AIDS Wolf - The Lovvers LP (Cover Artwork)


AIDS Wolf: The Lovvers LPThe Lovvers LP (2006)
Lovepump United

Reviewer Rating: 3

Contributed by: LevitateMeLevitateMe
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Wolf Parade, Superwolf, Wolf Colonel, Wolfmother, Wolf Eyes, Wolfsheim, Guitar Wolf, TigerBearWolf, Patrick Wolf, Peanut Butter Wolf, and now AIDS Wolf. Enough already!

Anyway‚?¶out of the oh-so hip Montreal indie scene come experimental noise-mongers AIDS Wolf with their debut the Lovvers LP. While the band may be heralded as the next big thing, they've created a record that is far from accessible, more like a hipster trophy than something meant to be listened to (let alone enjoyed).

Opening track "Spit Tastes Like Metal" begins with squealing guitar and child-like mumblings from the female vocalist before shifting to the fuzzy noise mess of a chorus. This repeats three times or so and that's the song. Track two "Chinese Roulette" is a lot better. To the band's credit, this sounds like an actual song. It's a straight ahead spastic punk stomper, in the vein of the worst early day L.A. bands. The vocals do sound kind of interesting in this one but they are almost completely drowned out by the pounding drums and guitar noise. "Panty Mind" is a real cool song with a nice surfy groove and a great screechy guitar chorus that reminds me of parts of Mclusky's final album. The highlights, though, are few and far between as most of the album sounds like the end of songs where bands just let their amps buzz. The nearly twelve-minute closing track "Some Sexual Drawings" is a painful listen with the bass sliding up and down the neck slowly, guitar noise with lots of static and intermittent vocal wailing.

At their best, AIDS Wolf sounds like the Germs' or Black Flag's earliest work or Deerhoof and Animal Collective's noisiest tracks. At their worst they sound like a guitar being dragged across a floor. I would still call this an interesting listen, but it's nothing to piss yourself over.


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BrandonSideleau (February 21, 2006)

Sounds pretty good if you ask me.

Anonymous (February 20, 2006)

Much better live than on CD. But you gotta make sure that they play a show on the floor, because it truly does make all the difference. It's cool to finally see a Montreal band that isn't receiving all this mega-hype, but instead is receiving rather bad reviews from most sources.

LevitateMe (February 20, 2006)

Teen Wolf

sirens (February 20, 2006)

that shitty blood brothers band had a wolf song I think...

JohnTravoltron (February 20, 2006)

Hey guys c'mon. Let's stop talking about noise rock and start naming shit off with "Wolf" in it!

Does anyone remember the movie "Wolf" starring Jack Nicolson?

- J Tr'Vay

Anonymous (February 18, 2006)

aka the lower standardz lp

Anonymous (February 18, 2006)

This album is pretty damn bad.

givemeamuseumandillfillit (February 18, 2006)

You're all talking about this cd like it's some kind of unlistenable noise without any structure or beat.
This is far, far, far, far, far away from that. This is good car stereo music to play while getting to a show.

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

Montreal is frog-central. Plus, most bands that hail from that shithole blow.


Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

I've been there several times, I used to live near there. I haven't heard this, I'm purely just complaining about Montreal.

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

If nothing else, noise rock has proven that you can't critique music on a scale.

Trying to review stuff like this is a joke. All you can really "grade" is the concept, whether you liked it or not. This isn't some wannabe punk/metal/hardcore/post-rock album where the band was going for some palatable, classifiable sound... Yeah, it's noise rock, but no two noise rock groups really sound anything alike.


Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

I don't think I'd liek it because I prefer music over noise but people who in enjoy noise might like it

f you didn't see any hipsters in Montreal you obviously didn't go to any of the "hip" places, but yeah Montreal is a fantastic city, don't care for the music but the city is a real fun place.

~ Alex P. Keaton

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

you're the hipster capital of the world

vampa (February 17, 2006)

to the guy upset with Montreal:

have you ever been there? i was just there 2 weeks ago and it was rather nice. plus, i didn't see a single hipster.

score is for Montreal.

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

I hate Montreal. It's the hipster capital of the world. Fuck this.

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

This band is even worse than that French Stewart band from Maryland.

ElVaquero (February 17, 2006)

Wolf Parade rules, this band blows.

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

Agree with the previous post; these guys put on a pretty good show, but their music is boring as all hell.

Go listen to White Mice or Prurient, or Kites, or anything else on Load, much better than this.

Dante3000 (February 17, 2006)

Peanut Butter Wolf is the shit, and his brother plays in The Cliftons. I like them better than AIDS Wolf.
Honestly, that has to be the stupidiestlyistness name ever in the history of Wolf names....How about Two Wolves Attacking Trolls...You could be TWAT for short.

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

what a ridiculous thing to say... you're a prick

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

probably the worst band i've ever heard, but they put on a good live show.

but i'll never make it a point to see them again.

elliot (February 17, 2006)

these guys are kinda whatever.

but wolf eyes blow. sorry.

etwiels88 (February 17, 2006)

Best name of all the animal bands. Might have to listen to this.

givemeamuseumandillfillit (February 17, 2006)

This cd was waaaaay better than i thought it was going to be. This one's a keeper!

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

we are wolves,,,,they can go fuck themselves too.

hipster bullshit

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

I'm really getting tired of all these band names that includes the word "wolf".

As far as I'm concerned, the only "wolf" band to give a care about is Wolf Eyes.


Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

ALL/DESCENDENTS 'LIVE PLUS ONE' may be one of the best live albums. Ii've got a boner for it. And don't gimmie this shit about Descendents being better than ALL, that's just horseshit. Just because they sing some different songs and have a different singer, it's the same rocking music and Chad Price of ALL is a great vocalist. Stop being douche bags.

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

Um, maybe you forgot, but The Wolves...


Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

we are wolves
the wolfnote
wolfing around

kenfuggit (February 17, 2006)

Wolfpack, Wolfbrigade, and my personal joke sxe band.... xSHITWOLFx


LevitateMe (February 17, 2006)

Wolfmother's on there

TheOneTrueBill (February 17, 2006)

Don't forget Wolfmother and Wolf & Cub

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