The Sainte Catherines / No Trigger

The Sainte Catherines / No Trigger: live in New Yorklive in New York (2006)
Fat Wreck Chords

Reviewer Rating: 4

Contributed by: GreatStoryOfApathyGreatStoryOfApathy
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Why do people care so much when a band signs to a major label? As more and more bands make the jump, more and more people are offended. Well, at this show, I think I found the answer. Not only for that question, but also why some people don't care at all. For once it felt like the bands needed me, m.

Why do people care so much when a band signs to a major label? As more and more bands make the jump, more and more people are offended. Well, at this show, I think I found the answer. Not only for that question, but also why some people don't care at all. For once it felt like the bands needed me, more than I needed them.

This is my first review, so give me a break. You'll get your band descriptions and your set lists; they weren't hard to get from the bands at all, but that's not why I'm writing this. The show was great, but I'm writing about this show, instead of all the other ones I have been to, because I have never felt so bad after a concert than after this one.

The night started off with me going down to the Tap Bar. The Tap Bar is an area of the Knitting Factory I have never been to, but is obviously for smaller bands. I wasn't expecting much of a crowd since only 4 percent of tickets had been sold.

The first two bands were, more or less, the same band: All-Time Low and Transition. If you like these bands, then good for you, but they aren't for me. Worst of all were the fans. Teenage girls, jumping up and down, asking for autographs, taking myspace pictures, and acting like they were at a Backstreet Boys concert.

While those bands were on, my friends and me talked to the guitarist of No Trigger. He was a really nice guy and seemed to really enjoy just talking to some fans. The drummer of the band even recognized one of my friends from a previous show.

Finally, No Trigger took the stage. I looked around and realized something. Almost everyone in the room had left with the first two bands. It was me, my friends, and a group of other people I can count on one hand. I couldn't believe it.

The band played their hearts out and it seemed like me and one of my friends were the only people who knew the words or even liked the band. We tried to sing along as best we could and give the band some audience to play for. The singer took note and while walking around the small crowd got up in our faces, in a good way, for most of the set. He got so close that I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He was a great performer and I could tell he was giving his all. I couldn't help but wonder, why? Why give so much for so little?

The set was really enjoyable and although I had wanted a pit, nothing happened. The most reaction the band got from anyone other than me and my friend were some head nods. I had envisioned before the show that for the closer, "Tundra Kids," when the line "let's start a circle pit" was said, a huge circle pit would break out. Unfortunately, no pit was ever started.

The poor crowd certainly didn't take anything away from the great performance of the band. At the end of the set I went up and got a set list. My friend and I apologized for the crowd and a few members of the band said, "it's okay, but thanks a lot you guys. If it weren't for you guys there would have been nothing." This was the first of many times they said this to us and they seemed really appreciative. For them to not only not be mad about the poor crowd, but be thankful for us, amazed me.

Set list:

  • The Honshu Underground
  • Fish Eye Lens
  • What We Became
  • Hail Mary Leaky
  • Attack of Orion and the Left Arm Sunburn
  • More to Offer
  • Bust Tropical
  • Tundra Kids
The next band was the Sainte Catherines. Once again, the exact same type of crowd. Once again, only my friend and me got into the set (not counting their merch guy). Also, once again, the band played amazingly well despite the poor crowd. The singer even made reference to the first two bands saying, "those boys were so cute, I wouldn't mind having sex with them. This next song is about having sex with little boys."

Their set ended and I got another set list and we apologized again. We got the same response.

Set list:

(I guess I don't know enough about their songs / song titles because some of the songs listed are unknown to me. However, I only didn't know one or two songs when they played.)
  • Va Donc Chier
  • Ring of Fire = 4 Points
  • The Shape Of Drunks to Come
  • "Winnipeg"
  • "Short Diddy"
  • Confession of a Revolutionary Bourgeois Part 3
  • I'd Rather Be Part of the Dying Bungee Scene
  • ["old school" Us Against The Music] - In brackets for some reason.
  • The International Badminton Championship: La P'tite Grise vs. Jef
  • "Trag"
  • "Bible"
The show also had an extra band that was added the day of the show. I didn't know the band and had a train to catch, so I didn't stay. My night ended with me buying some merchandise from the two bands. If you need any more proof that there were not a lot of people there, then consider this: Both bands probably made a combined 22 dollars off of merchandise that night. If so, all 22 dollars came from me.

