My American Heart - The Meaning in Makeup (Cover Artwork)

My American Heart

My American Heart: The Meaning in MakeupThe Meaning in Makeup (2005)
Warcon Entertainment

Reviewer Rating: 1

Contributed by: AnchorsAnchors
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The skies don't bleed, anymore. Those five words, lyrics from "In Between," could easily sum up this entire mess of an album. Upon reading those, the majority of you I'm sure already dislike the album; I assure you, actually hearing it would do nothing to change your misconceptions. A decent vo.
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The skies don't bleed, anymore.
Those five words, lyrics from "In Between," could easily sum up this entire mess of an album. Upon reading those, the majority of you I'm sure already dislike the album; I assure you, actually hearing it would do nothing to change your misconceptions.

A decent voice will only get you so far, and by so far, I mean a song and a half, because that's how long I had initially made it before having to restrain myself from ejecting this disc from the drive. This is another instance where the singer is extremely young, 18 I believe, and has a solid voice. And once again, the band behind the singer is so mundane and uninspired that the singer can't show the talent he clearly possesses. Every aspect of this album caters to the boring qualities presented on modern rock radio. None of the chord progressions, none of the drum fills, none of the bass lead-ins can even separate themselves from song to song, let alone against other bands and other albums. Only on "Interluded" does the band step outside its own model for a small time frame, to throw in some screaming, that oddly, doesn't sound bad at all. And at least that way, the lyrics are indecipherable, which is a huge bonus.

Worst really of all, is the fact that this album is 45 minutes long. 45 minutes? I was bored after 10! Regardless, the proverbial and literal beats both go on, and unfortunately that includes the song "Organ," which is among the most repetitive songs I've personally ever had the displeasure of hearing. There's no saving grace, not even a flash of something better in the five songs following either. It's all the same boring, trite garbage that the band peddled in the first half of the album.

No, just no.


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ukraine (June 9, 2007)

i enjoy a few songs, but they do get repetetive sometimes...

clamum (January 9, 2007)

"lol, look at these idiots

http://www.purevolume.com/myamericanheart/photos/116504 1"





Wow. Just. Wow.

SuperSmashli (July 30, 2006)

I lahooooveeee my american heart.... i first discovered them last year and then recently saw them at warped tour Vancouver..... they are awesome.... me and my friend just listen to the new album and get sooo pumped its unbelievable!! it also doesnt hurt that the boys are very purdy.... but seriously.... buy the cd its completly worth it!!!

Anonymous (June 15, 2006)

they're generic, and they suck at life

Anonymous (March 28, 2006)

their self-titled album is much better, back when they were unique & unsigned.

Anonymous (March 21, 2006)

This isn't their best shit. it's actually some of their old stuff turned to new slower stuff. it's not my taste. if you want to listen to old school mah, then go to http://myspace.com/nowayoutrock

Anonymous (March 19, 2006)

hey i watched them live last NIGHT, there fucken good , and really good guys, dont be jealous they are going famous faster then any other emo band, fuck off kids

Anonymous (January 23, 2006)

They are amazing!!!

Anonymous (January 23, 2006)

I love them.

Anonymous (January 21, 2006)

nubs, great stuff!

Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

lol, look at these idiots

http://www.purevolume.com/myamericanheart/photos/116504 1

soulbleed (January 9, 2006)

i knew what rating this cd was going to get before i even clicked on it. weren't we just talking about predictable?

darkstarm (January 9, 2006)

This was one of the first huge Myspace bands. Kind of like how that shitty Daphen Loves Derby band got huge off of Purevolume. I vaguely remember downloading one track from these guys, and just wanting to punch myself in the face. I did. Maybe I should sue them?

Anonymous (January 9, 2006)

wow wow wow....victory gave away brass knuckles with bulldogs on it?

Anonymous (January 9, 2006)

In regards to the sky bleeding, it happend twice; August 6 and August 9, 1945. Over 120,000 people died immediately and thousands died in the following years.

warningdevice (January 9, 2006)

their name alone screams not good
then i heard then... yep... i was pretty much right the first time

givemeamuseumandillfillit (January 9, 2006)

They gave you candy? Seriously?
That actually beats that time in '96 when victory handed out brass knuckles with the bulldog on.

Anonymous (January 9, 2006)

The gents at Asian Man are indeed great at giving away free stuff, but Polyvinyl takes the award for best swag-giving: in my last order (okay, so I ordered 8 CDs, and perhaps that played into it), they included a bunch of Airhead candy bars and Tootsie Roll suckers!


the_other_scott (January 8, 2006)

isn't warcon that crazy conglomerate owned by warped tour, chevron, and k-mart?

Anonymous (January 8, 2006)

do nothing to change your "misconceptions"?

implying that thinking they suck is incorrect?

Anonymous (January 8, 2006)

From all I've heard...

And all i've seen....

This BAND has broken...

My American heart....

Piebald should murder these fools

Anonymous (January 8, 2006)

I've gotta agree with the love for Asian Man. I got an assload of posters and buttons, a tuesday shirt (and I swore I'd never support any band named after a day of the week), and among the dozens of cds, LTJ, Duvall, and the Transporter 2 soundtrack(???)

maverick (January 8, 2006)

Somewhere, Travis Shettel is weeping.


thoroughbred (January 8, 2006)

This was a large waste of time.(In 3 parts!)

a) Them making the record.

b) You reviewing it.

c) Me reading it.

danperrone (January 8, 2006)

are her breasts triangles?

lou (January 8, 2006)

my friend went to high school with one of the kids in this band. i can't remember if he called him a tool or a douche, but you get the idea.

ps - dante already made this point, but really, when the fuck did the sky ever bleed? what does that even mean?

Anonymous (January 8, 2006)

My american heart? Fucking shoot me now. Apparently our organs are citizens too?


SalsaShark (January 8, 2006)

Asian Man rules. I got one of those grab-bag deals they had going, and I got a bunch of nice trinkets, including some cheap posters (my favorites being Screeching Weasel and Lawrence Arms ones), an awesome MU330 keychain, a BMX vid (I haven't watched yet, nor really plan to), a Bacteria Buffet Records shirt (A cheap shirt is always nice), a Verbicide magazine (It's really good, actually), some postcards (including a Lawrence Arms one), some pins (the best being The Broadways, probably), and probably a few other things. They also have a cool staff. I talked to someone from AMR on the phone, and he seemed pretty amiable.

This band sounds pretty generic, but I'll try "Interlude" since you said it was their best track.

Dante3000 (January 8, 2006)

First off, When did the skies ever bleed?
Second, I'm sure this band sucks and I don't have to hear them or read the review.
Thrid, Asian Man Records is one of the greatest labels ever. I just bought some CD's from them and they sent me an extra one they thought I should check out at no charge. Sure it might be just something they're clearing out or marketing but it's free! I love Record Labels that give me hope in music.
P.S. I feel that third point was more important than talking about this band.

ILOVESCOTT (January 8, 2006)

honestly anchors, i just dont see the point in reviewing this. i know you are just sent stuff, but seriously. if we keep giving these bands the time of day, they wont go away!

ramo (January 8, 2006)

I heard one song from this band, "The Progress". Ugh...disgusting.

I think they stole their band name from a Piebald lyric.


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