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Hot Water Music: A Flight and a CrashA Flight and a Crash (2001)
Epitaph Records

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Contributed by: DanielDaniel
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After having seen Hot Water Music's incredible live show at least a dozen times and hearing all of their full-lengths, I still didn't get this band. I'd go to their shows and see everyone going completely insane, even people who I know have excellent musical taste. While watching their set in Rome t.
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After having seen Hot Water Music's incredible live show at least a dozen times and hearing all of their full-lengths, I still didn't get this band. I'd go to their shows and see everyone going completely insane, even people who I know have excellent musical taste. While watching their set in Rome this summer, I finally figured it out: Hot Water Music don't write songs, they write bits of songs and stick them together in a seemingly random fashion. Their parts are completely incredible, always played with more heart than a whole block's worth of McDonald's could ever hope to clog, but like today's other review, Benton Falls, there's nothing holding those bits together.

It's not surprising that not a lot has changed on A Flight and a Crash. A lot of people were shocked when Hot Water Music decided to sign to Epitaph, but they're not the type of band to up and change their style completely, and Epitaph isn't the type of label to make them. The same guy does all the artwork, the band still dresses the same, they don't tour with NOFX, and, yes, their songs are all written, executed, and produced in roughly the same style, for better or for worse.

In almost every way, this record is indistinguishable from any other Hot Water Music record. Fans will eat this up, but it's likely that people who didn't like this band before won't immediately start liking them now. There is, however, one exception to this rule that shines through this album like a beacon: "Paper Thin."

"Paper Thin" is easily the best song that this band has ever written (and it should be noted that it's one of the only "songs" the band has ever written), and it is absolutely phenomenal. When you fuse HWM's obvious ability to perform with what is truly a great song, the result is something magical.

I'm tempted to say that "Paper Thin" is reason in and of itself to buy this CD, but I think that that's being a little over-zealous. It's a decent album, two minutes and twenty-four seconds of which leap over the line into near-greatness. If you're already a fan, you probably own this disc, but if you never really liked Hot Water Music before and you see this disc somewhere for cheap, pop it in, go to track three and listen to it over and over.

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HometownLoser (October 24, 2010)

An amazing album. From start to finish, it fully encompasses what there is to love about Hot Water Music.

jimmyjjackamoose (June 10, 2007)

i heard "Paper Thin" and "Jack Of All trades" on pandora.com this is some good shit!!!

Anonymous (May 26, 2006)

excellent album, fave track probably "swinger" if only for the jaunty ska-style bassline at the intro lol!

Anonymous (June 21, 2004)

I like this album. It's different from their other stuff, but still good. It definitely acts like a segway into the "Caution"-type material (another fucking winner in my book), so I can see old-school HWM fans not liking this just for that (which means they're closeminded idiots).

That being said, can't wait for the new one.

Anonymous (June 9, 2004)

shitty shitty review...
INDISTINGUISHABLE from their other albums? apparantly youve never listened to all the other albums... but this album is prolly their worst out of all since about half of it is filler. but paper thin and jack of all trades are pretty bad ass songs

CrookedSuperhero (June 4, 2004)

Paperthin is definetly not that good.

Anonymous (February 25, 2004)

This album is amazing. In my veiw i would say it is a great example of how good modern punk music can be. It can be a little hard to swollow at times but listen to it all the way throught and it just seems to flow pefectly, right from the speedy "flight and a crash" to the sing along fist in air of call it trashing". i live in the UK and if i could give one of my kidneys just to see this band once i would. I loved them from the first time i heard them, aluchua was kindly down loaded by a freind who hated it, every time i listen to this it sends shivers down my spine it is amazing. just top's "no division"

funkisdead (July 26, 2003)

scott said they have their shit down to a T in his review...
what the fuck?
thats just proof. it must be true.

funkisdead (July 26, 2003)

so little commentary for such a great band? hwm are a fucking lifestyle. these guys have their shit done to a fucking T, and i have nothing but love and respect for every album.

Anonymous (October 15, 2001)

I f you think that 'Paper Thin' is their best track, then you my friend are a fool. It's not even the best on this LP. 'Jack Of All Trades' and 'She Takes It So Well' to name but two dick all over that song.

rejekt (September 13, 2001)

I think although this is a great album, for me it doesn't live up to their previous stuff. As far as them not writing "songs," I don't see what you mean. How does any other band write songs as opposed to HWM's pieces of songs? In my opinion, paper thin is one of the worst songs the band has ever done. It sounds too much like a generic pop song to me. There is a lot of great music on this album though.

Anonymous (September 13, 2001)

this album fucking rocks. i swear i think most fans of punk these days are baseing good songs as having a chorus. for those of you who own this great albubm, you know that Paper Thin is the only song with a 1-2 rhyme chorus. Paper thin is good but others are just so damn amazing. Jack of All Trades will get you so pumped up it's unbelievable. It's time to shy away from these easily crafted choruses and focuses on the lyrics and the instruments backing these "good songs." Do yourself a favor and pick this us.

Anonymous (September 12, 2001)

yeah maybe they do write pieces of songs, but thats what makes them so great, they can string amazing riffs and tunes together in a way that makes each individual part 10x better! This band really and truly is one of the best punk bands ever. Never Ender and No Division are just incredible. This album was a diussapointment for me. The bass, guitar and vocals have all changed for the worst, but theyre still amazing!

coldjuly (September 12, 2001)

Yeah i think so...do reviews no one else has done dammit. And this album is good too

sickboi (September 12, 2001)

Damn, I think Daniel is making a move to take over the review section....

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