Oxymoron - Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize! (Cover Artwork)


Oxymoron: Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize!Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize! (1996)
Suburban Noize Records

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Contributed by: FuckYouOiOiOiFuckYouOiOiOi
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This is one of the greatest punk albums of the `90s, right up there with Punk in Drublic, And Out Come the Wolves, Dookie, Smash, Against the Grain, etc. It truly baffles me why Oxymoron's Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize! isn't given as much credit as those albums. Most people know Oxymoron .
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This is one of the greatest punk albums of the `90s, right up there with Punk in Drublic, And Out Come the Wolves, Dookie, Smash, Against the Grain, etc. It truly baffles me why Oxymoron's Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize! isn't given as much credit as those albums.

Most people know Oxymoron as an Oi! / street punk band from Germany. But this is an incredibly superficial description of the band. They sound British (I actually thought they were British for about a year) and their sound, although it does fall under the Oi! / street punk genre, is very accessible and will please any punk fan. Most of the songs are about down-and-out youth punks.

The album kicks off with "Bored and Violent" which, like every song on the album, has a shout-along chorus. The bridge in this song is really fucking sweet. The next song, "Dead End Generation," is catchy as fuck and rocks even harder. "Dirty Punk" is the best song on the album (and no, it's not a Clash cover). It somehow manages to be fucking fast, fun, catchy, and punk as fuck. The lyrics are about someone who is just getting into punk:

I was raised as a son who should get on.
But what has become of me, their son?
I'm Oi-possessed and like my way.
What has become of me?
"Borstal" is the standard Oi! song about a borstal, but it's really good. The vocals on "Mohican Tunes" are gleefully snotty and you'd swear that they're British (but they're not). "Beware, Poisonous!" rocks fucking hard. Whenever I listen to this song I can picture the band playing it to a bunch of skinheads/mohawked punks chanting along and throwing their fists up to the chorus. "Drug Shock," "Self Rule," and "Nuclear War" are all very fast and rocking. "Dawn Patrol" and "Strike" are both awesome songs with catchy, shout-along choruses. The secret song on the album is called the "Chicken Song," and it's pretty fucking stupid, but it's a nice way to end the album.
I didn't review every song because that would be boring, but the songs I didn't review are good too. BUY THIS FUCKING ALBUM. Even if you don't like Oi! or street punk, I can guarantee you that you will like this album (if you like punk). They are the Cock Sparrer of the `90s.


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NAME_DAT_GAT (August 27, 2006)

they fucking rule hard.

Anonymous (January 25, 2006)

how brave..."fuck the punx and skinz"...fuck you bastard!!!! punks and skins are great and oxymoron too!!!!

Gowb (January 2, 2006)

What do you call a bunch of skinheads playing music?

An oi-chestra!

Anonymous (December 12, 2005)

Shitty Oi band but it's not likt there is such thing as a good oi band.

Anonymous (December 9, 2005)

Yeah but who is worse, the people who get uptight about bad reviews? Or the people who get uptight about the people who get uptight about bad reviews?

Anonymous (December 9, 2005)

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FuckYouOiOiOi (December 8, 2005)

Q: What do you call a skinhead fish?
A: An Oi-ster.

Gowb (December 8, 2005)

Also, this needs more oi jokes.

Gowb (December 8, 2005)

It must hurt to care so much about such irrelevant shit.

I'm refering to the commenters, not the review. It's a good review, I guess. I feel about as apathetic about this review as I do all reviews here. But what pisses me off are the comments. Because you're all pretty dumb, you know that?

Anonymous (December 7, 2005)

gfykjgsyrtjtoiuyevf fdcfkofvl ass is on a stick

Anonymous (December 7, 2005)


Anonymous (December 7, 2005)

You should have to pass an IQ test of some sort before you can sumbit a review. Then we wouldn't have to read things like this.

FuckYouOiOiOi (December 6, 2005)

haven't held up over the years?!? what the fuck does that mean. the topics are still just as relevant and i usually hear something new everytime i listen to it (even though i've listened to it 100s of times).

Anonymous (December 6, 2005)

Any discussion of 1990's greatest punk records must include "Feel the Darkness" by Poison Idea, "Midwestern Songs of the Americas" by Dillinger Four and "Destroy Oh Boy!" by the New Bomb Turks.
Oh yeah, and Op-Ivy haven't held up over the years.


angiemima (December 6, 2005)

wait, anonymous said fuck the punls and skins. Why are you here? Is this not punknews.org?

