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Daughters: Hell SongsHell Songs (2006)
Hydra Head Records

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Contributed by: InaGreendaseBrian
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It's hard to have problems with the new Daughters album, Hell Songs -- musically, that is. Because, in terms of composition here, the Providence-based sorta grindcore outfit is still writing bursts of noise relatively in line with their now 3-year-old debut, Canada Songs -- you know, the type of bri.
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It's hard to have problems with the new Daughters album, Hell Songs -- musically, that is. Because, in terms of composition here, the Providence-based sorta grindcore outfit is still writing bursts of noise relatively in line with their now 3-year-old debut, Canada Songs -- you know, the type of brief, piercing songs following in the Locust's footsteps. Granted, the band seems a little slower and a little more angular and obnoxious, with bass-driven dirges of dragging, ear-splitting sounds. Where we really run into the problems is frontman Lex's vocals.

See, anyone familiar with Canada Songs will know that Lex tended to lead the songs with a vicious, affecting scream, very much helping to illuminate the underlying chaos. However, on Hell Songs, he sings -- sings awful, in fact. His voice is slurred in a seemingly drug-induced sort of way, as he slowly rambles through Hell's songs with a slight fake Southern drawl, making him sound like a young Isaac Brock completely tripped out on acid. This literally ruins every song on the album, taking each one and slamming it into the wall to complete the car crash and drain any possible enjoyability from them. When he exudes some energy, it results in bad yelling drenched in distortion.

It's unfortunate, because there is certainly a progression evident here that proves the band is doing some interesting things. Frenetic, noisy riffs, silly double bass, and roaring, abrupt static makes up the creative "Providence by Gaslight," which even brings in some wailing horns towards its finish. Opener "Daughters Spelled Wrong" is a slow churning, groundswell of noise, while "Hyperven Tilationsystem" and "The Fuck Whisperer" are both hyperactive shitstorms that certainly could've resulted from Canada Songs' sessions (minus the vocals, of course). There's even the 6-minute "Cheers, Pricks," which finds the band up to their usual selves, only over the course of a much longer song, and for the last 2 minutes more somber, atmospheric sparkles that die down quickly.

Creative? Certainly. Obnoxious? Unfortunately, even more so. I know it's likely that Daughters' aim is to simply piss off the listener, and in that sense, they've sure succeeded. They may have been trying the same with Canada Songs, but the pure chaos emanating from that album made it great entertainment. Here, it's only aural nuisance.



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eeb (January 20, 2009)

Alot of the guitar work on this album is very reminiscent of old rye coalition.

I'm listening to the album for the first time as I write this. So far I'm definitely enjoying it

Anonymous (April 26, 2007)

owned by the other review of this album.


xmidipunkbastardx (November 25, 2006)

i haven't heard the record but live the singer was just an obnoxious drunken idiot who just fell around without any energy.
so, i'll back up the "good music, bad vocals" argument from the live show.

Beatnik (September 21, 2006)

I think the reviwer for this album honestly needs to get his head out of his fuckin ass. Just because Daughters didnt rehash what's been done so many times before does not mean that its not good. I'm not saying that this is the best album of all time. But honestly If you can't write good reviews, it would be most amazing if you imploded.

benz (September 10, 2006)

I totally disagree with this review. He's not trying to sing on this album, I would say. I honestly think this is the best album Daughters have released to date. They got sick of how every hardcore band sounds exactly the fucking same.

For a spazz-core heavy band to release such an experimental record is a huge positive in my book. I hope more bands in this genre take a cue from Daughters and just experiment a little.

This album rocks.


Anonymous (August 19, 2006)

You're an idiot.


Anonymous (August 16, 2006)

This cd is so creative and well thought out and I think the vocals go along fine with it. Its better than listen to some idiot screaming the whole time. I like Canada Songs but Hell Songs is so much better. And who cares weither his vocals sound like he's on drugs or what not. Who ever wrote this think need to get a better taste in music.

fxnick (August 15, 2006)

you guys convince yourselfs something so annoying is good lol
that review was fucking RIGHT good music....BADDDD VOCALS

Anonymous (August 12, 2006)

This isn't grind, and it's not meant to be.