Basically, I wrote this review to talk about two great bands. But also to show that being in a band is rough at times. If No Trigger or the Sainte Catherines were to sign to a major label tomorrow I would have mixed emotions. I'd be happy because they will never have to face this type of thing again, but mad because the band that needed me will suddenly not. It's like having a best friend who suddenly becomes popular and makes lots of new friends. You consequently become disposable even though you were always there.

To close this review, I want to ask a favor. The last thing the guitarist of No Trigger said to me was "spread the word." So go out, buy No Trigger's Canyoneer, the Sainte Catherines' Dancing for Decadence, and when they come to your town, be ready.


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Anonymous (April 19, 2006)

Good review, crowds are funky, what the hell. No Trigger is such a hard working and professional band. This band has a star overhead. Be ready....you bet your ass be ready.

LifeoftheParty (April 18, 2006)

nevermind. this was the same day as the show i booked with the flaming tsunamis, btmi!, dgw, stackers, etc. about 80 kids showed up. that surprised me a bit, but only hearing that about 15 kids showed up for a band on fatwreck is even more surprising.

LifeoftheParty (April 18, 2006)

what day was this show?

feeeding5000 (April 17, 2006)

This is probably the best review I've read yet. Unlike most of them (including mine) it isn't just a cursory "this record is good" or "the show was fun", but rather a piece with actual emotional depth and a real story to tell. It really, for me, at least, humanized the whole "selling out sucks!" mentality that I pointlessly throw around quite a bit. It gives an actual face, not just to the bands, but to their "true" fans. Very, very good. Punk isn't just Warped Tour crap (even if these bands do end up on the Tour), it still has some emotional core to it.

Anonymous (April 16, 2006)

me and some friends drove down to gainesville for this show, the sainte catherines were soo good, except for the little amp blowing up issue, they were soo good and really energetic thier new lp is definitely in my top of 2006, the new mexican disaster squad were also on fire, their new songs were amazing. definitely a top of 2006 as well,no trigger were excellent as well too bad people prefer drinking beers and didnt get to into them.

waytansea27 (April 16, 2006)

Definitely is! love that book!

bobbett (April 16, 2006)

pretty good review. saw no trigger for the first time in march with marathon, and they were really good live, as i'd expected. i hope they come back through soon.

lookmommyididit (April 16, 2006)

guy under me, is your username a reference to diary?

waytansea27 (April 16, 2006)

I saw them up in Jersey at Club Deep (both bands) and it was the saaame exact scenario. Almost all of the 40 people left after the opening bands and my girlfriend and I were the only ones left singing along w/ the merch guys! What was even more freaky was that the singer of the Sainte Catherines even said the same line about wanting to fuck the opening bands (eh, must be a joke he repeats every show, lol) I took a bunch of pictures and some videos too since their wasn't any1 there to make the camera shakey. You should check em at at my site since it was basically the same show

GreatStoryOfApathy (April 16, 2006)

Bad guess on my part, you're right.

Anonymous (April 16, 2006)

Note to the reviewer: its not "lets start a circle pit" the line is "Its fucking tough within this Arctic Circle pit"

Anonymous (April 15, 2006)

"While i do agree, you're all forgetting something.
Just because some bands are drawing huge crowds, doesn't mean that every other band (even if they're you're favorite band everr) will be doing that.

Did anyone really expect there to be 500 people at this tour? Both bands are great, but where's your realism?

And if you're pissed about this, start bumming them to everyone you know.

I've seen thrice, post-artist in the ambulance, with 60 tickets sold in a 1500 capacity venue, now THAT was brutal.

Sure, there's alot of people into "the scene" or whatever right now, but that doesn't mean they're going to every single show in their area. The whole thing has made promotors lazy."

couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous (April 15, 2006)

Great show, all the bands gave it their all and there was a pretty solid turnout in Pittsburgh.

