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Ion Dissonance

Ion Dissonance: SolaceSolace (2005)
Abacus Recordings

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: AnchorsAnchors
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Your parents will hate Ion Dissonance. In 2005, parents are no longer complaining about Elvis Presley and any other similar "devil music" of the `50s, or are they complaining about the questionable metal that was so prevalent the `80s, with bands like Mötley Crüe and Twisted Sister. Now, in 200.

Your parents will hate Ion Dissonance.

In 2005, parents are no longer complaining about Elvis Presley and any other similar "devil music" of the `50s, or are they complaining about the questionable metal that was so prevalent the `80s, with bands like Mötley Crüe and Twisted Sister. Now, in 2005, bands like Ed Gein, the Dillinger Escape Plan, and Ion Dissonance present an entirely new level of cacophony for parents to detest.

Solace, the band's sophomore effort, has come courtesy of Abacus Records, and it's just as, if not more destructive than its predecessor, Breathing is Irrelevant.

Lightning quick chord progressions and time signature changes, vocals that cascade up and down the scales, and a terrific drummer that keeps pace with it all, Ion Dissonance are the complete package in the world of heavy music. Vocalist Gabriel McCaughry is about as versatile a singer as you'll be liable to find, ranging from the lowest of growls, to the highest pitch shrieking, and everything possible in between. Nobody around today can manipulate their vocal cords into the array of sounds that he is able to; it's truly impressive. "Signature" is Ion Dissonance at their passionate, frenzied best, with McCaughry seemingly using his entire range throughout the volatile duration, in which you're never quite sure what direction the song is going to take. And that's part of the band's draw: Complete and total unpredictability. "O.A.S.D" will flatten you in three minutes time with its outright power and unwavering intensity, but at the same time it exposes what could be considered a real weakness with the band:

The songs don't go anywhere.

Ion Dissonance possess a level of talent far above what a good number of their contemporaries are doing, but on record, the songs just keep picking up steam, and then just end, and you had no idea the song was coming to a close in the first place. Bands like Dillinger Escape Plan have mastered the art of chaos, but are also able to give that chaos clear direction, and Ion Dissonance often don't. That gripe aside, if you do want an album with unrelenting fury, this will surely be your ticket. Bands like this typically best translate into a live setting, but if "Nil :: Solaris," doesn't get people into a complete frenzy, I don't know what will. The guitars start, and stop, start, and stop, only still being able to pick right back up where they left so heavily off. The time signature changes will make your head spin, will McCaughry's thunderous vocals stand above it all.

This is surely to be one of the best heavy releases to be a heard this year, an album that will grab you by the throat, giving you a chance to breathe only if you're lucky. A little more direction in these songs, and this Canadian five-some will be a force nobody will want to chance reckoning with.


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venicebeachxc (October 18, 2006)

Xx crap xx

Anonymous (October 29, 2005)

This album transcends the current trends of any scene, be it hardcore or metal, and reaches a level creativity that is not only unrivaled, but completely unheard of prior. Comparison's to such dated, scene-based acts as Red Chord and Into The Moat just expose the ignorance of those making such a claim.

Ion Dissonance embraces abstract songwriting like no other band, and lack a solid audience as a result. However, Ion is much more likely to be remembered further down the road than say, Black Dahlia Murder, or some other derivative, disposable band that will sound utterly retarded in ten years.

moneenerd (October 24, 2005)

This band is still one of the best Canadian Metal acts out there. Definately gives The End a run for their money.

aubin (October 24, 2005)

The songs don??t go anywhere.

Exactly right; it's got many moments of greatness, but there is so much chaos that it often becomes anti-climatic.

Anonymous (October 23, 2005)

This album is technically pretty hot, but man is it boring. It doesn't really go anywhere.

etwiels88 (October 23, 2005)

I could listen to either Ion Dissonance record through before I could listen to 5 Red Chord songs straight.

Anonymous (October 23, 2005)

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. Most people here have bad taste in fast music...

Too bad, too.


Annonymous (October 23, 2005)

actually they dont........and most people probably havent heard of them either.......im pretty sure you knew that, bc you love saying shit like that

Anonymous (October 23, 2005)

Yea des Red Chord is de best!

No, fuck that noise... Tech metal is shit.

Best grind band? Well, for one, the Locust are still around... So if people dig on chaos and time changes, they still reign.

Krigshot? Romatic fuckin Gorrilla? Do these names mean nothin' to you guys?


Anonymous (October 23, 2005)

Yeah this is some pretentious shit.

CherryColaRain (October 23, 2005)

I have Breathing is Irrelevant. although it's not one of my favourtire hardcore acts it's still a damn good CD. If this is more chaotic than Ion Dissonance's last effort I will be picking this up very soon.

colton (October 23, 2005)

I have no opinion on this album, but I'm pretty sure their singer came from hell, he goes from normal to the most evil person I've ever seen in less than a second.

Anonymous (October 23, 2005)

I'm more a fan of Psyopus and Into the Moat. I like Red Chord's music a lot, and they put on a good show, but I'm just not a fan of the deep growl.

RondoMondo (October 23, 2005)

Nope. The Red Chord is the best grind/hardcore outfit out now. They keep it close to the roots of the more "metal" grind like Napalm Death and they have some fucking fast hardcore parts. Ion on the other hand...well. Snoozefest, to say the least.

theundergroundscene (October 23, 2005)

Best grind/hardcore/whatever outfit out there


ever heard of a cute little outfit called the red chord

Anonymous (October 23, 2005)

I saw these guys last year... They were tight but kind of mediocore. There was only like 15 people there that came out to see them that night too.

etwiels88 (October 23, 2005)

Best grind/hardcore/whatever outfit out there.

Testiclese (October 23, 2005)

i lose intrest in this cd a couple songs in. sounds to me like the same riff over and over. oh sometimes they switch it up by stopping and starting....but they need something new. borrrrring

theundergroundscene (October 23, 2005)

yeah, not a fan

this is a boring album

Anchors (October 23, 2005)

I managed to use a form of the word "cacophony" in two straight reviews. I'm only pointing this out so noone else does.

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