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Jawbreaker: 24 Hour Revenge Therapy24 Hour Revenge Therapy (1994)

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Contributed by: AaronAaron
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The last true Jawbreaker album in terms of availablility - Dear You being tricky to find - and in terms of play-through quality - Unfun and Bivouac both now a combination of EPs and LPs. Needless to say this album still kills any punk rock album put out from when this album was released. Not much ha.
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The last true Jawbreaker album in terms of availablility - Dear You being tricky to find - and in terms of play-through quality - Unfun and Bivouac both now a combination of EPs and LPs. Needless to say this album still kills any punk rock album put out from when this album was released. Not much has come close to sounding like Jawbreaker despite the rants saying that Jawbreaker formed emo or some other bullshit like that.

Jawbreaker doesn't embody emo even for a second. It should not even be a comparison for there is no comparison to be made. Apples and oranges if you will. Punk rock took a large blow with the demise of Jawbreaker and punk will be dead as soon as Fugazi dies. You cannot tell me that the bands nowadays hold any DIY ethic with the formation of large "punk rock" labels ala Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph. The bands sound so close to each other anyhow if not the same.

The mood of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy fluctuates from joyous (The Boat Dreams From The Hill) to depressing (In Sadding Around). Kerouac no-doubt influenced Blake's writing as is apparent by the little line in Boxcar ("...by killing cops and reading Kerouac"). The included Kerouac poetry in Condition Oakland (perhaps the best song on the album) helps solidify this opinion.

Every song is strong and I never find myself skipping a track for the next. Lastly, the albums layout and artwork further astonish. From the beautiful cover to the back to the inside with band pictures which aren't the sappy types found in the Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph which proclaim "look at me having a good time with all my friends." I don't care to see your friends.

Overall this album just impresses. There is no excuse for not having it. Although I'd rather you didn't so I could sit in its glory alone.


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chuzwuzza (May 7, 2012)

Great album, shame the reviewer seems to have a cocks growing out of his ears. Shithead.

withoutbellson (July 15, 2010)

untouchable album! i can't believe people think Dear You is better than this. no fucking way!

AnEpicProblem (April 5, 2010)

Mandatory 5 stars for a Jawbreaker release.

crayZsaaron (July 31, 2009)

What a god-awful review. Quit bitching about the term "emo" and talk about the album a little. "Emo" used to be an amazing genre... In my opinion, Relationship Of Command was the last good emo album. I might be horribly wrong, tell me nicely if I am. In the biggest paradox in rock music, the music called "emo" now completely lacks any honest and sincere emotion.

highanxiety (July 20, 2009)

This review is awful, you haven't explained about the record at all.

hamonrye (March 26, 2009)

only record that matters

Rudy87 (December 17, 2008)

One of the best albums of all times. The worst review of all times.

There's only 3 albums from the 90s that I think come close to 24...
1. "Jersey's Best Dancers", by Lifetime
2. "Back on the Streets", by 88 Fingers Louie
3. S/T, by Bouncing Souls

MyBloodyValentineGirl (June 12, 2008)

Good album, am i the only person here that loves jinx removing - its amazing. If you like this album you should really listen to the Pixies, monkey gone to heaven. love the album but not too keen on the review.

Mrdogg45 (December 14, 2006)

Whenever I go back and listen to this record, I can't believe how influencal it became. No matter who tries to top it (and some have come close) this is still the best pop punk record.

Maks (June 24, 2006)

this is the one record fat mike would have put out with fat.
anyway, one of the best (one of the best 3 i mean) punk rock records, at least of the '90s.

Anonymous (June 17, 2006)

Oh, my world. It is ok

Anonymous (June 15, 2006)

Oh, my world. It is ok

Anonymous (June 6, 2006)

okay luv all types of music that i can mostly understand or relate to...you people making fun of emo bands are closed minded idiots... and your probably older than me...which means you will grow up staying in the same angsty state you are in now and will be "dun dun dun" another fricken stereotyping puto so get over your selves and stop calling yourselves "hardcore" and punk" you do not know what punk is.... you werent alive for punk..... i swear my rantings will kill me one of theese days

refusedpartyprogram (April 26, 2006)

"Jawbreaker are indeed an emo band, that doesn't make them bad. It just means emo used to be better than what gets called emo now."

Read my mind.

Anyways, this album is amazing, "Do You Still Hate Me" is one of the best songs ever written by any band.

Anonymous (April 25, 2006)

Jawbreaker are indeed an emo band, that doesn't make them bad. It just means emo used to be better than what gets called emo now.

Godfather (September 27, 2005)

This CD will rock your face off...my favorite Jawbreaker album.