- Kirby

GreatStoryOfApathy (April 15, 2006)

Well obviously if they are playing in the Tap Bar they aren't going to draw a huge crowd. But going into the show I was hoping for MAYBE 20-30 people. I didn't expect 500 at all, but I did expect much more than what I got.

And we did try getting more people to go, it didn't work.

givemeamuseumandillfillit (April 15, 2006)

While i do agree, you're all forgetting something.
Just because some bands are drawing huge crowds, doesn't mean that every other band (even if they're you're favorite band everr) will be doing that.

Did anyone really expect there to be 500 people at this tour? Both bands are great, but where's your realism?

And if you're pissed about this, start bumming them to everyone you know.

I've seen thrice, post-artist in the ambulance, with 60 tickets sold in a 1500 capacity venue, now THAT was brutal.

Sure, there's alot of people into "the scene" or whatever right now, but that doesn't mean they're going to every single show in their area. The whole thing has made promotors lazy.

GreatStoryOfApathy (April 14, 2006)


Yup, I realize that and that's pretty cool.

Also, to the people saying they saw so and so band with 30 people, I've been to those shows too. Strike Anywhere had about 30 people when they came to Long Island in March. That's a little different because even if only 15 people pay attention and sing along, which still sucks, it's still a lot more then 2.

GreatStoryOfApathy (April 14, 2006)

Whoever made the comment about A Wilhelm Scream brought up a good point. I actually said the same thing after the show. However, No Trigger was not the headliner and TSC was. TSC have, I believe, 2 or 3 full lengths which is a legit amount to be headlining a tour.

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

I would have loved to have been at this show. Two of my favourite new (to me anyways..) bands. 3 years from this, when these bands are playing huge ass shows (relatively speaking, this is punk rock after all...) you will be able to say I saw these guys back in '06 with like 10 other people. I can say that about a lot of bands (as I'm sure almost all of us can...), and I look back at those as some of the best shows I've ever seen.


onegirlarmy (April 14, 2006)

Final example in conjunction with my comment below: a year ago I booked This Is Hell to headline a show, and a little less than 30 people came. I'm almost positive considering their current label, I would get a ton more people if I were to book them again now. A year makes a difference. I'm betting a year from now, No Trigger will have a ton of fans who kicked themselves that they were not at this show.

onegirlarmy (April 14, 2006)

I was at this show too (I'm one of the friends the reviewer was talking about) and I can assure you... like Brian InAGreendase below, I knew about 5 people who wanted to go but could not get off work. Also, think of this: a co-headlining tour by two bands whom have not yet gained a broad fanbase. Plus, it happened to be pouring rain this day too. There were many reasons why shows like these attract next to no people that have nothing to do with bands playing "crappy, boring music". If that were the case and people did not go see bands that play "crappy, boring music", Taking Back Sunday would not be selling out crowds.

dazed (April 14, 2006)

I saw these two bands put on excellent performances in Gainesville but No Trigger played first and the Ste. Catherines played second and some of the crowd missed them seeing as how most people in that town arrive late and pay as much attention to their drinking as the bands.

NMDS and the Horror (local) closed out the show, meaning it was 4 awesome bands. The new NMDS is gonna kill and I finally got to pick up Canyoneer. A good time, even though the crowd was probably somewhat diminished because High on Fire was playing the same night.

CUAPUNKRADIO (April 14, 2006)

and i forget to mention i saw the lawrence arms open for tsunami bomb about 5 months later in richmond. about 13 people were into their set, and i brought six of them to the show. anyways they were amazing and brendan was cool enought to chat for about awhile before the show. and sean nader is a drunk.

CUAPUNKRADIO (April 14, 2006)

i saw the lawrence arms, bayside, and the cardinal sin in bmore about 3 years ago and about 30 people were there and about 15 gave a shit, still one of the best lawrence arms sets ive ever seen, they played every song off greatest story except like 2 i believe

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

Here's my take. Was there hype for No Trigger? Oh hell yea. I think they should have done way more supporting shows like A Wilhelm Scream. I mean, AWS has done one headlining tour, the rest all supporting. Now that they have the fanbase they're going to do another headlining tour. I think maybe No Trigger should have done something similar. Even thought they're on Nitro, they just don't have the fanbase yet.

