Alkaline Trio / Against Me!

Alkaline Trio / Against Me!: live in San Diegolive in San Diego (2006)
Vagrant Records

Reviewer Rating: 5

Contributed by: alkaline_soloJay Ponce
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"The Occult Roots of Alkaline Trio: Early Songs for Eerie People" was something that I have been looking forward to since I heard that the Alkaline Trio was going on tour. Over time it just got better and better with the announcement of Against Me! supporting, and finally the announcement that their.

"The Occult Roots of Alkaline Trio: Early Songs for Eerie People" was something that I have been looking forward to since I heard that the Alkaline Trio was going on tour. Over time it just got better and better with the announcement of Against Me! supporting, and finally the announcement that their debut album Goddamnit will be played in its entirety. This was already my show of the year candidate and it hadn't even happened yet.

For my money, Against Me! is one of the few bands that still keep me interested in new music; say what you want about their new label and how this affects their politics or standing with the scene, but that label switch has definitely not affected their ability to perform on that stage. We may have gotten there a little late and the only bar in the San Diego HOB is upstairs, so we could only see their performance from the televisions strewn throughout but they sounded tight and crisp just as I had expected. Basement shows may be where they have gotten their start and yes, a basement show has its charms, but hearing their music through quality speakers cannot be beat. They played through their last three full-lengths, closing with "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong" and "We Laugh At Danger (And Break All the Rules)" from Reinventing Axl Rose.

With a surprisingly short setup, Alkaline Trio took the stage as the crowd cheered on; after a quick hello they launched straight into "Cringe" and from there proceeded to play the entire album in order, which surprised me since I thought they would just have spread out the songs; it was however kind of nice to know which song was coming up next. Derek may not have been the original drummer for this album, but he handled it easily and these songs still sound great since so many years have passed since it was first released. Especially great to hear was "Cop," which had a ton of energy behind it, and "Trouble Breathing," which I had only heard once before from them. Since the last song of Goddamnit is acoustic, it started off a 5-song acoustic break, culminating with a surprising "Good Fucking Bye," which was originally off of Matt Skiba's solo split with Kevin Seconds. I thought that the end would soon come near since it had already been 17 songs, but that was only half the show, as they proceeded to play 14 more songs for an almost two-hour set with no break. The songs after Goddamnit were voted on by the Trio's fan club named the Blood Pact, and even though "My Friend Peter" didn't make the list, all is forgiven due to the fact that I got to hear "While You're Waiting." Not surprisingly, "Radio" made it on the list and closed out the show, leaving seemingly everyone very satisfied with the course of the evening.

After five full-lengths (or six if you count the self-titled album) and four EPs and a handful of singles, most bands would not do anything like the Trio is doing on this tour; this is total fan appreciation and it has been said that maybe more bands should really do this. I cannot stress the fact that if you are an Alkaline Trio fan and you are not already going to one of these shows, you need to get tickets, because I don't really see this as happening again anytime soon in this magnitude. As for me, I've got one more chance to see them when they swing back around with the Lawrence Arms, and I will be ready for another night of sheer bliss with the Alkaline Trio's early songs for eerie people.

Set list (pretty much in order):

  • Goddamnit
  • Blue in the Face (acoustic)
  • Every Thug Needs a Lady (acoustic)
  • Don't Say You Won't (acoustic)
  • Emma (acoustic)
  • Good Fucking Bye (acoustic)
  • Maybe I'll Catch Fire / I Lied My Face Off
  • Private Eye
  • Dethbed
  • While You're Waiting
  • Burn
  • Settle for Satin
  • Crawl
  • Armageddon
  • Blue Carolina
  • Mercy Me
  • Hell Yes
  • This Could Be Love
  • Radio


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Anonymous (April 26, 2006)

I wouldve given my left nut to see 97.

Anonymous (April 16, 2006)

jersey was: mercy me, old school reasons, take lots with alcohol, dethbed, warbrain, the poison, fuck you aurora, you've got so far to go, burn, crawl, private eye, this could be love, some kinda hate/radio

acoustic was: blue in the face, every thug needs a lady, my standard break from life, emma, good fucking bye

shame there was nothing from S/T.. fuck you aurora was for the first time in years according to matt though

sxenester (April 16, 2006)

what did AM! have for merch and how much was it?

Anonymous (April 16, 2006)

NJ show got Old School Reasons, Fuck You Aurora, Private Eye, Good fucking bye, Standard Break From Life...lots of good shit.

No Peter, No Goodbye Forever, No Tuck Me In though

Anonymous (April 15, 2006)

philly got 'my friend peter' but we didn't get anything from the 'i lied my face off' ep.

too much crimson stuff. i thought it was supposed to be 'early songs'

philly also had:
private eye
you've got so far to go
tuck me in
take lots with alcohol
standard break from life
blue in the face
sorry about that
good fucking bye

i yelled a few times for '97' . i also really wanted 'goodbye forever.' they could have ditched 'burn' and 'deathbed' for those two songs.

oh well, it was still a good 1 hour 45 minute set - worth the money.

