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Against All Authority

Against All Authority: The Restoration of Chaos & OrderThe Restoration of Chaos & Order (2006)
Hopeless Records

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Contributed by: InaGreendaseBrian
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Fellow 'Org editor Justin and myself were recently discussing how ideal of an opening band Against All Authority is. An insult? Hardly. Backhanded compliment? Probably. The veteran act has been writing catchy punk rock songs for a number of years now, their earlier material notably leaning more into.

Fellow 'Org editor Justin and myself were recently discussing how ideal of an opening band Against All Authority is. An insult? Hardly. Backhanded compliment? Probably. The veteran act has been writing catchy punk rock songs for a number of years now, their earlier material notably leaning more into skacore / ska-punk territory. And while none of their albums seem particularly memorable or enthralling, The Restoration of Chaos & Order continues in this fashion, offering well-produced, upbeat punk rock with flashes of mid-`90s Rancid.

Like on the band's last release, a split EP with the final songs recorded by Common Rider, the band's ska influences are less obvious and abundant, only fully audible in blatant horn-and-upstroke offerings like "Sweet Televised Destruction" and "Radio Waves." That isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it seems the band stretch beyond merely ...And Out Come the Wolves for influence despite the handful of upstrokes here and there. "All Ages Show Tonight" carries on a serious Lawrence Arms vibe, in fact, as it's a bouncy, uptempo jaunt circa Ghost Stories or Oh! Calcutta!, especially with an increased concentration on the snot and gravel of the vocalist's delivery í la Brendan Kelly. Even standouts like these are enjoyable but hard to recall later on after the disc's completion.

So while these songs don't make a particularly lasting impression upon the listener, what really hurts are the punk rock clich├ęs strewn about. "All Ages Show Tonight" describes a few disaffected youths gaining a release from everyday life's stress, while "Radio Waves" is the expected, proud "punk rock is on the airwaves" anthem and "War Machine Breakdown" one of Anti-Flag's less realized lyrical outtakes. Whether or not we're supposed to perceive these as tongue in cheek is rather blurry and that clouds the album's overall voice, unfortunately, though the rockabilly-by-way-of-skatepunk-inflected "I Just Wanna Start a Circle Pit" certainly seems to lay it on thick.

So with The Restoration of Chaos & Order, Against All Authority firmly emphasize themselves as one of those few precious bands remaining from the 1990s punk/ska scene, but hardly out of touch geezers; just a few aging veterans spreading it evenly and continuing to write pretty decent songs.

The Restoration of Chaos and Order
Radio Waves

Six songs from The Restoration of Chaos & Order


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Sliced-T (November 3, 2011)

Something was missing on this album. It just didn't have 'it'.

dlangl4 (August 21, 2007)

Did anyone notice that David Duchovny's daughter in the 2nd episode of Californication had the vinyl case for The Restoration of Chaos and Order by AAA hanging on the wall?

ABedForLiars (November 13, 2006)

So god damn catchy and fun.

tapemarks_and_brakelights (June 24, 2006)

i think this album is fucking awesome.

i don't care about the "punk rock cliches". it fits with their music and their message.

the ska parts of the record flow great, and "all ages show" rules.

definitely one of the best releases of the year, and definitely one of my favorite live bands.

Anonymous (May 15, 2006)

"AAA hasn't done anything great since 'Angel in the Centerfold.'"

Ha that's not even their own

readmag (May 14, 2006)

These guys are just jumping on the ska bandwagon.

Anonymous (May 11, 2006)

I think this review kinda sucked... Rancid and Lawrence Arms comparisons...Wha??


wyzo (May 11, 2006)

i like destroy what destroys you.

The common rider split was pretty good.

This is okay, the production is quality, and they have high points, but a few of these songs could have been cut for the better for a tighter album. I still love that song they did for the first sub city comp.