Anonymous (July 23, 2005)

Shit review. Great album.

Anonymous (March 27, 2005)

I stopped reading when you said all Fat Wreck and Epitaph bands sound the same. Clean your ears out, you fucking elitist moron.

Anonymous (July 9, 2004)

How is Boat joyous? I always thought it was sort of, well, depressing. But, who cares? Jawbreaker rocks, the review, eh not so much.

Anonymous (June 24, 2004)

Fuck the person below

Kiwi (June 24, 2004)

I hate them so much i take back my score of 10

Anonymous (June 24, 2004)

Fuck this bitch

Kiwi (June 24, 2004)

I hate jawbreaker but i like Good Charlotte and Mest.

lordcronus (June 7, 2004)

i just realized, who cares if their lyrics make sense and are "emo". Because a group has actual lyrics about actual things that are "emotional" it shouldnt be called emo. With the word "emo" there is a negative conontation. Emo should be erased as a genre of music and a lifestyle. Emo is just a bad way to categorize music, its just lyrics about normal stuff that i guess some metro sexuals have to deal with.

lordcronus (June 6, 2004)

This album has blown my mind's conception of punk music. Just because the lyrics arent repetitive and the same doesnt mean its emo. The term emo has been overused in the music scene today. Lyrics shouldnt make a band emo, its the music and the style that goes with that band which is emo, and jawbreaker is far from emo. 24 Hour Revenge Therapy is a great example of an album which combines thoughtful lyrics, classic punk style, and basically great music. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous (May 14, 2004)

ugh. The Boat Dreams From the Hill is not a joyous song AT ALL.

this album is absolutely amazing.

UnunitedSA (October 30, 2003)

Yeah bad review, fat wreck and epitaph have some of the best punk bands around today. Good album.

Anonymous (September 3, 2003)

bad review, flawless album

Anonymous (August 25, 2002)

punk is not going to die when fugazi dies, you fucking fool. good review though

Anonymous (August 19, 2002)

I hate the word "emo" or at least what the words definition has evolved into. I thought "emo" was melodic hardcore ..mean sounding guitars and hard drums with kids screaming out poetry. EMOTION! When did the new generation of mainstream ditto-bands and bubblegum punks start calling themselves "emo"? Bands are only labeled with a genre so the record industry can market them. Jawbreaker doesn't care what you call them. Who cares. Jawbreaker made some great music and that's all that matters right.

Anonymous (July 15, 2001)

I guess you really like Jawbreaker and 24 Hour Revenge Theraphy... I do too. Breakthrough album that changed history. But umm... You're review really does little to showcase the greatness of the album. All you do is diss the current punk scene and its current bands for not being the great Fugazi. Just though reviews were about reviewing the album... Maybe you ought to read what you write before you print it. Don't just write from you're gut. But again, excellent album.


Anonymous (May 30, 2001)

i hate the get up kids. i like fugazi. i love jawbreaker. i spit on emo.

Anonymous (May 27, 2001)

truthfully, if you look at music history, jawbreaker, while being a "punk" band, largely influenced from the point of Dear You and further. However, they had nothing to do with emo's creation. That right belongs to the band Rites Of Spring, and, I know you'll hate to hear this, but any modern music historian, and anyone who knows what exactly makes the scenes and what started and ended them, will tell you that emo, in truth, is closer to bands like Fugazi, and not just the get-up kids. Fugazi is still listed as being one opf the first and most successful emo bands. One year, the "summer of revolution" as i have been told, a lot of punks decided to stop fighting the government and write technically great music and sing from their hearts. this spawned Rites of Spring (with Guy from Fugzazi), and Fugazi. This was considered the beginning of "emo". However, with Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, and The Get-Up Kids, the emo scene soon got pushed into just that ONE sound. Technically Fugazi is just as emo as they are punk. And Jawbreaker had emo influence too. Just the same as Get Up Kids have a lot of punk influence.

Anonymous (May 21, 2001)

i agree that jawbreaker is not emo, but i will say that every emo band has ripped off jawbreaker's meloncholy genius to try and sell some records. i am so glad they broke up when they did, because now every radio station in the country would be playing out 'fireman', and things would never be the same. i love jawbreaker and every single note of music they've ever written.

Anonymous (May 3, 2001)

Jawbreaker is not emo. For the love of God!

Anonymous (April 25, 2001)

emo fucking blows...fuck yourself and then kill yourself

Anonymous (April 11, 2001)

jawbreaker, now is the time to use the word emo, not like some fags who write reviews about mad caddies.

- faceecaf@hotmail.com

Anonymous (April 2, 2001)

i love jawbreaker.that's all i have to say

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