Anonymous (April 15, 2006)

Brokeback Mountain!

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

i saw them play jaked on green beers last year live...they still play it

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

ive seen jaked on green beers twice, including their summer tour for crimson in chicago

BoyOnMilkCarton (April 14, 2006)

For those wishing for Jaked on Green Beers, they never play that live. It's too hard, especially for Derek. He said it makes his ass burn just thinking about it.

sickboi (April 14, 2006)

Word of advice...if you're going for AM!, get there early. Tonight, doors were at 8, AM! hit the stage before 8:30....

I fucking hate the Norva.

(and we got "My Friend Peter")

Anonymous (April 13, 2006)

Argh, I can't wait for saturday, I'm seeing this tour. It sold out around 3 weeks ago over here, but I just wait to see them play Goddamnit

CUAPUNKRADIO (April 13, 2006)

sorry sickboi, no my friend peter and no '97 which are prob their two best songs. to be honest, the highlight of the set was good fucking bye, dan actually rocked our pretty hard to it.

sickboi (April 13, 2006)

CUA - Did they play "My Friend Peter"?

That's really the only song by them I really want to hear.

-sidewalk- (April 13, 2006)

just the two bands when I saw them so get there early!

CUAPUNKRADIO (April 13, 2006)

last night in dc they def played old school reasons, standard break from life, queen of pain, bloodied up, and couple other rarities

sickboi (April 13, 2006)

I'm going tonight. Is there an opener or just AM! and A3?

-sidewalk- (April 12, 2006)

"They definitely did not play cliche guevara, I am positive."

Yeah, that was the song i wasn't 100% sure on, but, hey it's not bad going 13/14 off of my memory considering i was in an influenza induced stupor. Yeah, so where's your fucking list, Buddy?? Ha! Just kidding Mr. Travolta..."OH MY GOD!!"

Anonymous (April 12, 2006)

"back in the city
the sun bakes the trash on the curbs
the rats were pissing in doorways
had a dream with your face in it
it scared me awake
i put too much on the table
i put too much at stake
and i miss you like fuck"

97 lyrics taken from the Halloween DVD

kingofpain (April 12, 2006)

They're from an Ani DiFranco song. I have at least one live version of it.

Anonymous (April 12, 2006)

again i ask, i've heard '97' live once in like 2001. skiba sings different lyrics at the end of the song, anyone know what they are? i can't find a live version of it anywhere. i've been looking for years.

Anonymous (April 12, 2006)

anyone going to the first hollywood show at the avalon please if you vote for anysong pick 97 that is the only song i want to hear them play live that i havent so ...PLEASE

Anonymous (April 12, 2006)

Here's another vote for "Old School Reasons" in Cleveland.


kingofpain (April 12, 2006)

If you're a Cleveland Blood Pact member, you better request the following:

-Cooking Wine
-Old School Reasons
-Fuck You Aurora
-Jaked On Green Beers

Otherwise, shit's gonna get brutal.


I'd like to add "Goodbye Forever" to that list.

JTravolta (April 12, 2006)

They definitely did not play cliche guevara, I am positive.

-sidewalk- (April 11, 2006)

"was anybody at this show that remembers AM! setlist?"

yup. some of the middle might not be in order but the beginning and end are correct. they were killing it that night and having a lot of fun doing it. good times.

For Her Lips To God's Ears
Cliche Guevara
Those Anarcho-Punks Are Mysterious
Sink Florida Sink
Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners
You Look Like I Need A Drink
New Song
Re-Inventing Axl Rose
Rice And Bread
Don't Lose Touch
Pints Of Guiness Make You Strong
We Laugh At Danger (And Break All The Rules)

jumptheshark (April 11, 2006)

that is just so cool that they're doing this. The Milwaukee Blood Pact members better know what's up.
I want "My Friend Peter", "I Lied My Face Off", and "Cooking Wine"
Frankly I'd rather they play the whole self-titled album thru than Goddamnit, but I sure as hell won't complain.

tylerdurden8136 (April 11, 2006)

If you're a Cleveland Blood Pact member, you better request the following:

-Cooking Wine
-Old School Reasons
-Fuck You Aurora
-Jaked On Green Beers

Otherwise, shit's gonna get brutal.


scott, i want to hear old school reasons so bad you have no idea.

Anonymous (April 11, 2006)

was anybody at this show that remembers AM! setlist?

strungoutferriswheel (April 11, 2006)

its gonna be real inconvenient for me to see this show, but goddamn, i cant miss it

the_other_scott (April 11, 2006)

apparently scott and I have very different motivation techniques. i never really paid much attention in pyschology anyways

maverick (April 11, 2006)

If you're a Cleveland Blood Pact member, you better request the following:

-Cooking Wine
-Old School Reasons
-Fuck You Aurora
-Jaked On Green Beers

Otherwise, shit's gonna get brutal.


tylerdurden8136 (April 11, 2006)

once i see this in cleveland, i can die a happy man.

