River City Rebels - Playing to Live Living to Play (Cover Artwork)

River City Rebels

River City Rebels: Playing to Live Living to PlayPlaying to Live Living to Play (2001)
Victory Records

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Contributed by: brettBrett
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Wow, very, very rarely can I ever say that I have picked up a CD that is destined to be one of those "classics"...the kind that punk fans will generally just "have" simply because he or she is a punk fan. I think it has actually been at least 5 years since I've said that about any record. This rec.

Wow, very, very rarely can I ever say that I have picked up a CD that is destined to be one of those "classics"...the kind that punk fans will generally just "have" simply because he or she is a punk fan. I think it has actually been at least 5 years since I've said that about any record. This record is, in my opinion, one of the best punkrock records ever made. So good in fact, that I decided to review it here (I've never reviewed anything here!). RCR is bringing punkrock to a new level. I read a quote once about RCR that that said "they prove that punk isn't going to die, it's only going to get better" and after hearing this gem, I couldn't agree more! This is the best album to come out since Rancid's "Out Come the Wolves" (its also quite similar, but perhaps a bit better). I bought this record about 12 hours ago along with 3 others and I haven't even gotten a chance to listen to the others yet because I can't seem to take this one out of my CD player. If you're a punk fan and you don't pick this up, you're missing out on something great. I wish I could give it a score higher than 10. Simply friggin amazing stuff....


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GlassPipeMurder (August 5, 2006)

I don't see what the big deal about this cd is....it's not bad..I like it....but certainly no punk classic...I actually like Racism, Religion, and War more.

Anonymous (June 2, 2003)

Well, I'll give these guys credit for putting on an energetic live act... Unfortunately, listening to this AFTER seeing them live wasn't a wise decision... This just doesn't do them justice. There really isn't any way to convey the sound and feeling of a trombone going off two feet infront of your face, while singing along and pumping your fist, on a CD... Download some of their songs and use the money you saved to check out a live show instead. You shant regret your decision.

SaxxyRebel (May 28, 2003)

I'd have to say this is an amazing cd, but 4 stars at best, i bought it the first day it came out and, at first i was dissapointed, but it has grown on me, and some of the lyrical content makes the value of the cd that nuch more worth is, at times this release sounds over produced, but maintains the simplexity the rebels try to capture in every cd, go buy this, but before this one, by No Good No Time No Pride, and then Racism Relgion and war.

JOE_MOMMA (June 11, 2002)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that could have fucking been legit...SHIT AAHHHHHH that took 3 hours of my life....damnit...oh well...i still love you scott

maverick (June 11, 2002)

Okay, time to invoke admin powers. Taking away the 3000-odd hits this gained in a day...


evildeadalive (June 11, 2002)

What the??! I think one or two people had a little fun and bumped this review to the top. That's all I can figure...

Anonymous (June 11, 2002)

whoa...that moved up alot. shit. well RCR ar ebe tter than sum 41

Anonymous (March 1, 2002)

Great c.d. Their true punkrock

Anonymous (January 29, 2002)

youve got to be fucking kidding me

Anonymous (January 29, 2002)

what!? i just heard this band went through yet another series of members!!

according to their webite they lost both guitarists (i think) and one of the horn players...but they're still going and replacing those members...

i used to like these guys, but this band is getting ridiculous. they should just break up and stop trying so hard.

but yeah, i heard some great things about rosewater avenue.

Anonymous (January 24, 2002)

i guess they broke up and dan mccool is now in a band called rosewater ave and they rock hard

Anonymous (December 4, 2001)

That right shit faces, we aint a ska band get it right!

Anonymous (December 3, 2001)

"they are not even a ska band"

Anonymous (November 29, 2001)

the horn parts are all the same they either play drawn out whole notes or different versions of the same sixteenth note rhythms. And they are going to be playing the Ska for Youth benefit show in NYC but they are not even a ska band.

Anonymous (November 29, 2001)

too slow. the guys vocals suck. songwriting is nothing special. guitar is too much in the center on the mix. too slow. Ramones cover is awesome though. however, overhyped and pretty amateur.

Anonymous (November 22, 2001)

" i dont want to die,i dont want to kill. I dont want to kill i dont want to die. We are all human...it's time to prove it" - ANTI FLAG 911 for peace

Anonymous (November 11, 2001)

I heard that boy sets fire cornered these guys behind the fireside bowl after a show once and proceeded to beat the living fuck out of them. Luckily that's never happened to me, so the fuck still lives on inside of me. i am such a fuck.



