Horrorpops / Roger Miret and the Disasters

Horrorpops/Roger Miret and the Disasters: live in Pittsburghlive in Pittsburgh (2005)
Hellcat Records

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Contributed by: tylerdurden8136tylerdurden8136
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Since I know a lot of people only read the first few sentences of these reviews, I'll say this now: Even if you've never heard of the Horrorpops / not a big fan / whatever, GO SEE THEM. They put on a hell of a show (no pun intended), and to be quite honest with you, it was a bit of a surprise. Being.

Since I know a lot of people only read the first few sentences of these reviews, I'll say this now: Even if you've never heard of the Horrorpops / not a big fan / whatever, GO SEE THEM. They put on a hell of a show (no pun intended), and to be quite honest with you, it was a bit of a surprise. Being a fan of the Horrorpops, I've of course always wanted to see them, but I never expected a show like the one that was given on Monday at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh. The Horrorpops were simply amazing, which I'll get into after introducing the two opening bands.

The show started relatively late in the night, around eight or so, with the Wilmington, California band Left Alone taking the stage. I wasn't familiar with this band's material, but I didn't need to be. The stage presence of Elvis Cortez (guitar/vocals) and hell, even the rest of the band completely made up for any first-time listeners who might have felt "left alone" (pun fully intended). The whole band just seemed to have this energy that extended into the crowd, getting everyone to move, which is something I rarely see happen at a show. Usually kids are just standing around staring at the opening bands they've never heard of, not starting circle pits and skanking. The band played a healthy amount of songs ("Another Feeling" seemed to be a crowd favorite), and the sound that was coming out of the speakers was nearly perfect. It honestly felt like I was listening to a CD; the balance between the guitars, drums, and vocals was great. I'd try to pin down what this band sounds like, but whatever example I'd give would probably be wrong. Personally, I'd just say that they're straight-up punk with ska influences but hey, that's just my opinion. Do yourself a favor and check ‚??em out on your own.

The next band to take the stage was Roger Miret and the Disasters, who I'm sure some of you are familiar with. Hailing from NYC, the Disasters also did not disappoint, even though once again, I wasn't too familiar with their work. They put out a solid set, but the sound was nowhere near as good as Left Alone's was. Roger Miret's vocals were unfortunately muffled, which slightly took away from their performance. Overall though, the band came out and put on a great effort.

Finally, the time had come for the Horrorpops. The band took the stage like they owned it, and immediately opened up with "Ghouls." Now, I knew they had dancers and the like, but I just didn't realize how great everything went together. Naomi and Kamilla could put on a show of their own if they wanted to, with their constant dancing and playing around with lollipops, toy guns, paper hand fans, and heart-shaped pillows. I have honestly never seen so much underwear at one time. Incredible. The sound the Horrorpops produce isn't really "jump up and down / smash everyone around you." Instead, you basically just want to dance, which is exactly what the crowd did (for the most part, at least), sometimes following Naomi and Kamilla's every move. As for the actual sound coming out of the speakers, it was as nearly perfect as Left Alone's. Oh, and if you own a Horrorpops album, pop it in and give it a listen, they sound that good live.

The Horrorpops had a lot of crowd interaction throughout their set, constantly telling us to give them a "Hell yeah!" or to start dancing. During the early part of the show, they asked us if we wanted hear a ska song and that they would only play it if we all kept moving. They started the song, but about ten seconds in started to trail off, with Patricia putting down her huge bass and sitting on it. Apparently we weren't moving enough. Normally, this type of thing just pisses me off at shows, with my view being that if I want to do something, I'll do it, with or without the band's approval. But the chemistry of Patricia Day and Kim Nekroman with the audience almost immediately won me over along with everyone else there. Nekroman was great, constantly urging the crowd to throw their fists in the air, and at the end of the night went around introducing every band member to the crowd in their own hilarious way. As for Patricia‚?¶well, she just had to stand there and look gorgeous as always.

The whole show just seemed to fly by, so I might be off a little bit with how long the Horrorpops actually played, but I do believe it was close to an hour and forty minutes. They played what seemed to be an equal amount of songs (if not all the songs) off of Hell Yeah! and Bring it On!, pleasing just about everyone in the crowd. After they left the stage with what was supposedly their last song, "Kool Flattop," they came right back out for an encore, playing my personal favorite "Psychobitches Outta Hell" and finally "Julia." The perfect end to a perfect show.

So, if you ever feel like going to show without getting the shit punched and kicked out of you and just dance around and have a good time, go see the Horrorpops. You won't be disappointed.


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Anonymous (November 8, 2005)

when are the horrorpops, roger miret and the disasters, the half-empties, tiger army going to play a show at the WOW Hall in Eugene, Oregon. Reuben@ wants to know and put on the show. Do it now!, Do it soon. Zigga-zagga, Oi! Oi! Oi!, Hubba-hubba. ged71wizard@hotmail.com.

tylerdurden8136 (October 15, 2005)

I really hate that cool cool flat top song though, and the psycho bitches from hell song is crap too.

I havent heard their newer one yet...I should check it out.

you should check it out, you'll probably like it. with the exception of walk like a zombie, they seemed to dropback on the psychobitches outta hell and kool flattop type of sound. it took me awhile to get into it, but i love it now.

Mute98 (October 15, 2005)

i say roger shouldve headlines

GreenVandal (October 15, 2005)

The Horrorpops are one of the few psychobilly bands I like. Ghouls is a killer song and so is Miss Take (I think its spelt like that)

I really hate that cool cool flat top song though, and the psycho bitches from hell song is crap too.