Anonymous (December 6, 2005)

your gay. stop

FuckYouOiOiOi (December 6, 2005)

Oh, i also forgot Propagandhi's How to Clean Everything for favorite albums.

Anonymous (December 6, 2005)

operation ivy's self titled release which had on it the energy album, the hectic ep, and those comp songs came out in 1991.

so what, all those things came out in the 80's.

Generator was remasted and reissued with bonus tracks last year but i don't count it as the best record of 2004.

Godfather (December 6, 2005)

just got this cd

damn good

FuckYouOiOiOi (December 5, 2005)

"it's also not only the best album of the 90's, but of all time."

agreed. as for the guy who made that comment about me not thinking when i write reviews, that was good, i'll give you that.

fistchode (December 5, 2005)

operation ivy's self titled release which had on it the energy album, the hectic ep, and those comp songs came out in 1991. it's also not only the best album of the 90's, but of all time.

Anonymous (December 5, 2005)

Operation Ivy - Energy is 1989 I'm pretty sure.

Anonymous (December 5, 2005)

".... but I don't feel like thinking"

so you do that all the time or just when you're writing reviews?


FuckYouOiOiOi (December 5, 2005)

All right, here are my favorite albums from the 90's:
1-Operation Ivy- Energy
(The rest are in no particular order)
Green Day- Dookie, Kerplunk!
NOFX- The Decline, Ribbed, White Trash, Punk in Drublic, So Long...
Fugazi- Repeater 3 songs (although I didn't get into it until recently)
Oxymoron- Fuck the 90's...
Anti-Flag- Die For the Government
Rancid- Out Come the Wolves, s/t
Screeching Weasel- My Brain Hurts
There are others but I don't feel like thinking.

Anonymous (December 5, 2005)

album is a classic.

Anonymous (December 5, 2005)

well said

Anonymous (December 5, 2005)

not one of the nineties "best" albumz... but it still holds up... i definitely liked it more then than now, but i still have it and play it every now and again.

to all the shit talkers about great 90s music... go find a mixtape you made in the nineties. i bet half the stuff you claim is your favorite albums of the nineties isn't even on it.

if i had to pick my favorite albums of the nineties today it'd be something like:
afghan whigs - gentlemen, rocket from the crypt - circa now
avail-dixie, bad religion-recipe for hate, bouncing souls - good the bad and the argyle, nofx- punk in drublic, rancid lets go, dinosaur jr - where you been, swingin utters - juvenille product of the working class, fugazi in on the killtaker, mephiskapheles - god bless satan, new bomb turks - destroy oh boy, sick of it all - scratch the surface, sonic youth -dirty, weston - real life story of teenage rebellion, youth brigade - happy hour, social distortion - somewhere between heaven and hell, face to face - don't turn away, archers of loaf - vs the greatest of all time, nick cave - let love in

but if you asked me the same question at various points of the nineties you also would have gotten bands like pearl jam, smashing pumpkins, blanks 77, the casualties, oxymoron, less than jake, primus, mighty mighty bosstones and other bands i don't listen too much now.

i guess what i'm saying is... some albums we like forever... some we grow out of... and some we grow into...and some we forget and then grow back into

i can't rock much to oxymoron now... but i remember when i could and why i could...

give the reviewer a break you opinionated bastards

Anonymous (December 5, 2005)

So are these guys British or something?

Anonymous (December 5, 2005)

Score is for the bands live performance. Great times

darkstarm (December 5, 2005)

Fugazi - Repeater
Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Lifetime - Hello Bastards
Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights
Alkaline Trio - Godammit

as far as punk shit goes. the only one of those i don't listen to at least a couple times a week is keasbey and that's cause ska is hard for me to tolerate after years and years of listening to it.

inanechild (December 5, 2005)

Borstal = British reform school.

Anonymous (December 5, 2005)

What's a borstal?

Something you break out of. Oi oi oi.

TheOneTrueBill (December 5, 2005)

What's a borstal?

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

What did we learn from this review?

They're not a british and they're an Oi band.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

Old Punker's Nostalgia = Awesomeness!