OedipusWrecks (November 10, 2001)

Dude, good friends with them? Not in their forties? Yeah, right. They could probably pass for fifty if they wanted to. You are so full of shit. And honestly, oyu're doing a very bad job of covering it up. I mean, come on. Anyone who claims to like the clash is obviously lying.

-Eddie W.

Anonymous (November 3, 2001)

what what what??? i happen to be good friends with a couple of these guys, and let me promise you that they are not 40. jesus. the oldest one is around 23-24. the rest are around 20. what the hell are you talking about? did you get them confused with somebody?

as for winnie: i disagree. i love the clash, and cocksparrer are all right, but i think it's good to see a new band adding something to that genre. what's the matter with evolution in music? they aren't ripping off the clash at all, they're just taking a clash influence and adding their own style to it. jeez, get over it you old fart.

Larry_Lawrence (November 3, 2001)

No, seriously. Aren't they all 40 somethings? My sister saw them when they played with AFI in kansas city and she said that AFI sucked and River City Rebels might as well be middle aged stock consultants. I believed the part about AFI sucking, but how could 40-year-olds get a cd made unless they sound like joni mitchell or some shit?


WinstonFeatherby (November 3, 2001)

Dude, these guys aren't 40. They're all 14 (their moms have to drive them on tour). How can you kids seriously say these guys are good? THis is just crap that Cock Sparrer and the Clash were doing when all you were still getting your bums wiped by your mum. There's nothing rebellious about sucking at music. They aren't the River City Rebels, more like the River City Fourteen-Year-Old-MTV-Junkees.


Larry_Lawrence (November 2, 2001)

I heard a rumor that they are all in their 40s. Is that true?


Anonymous (October 31, 2001)

dude...green day? what the fuck are you talking about? have you heard either the river city rebels or green day? are you sure you're even talking about the right bands? i see absolutely no connection...

this album is pretty good. some of the best punk stuff to come out in awhile.

Anonymous (October 31, 2001)

Yeah this is cool, but their first album was a helluva lot better. The original vocalist is so much better than the new guy. He shoulda stuck to the sax...


Anonymous (October 31, 2001)

This album sucks. This band just wants to be greenday. Greenday was one of the first bands ever. they rule. fuck the river city rebels.

Rock (October 20, 2001)

The reason it is the most popular is one thisband rocks and two half the post is blank but oh well.

Anonymous (October 14, 2001)

This review is sucks. I don't see how this has become the most popular on the site.

Anonymous (October 12, 2001)

Coldjuly: First off, Drowningman are not a punk band. At all. They have about as much to do with punk and hardcore as Britney Spears. Just cause they use distorted guitars and play fast (and are on Revelation) doesn't make them punk. They're a fucking metal band...and thus have nothing to do with the Rebels. They shouldn't even be compared. Besides they're a pretty shitty metal band at that. And sarcasitc? Oh, you must be refering to those non-sensical lyrics that people mistake for genius... the ones I imagine the singer himself doesn't even understand... right, "sarcastic." That is, if by sarcastic you mean "utterly devoid of meaning."

Here's some "genius" for you:
"Try to kill me, motherfucker
You can't hit what you can't see
All these lights are blinding me."


coldjuly (October 10, 2001)

Vermont did spawn a band 100 times better than RCR...Drowningman, so sarcastic, funny as hell and how many bands carry the fuck off and die attitude and still have fun at it.

Anonymous (October 8, 2001)


Anonymous (September 23, 2001)

I wouldn't say this album is that great, but it is quite good.

Anonymous (September 11, 2001)

You know what really pisses me off? Pat41 is giving this, probably the biggest thing in punk this year(I'm just guessing from all the hype, I can't find the Cd in any of the shitty mall stores that have miniscule amounts of punk) a lesser score than he gives to all the shitty MTV bands like Sum 41! This isn't EXCITING enough for him? Yeah, songs about "casualties of society" and dickheads who try to be funny by saying their hobbies are porn, beer, and strip clubs are so much more exciting!

