The Methadones - 21st Century Power Pop Riot (Cover Artwork)

The Methadones

The Methadones: 21st Century Power Pop Riot21st Century Power Pop Riot (2006)
Red Scare

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Contributed by: MammothPressMammothPress
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Lets be frank. Most cover records suck. From the last billion Punk Goes‚?¶ comps to that awful time period where every pop-punk band covered Backstreet Boys songs to be cute, the covers genre is pretty awful. However, it's irony, not the covers themselves that ruins most cover records. That "Oh my God man! Wouldn't it be funny if we covered Britney Spears!?!" mentality that totally misses the point of why you play someone else's song. Why should I bother plopping down my hard earned cash for your inside joke? Screw you and your cover of "I Melt with You."

Now those of you who cheated and already looked at the positive score realize this is the part in the review where I tell you the Methadones' covers record doesn't suck. And you know why skipper? It's because the Methadones honest to God love every single song on this record and treat them with the loving respect of a gentleman on a first date. Each of these power pop classics harken back to the good old days of power pop when you could say you loved a girl without having to prove to her you had ovaries to do it. Oh, the good old days.

While some of these are relatively well-known songs (Cheap Trick's "He's a Whore," Brownsville Station's "I'm the Leader of the Gang," and most importantly Joe Jackson's "I'm the Man"), the choices are for the most part from less popular but still infectious bands. The Methadones have taken each of these classics of years gone by and caffeinated the hell out of them. This raw energy is so powerful you'll find yourself singing along to "I'm the Leader of the Gang" without wondering if Gary Glitter was checking IDs before he let people join. 21st Century Power Pop Riot is just the sugar buzz you need to remind naysayers that pop-punk never has been or will be a dirty word.

RIYL: Cheap Trick, Screeching Weasel or Joe Jackson


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buddybizags (November 3, 2006)

Buck O' NIne's version of "I'm the Man" is the shizz

Anonymous (July 20, 2006)

"I bet they'll sell all of, oh, 2,000 copies. And it will take a year to unload that many"

I'd be in Heaven if my band could sell 2,000 copies of our CD in one year.

Anonymous (July 20, 2006)

saves the day?? fuck you emo whore

Anonymous (July 20, 2006)

i hear that ben weasel is pretty vein.

Anonymous (July 19, 2006)

killer CD!

is it safe to assume that the creepy methadones hater is the same guy that has a beef with whole wheat bread because being black is a gimmick? you know it's him!

Anonymous (July 19, 2006)

I love Saves The Day¬īs cover of I Melt With You, fuck you!

Anonymous (July 19, 2006)

kind of looks like the cover for "no control"

Deadpan (July 19, 2006)

Oh man, Gary Glitter. Anyone ever see that interview with him on BBC news?

"Gary, have you ever slept with any underage girls?"

"Uh... not knowingly?"

Gary, Gary, Gary.

Score's for washed up glam-rock stars who molest kids.

kingofsuck (July 19, 2006)

Perhaps the most fun band on earth?

Quite possibly. A very drunk Danny Vapid putting his arm around me and singing along with me while the Queers played a medley of Ramones covers was definitely one of the funnest moments of my life.

Toby_at_Fat (July 19, 2006)

Super fun band indeed. They make the vanes in my head pop.

theOneTrueBill (July 19, 2006)

Perhaps the most fun band on earth?

Anonymous (July 19, 2006)

My dick has a big V-E-I-N on it, so suck it. My main vane.

Anonymous (July 19, 2006)

Oh snap! Someone got bucked right off their horse at the grammar rodeo!

dietcokeofpunk (July 19, 2006)

to the guy below me...

excellent work sir!

Anonymous (July 19, 2006)

yeah, wyzo is on to something. me personally, i like to cook up a wicked batch of china white and inject it into my vanes. thing is, all my vanes are collapsed.

who the shit rips on the methadones and cites record sales as evidence? maybe a fan of Panties At The Disco or that christian band, Underoos. selling lots of CDs only means you've made good with the least common denominator, that being 15 year old girls. I have to go drain my main vane.

Anonymous (July 19, 2006)

you what vane i miss. the one in warlock where the guy gets stabbed everytime it gets put in the ground. Kind of like an evil crucifixion, but with a rooster at the top.

I thought good riddance's cover of 'i melt with you' was sincere.


Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

You know what, I LOVE cover albums. "Partytime for Assholes" by the vindictives is something every fan of this should have.

-- Feeeding5000

Toby_at_Fat (July 18, 2006)

Oh Halflings are a good time. I like all the dimunitive races: Gnomes, Halflings, etc. You get the Humanoids Handbook for the 2nd Edition and you'll be playing Kobolds in no time.

Fuzzy (July 18, 2006)

Halfling thieves for the win, brodogg.

Toby_at_Fat (July 18, 2006)

I should really know better than to comment, but I am after all a miner by trade.

You are in fact incorrectly using the word "vane". It's getting a little embarrassing for the rest of us to see you make repeated mistakes like this and insist that you're "here again for a grammar discussion that I'll win". Ouch.

The word you are after is VEIN, described in the dictionary as:

1. A regularly shaped and lengthy occurrence of an ore; a lode. A long wavy strip of a different shade or color, as in wood or marble, or as mold in cheese.

2. A pervading character or quality; a streak.

I'm not gonna be dictionary/spelling/grammar weirdo, but you are professing something that ain't true. And fuck man, am I the only around here that played high level Dwarf characters?!?! Where have all the nerds gone...Now that we cleared that up, you can get back grinding your axe with the Meths.

ChokingVictim (July 18, 2006)

I like this record. I wish it were a little faster, but I still find it ridiculously enjoyable.

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

I'm the shit talker, here again for a grammar discussion that I'll win.

I used v-a-n-e because it works with the mining metaphor I was using in that sentence.

Mining the vane, get it?

I know you're sorry. Admit it, you were wrong. And I don't care whether you like me.

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

Well, for one thing, the way you spelled 'vane' means that thing made of metal, shaped like a rooster standing on a compass (or arrow) that sits on the peaked roof of, say a farmhouse, tells what direction the wind is blowing and is usually prefaced by the word 'weather'. You were looking for 'vein' which appears in the coloquialism 'in the same vein as', but you're technically still somewhat correct, that's not a spelling error, per se. It's more of a syntax error. You're still an imbicile, however and your strange hatred for the Methadones serves no other purpose than telegraphing that one of them probably fucked your girlfriend or something. Bummer, turd.

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

I'm the "shit talker."

And what is misspelled in my post? Nothing.

Maybe I could give you a lesson in spelling and grammar.

And maybe I could give The Methadones a lesson in knowing when it's time to accept that their time has come and gone, and break up.

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

whoa, lou brutus from xm radio wrote that shit? who knew he was on the inside....................

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

Great album and bitchin' liner notes... Power pop. It didn‚??t mean then what it means now. You attach the word ‚??pop‚?Ě to something these days and you immediately get a grotesque mental picture of some dolled up tart lip synching his or her way through an excruciatingly uninteresting piece of music that makes you want to wrap yourself up in chain link fence and roll yourself off of a pier where you will be sucked down into the depths, down into the cold silence of sweet, blissful death where your ears can never again be assailed by the hideous sounds of the world of the living. It wasn‚??t always that way. When the punks first busted the doors down, they changed things in music but all that shit about clothing and hair was just a sideshow. The real change was a return to simplicity. The sudden collective remembrance that rock songs could be boiled back down to two minutes. No long solos, no meandering lyrical crap, no extra anything. Boil the fucker down to its most essential components, record it, slap it on a piece of vinyl and get outta the way. Sure you could load them up with great melodies and catchy choruses. That was the point. Just keep all of the extra musical baggage off the train so it could move‚?¶fast. Many of the finest examples of the songs from the golden age of punk flavored power pop in the 70‚??s and 80‚??s are here covered by the methadones. The band has done right by many of my favorite artists from my ill spent youth and with any luck this disc will inspire you to discover (or re-discover) some of the greats. Nick lowe, elvis costello and joe jackson, who in my mind make up the holy trinity of the era‚??s power pop. The man who‚??s jungle beat gang vocals are shouted by millions at sporting events around the world each day, gary glitter. The records, who‚??s song ‚??starry eyes‚?Ě is hailed by some as the greatest power pop song of the ages. Cheap trick. I fucking love cheap trick. They are america‚??s greatest rock and roll band. Their ‚??he‚??s a whore‚?Ě makes many songwriters fall to their knees and weep like scolded school children at their musical impotence in the face of the song‚??s greatness. There‚??s lots more. Crash street kids, pointed sticks, scandal and others. Maybe not household names anymore but who gives a shit about that? When they got their shot they made great music and the methadones are here now to remind us of those who have gone before. Before the words ‚??power pop‚?Ě were hijacked by the swill merchants. Lou brutus
fungus 53 over lord
xm satellite radio
washington, dc

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

I love this LP. It's like a guilty pleasure that you don't need to feel guilty about. If that makes sense.

