Streetlight Manifesto / the Tossers / Drat

Streetlight Manifesto / the Tossers / Drat: live in Charlottelive in Charlotte (2005)
Victory Records

Reviewer Rating: 5

Contributed by: Vincent_MVincent Miller
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As a recent transplant into Charlotte from Ft. Lauderdale, I've witnessed the Charlotte-area ska/punk scene for only a short time, and I've been mostly unimpressed by what I've seen. Over the past week however, I've found that there can be a rich bounty of bands to be seen from time to time, with th.

As a recent transplant into Charlotte from Ft. Lauderdale, I've witnessed the Charlotte-area ska/punk scene for only a short time, and I've been mostly unimpressed by what I've seen. Over the past week however, I've found that there can be a rich bounty of bands to be seen from time to time, with this show and two other recent ones (Bouncing Souls and None More Black). This one blew the other two away, hands down, and was one of the best shows I've ever been to, regardless of the location.

I got to Tremont just as Drat was setting up. The music hall is a nice, smaller atmosphere, allowing you to get very close to the stage, or, if you prefer, lounge on one of several couches. Drat was the only one of the three bands I wasn't a big fan of (in fact, I'd never heard of them). Their set was musically good and I plan on checking out some of their stuff, but their biggest problem was stage presence, or lack thereof. They ran through their songs, standing in place the entire time, making a few bad jokes throughout. Didn't get things started off nicely, but oh well, it wasn't them I came to see.

The Tossers took a while to get set up, but the performance was well worth the wait. Their songs were full of energy, and there were plenty about liquor, always a given for a Tossers performance. The crowd finally got going, with a nice pit forming almost immediately, full of kids doing drunken jigs to the tune of "Monday Morning."

A side note: I haven't moshed in a pit this cool in a very, very long time. There wasn't a single asshole in the crowd, and it's always fun to know that when you fall down, there'll be five or six guys picking you back up again, instead of trampling on you.

Anyways, the Tossers finished up their great performace with a few ballads off their new album, punctuated when Duggins fumbled a few lyrics as he struggled to keep his cigarette in his mouth. Classic-ness, for sure.

Finally, it was time for Streetlight. I grabbed a beer and made sure to get a standing spot at the very front of the stage. Streetlight got set up pretty quick; I laughed a bit to myself when a pack of girls behind me swooned over the guy they thought was Tomas, but was actually Jim Conti. I gotta tell you, there was an amazing energy running through the crowd as soon as the dudes got on stage, and by the time they ripped into "A Moment of Violence," all 900 in the hall were belting out lyrics with the band, a theme that would follow through to the end of the set. The climax of their performace came when, during the breakdown of "Point/Counterpoint," the ensemble transitioned flawlessly into "Keasbey Nights," playing that entire song, then picking up "P/CP" where they left off without missing a note. The band closed out with "Big Sleep," complete with an improv horn section, only to be brought back to play "If and When We Rise Again" as an encore to the crowd that was chanting their names.

Afterwards, I hung around the backstage entrance where I was able to chat with Paul and Daniel, and then finally Tomas for a while. I can't tell if Tomas was weirded out when I hugged him, but I sure as hell loved it; an awesome end to an awesome night.

Really, I'm hard-pressed to find any flaws here, as every band played tight, and the soundstage was very, very impressive, a far cry from the guys who had butchered the Bouncing Souls at the same venue only a week prior. My only little nitpicks were the shortness of Streetlight's set (to be fair, they played every song off Everything Went Numb except "The Saddest Song" and "Failing, Flailing") and the fact that they didn't play anything of Keasbey Nights II, which I would have loved.

But, come on, I hugged Tomas. 10/10, and can't wait 'till they're back in town again.


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Mr_Streetcore (December 22, 2005)

and what the fuck have slipknot got to do with ska?

Mr_Streetcore (December 22, 2005)

i don't slash my wrists. i'd rather listen to some classy jamaican ska from toots & the maytals

Anonymous (December 21, 2005)

BTW Mr. Streetcore. GO FUCK YOURSELF!... if you don't like a band dont bash them on one of these reviews.. make a satanic hatred room in your house where u can slit ur wrists listening to slip knot u fucking doochebag. STREETLIGHT marks the beginning of the fourth wave of ska and is the best band out there right now. period. later

Anonymous (December 21, 2005)

well... i've seen streetlight a total of 3 times over the past 2 years. I saw them up in NYC at the Knitting Factory 2 years ago... and i was lucky enough to crowd surf up on stage and skank next to Tomas himself. it was during Point-Counterpoint when tom comes back in with "so i waited by the phone but the phone never rang..." i also managed to snatch his extra pick that was sticking out of his microphone.. he wasnt mad tho cuz i saw him at a show a month later and apologized for it, hes a cool guy. AND also, my best friend's old baby sitter was tom's FIRST girlfriend... EVER. Her name was heather... ask him about her sometime at a show : )

Mr_Streetcore (December 21, 2005)

seen this band before. didn't like them. play some real ska mother fuckers

Anonymous (December 9, 2005)