Anonymous (September 3, 2001)

personally i think this cd sucks

Anonymous (September 2, 2001)

So...I'm from the same area (VT) as RCR and I have to say it's quite a shock to come here and hear people calling this a "classic" to me this will always be one of those small local bands who just kick ass. I mean, I'm good friends with Drew's (RCR's guitarist) younger brother and i went to the same high school as drew. who woulda thought little ol' Ver' mont would spawn a band this good.

coldjuly (September 1, 2001)

Yeah no way in hell it got read that many times...I read it 2 or 3 days ago before I got it, and it was maybe at the 150 mark.......but enough of that...its ok in some aspects some good songs, but kinda dissapointing to me.

Anonymous (August 30, 2001)

great album one of the best of the year by far. support these guys and go pick it up

Anonymous (August 30, 2001)

i agree, this album rocks

Anonymous (August 29, 2001)

i just got the cd today and i think its the best thing to come out in years!

pat41 (August 29, 2001)

I don't see how this could possibly become a "Classic" but I do have to agree that it is a very good album. I picked it up after hearing all the hype about it. I was a little dissapointed I was expecting something a little more exciting but overall a great album.

Anonymous (August 28, 2001)

hey maverick, it happened before. the bouncing souls shot up to number one in like 2 days, and my screeching weasel review went from 350 to 1500 over a weekend! who knows, you might be right. then again, we might have more visitors than we think.!?!?!- fathead

Anonymous (August 28, 2001)

6 am is the best song. =]

maverick (August 27, 2001)

Ok, there's no way this could've gotten this many hits in the few days it went up. Someone must've been hitting "Reload" a helluva lot. Not cool.

Anonymous (August 27, 2001)

Goddamn these guys fucking rock! Before I saw them at Warped this summer, I had only heard a little bit about them. They had a great live show. I bought this record because I've heard all over the place that its increadable. After listening to it just once, I was blown away! This is definately the best record of 2001 and if its any indication of what to expect from them in the future, punkrock will be alive and well for a good long time! This is the first time since I first got into punk 7 years ago that I've actually been EXCITED about a band!They have one song called "Small Town Pride" thats about living in a small town its something that not a lot of bands sing enough about and I can really relate to it. They also talk a lot about their love for music and touring and how its helped them through some hard times. If you've ever been in a struggling band this record is all you!


Anonymous (August 27, 2001)

This is now my favorite CD. very few bands define the way punk was meant to be, but RCR is one of them! Everyone do yourself a favor and get this CD

Anonymous (August 26, 2001)

not bad...i would have liked some of the faster stuff but i like this cd

Anonymous (August 26, 2001)

RCR is saving punkrock. fuck all the pop shit this is real punk biiiaaatch!!!!

Anonymous (August 26, 2001)

I actually had never really heard a complete RCR song before yesterday. The only reason I got the new CD is 1) I've been hearing amazing things EVERYWHERE about this band 2) I saw the review of the record on here and I simply had to pick up a record that was destined to be "a classic"...I guess I just wanted to see what all the hooplah was all about and I was willing to spend the $14 to do so. I had no idea what to expect when I first popped it in (considering I had only hear 1/2 of a song that was on the radio a few weeks ago), so I tried to keep an open mind. The intro to the album sold me immediately...it was so powerful that it made me excited about listening to the rest of it. As all 14 tracks pumped out of my stereo (including a fucking awesome version of 53rd and 3rd by The Ramones), I couldn't help but think that if there is any band out there carrying the punkrock torch into the 21st century, it is without a doubt, River City Rebels! I can't think of too many other bands out there nowadays who are doing what these guys are doing. If you like Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, The Clash, Bosstones or Rocket from the Crypt, you'll love this band. Long live River City Rebels!!!!!

Anonymous (August 26, 2001)

very good album...ive been listening to it alot and it reminds me of rancid

Anonymous (August 26, 2001)

im so glad to see these guys are finally getting some recognition, they've been one of my favorite bands for a while now. this cd is the best thing theyve done yet!

Anonymous (August 26, 2001)

I saw RCR at Warped Tour and they were one of the best live bands I've ever seen. I bought this CD the day it came out and I honestly haven't been able to stop listening to it!!!! If you're a fan of the Clash, Rancid, GBH, or any good punk, this one is one for you

Anonymous (August 26, 2001)

Once again this band has not ceased to amaze me. The River City Rebels live show is out of this world and so is this CD!!

Anonymous (August 26, 2001)

Hey I just picked up this album and its definately the best thing I've picked up in a while. I liked the first one but this is 100 times better! Go get this CD, you won't regret it!


Anonymous (August 25, 2001)

I disagree with the first statement, but this cds pretty good

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