And I love how the detractors (or detractor?) just showed up and are posting their personal beefs about how the Methadones need to get lives. How does internet slander rank with leading a constructive life? It's a fuckin' punk CD, relax.

And you ever notice that shit talkers can't spell?

I give this CD 8 out of 10. I Hope they do a new record.


Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

I never knew that this kind of punk rock had so many pathetic whiney douchebag haters.

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

Great. Just what the world needs, another punk band covering Cheap Trick. I'll just listen to Cheap Trick.

The Methadones are fucking pathetic, as is the rest of the Fonzie wannabes of the Lookout 94-96 era. Face it guys, your day has come and gone. You're sad little 40 year olds running around in dumb "punk" costumes, thinking you're cool when nobody cares.

I'm not saying quit music. But don't you think you've already mined the "Ramonescore" pop punk vane?

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)


Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

The Cheap Trick cover is great, the rest are just ok

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

I liked this disc alot. Everything this label put out has lasted a month in my CD player, it's just good punk rock. Simple as that.

They make putting out records seem easy.

I got the Enemy You disc recently too and that's a great album.

Dante3000 (July 18, 2006)

Redscare is the new Look Out!, eh? That could be bad news for Red Scare.
In other news, Tobias Jeg? Sounds like he should run a cattle ranch not a record label.
P.S. Oh, and I'll tac him on the list of Justin's babies daddies.

Uppie (July 18, 2006)

Great CD. It's probably the weakest album the Methadones have put out, but that has more to do with how great their previous releases were. This CD is also a great way to introduce some classic bands to a new generation of fans. Don't just listen to the Methadone covers. Be sure to check out the bands that they're actually covering.

Big props to Red Scare too. There was a time when I would buy any record that came out on Lookout, just because I knew every record that came out on their label would be good. Red Scare is the new Lookout Records IMHO.

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

This record is AMAZING! Skeptical at first, but like the review said, this is just fucking great, regardless of who wrote the songs. And for the dude below me, there's really hardly any mention of ex weasel in the 'Dones press, and when there is, it's usually because that's a band that means a lot to a lot of people. These guys already have full time jobs and play rock pretty much for the whiskey, so why don't you relax a little. I mean shit, god forbid that people keep doing something that they love after it's no longer profitable! Everyone knows that playing rock music (especially punk rock!) isn't worth a shit unless you sell over 2000 records. You know what? I take back 'relax a little'. I'd like to replace it with 'fuck off, get out of here and take your quantitative ideas about age and profit with you.' I thought punk rock was about eschewing these fucking ideas, and I KNOW that the Methadones do a great job of making great rock music. Sounds like you're looking for something a little more focus grouped, so why don't you hit up absolutepunk.net for some young, handsome dudes who sell thousands and thousands of records.

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

The Methadones are, and have been, pathetic for a long time. I mean, how long can you ride the "ex members of" train, especially when it's ex members of Screeching Weasel? Obviously these guys have run out of, haha, inspiration. I bet they'll sell all of, oh, 2,000 copies. And it will take a year to unload that many.

Time to get a job, guys.

kirbypuckett (July 18, 2006)

Bigwig will be coming out w/ a cover album soon too.

Tobias Funke > Tobias Jeg

- Kirby

kingofsuck (July 18, 2006)

This is just a ridiculously fun pop-punk album. Also probably my favorite live show of the year, and one of my favorites ever.

Anonymous (July 18, 2006)

this record rules. from the art, to the recording, to the song selection. haven't heard most of these songs before, but the methadones make them likable, that's for sure.


rkl (July 18, 2006)

score is for good riddances cover of "melt with you"

also, this is a damn good album in its own right.

TheNightProwler (July 18, 2006)

This album rocks my socks.

Fuzzy (July 18, 2006)

Good album, great review, great label.
Tobias Jeg is my baby's daddy.

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