Anonymous (May 11, 2006)

This album is pretty good. However, the album we should really be talking about right now is the brand new AGGROLITES album on Hellcat!!! The AGGROLITES have just put out the best album of 2006 and it got ignored by punknews.org, what the hell? Five Stars for The Aggrolites!!!
Three stars for AAA
To the guy a few comments up, The Riverboat Gamblers new CD is also very very good! However I would have to give The Aggrolites the upper hand on album of the year, IMO of course.

Anonymous (May 11, 2006)

I thought the first two records, especially All Fall Down, were memorable. Some of the best punk rock around at the time.

Anonymous (May 10, 2006)

Awesome, awesome, awesome album.
Right behind 24Hr.R.R., which would get a 9.5 in my book
1) 24Hr.R.R.- 9.5
2) Restoration- 9
3) Nothing New - 8.5
4) DWDY- 8.4
5) CR split- 8.1
6) Exchange- 8
7) All Fall Down- 7.5

Anonymous (May 10, 2006)

i like this cd a lot... but i had to delete the "all ages show" or whatever it is called off my ipod to make it flow better. god does that shitty song stick out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous (May 10, 2006)

boring and generic. such a let down cuz i used to like this band alot. sounds like Dropkick Rancid, which sux.

Anonymous (May 10, 2006)

This album has a song about skateboarding zombies killing people! That's enough for a perfect score right there.

Plus the fact that it has awesome and not overused hornlines, an awesome mix of AAA's previous styles, and great lyrics even though it's not a very political album.

Anonymous (May 10, 2006)

I second that comment about the new NMDS. It's pretty badass.

Anonymous (May 10, 2006)

This music might've been interesting in the late 90s, but it sounds really boring now. Oh well.

coffinfullofnails (May 10, 2006)

i finally got my copy of this and i think it is fucking great. lyrically the songs are well written and the music is a little poppier, but is still is damn catchy. this is another great album of 2006 and i think it is one of the better so far. and personally i think "silence is golden.." is a good song.

shredsavage (May 10, 2006)

This is alright. The new NMDS is a lot better.

Anonymous (May 10, 2006)

eh "All Fall Down" was alot better

-kill fftl

MikeStupid (May 10, 2006)

That score should have been way higher, but I'm too fucking tired to operate a mouse right now.

MikeStupid (May 10, 2006)

It's pretty good. Definitely their weakest so far though...

And I loved 24 Hour, I think it's their best. "Nothing To Lose" kicks the shit out of anything on this album.

sickboi (May 10, 2006)

You're all on dope. This is BY FAR their best work to date. I love the snear you can hear in Danny's voice on the opening track.

I'll admit, this album is a little more on the poppier side, but its something new for AAA, and believe it or not, it works.

Easily one of the best records of the year.

rkl (May 10, 2006)

Not another. Give me an edit button.

rkl (May 10, 2006)

i gave it 8 stars because at least its another mad caddies album.

Anonymous (May 10, 2006)

24 hour roadside was their best, the Common Rider split was pretty good and well this was a let down in comparison to the trajectory they were on up until this album

Anonymous (May 10, 2006)

I loved 24 Hour. This cd comes off as forced and really generic. It's not a bad punk cd but I'd expect more from AAA. Songs like 'Silence is golden' and 'best enemy' are okay but only hint at what I thought the cd would sound like.

GreenVandal (May 10, 2006)

I am really happy that AAA is still making music, but its just a shame that they cant seem to top their initial effort. Destroy What Destroys You is so much better then anything else they have put out. "Chelsea Baby", "Destroy What Destroys You", "Hard As Fuck"...whole fucking thing is awesome. Score is for that. Minus 2 and a half stars and you got the score for all their other albums.

american_666_jesus (May 9, 2006)

I'm going to go with what seems to be the consensus that this is really a mediocre album. I love AAA and their albums. 24 Hour is my favorite followed by All Fall Down. Unlike many bands that consitently play the same junk throughout their career, AAA has been able to evolve and to do it well. I do believe that 24 Hour was the peak of their album writing, (unless i am proven wrong in 6 more years).

Restoration clearly demonstrates a desire to go back to more ska roots, but still maintain that hardcore edge, while at the same time, trying a different, almost poppier sound. There are some really fantastic tracks on this album and some that are really forgettable. I know so many fans have been clammering for a return to their ska beginnings, but those days are gone. I like Destruction, but All Fall Down was a much better album.

