with hockeypucks in their earlobes show upto the shows that people leave with black eyes or shit gets broken / stolen.
That is why I can't wait for this "Everytime I die" "Between the Buried and Me" shit to just fucking die like rap metal so these idiot meathead kids won't try to identify themselves with anything resembling punk rock and thereby ruin perfectly good shows.


Anonymous (October 14, 2005)

the scene is fucked up in many ways.......the hardcore scene is still full of tough guy dickheads..........youre right in some subgenres its not as obvious but the assholes are still there.......thats not what i meant i meant it is way more pretentious...theres people like you who think youre above everybody else with you vast knowledge of punk and you forget what its about.......... brandons comments about bright eyes proved that............ if you dont like him fine but you cant shit talk the guys ethics....... ive never met him so i dont know if hes a dick like you say, but alot of the singers of the bands you like are arrogant also

Anonymous (October 13, 2005)

i cant wait for new reviews. you people bore me. discussing iggy and bright eyes and religion is about as fun as bowling with jimmy eat world

- jones the bones

- stevejones8770@yahoo.com

Anonymous (October 13, 2005)

More fucked up now? Which scene are you talking about? I think the big difference between the scenes is that there are now about 5 subgenres people get down with instead of just one large group... Over all, though, I think you can find a lot of smart kids and a lot of good music if you ignore all of the boundaries and are willing to expand your tastes.

One respect in which I think the "scene" is better now is that the tough guy attitude is relegated to shitty metal now instead of good music. I can't imagine lasting very long at an original SSD show, what with the Wolfpack pounding my brains out and whatnot. Or taking anyone seriously who used "fag" as an insult (Minor Threat circa 1982). I like that good hardcore has become more politicaly/socially aware as a whole and that crews have evaporated. I like that hardcore is no longer a bunch of blind reactionism against older people/cultures... Because often that attitude ends up appealing to assholes (straight edge).


Anonymous (October 13, 2005)

o and the reason things are different with him and ian is bc the scene is wayy more fucked now then it was back then

Anonymous (October 13, 2005)

i havent even lisened to the last 2 bright eyes albums......i am commenting bc i think you and will are fucking hypocrites......... this guy has 3 times the integrity you guys will ever have.... he could be a millionaire but instead he releases an indie store only album..........second he never compared himself to ian(who i put on a lot higher pedastool than conor) those were the assholes at pitchfork......... if you dont like his music that is understandable, but you can't attack the guy.......as much as you want to say he's a trend hopper youre wrong hes not, bc if he was hed be a lot more famous he got to where he is completely on his own

Anonymous (October 13, 2005)

I think it was probably one of that asshole's groupies. Dude's a complete fucking rock star... The main difference between Ian and him doesn't even lye in the fact that one makes great music while one makes shit... It's that Ian is a down to earth guy with beliefs he's not afraid to express, whereas Conor Oberst plays on TV shows.


BrandonSideleau (October 13, 2005)

one more thing, you're bitching about the Amen CD yet you like the Bright Eyes? That tells me ALL I need to know about your musical tastes.

BrandonSideleau (October 13, 2005)

First off.....the Amen CD rocked.....if you don't like it then fine, that's your opinion. I'm not here for everyone to like me, if you don't like my opinion then don't read it! Secondly, I was unaware of the fact that the Bright Eyes released their records on their own label...mistake on my part....but that is besides the point. The band itself is terrible, generic, trend-hopping indie garbage and that guy being compared to Ian MacKaye....regardless of whether you like the band or not......is just ridiculous. They play completely different kinds of music and Ian still happens to carry a shitload of integrity......which this guy does not. If you don't like my opinion and don't respect me I really don't care. Like I said, I can't please everyone. Oh yeah and.......Iggy= King Of Rock N Roll.

Anonymous (October 13, 2005)

brandon i use to respect you but i neverwill again.......1st the amen cd you convinced me to buy......2nd the brighteyes comment you said, not bc i like bright eyes(which i kind of do) but bc it was soooo ignorant....please respond

BrandonSideleau (October 12, 2005)

Will.....if he sucked like those 70's artists....then sure, he should stop. But Iggy's got more energy than most guys in bands 40 years younger than him. He still puts on a better live show than almost any other band and, not to mention, is in better shape than most guys younger than him. So.....why quit? If he can still kick out the jams and release original material, he's relevant. Sure....the Sum 41 thing was ucking lame....as was his forray into 80's music, but he's still Igyy Pop and he still rocks.

Anonymous (October 12, 2005)

Say what you will... I love the Stooges' output and I love some of his early solo stuff... But his stage act is just gross now. Yeah it is ageist. Ageist in the same way that I wouldn't want to see a 60 year old woman doing porn.

He's old and pathetic now... His time has come and passed, time for him to stop this bullshit and get a little dignity instead of repeatedly trying to cash in on every new pop craze. It's not like any of his last gazillion albums have even been halfway listenable (aside from the one where he got kinda jazz/bluesy). It's not like he's relevant anymore.