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

No, that's just boring crappy music with marketing behind it.

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

Actually it seems the more boring and crappy the music is, the more fans it gets. Look around and tell me that's not true. And if all your favorite bands have huge crowds every night, then you're probably one of those morons that goes out and buys bullshit like The Blood Brothers and Brand New and thinks it's punk rock.

Score is for No Trigger.

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

Maybe the reason no-one went to see these bands is because they play crappy, boring music.

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

I saw them in Jacksonville the other night, and it was the same thing, just me and a couple other kids singing along. There were a lot more kids there to see the 2nd opening band then for every other band. It was so bad that like 1/3 of the people up front were members of the other bands watching. Nonetheless it was a great show. Go see them if you get a chance.

the_other_scott (April 14, 2006)

i remember reading an interview with Cedric from ATDI/Mars Volta talking about the first tiem ATDi played in NYC. they played the continental and there were like 3 people there. from what i've seen online of their live show that had to be a strange thing to see.

i think experiences like this are why people respect bands who climb up the ladder, so to speak, as opposed to just ending up on top.

lookmommyididit (April 14, 2006)

i found out about this show like 20 minutes after it had ended, i talked to the no trigger guys when they were loading shit into the van and they seemed really nice. i wish the show i was at before this ended sooner so i coulda cought some of this

KirbyPuckett (April 14, 2006)

I'm seeing this tonight in Pittsburgh.

I got a ton of my friends to go and the local bands opening have a decent draw so it should be a good time. I will be sure to buy merch from both bands to help them out though.

- Kirby

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

2 great bands. Too intellectual and fresh for kids these days though. When myspace or MTV tells them No Trigger is cool, then they will listen to them.

woodandiron (April 14, 2006)

Great show review and you really hit the nail on the head. I've been to way too many shows where I was one of the few people who actually bothered to stand and watch the band and get into their set. And this was in a backyard show. If people can't get into a show that's in their own backyards then they never will.

GreatStoryOfApathy (April 14, 2006)

Person below, you missed the point. I was speaking hypothetically because I remember hearing a lot of people saying when Against Me! signed to a major that "they had seen them in basements with 5 people etc." So I decided to throw in the part about major labels because the show made me sympathize with bands who make the jump.

Yes, No Trigger are on Nitro, and TSC are on Fat.

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

So which one of these bands signed to a major?
I thought TSC were on Fat and No Trigger was on Nitro.

GreatStoryOfApathy (April 14, 2006)

Can anyone help me out with the songs in the Sainte Catherines set list I didn't know? It's really bothering me.

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

Saw them both in Jacksonville with NMDS, and Crime in Stereo. Score is for the new NMDS.

ghostmonkey (April 14, 2006)

I got hold of Canyoneer the other day - suprised me, pretty good lp.

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

I have the same problem. If your ever at a show in Toronto, or the surrounding area the only thing kids respond to are songs with 3 minute breakdowns... its sad. i saw ignite a few weeks ago, there was about 15 kids really into them, out of i'm guessing 300.

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

It was a pretty good. Like seeing 2 awesome bands for 4 bucks apiece. No Trigger, to me, was the highlight of the show. They really had an awesome live stage presence where lead singer Tom tried very hard to interact with an otherwise dead crowd of 25-30 people. I'm not knocking the Sainte Catherines because they were also pretty tight on their set. However, by the time this Montreal band took stage, the crowd diminished to about 15-20 kids.

In summary, those first two bands stink, No Trigger saved the night and TSC was the closer. The other band was Head Like A Kite but I head to jettison the show after TSC.

(Go Mets!)

MikeStupid (April 14, 2006)

I had a similar experience last summer with the Lawrence Arms. Yes, that's right. The fucking Lawrence Arms. There were maybe 6 people at most that knew the words to the songs and were into them. God, I hate where I live...

Score is for Canyoneer.

almostpunkenough (April 14, 2006)

damn, i wanted to go to this so badly.

InaGreendase (April 14, 2006)

I did really want to go to this, too, but couldn't wiggle out of work. I would've been NT's one big dumb fanboy there too.

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