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Slick Shoes

Slick Shoes: Wake Up ScreamingWake Up Screaming (2000)
Tooth & Nail Records

Reviewer Rating: 5

Contributed by: Kurt_FKurt_F
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Ok, back in my hardcore MXPX days, I always noticed how there was this band they were on tour with/thanked/talked about constantly. This band was called Slick Shoes. I started to hear their name everywhere after that. 2 years later, I decided to give them a shot. I downloaded a song from them ca.
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Ok, back in my hardcore MXPX days, I always noticed how there was this band they were on tour with/thanked/talked about constantly. This band was called Slick Shoes. I started to hear their name everywhere after that. 2 years later, I decided to give them a shot. I downloaded a song from them called "Clenched Fists, Black Eyes" and was hooked. Good gravy. It was all I ever wanted in a pop punk song: little to no intro, fast, clean, and good vocals. I then spent the rest of the day downloading as many songs from them as I could. Then one day I discovered that a good friend of mine had their newest cd, so I uh, stole it from him. The second I put it in my car's cd player, I felt complete. Being the cool guy I am, I drove around all day so I could hear it, and left it in there for a month before I even considered listening to something else. There is not one song on here that I skip.

  • 1- Another Day: Nice sample for the intro. This song doesn't really have a major impact, but a good intro song to the cd.
  • 2- Constancy: A faster song, a little bit darker sounding.
  • 3- Angel: This song is probably what some consider their most popular song. Sweet bass intro and just overall GREAT song.
  • 4- Peace of Mind: Transitions straight from Angel. This is probably my favorite song on the cd. Loved the ending.
  • 5- Hide and Seek: This song is just kinda there. Not a big impact, kinda resembles the tone of Another Day. Still good though.
  • 6- Lucky: Another song that's just kinda "there", but is still not skip-worthy.
  • 7- Have I Said too Much?: I love this song, it always puts me in a good mood. Nice and fast and uh, happy. This song is really fun to sing to.
  • 8- Elisa: Nice intro that breaks into a fast, up tempo song. This cd is really dang happy.
  • 9- Don't Mess With Texas: Good transition from Elisa. I love this song. I use the beggining of it to tune the toms on my drumset too. How handy.
  • 10- Good Intentions: More of a darker song, complete with screaming background vocals. A .
  • 11- This is Your Life: This is a harder, meaner song with group vocals and what-not. Really different from the rest of the cd.
  • 12- There's a Reason: Just another good song. I don't know what to say about other than it's uh, GOOD.
  • 13- I Guess: This songs a little bit darker too. Fast song with a sweet breakdown/solo at the end.
  • 14- Not That Far: Another happy song. More mellow and mid-tempo, good song to end the cd with.
  • 15- :This track is unlisted, it's a laid back vocal-less cover of AC/DC's "Noise Pollution" Very cool.
........Did I mention this cd is happy? Seriously though, this is definitely one of my favorite cd's of all time now. The musicianship of this cd is superb too, as they blend well with the great vocals and lyrics of Ryan Kepke. Apparently, older Slick Shoes fans do not like this cd as much as their older stuff, but I actually prefer this. While some other bands try to mature, they end up making crap. (ex: Blink 182) Slick Shoes are one of the few punk bands that I've heard that matured music-wise, yet still managed to retain their sound and more importantly, speed. Buy this cd. If it's not hard enough for you, you might want to check out thier older releases Burn Out and Rusty, both very good, fast, hard pop-skate-punk.


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Anonymous (August 4, 2003)

this is a comment to the guy who said Sick of Change's first album is a ripoff of slick shoes. The guitarist of the band Sick of Change actually learned how to play guitar from listening to Slick Shoes CDs, so obviously the EP, Rusty, and Burn Out are his main influences. That's why they sound so similar. Anyhow, Slick Shoes is no longer a Christian band (3 of the members are not Christian), and they swear on stage, so all you Christian haters can eat it. Ryan (vocals) and Joe (drums) are the only two believers in the band. As for Strung Out, listen to the slick shoes album "burn out" and you'll see why they are compared to Strung Out
rock on buds

Anonymous (June 29, 2003)

wtf?? hahahaha i cant belive it man you are comapring strung out wit slick shoes?? you are f_ucking crazy
there another expample
T-rex Vs Ant
listen suburban teenage ,twusted by design, element of sonic defiance, an american paradox and you will see what the f_uck im talking about....

