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My Epic: This Is RescueThis Is Rescue (2006)

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My Epic probably thinks their band name is really apt because their modern version of post-hardcore borrows from the better acts of the genre, those being Thursday and Circa Survive. Unfortunately, the band doesn't really do much on their own to establish a unique personality or even hint at one dow.
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My Epic probably thinks their band name is really apt because their modern version of post-hardcore borrows from the better acts of the genre, those being Thursday and Circa Survive. Unfortunately, the band doesn't really do much on their own to establish a unique personality or even hint at one down the line.

"Shadows" immediately starts with guitar arpeggios out of either of Thursday's 2 middle full-lengths (a trend that seems to pop up frequently throughout This Is Rescue's duration), while their lead vocalist offers a gentle, comforting and highly-pitched voice with a definite Anthony Green influence; even this is one of the EP's better tracks however, as 3 are significantly bloated spanning past 5 minutes apiece. One total party foul is in "...And We Were So Close to Perfection;" out of nowhere the band decides to throw in a guitar squeal -- not havin' it, fellas. An effort to incorporate post-rock elements in the song is apparent but feels incomplete for some reason, and only acts to drag it out at unnecessary lengths, letting it "explode" into more emotional, youthful yelling. When listening to "The Common Curse"'s quieter side of its dynamics, you keep expecting the band to explode into "In Fear and Faith"'s excellent outburst; instead, there really isn't an outburst at all, and the song goes nowhere. "The Making of a Recluse" is an especially half-assed CS rip. The intro to and overall piano usage of "En Machaerus" proves the band is definitely rocking some Copeland on those late night van drives.

This Is Rescue is just riddled with faults and an abbreviate creative structure. There's too much of everyone else and not nearly enough of My Epic. I shouldn't be constantly thinking of other bands when I listen to them and not even get enjoyment out of it simultaneously, but This Is Rescue simply offers that type of not so pleasant experience. Hopefully the band develops their penchant for experimental tendencies more for the next release.

En Machaerus


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Mattis (September 14, 2012)

I like how every song isn't a generic verse chorus 2x, verse 2...it flows more like poetry. These guys are amazing and they are doing the right thing, that is making music on a matter they're passionate about. In their case it's God reaching out to mankind, and how the band feels interacting through life with that in mind. This is my favorite band of all time, they never get old. Keep it going My Epic! I'm thrilled to see a new album, and see how the new drums sound! Bring one soon!

kenzie (September 18, 2007)

ok first of all I think you need to listen to the lyrics...songs are not all about music...they are about lyrics...I am the only sister of the bassist...the heart and passion they have for music and reaching out to people is whats important...and to you who wrote this so called article...what do you do for a living? rate peoples music?...go out there and try and do it yourself...im not saying i like every single one of their songs but i like a lot of them im just not into some of the heavier stuff...they sound nothing like thursday...where did you get that from?...and not every soft song needs to break out into screaming...you have a very narrowed, subjective view on music...be open to new things...you obviously dont know the history behind them or their music either...they are most certainly men of God who are trying to reach out to people in a way they are called to do...support them or not i love them and believe in them and what they do whole-heartedly

forgive me for jumping around so much this article aggravated me quite a bit...that so many people are close-minded and cant appreciate peoples music because they dont take time to look at the history of the band or know what the music is all about

God Bless You My Epic...keep doing what you're doing...i still support you regardless of where i am

-Kaylin Austin, South Korea

zuriel (July 27, 2006)

Ok here is the real deal...
My Epic is amazing! They are 4 young men full of energy, who are sweet and fun to be around. Their music (I was hesitant at first) was beautiful! I'm not normally into heavier stuff... but after I listened to their album, I really enjoyed their singing and playing, and I enjoyed being their mom for a couple of days. These guys are for real... down to earth and have a joy and passion that I have not seen in "kids" their age in a long time. Thank you boys for giving our family the pleassure of getting to know you... and for the CD that we'll treasure! Keep up the fantastic work!!! GOD bless you and we look forward to you coming back soon! Mom 2

benz (July 10, 2006)


Anonymous (July 10, 2006)

I don't see how you could think this band is ripping off anyone. You can definatelyl tell who their influences are, but I don't hear a single riff that reminds me of any song by Thursday or Circa Survive. It's definately in the same genre, plus you obviously didn't listen to the entire piano song because Copeland has never written a song that has the intensity that the end of that song contains. It sounds more like mogwai.

Anonymous (July 9, 2006)

Why is it that "post" hardcore seems to have nothing to do with hardcore at all? Its more like heavy indy or something. If you strip away all the good parts of hardcore and blatantly don't follow its ideals, why bother keeping part of the name?


Anonymous (July 9, 2006)

"These guys are awesome at what they do."

Sucking Satan's Cock?

-Bill Hicks

Anonymous (July 8, 2006)

I love this band. These guys are awesome at what they do.

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