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Ween: Shinola, Vol. 1Shinola, Vol. 1 (2005)

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Contributed by: thehandshakepactthehandshakepact
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In the mid-1990s, Pizza Hut commissioned Ween to write a jingle for a new product, which was a pizza that had a cheese-filled crust. They wrote a very catchy 30-second song aptly titled "Where'd the Cheese Go?" Pizza Hut hated it and did not use it, prompting Ween to put the song on a live/B-sides a.
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In the mid-1990s, Pizza Hut commissioned Ween to write a jingle for a new product, which was a pizza that had a cheese-filled crust. They wrote a very catchy 30-second song aptly titled "Where'd the Cheese Go?" Pizza Hut hated it and did not use it, prompting Ween to put the song on a live/B-sides album. Oddly enough though, "Where'd the Cheese Go?" sounded like any other song that Ween has ever put out.

However, that is what makes Ween the most refreshing band in rock.

Most bands are confined to a formula, a genre or a target market which shapes its songs accordingly. When you open up a new record from that band, you pretty much know what to expect, and if the band goes off the beaten path, you often find yourself disappointed. With Ween, however, they tend to shun away from any and all convention, priding themselves on doing the opposite of what the average listener might expect.

The first track on Shinola, Vol. 1, called "Tastes Good on the Bun," is a hybrid of the percussion from "Shout" by Tears for Fears with the melody of the desert level from Mario III while just repeating the song title for lyrics. on't ask me how it fits; it just does.

It is followed by "Boy's Club," an infectious ditty which sounds like a 1980s Saturday morning cartoon theme if it did not have lyrics like "you can talk of the future / you can talk of the past / you can go out and find yourself a nice piece of ass."

You think this album can't get any stranger? Try again. "Israel" is a Lite FM / jazz patio jam with what I assume is a sample of a rabbi leading a prayer about God.

I'm sorry if my comparisons seem awkward, but that is Ween. It is like that kid in grade school who you would dare to mix all the foods on his tray, not intending him to like it, even though he honestly did. Shinola, Vol. 1 is so against the grain that those untrained to the Ween ear (like yours truly) need to give it multiple listens with the hopes to make sense of why or how you enjoy it so much.

The one constant expectation you can gather from a Ween album is that at least two of their songs will stick in your head for days (whether you want them to or not) and many of the lyrics will make you laugh your ass off.

Shinola, Vol. 1 is a b-sides album, which is something I probably should have mentioned at the beginning of this review. The fact that this is such an album, however, is completely irrelevant. B-side records are novelties, a collection of songs that just did not fit on the album said band is working on and something usually reserved for true fans. However, every Ween album is a collection of misfits that only a small niche of the population will embrace and appreciate.


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Anonymous (January 11, 2006)

dan you're a terd bir, but good review.

Anonymous (January 11, 2006)

Ween really is the best band out there right now. Their good stuff vs. bad stuff ratio is higher than any band I can think of, anyway. I think you need to hear at least 20-30 of their songs before you realize how great they really are. As far as this disk goes, it's actually better than their last 2 disks, "The Rift" is a masterpiece, but I really hope I never hear "boys club" again!

darkstarm (January 11, 2006)

I think I'm gonna have to pick this up.

Beaarthur (January 11, 2006)

Are those cheese songs on the album? I don't see them on the tracklist.

Beaarthur (January 11, 2006)

Since the reviewer mentioned these for no good reason, here's the links for Cheese and Cheese 2.

sallyjesse (January 10, 2006)

i hate all of you

Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

Bananas and Blow!


Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

"Sing us a song, you're the Piano Man! Put some coke on my dick tonight!!"

Ween owns you all.


givemeamuseumandillfillit (January 10, 2006)

I saw ween on the "an evening with ween" tour. 3 hours, only 200 people in an 800 capacity venue. It was pretty fucking cool, i made them play the aids song 3 times!

Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

Ween's a poor man's They Might Be Giants.

McGarnicle (January 10, 2006)

Hey guys, I played with the Ween!!

pabstboy (January 10, 2006)

Chocolate and cheese is their best by far but I'll check this out. The only time I saw Ween I was petrified by all the fans huffing Glade on the side. Some freaky shit mang!

rkl (January 10, 2006)

you dont need to listen to rollins to know what makes ween good, just listen to a random track.

Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

Ween's the most punk rock band I know of. Great review. And Godfather, Primus has nothing to do with Ween except that they were both on the South Park album, which is why many many people never listened to Ween again

Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

Bollocks, I forgot to give it a score.

Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

Ween are fucking amazing, it's nice to see them getting reviewed here. I could try explaining why they're so good, but if anyone really wants to know, download 'Why Ween Rules' off Henry Rollins' spoken word stuff, he explains it better than I could. Anyway, this album is great like pretty much all their others - not as good as 'Chocolate and Cheese', my personal favourite Ween album, but the fact it's a collection of B-sides makes it even more impressive.

formerly-blade-runner (January 10, 2006)

i concur..

this band brings the motherfucking shiz.

Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

Any project involving Pizza is better than anything else in the world.

- Kirby

Godfather (January 10, 2006)

i'm sorry but this band fucking blows....primus had a few good songs though

Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

Where the motherfuckin' cheese be at? I don't know.

Are both versions of Cheese on this? I'd buy it just for them.

Anonymous (January 10, 2006)

Is it as good as their country album?

First, btw.

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