Anonymous (December 13, 2002)

aren't they a christian band?? is tooth &nail a christian music lable? it seems like it is.

Anonymous (May 22, 2002)


They are yet to suprise me with a bad song, be it lyics, music or style.


Since Jackson left years ago, Slick Shoes has yet to supply me with a GOOD song. Once the talentless singer took over, I've reluctantly watch them go down hill. Every song bites. That includes their newest (S/T) album.

SideLinedForLife (March 11, 2002)

To the guy below me i agree that you probably wont ever look at this again but i was the guy below your post. I would just like to say that i own all of strung outs albums now and totally agree. i still am not a big fan of skinny years before we got fat, but my favorite album of all time is STWB. Stung Out rocks period.

Anonymous (January 15, 2002)

I doubt anyone will ever see this reply but I just read the last reply and I felt the need to say... DO NOT judge Strung Out based on The Skinny Years. That is a huge mistake.

Rock (November 15, 2001)

By your definition it is slow. Sorry we dont all listen to strung out. Sorry folks this is just an opinion and i know that all of you are gonna rag on me for this one but i honestly think strung out is annoying as hell. I bought their album "The skinny years before we got fat" and found that it sounded so unorganized. Of course thats the only album ive listened to by strung out so maybe im missing something but im tired of people whinning about how slow it is. Some of my favorite bands are slow. Appleseed Cast, Dashboard, ect. Anyway this album rocks and how can you prove that he is trying to copy Mikes voice.

Anonymous (November 14, 2001)

yeah... i like Slick Shoes, but you people saying they write these great lyrics are idiots. Oh yeah, and their guitar work isn't so good after what's his name left the band,he was the best part about Slick Shoes. Oh, and Ryan does try to imitate Mikes voice from MxPx. I mean come one, Mike worked with Ryan so that he could get that nasaly sound. Burn Out is Slick Shoes best cd. Oh yeah, this cd is not very fast as some people have said, it's fairly slow. I hope their new cd is faster that comes out in April. I may sound like I am not a Slick Shoes fan, but I am. One band that coppies Slick Shoes is Sick of Change, at least their first album was a total nockoff, second one is different.

Kurt_F (October 21, 2001)

Guys, even though I appreciate the pro-Slick Shoes remarks, can you be more original other than "Slick Shoes Rock!!" or "They are the best!!" Geez. Yea um, I know that clenched fists black eyes is a 7 seconds song by the way. Slick Shoes mearly covered it very, very well. After reviewing this cd and everything, I eventually purchased Burn Out and Rusty. Whoa. I do in a sense see why older fans like them better. The guitars on their older cd's are amazing. Download the songs "for better, for worse" and "responsibility" And while you're at it, buy the new Suicide Machines cd.

Anonymous (October 18, 2001)

I dont think that person is stupid. In fact I like Slick Shoes. They have all the makings of being a great band-by the way I thought it was an original good punk album-I give them five.

Anonymous (September 29, 2001)


They are yet to suprise me with a bad song, be it lyics, music or style.


damn your stupid

Anonymous (September 29, 2001)


They are yet to suprise me with a bad song, be it lyics, music or style.


Anonymous (September 25, 2001)

I like them. I think they have some original change ups. Overall I think they are one of the best punk bands I have heard. Thats just me.

Anonymous (September 21, 2001)

whats original about them?

Anonymous (September 20, 2001)

One of the best and original punk bands I have ever heard. Cant wait until nov. for there new album!