No offense to whoever wrote this but im going to be a prick to you, because obviously you dont know these guys as well as you think you do i'll correct you on your dumbass mistakes. First off the Tossers sucked ass if you were actually looking at the crowd they were standing around from 2/3 of their set on, which by the way was filled with crappy music and it felt as if it was 9 hours too long. Next i cant believe through your sobbing of not hearing anything new you dont even mention the new introduction that they have now been playing. And 900 people are you kidding i think the building that small would cave in if 900 people were there. Another stupid point you made that i cant believe you uttered in this fucked up report was the fact their set was short, well if ure ever loving Tossers would have been done earlier and you know not keep going with slow tunes that are too Irish for charlotte we could have heard them for alot longer. And heres a great point do you even know the members of SM, i mean you talk about sitting backstage talking to Paul and Daniel when paul was the drummer on EGN however chris plays drums now for them and dan ross left before the first european tour, so you either got their names wrong which i hope made u look like an ass, or you just dont know information about the stuff your trying to report. My feeling is prolly a mix of both. And like every other anixous motherfucker including youself, who cant just wait another month for the cd, you just need to hear something off of it now, thats just being a fucking greedy bitch and youve got some nerve complaining u didnt hear anything off of it when its their choice to even play in charlotte. Lastly if i ever see you in NJ every true SM fan who like myself hates this article and believes you shouldnt be in our state will stomp your ass in a true mosh pit. So fuck off And give up writing about shit you dont know

Vincent_M (December 6, 2005)

a) Yeah, hugging Tomas was boner-inducing (also a ska fag)
b) I wouldn't be suprised of Secret Lives Of Freemasons ended up as the next Hawthorne Heights, considering how bad they both are
c) Captured! By Robots and Labia Minor are another couple good Charlotte acts.

Anonymous (December 3, 2005)

i love streetlight, but their shows in NJ are always so fucking packed. the last one i went to a starland ballroom i almost died of heat exhaustion 10 min into their set. damn starland and their overselling.

Anonymous (December 3, 2005)

tossers ain't got nuthin on the limp bizkit moshpit at woodstock. oh the glorious mayhem, oh how glorious...

Anonymous (December 3, 2005)

score is for this not being a propagandhi tour review.

rkl (December 3, 2005)

score is for getting picked up in the pit, which really does seem to be a lost art.

as for the guy asking about staying up, there are a few factors
(1) the floor can be slippery, from sloshed beer/sweat
(2) not all of us that get in the pit are 300lb behmoths
(3) if youre like me, and wear glasses, and then are drunk.. getting in the pit w/ glasses off = completely out of whack equilibrium.

MrStabone (December 2, 2005)

okay, so you drank a beer at a streetlight manifesto show

wow, i didn't know the tremont was so lax on their alcohol policy

serving 14 year olds is pretty punk

but seriously, when is this band gonna get robbed again so they can get those dreaded real jobs they teased us about a while ago

Godfather (December 2, 2005)

BAD bands from NC:

2. Secret lives of the freemasons

keep an eye out for these guys....they're gonna be the next hawthorne heights....you heard it here first

steveman (December 2, 2005)

Score is for Streetlight and their amazing shows. I can't wait to hear Keasby II. Saw them at Mad Planet in Milwaukee, the entire crowd alternated between compacting into the ten feet infront of the stage, jumping on each other and singing, then spreading out to dance like crazy.

Btw. He Is Legend is on the wrong list below. They are amazing.

Anonymous (December 2, 2005)

i was at this show... thought Steetlight was AMAZING, but the Tossers were boring as fuck

sallyjesse (December 2, 2005)

yeah, so TONIGHT at the Milestone:(in charlotte)
USA is a Monster
Calibia Yau
Dig Shovel Dig

it should be fun and cheap!

NC is full of good bands.

Anonymous (December 2, 2005)

Honestly pits at Tossers shows are always fun, never anyone out to hurt anyone else...just a bunch of kids dancing around. Only band I've ever seen like that

Chason (December 2, 2005)

Oops, sorry that show's in Wilmington btw.

Chason (December 2, 2005)

NC people, if you are close by or feel like making a trek, you should definately come to this show:

January 5th @ The Soapbox
The Flaming Tsunamis
The Fad
1 Local

skaboom (December 2, 2005)

I would hug Tomas.

But I'm also a ska fag.

sickboi (December 2, 2005)

This dude sure does get a boner outta hugging Tomas.

Anonymous (December 2, 2005)

I hear they wouldn't let Chinese Take-Out on the bill because of their "inexperience".

It seems like Drat filled the spot quite nicely...really.

Most of the major venues in NC are chalk full of the whole Epifat crowd. If you want some fun, hit up the Posidome.

Anonymous (December 2, 2005)

what is with people falling down in the pit anyway? is it that hard to stay on your fucking feet? just sayin

Anonymous (December 2, 2005)

you left out Beloved

Anonymous (December 2, 2005)

There is a decent scene in Charlotte...it's very, VERY small and limited to who you know, but it's there. Most of the kids you see at shows (especially at tremont) are part of passing trends, it's quite pathetic but we are all used to it. You might as well go ahead and prepare yourself for the poseur parade.

Good bands from NC:
1. Archers of loaf
2. Superchunk
3. Witchcraft by a picture
4. COC
5. Red island
6. Crimson spectre
7. Azazel

BAD bands from NC:
1. Hopesfall
2. Secret lives of the freemasons
3. Alli with an i
4. He is legend
5. Line of fire
6. One-six conspiracy
7. Widow

I'm missing shitloads, feel free to add on.


SalsaShark (December 2, 2005)

Oh, and great review.

SalsaShark (December 2, 2005)

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who, upon first reading this, reading "Drat" as The Draft misspelled.

fritobandito (December 2, 2005)

during the breakdown of "Point/Counterpoint," the ensemble transitioned flawlessly into "Keasbey Nights," playing that entire song, then picking up "P/CP" where they left off without missing a note.

yeahhhh that shit's awesome, they've done that every time I've seen 'em live. I love it.

Godfather (December 2, 2005)

tremont can suck a fuckin dick

score is for streetlight manifesto

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