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Hanalei: Parts and AccessoriesParts and Accessories (2006)
Thick Records

Reviewer Rating: 3

Contributed by: brianBrian
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Brian Moss proved his talents extended beyond that of the Ghost's solid post-hardcore punk rock in the enjoyable and promising 2004 effort We Are All Natural Disasters, which swapped those styles for a matching of electro-indie pop and folk songs. Parts and Accessories completely forgoes the former .
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Brian Moss proved his talents extended beyond that of the Ghost's solid post-hardcore punk rock in the enjoyable and promising 2004 effort We Are All Natural Disasters, which swapped those styles for a matching of electro-indie pop and folk songs. Parts and Accessories completely forgoes the former of these sounds for a full-band sound, fully embracing the folk-rock aesthetic. Hanalei does this decently enough, but it's a definite step back from Disasters due to a lack of diversity in moods and textures despite wonderful production.

Parts and Accessories is jangly, super upbeat alt-country / folk rock with absolutely shining production, but unfortunately, that's all it is. Disasters worked not only due to its inherently hooky nature, but there was something about the way Moss could create a sunny indie pop song one moment, and a slower but hardly lethargic, melancholic manifesto from the confines of a dank bedroom the next. Parts and Accessories, while wonderful as background music, doesn't provide these hooks nor the assortment of emotions we all know Moss is more than capable of pulling from. "MLK, You're OK" hints at this power with Moss going a bit throatier for the "I lock all the doors when I sleep / you always find a way to break in" chorus, and its forceful nature is a nice surprise, but it still conveys the same feeling of unification the other tracks provide just as well. The lightly paced "Do the Pendulum" proves that in the least, the band knows that mixing up the tempos is a trait needing expression when possible. The only track that quite offers a reprieve from the all-too-bright rainbow is the more thoughtful, somewhat dreary but still unifying "The Hand" and its accompanying follower "Nothing Works."

Sunny, comfortable, and exhibiting a happiness and charm not usually seen from the Midwest, Parts and Accessories makes for good springtime listening, though it's a bit hard to forget that the record preceding it fit every season of the year.

MLK, You're OK
The Hand
Cynics Anthem for a New Tomorrow


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Anonymous (March 19, 2006)

i can't stop listening to this album. definitely going to end up in top 3 for 2006.

Anonymous (March 18, 2006)

hey obvious ex-band member who's pissed off...
let's check your shit out shall we?


Anonymous (March 18, 2006)

That first Grey Flight podcast had a new Whale|Horse song on. Good stuff, anyone got any demoes or something they wanna yousentit/me?

syr667 (March 16, 2006)


whalehorse is pretty great... i saw them once on a field trip to chicago...

as far as moss goes, he's one of my favorite people in chicago... yeah, his bands tend to fit into genres that are getting attention at the time, but that can be said of many people... he could be playing a dozen other kinds of music right now and you could say the same thing, so that point seems void to me...

more importantly, it seems that whatever style he takes on, he does it right... his lyrics are always phenomenal, and the music is always top notch...

so, ummm...

here's to brian...


Anonymous (March 16, 2006)

anyone else heard the new many members of the honor system band whale horse?

fucking great. speaking of chicago.


Jesse (March 16, 2006)

It's very much decent and better than his other stuff. Brian Punknews can prefer Brian Moss' hook laden electropop, but this is a much more mature release, playing up the alt-country aspect.

Great country rock vocal harmonies reminiscent of Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead.

And as for Moss himself, the man does more to keep Chicago music alive and kicking than anyone esle. The guy basically heads the South Arts Place or whatever the hell it's called and also turned his apartment into a venue and promotes and books shows all the time. The guy is aces in my book.

cash_money_hustla (March 16, 2006)

I haven't heard this, but that Trust Foundation ep Brian Moss and Steve Choi put out a couple of years ago was fucking awesome.

Anonymous (March 15, 2006)

for people who've had problems with brian, it should be noted that if you read the lyrics the man has written their is a HUGE portion of them that are very self-conscious about critics, and having something done with no expectations being torn apart by fans, critics, and anybody for no reason.

One worrying thing about the last Ghost LP was that it seemed almost a preoccupation, like the criticism got to him, and I would say paralyzed his attention. Almost Every song was self-aware about it being listened to and judged as a song, with his guard up, very defensive. I felt sorry for him because it seemed like "they" won, he didn't want to care about what people thought to the point all he sung about was not caring what they thought, very tense, but great record.

So I imagine he may be somewhat reserved to just put himself out their to every person who expects to be entertained or be pals. He's human.


Anonymous (March 15, 2006)

I think hurricane is the singer

Anonymous (March 15, 2006)

hurricane is pathetic and in love with the singer

hurricanewe (March 15, 2006)

get over it. play or create on your own. the public eye is a funny and envious entity. in the big scheme of things all of this comes of as comedic and entirely unimportant. although I greatly appreciate the people that contribute to this site and provide it, the commenting and anonymity is pathetic. worry elsewhere and contribute something other than petty complaints.

8dollarclarinetsolo (March 14, 2006)

funny how this guy's bands have basically followed the trend of whats popular, ska, punkish, more hardcoreish, postal service ripoff, folk indie. and he was kind of a dick to me when i saw him play

steveman (March 14, 2006)

These guys put on a good show, and Brian has never been pretentious on the many occasions that I have met or ran into him in Chicago.

Anonymous (March 14, 2006)

"should have seen him when he played in the bay area ska band Alien Spy. But I'm sure nobody remembers that."

your right. nor care.

talk about holding a grudge. you were in some random ska band over a decade ago that your still holding a torch for on the internet?

cmon man, go to a meeting, see a movie, what the hell are you doing with yourself?

Incidentally, this gets 3 stars for redundancy to the 6 for the new NOFX EP which is pure formula. the world is a strange place.


Anonymous (March 14, 2006)

Brian can be a bit of an ass, but the record is still amazing. Far better then the first one and without a doubt one of my favorite records of the new year.

Anonymous (March 14, 2006)

thick records..please..you once gave me hope with haymarket riot, blue meanies, and various other kick ass bands. this pansy fest must stop. thank you.

Dante3000 (March 14, 2006)

Though I can't comment on the guy below me on Brian Moss personally (as I've never met him) the Hanalei bio mentions he's a Bay Area transplant.
Besides I doubt many people would connect him to an old local ska band. Tons of Bay Area bands (esspecially in the late 90's) go around with no one knowing of them outside of the Bay Area. Spishak, Anti-45, ULC, The Jocks, P.O.P.S....Ah, High School. Admittedly, not as into local music as I was. Something about going to shows at the YMCA with a bunch of 15 year olds loses it's appeal.

Anonymous (March 14, 2006)

I don't like drum machines, so I think I'll like this album much more than the last. Despite that, there were some very enjoyable songs on that release, so we'll see.

plaidical (March 14, 2006)


Anonymous (March 14, 2006)

Brian Moss in an overly-pretentious twit. You should have seen him when he played in the bay area ska band Alien Spy. But I'm sure nobody remembers that. I played with him in another ska band callled the Gangstas Of Love. The Wunder Years were cool but everything after that has been pretentious crap with shitty out of tune emo-shit-fit vocals. If he was smart he'd have somebody else sing at least. His vocals sound like two cats having sex, but far less appealing.
I think he moved to Chicago (a town he claims although he was raised in the berkley area of CA) to avoid the embarassment of being in a band like Alien Spy and to evade his reputation for being an overly-controlling asshole with anyone hes ever played with. Don't even waste your time with this release.

Sciulli (March 14, 2006)

Hmm, any other opinions on this? I love the first album. Really looking forward to this.

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