He can go fuck himself just like every other rock "legend" of the 70's trying to make a buck off their past. King of rock? King o' nothin'.


lushj (October 12, 2005)

P.S.- Will, sorry Iggy fucked your mama, but he DOES have a big package. Your dad just couldn't compete!

lushj (October 12, 2005)

This sounds pretty interesting, there's a lotta eh stuff in his discography. Then again, I think Skull Ring is the best record he's done since "Lust For Life" and "The Idiot"- so what do I know?

AlmostPunkEnough (October 12, 2005)

ageism is so wrong, so so wrong.

joeg, that was too brilliant for words.

BrandonSideleau (October 12, 2005)

I can only hope & wish everyday that I'm as pissed off and maniacal at age 60 as the mighty Iggy Pop.........he may have done alot of questionable things over the past 20 years.......but his greatness far out shadows his blunders. "Beat Em Up" is one of his best records in my opinion and "Skull Ring" would have been amazing if it weren't for all the collaborations. As far as I'm concerned, he never sold out......he never got married and settled down like so many "rock" guys do......he lived the real thing always.

Russe11 (October 12, 2005)

Damn Will. What did Iggy do to you? Sure his recent albums have pretty much sucked but I dont think he deserves to be reemed for his age. I usually agree with you but that was a little over the top.

Russe11 (October 12, 2005)

I thought the Iggy Pop and Tom Waits scene in Coffee and Cigarettes was hands down the best. Anyone else agree?

Russe11 (October 12, 2005)

Shit, I meant this.

joeg (October 12, 2005)

"There's something thoroughly stupid about some 60 year old dickhead prancing around stage singing about self-hate and mutilating himself.

Fuck this dinosaur.


ageism is so wrong, so so wrong.

Anonymous (October 11, 2005)

someone need to review the new jello biafra and the melvins record

Anonymous (October 11, 2005)

I kinda agree with Will on this one.

Anonymous (October 11, 2005)

There's something thoroughly stupid about some 60 year old dickhead prancing around stage singing about self-hate and mutilating himself.

Fuck this dinosaur.


GreenVandal (October 11, 2005)

Iggy Pop is health concious and owns a poodle now. Hes about as cool as your grandpa. The only difference is that you let your grandpa beat you up out of pity and Iggy really could just kick your ass. But he wouldnt. He owns a fucking poodle.

When did this transformation from god to...whatever he is now occur?

I blame it on Twelve Tribes and their perfect album.

Damn you Toledo!

Russe11 (October 11, 2005)

Score is for the mentioning of Mogwai in an iggy pop review as well as for iggy pop himself.

AlmostPunkEnough (October 11, 2005)

Superdude, you keep getting better. you may be the master of review thread hilarity.

LevitateMe (October 11, 2005)


You're amazing superdude. Please continue spreading your teachings.

superdude (October 11, 2005)

This review was pretty good, but here‚??s what I would do to make it better:

1. The reviewer should have mentioned why this guy left Sum 41.

2. The cover makes this look like a workout video. Is that true?

3. I went to the ‚??workout‚?Ě section at my music store, but I couldn‚??t find Iggy Pop. I did get Tony Little though.

4. Iggy lost his edge? The sxe kids are going to be mad at him. You shouldn‚??t have outed him.

BrandonSideleau (October 11, 2005)

How does Iggy STILL manage to look like he inherited Bruce Lee's body? Now that he's almost 60!!

AlmostPunkEnough (October 11, 2005)

yea, synthasaur guy. i fucking hate you.

Anonymous (October 11, 2005)

dude. synthasaur guy. you cant even take the time to copy and paste it as a link? what makes you think i'm going to take the time to do it?

Anonymous (October 11, 2005)


Anonymous (October 11, 2005)

this dudes girlfriend is sooooo fucking hot. i think. i saw one picture of her somewhere

Godfather (October 11, 2005)

i like him....but i think hes overrated....sorry....just my opinion

BrandonSideleau (October 11, 2005)

The KING Of Rock N Roll.......PERIOD. The physical embodiement of everything rock stands for.

gladimnotemo (October 11, 2005)

For solo stuff, I have "Lust for Life", which is kind of mixed, I guess. The title song is classic, of course, but "Some Weird Sin" has a weird sound to it, that's for sure.

He is still a god, for Stooges material alone.

CellarDoor (October 11, 2005)

Dude is ripped like Rambo.

skaboom (October 11, 2005)

People are still arguing in the Panic at the Disco review. Tee hee.

stevejonestherealbones (October 11, 2005)

i heard big black is named after his cock actually

- jones the bones

- stevejones87770@yahoo.com

CaveatMalefactor (October 11, 2005)

He looks very hip hop with his cut abs and shirt off.

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