Are these lists supposed to be our favorite albums from the 90's or our favorite albums we listened to during the 90's?
If I were myself 7 years ago, this would be my list:

Propagahndi- Less Talk, More Rock
Dillinger Four- Midwestern Songs
Donut's N Glory- When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth
Rythym Collison- Clobberer
Bigwig- Stay Asleep
F.Y.P- Dance My Dunce

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

Good album, bad review. You were trying so hard to make people like them and listen to them, and yet scaring them away if anything. And I wouldn't say those are albums any that could please any punk, as I wouldn't say I listen to any of them. (Although , of course I have heard, or at one time owned all of them)


I like Repeater as best album of the 90's with Maniacal Laughter getting the nod for second.

skaboom (December 4, 2005)

Ooh my top 5:

5.. Dillinger Four - Midwestern Songs of the Americas
4. Kid Dynamite - Kid Dynamite
3. Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview
2.. Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights
1. Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

Hm, Ghost's "Turn On, Tune In, Free Tibet" is way up there for me. So many good albums... From Japan and Sweden.


Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

Top albums of the ninties....for me atleast:
5. Fugazi - Red Medicine
4. Fugazi - In on the Kill Taker
3. Fugazi - Repeater
2. Radiohead - OK Computer
1. Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea


Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

my top 5 of the 90s:
1. bad religion-against the grain
2. fugazi-repeater
3. social distortion-self titled
4. bouncing souls-maniacal laughter
5. face to face-don't turn away

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

oxymoron. -1

feeeding5000 (December 4, 2005)

Best album of the '90's was Repeater (Fugazi). Although Against the Grain was pretty good too. Another low-quality review from FuckYouOiOiOi. His name is almost as bad as mine.

swingline (December 4, 2005)

rancid's 1993 s/t is one of the best albums on the 90's. if you don't agree then your opinions are wrong.

RondoMondo (December 4, 2005)

Soundtrack to my ninth grade year.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

Face To Face is the best punk band of the 90s

FuckYouOiOiOi (December 4, 2005)

have you people even listened to this album or are you just shit-talking it cause you think its street punk? its not like the casualties, unseen, and other modern street punk (which I like but i know most of you don't), its really catchy and rocking and accessible. and as far as the best albums of the 90's go, those are overwhelmingly considered the best albums of the 90's because they are good, punk albums that will please any punk fan. i thought the same about this (although i guess i was wrong).

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

"This is terrible even for the genre. It just doesn't have any quality to it."

Uh... I don't like this kind of stuff very much, but that's just wrong.

For what it is, this album is great- one of the best of the decade. It's just that "what it is" (street punk/Oi) is boring.


Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

ok people let's see it, you're top 10 punk records of the 90s. i gotta think about it for a sec.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

avail's "over the james" is the best punk album of the 90's

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

out come the wolves and smash are no where near the best punk albums of the nineties

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

fUk tHe NinEtEeeZ...HeErZ HoUr NoiZe!1!1!!!1!!!1!!1!!

They are the Dropkick Murphy's of the NinEtEezz. Really upping the pUNxxx and the SkinNNNzzzzzzzzz. Dropkick Murphy's are the tru kings of Oi and everyone else is just ripping them off.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

haha nofx and you dare to foulmouth oxymoron

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

>>>It truly baffles me why Oxymoron's Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize! isn't given as much credit as those albums.

Because replacing "s" with "z" is bad form.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

"This is one of the greatest punk albums of the `90s, right up there with Punk in Drublic, And Out Come the Wolves, Dookie, Smash, Against the Grain, etc."

Those are the greatest punk albums of the 90's? Did you listen to the same records I did?

givemeamuseumandillfillit (December 4, 2005)

This is terrible even for the genre. It just doesn't have any quality to it.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

Immensely stupid music without the redeeming qualities of NOFX and Rancid.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

"The bridge in this song is really fucking sweet."

Why is this bride you speak of so "fucking sweet"?

skankin_in_the_pit (December 4, 2005)

That last sentence is ridiculous.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

great stuff...go listen to coheed & cambria you hippies

FuckYouOiOiOi (December 4, 2005)

but....how could you not like this?!? its fucking accessible as shit.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

I was into this sort of shit when this album came out. Thank God those times are long gone. Fuck the punx and the skinz.

Anonymous (December 4, 2005)

im first and the first to say. fuck this shit.

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