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

This is a great punk album. Who says they arent original!? SLICK SHOES are one of the few original punk bands out there! They obviously have the talent to go the distance. So what if they have a belief in God!? would it make you feel better if they were satanists? Always think of the alternative. These guys can write and play songs better than most! A must have for any true fan of good punk.

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

You cant say that he tries to sound like mike, even if he does sound a bit like hime, the voice fits the songs. I think ryan sings this album better than burn-out, (less whiny), and anyway, i always hear people who dont listen to punk say that mike is trying to sound like billy-joe from Greenday, and Ryan dont sound like him, SS are more original than most punk bands today, go and insult mest or sum41 or fenix tx for being unoriginal, ss arent, and they do what they do better than any other band (except maybe strungout)
and i look forward to their new album.
btw: who gives a toss if they're christian?

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

they are about as original as sum 41, the same generic music. i haven't heard anything played by this band that i havent heard before.

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

This album is amazing. SLICK SHOES is simply one of the best punk bands out there. With all the garbage bands out there it is refreshing to hear a band that can really play there instruments and write decent lyrics!

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

your stupid, this band sucks

Anonymous (September 17, 2001)

Okay you ppl have gotten way of course on this issue.come on! slick shoes rock and especially this cd (not to mention the others, burn out etc)! they are a really good punk band that knows how to jam out ...thats what they are. that was a great review, i support it 100%

hey if you don't have any intelligent knowlege don't bother okay!

Anonymous (September 17, 2001)

Sweet, clean Music. I mean seriously, its like a masterpiece. all songs are thought through pretty well. And the song hide and seek, though not the best song, is SOOO catchy. Not that Far is awesome too. and althought I think this is said to often; Angel IS a great song...yeah but don't just overlook all the tracks...they're all sweet. and Ryan's voice is sweet, no where near mikes voice...not anymore. he is way better..-JP

Anonymous (September 16, 2001)

This cd is simply freaking amazing and awesome!!!!!

Anonymous (September 14, 2001)

I've been a Slick Shoes fan for a couple of years now. It seems to me like every album they put out gets better and better! This to me is their best written album and Ryan's voice sounds the best! His voice may sound like Mike's at the beginning...but after about 10 times listening to the album you'll see it's very diffrent and much more sincere!

Slick Shoes's music hits the spot!

Anonymous (September 13, 2001)

hey, that song "clenched fists, black eyes" that you downloaded that was so good is actually a song by 7 Seconds in case you didnt know..but whatever...Burn Out is their best album, really fast, and who gives a fuck if they're christian, but the singer's voice is sorta irritating cause it's not his real voice...whatever.

Kurt_F (September 13, 2001)

Yea, I am a dick. No, Ryan doesn't sound like Mike from mxpx. I thought so at first, but Ryan's voice is alot cleaner, and eventually you notice how different they are. If you want to talk about bands that have singers with similar voices, look at street punk bands. Slick Shoes' song structures are completley different too. Yes, they are a christian band, so I guess it gives you idiots another reason to hate them, right? Oh, another thing I forgot to mention on the review was all the sudden tempo and speed changes in the songs. Very nifty. It's also my first review by the way, I just didnt say it do to the obvious backlash I would recieve from all the naive people that frequent this site.

Anonymous (September 13, 2001)

Aren't these guys a christian band?

Anonymous (September 13, 2001)

Nah he sounds like a damn girl

Anonymous (September 13, 2001)

i don't think any singer really tries to sound like another one, it's just how it comes out. but, honestly this cd is not as great as others have made it to be, it's ok though. Not at all a bad cd, but not great. Mediocre album, mediocre band.

Anonymous (September 13, 2001)

i totally agree with the dude here below . he rules .

instead , the guy that wrote the review is a dick .

PS: i am a dick too, dont get offended .

Anonymous (September 13, 2001)

if these guys were actually a pop punk band i still wouldnt like it because the singer has a fucking irritating voice, he trys to hard to sound like mike from MXPX

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