I havent heard their newer one yet...I should check it out.

Dante3000 (October 14, 2005)

Like I said I can like a gimmick band, I just find that their music has to be really good or their gimmick has to be supremely funny. I can see why some people like The Horrorpops, but for the most part this kind of music grows dull to me extemely quickly. Thus it's not a winning gimmick to me. I liked Tiger Army because they at least used to play faster than hell and that shit rocked.
I feel The Epoxies are an awesome band because they work their gimmick to actually write songs that are about current themes or just eternal themes ("Please Please" is an awesome example).
As fo gimmick bands that are just fucking funny as hell I do really suggest ArnoCorp. I know they're on Myspace or check out http://www.arnocorps.com/. My friend turned me onto them, fucking awesome.

Anonymous (October 14, 2005)

Don't get me wrong. I love the Epoxies.

But do they really need copious amounts of electric tape (or whatever it is), weird colored outfits, bizarre glasses, smoke machines, lasers, and psuedonyms to make good music?

No, not at all.

Thus, they are a gimmick band. I didn't say they were a bad gimmick band by any stretch of the imagination, but the Epoxies shouldn't need any of that stuff to make good music?

Anonymous (October 14, 2005)

The Epoxies are a gimmick band? Their gimmick must be writing good songs, then.


Anonymous (October 14, 2005)

i went to this tour in buffalo. deff a great tour. it was sad that only like 150 kids, if were at it. i neverr heard left alonebut they did sound susprisinlyg good and thier cd is worth checking out. roger miret are always good and all the "punk rockers" enoyed them. and the horrorpops are one of the most entertaing bands i've ever seen live. i got the setlsit for horrorpops. it was:
hit n run
drama queen
girl in a cage
freaks in uniforms
dotted with hearts
baby lou tattoo
bring it on
miss take
where you can't follow
walk like a zombie
kool flat-top
where they wander

rkl (October 14, 2005)

dear reviewers,
if youre going to do a show review, please do not put 80% of the focus on one band.

Anonymous (October 14, 2005)

That was an insightful response, Dante. Thank you for not rambling on and spewing incoherent hate like a lot of people here do.

Personally, I think there are tons and tons of acts that are based on "gimmicks." The Phenomenauts and The Epoxies are generally liked around these parts, and both of them are obviously gimmick acts. Same goes for the Aquabats and Gogol Bordello.

One could argue that the music is good in some cases and isn't in others, but the fact is they're all still gimmicks. A lot of people talk about separating image from music, but the fact is that the two are intertwined.

I understand some arguments about gimmick acts, but then I also consider the purpose of the band. They're not out to create melancholy, serious music--they're out to go have a good time and put on a show. I don't put them in the same category as something I think is really good or poignant (simply because the attention is on their image), but they have their merit.

I find the Horrorpops to make really good music. Yes, there is a horrror theme to their stuff that might get dull, but it's catchy, enjoyable, danceable music which makes for a good time. The same goes for all the other bands I listed above.

Dante3000 (October 14, 2005)

Just wondering, Dante, but why do you hate the Horrorpops?
Eh, I suppose hate is a strong word. I don't care for them or for a lot of Psychobilly bands. The gimmick factor is really hard for me to get over so the music has to be really good to make up for that. I had to review Hell Yeah! (or at least I think that was the title) and I just didn't like it. It was instantly forgetable and it just seemed too schtick. Yeah she plays his bass, he plays her guitar (or they learned from each other, whatever) and then they dress up really lame and sing the same shit I've heard on the last gajillion Nekromantix albums, except with female vocals. Just doesn't appeal to me. But hey lotsa people like em, I could be wrong.
If you're going to do a schitck make it awesome, like ArnoCorps....That band would kill the Horrorpops, not even meaning they're better just stronger and crazier.

Anonymous (October 14, 2005)

Score is for rockabilly/greaser chicks, mad adorable, to bad i missed the baltimore show-oldpunker-

inanechild (October 14, 2005)

Rockabilly chicks are hot as long as you don't get the burned-out looking ones. I find the ones in Europe are far better looking because they're less pseudo-Suicide Girl. :)

I saw them in Toronto in May. It was a very good show. Even when the crappy club's equipment kept going out on all the bands, the Horrorpops managed to find hilarious ways to overlook like, like distracting the crowd with a screaming contest while some guy frantically fixed it.

Xine (October 14, 2005)

I attended with the reviewer and yeah, what he said.
All 3 bands were great and didn't disappoint. I also checked out the show in Cleveland...Absolutely phenomenal.

psychoos231 (October 14, 2005)

Only 3 bands?!?!? i just might pass up this show

Anonymous (October 14, 2005)

Just wondering, Dante, but why do you hate the Horrorpops? I'm personally crazy about them (and psychobilly in general), and they really put on a show (ie: a lot of entertainment, not just music).

Dante3000 (October 14, 2005)

The best part about this tour is the amount of hot rockabilly chicks that show up.
Neve having gone to a rockabilly show I don't know what kind of crowd they draw but the random ones I've seen are not hot...Unless you dig that dyed black Bettie Page hair, with pants tight enough to have the gut roll just over the top and tattoos that would only be cool on a guy nicknamed Shipwreck...But then again it takes all types.
Even though I hate the Horrorpops I didn't hate this review...Maybe if they're on a good bill I'll watch em.

jared (October 14, 2005)

The best part about this tour is the amount of hot rockabilly chicks that show up.

TeddyTexas (October 14, 2005)

i can think of many occasions where i didn't want the shit kicked out of me at a show. save the karate for the dojo.

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