The horn songs on this record are nice, but very forgettable. Best Enemy and Sweet Televised Destruction are the best horn songs. The Production of Self-Destruction and Shut It Down are fantastic songs that remind me very much why this band is one of my favorites. They are snotty, fast and totally the hardcore, angry punk that made 24 Hour so good. The title track, Radio Waves, Fist Magnet, Silence is Golden, Collecting Scars are also stand outs. I could have done without All Ages Show, Burried Alive, Grinding My Life Away, and the re-make of War Machine. That was a phenominal track on the split, but i dont like it slowed down and it was a waste to remake it.

Over all this is a pretty good album and for fans of their newer records, i recommend it. Its not nearly as good as 24 Hours, but i doubt anything will be. they are spectacular live and i suggest seeing them.

joeg (May 9, 2006)

i liked 24 hours as well but i got into AAA when they released all fall down so the band i grew up with was skacore. i'd still take all fall down and destroy what destroys you anyday over everything else AAA has released.

danielsan (May 9, 2006)

i loved 24 hour.. dinkas when i close my eyes is an awesome song

notfeelingcreative (May 9, 2006)

"Am I the only one who liked 24 hours? It was way better than their previous stuff, less horns and more bile

Don't get me wrong it was a great album, but being from florida (unfortunatley), I was always used to AAA being a political ska band, when "24 Hour" was released it was a bit of a shock to hear a straight up pissed-off punk rock record, when I expected another ska album! I don't know AAA and less than jake both represent my last year of high school and my first couple of years a t college for me, so when they change their sound it kind of bums me out!

Anonymous (May 9, 2006)

Am I the only one who liked 24 hours? It was way better than their previous stuff, less horns and more bile. I still put the track "nothing to lose" on mixtapes. It actually stands up pretty well next to the other bands on there who are waaaaaaayyy more hardcore than AAA.


notfeelingcreative (May 9, 2006)

Not as good as "All Fall Down" or "destroy what destroys you" but I like it alot better than "24 hour roadside resistance", now if they could only fix it so that I can hear danny's vocals at their shows!

Anonymous (May 9, 2006)

The album everyone should be talking about is the new Riverboat Gamblers.

Hands down, unquestionably, the best thing put on plastic this year.

AAA hasn't done anything great since "Angel in the Centerfold."

Anonymous (May 9, 2006)

Gave this about 4 or 5 spins and I haven't touched it since. Not a great release but I wouldn't discourage these guys from making more albums...they just had a miss on this one.

Anonymous (May 9, 2006)

I think that "Destroy what destroys you", is a very good cd that is still enjoyable to this day In my oppinion, i would say it is very memorable and enthralling. Also, It is ironic that you say there is a Rancid influence on this cd, as the song "It really sucks when.." from DWDY is an obvious stab at Rancid.

lushj (May 9, 2006)

This album is fucking awesome. I'm so glad to hear a new full-length from AAA. They were always one of the few ska-punk bands I always enjoyed, even during the Great Ska-Punk Deluge of the 90s (ick ick ick ick!). This'll probably end up on the best of 2006 list along with stuff like the new COUP and RANDY records.

Clever lyrics, aware subjects, raw and speedy music- the least song on here is 20 times better whatever major-label-emo band #4428768 is doing nowadays.

joeg (May 9, 2006)

my score

joeg (May 9, 2006)

i agree with the review. i was disappointed with the songs i heard. there were a few mildly catchy songs but overall, it made nowhere near the impression their other records made. i'm sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that my tastes in music have changed over the 5 years since 24 Hour Roadside Resistance. but still, i was expecting a little more from this.

leifkills (May 9, 2006)

I Wanna Start A Circle Pit is an amazing, amazing song. But yeah, most of the album blurs by pretty fast. Best Enemy is another pretty good song.

Really I just want to see these songs live.

pdlawry (May 9, 2006)

it's alright. pretty boring.

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