Anonymous (April 11, 2006)

it was i lied my face off not maybe i'll catch fire. great show though.

the_other_scott (April 11, 2006)

i already said this, but it got lost. if any of you new yorkers are in the bloodpact, please request "sleepyhead". if they play it at the NYC show I'll buy you a drink.

Anonymous (April 11, 2006)

''Dear Alkaline Trio:

Please, please, PLEASE play "She Took Him To The Lake" in Cleveland. Thanks.


philly too.


hubitcherkokov (April 11, 2006)

Dear Alkaline Trio:

Please, please, PLEASE play "She Took Him To The Lake" in Cleveland. Thanks.


StormShadow (April 11, 2006)

It's funny, I'm exactly opposite this reviewer. I'm driving four hours to see Against Me! and then I'll be at the bar for Alkaline Trio.

Anonymous (April 11, 2006)

no 97 set. hell i haven't seen goodbye forever yet either.

im hoping the philly kids are more in the know with the older trio song so we get some good stuff!

Anonymous (April 11, 2006)

that show at New Brookland Tavern was insane

hvmyselfabear (April 11, 2006)

I caught this in Atlanta and Nashville and will be seeing it again tonight in Charlotte. AM! hasn't played either Anarcho Punks or Baby at either date, which I think is good because it'd just be too damn hypocritical.

A friend of mine tried to jump on stage in Atlanta and was tackled by three bouncers, and would probably have gotten his ass kicked if Jon Gerhardt hadn't jumped in and saved his ass. Sucks to see Against Me playing shitty venues like the Roxy. They need to come back to New Brookland Tavern. 843 Rep yo city.

Anonymous (April 11, 2006)

they played my friend peter and old school reasons in Orlando....the set's gonna vary every night depending upon the requests of the Blood Pact members

sickboi (April 11, 2006)

Have the played "My Friend Peter" at all on this tour?

Best Trio song, ever.

Anonymous (April 11, 2006)

I was at this show. AM! was good, very good indeed. Ak3's ridiculously long set provided suprisingly enjoyable background music to our drinking binge on the balcony.

SuperRad (April 11, 2006)

No more, please. Can't we all just save our money for The Aquabats / Whole Wheat Bread shows?

-sidewalk- (April 11, 2006)

Fuck. I was at this show and missed half of what they played after the acoustic songs cuz I went to the show horribly sick and couldn't hang with the crowd anymore and had to bail outside or I think I would have died. I had no idea they played hell yes and while you're waiting and I'm incredibly dissapionted I missed those. I must say that the rest of this show was amazing, against me! sounded so on point and looked like they were having a hell of a time, they get better every time I see them. the trio sounded tighter than normal and it was a huge treat to see goddamnit performed start to finish, never seen any band do that with an album live, let alone one that's so fun to sing along with. the little acoustic set was also a nice touch and i was surprised to see them do "good fucking bye" off the kevin seconds split. all in all one the best shows i've seen in recent memory (other than a secret NOFX show @ the Whiskey which featured oddly enough an alpabetical setlist!!??) just wish i hadn't been so fucking sick. oh well seeing it again when it comes to the shittiest venue in orange county.

Anonymous (April 11, 2006)

I guess im not a huge alkaline trio fan but when i saw this show in atlanta it was almost too long. Towards the end i was dying to hear radio so i knew it was over.

sxenester (April 11, 2006)

I'm hoping Alk3 plays "Jaked On Green Beers."

Fuck, I hope AM! gets in the spirit and plays some old Alkaline Trio. AM! doing "Radio," eh?

colin (April 11, 2006)

drunk! mouth! ruined it again!

i love pretty girls. it's one of my favorites on the new record.

kingofpain (April 11, 2006)

I really like "Pretty Girls," too. I'm hoping they'll play it in Cleveland. As for the Trio, if they play '97 I'll be more than pleased.

SalsaShark (April 11, 2006)

I can't wait to see this two nights in a row. Against Me! better play the following over these two nights:

-Cliche Guevara
-We Laugh At Danger (and Break All The Rules)
-Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious
-Pretty Girls (The Mover) (Yes, I enjoy this song)
-I Still Love You Julie

I'd pretty much like to see every song they've ever done. That'd be nice.

As for Alkaline, "My Friend Peter" would suffice.

the_other_scott (April 11, 2006)

if any of you nyc kids are in the bloodpact vote for sleepyhead if they play it i'll buy you a drink.

kingofpain (April 11, 2006)

God damn, I'm excited about this tour.

colin (April 11, 2006)

jesus, they're really varying up their setlists aren't they? that's fucking awesome.

i hope whoever voted for the portland setlist did a good job. i can't believe they played "while you're waiting."

this could be the best tour that a band has done in awhile, as far as a nice, big, "thanks" to the fans goes.

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