Oh, and this review is shit.

Great album. I dig definitely...

Anonymous (August 12, 2006)


Anonymous (August 11, 2006)

This isn't grind at all you fucking idiots. Their old nu-grind shit sucked. This new stuff isn't bad.

Anonymous (August 11, 2006)

"Nice try brian, but you missed the boat....next time try listening to the record a few more times."

Very true.

Brian's still trying to comprehend the fact that they're not going to re-release Canada Songs just for him

This review couldn't have possibly sucked any more

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

"This is some serious Gravity records shit. Not for everyone. If you haven't heard of Antioch Arrow or Heroin or Clikitat Ikatowi then don't bother."

I suppose I am not worthy. Would my application to hear Daughters (who are terrible btw) also need to include a 2"x3" photo of myself taken in poor lighting at an off angle?

brixtongunman (August 10, 2006)

The vocals can be kinda annoying, but overall, i'm really diggin this.

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

dude this album's vocals rape. i was suprised and nervous the first time i heard fiery because of how different they were. but cmon they're so so sweet. honestly this is one of the best cd's i own. its totally different than canada songs and trust me if you really like music- regardless of whetther or not there's screaming

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

This record is 10x better than canada songs.

Nice try brian, but you missed the boat....next time try listening to the record a few more times.

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

This is some serious Gravity records shit. Not for everyone. If you haven't heard of Antioch Arrow or Heroin or Clikitat Ikatowi then don't bother.

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

I respect the hatred but I personally love the album.
His voice isnt for everyone.

HeresLookinAtYou (August 10, 2006)

"fiery" sounded pretty good to me

I didn't mind the vocals too much and the music is defintly a progression from Canada Songs

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

fuck everyone here

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

My review of this review is a "0". This album is amazing, and to blame the vocals for making it horrible, is downright hogwash.

Lets all listen to scenegrind and pretend like we know anything about music.

Fuck you and Fuck daughters for making a stellar and obnoxious record.

Satan Forbid we try new things,and experiement a little. .

Cheers Pricks.

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

Haha, you assholes are pissed off because this album wasn't what you expected.

Times change; maybe it's time you do too.

giveupmybodyinbed (August 10, 2006)

Why is everyone trying to put them into a certain genre? They are Daughters. That's it. They are so spastic and energetic when they play, it's amazing. Canada Songs is an amazing album. I love it. I will admit I have yet to hear Hell Songs, but even if he doesn't scream so much, that's good. It shows they're being creative and not just putting out another Canada Songs. That's the worst thing a band can do, just put out album after album that sound exactly the same!

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

"Art students tend to like a plethera of music."

Not only do you fail for legitimizing the Daughters, but you used the word PLETHORA and SPELLED IT WRONG (only snots and smug people use that word, seriously). Way to condescend, go take pictures of yourself in the bathroom mirror.

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

Hm... their myspace says Freestyle/2-step

I don't see anything about grindcore on it. Also, I agree that they have some lightning energy live. I've talked to them after a show and you can see just how hard they work. They have fun playing what they play and that's all that matters. Don't like it? Cool. Like it? Even cooler.

And to the person who wrote the review -- I'm guessing Hell Songs was supposed to be full of screeches and demonic growls or wait, angelic harmony, with Lex's singing. Sucks for you that they didn't record things exactly how you invisioned their music.

Another thing to note -- Art students tend to like a plethera of music. Plenty of artists listen to hardcore/grindcore/metal/death metal etc etc etc. Not every artist is into the pretty craptastic landscapes or still-life flower painting, either.

Anonymous (August 10, 2006)

i love how close minded everyone is!
if they don't scream! BY GOD it's SO terrible.
we need screams to fill our tight jeans!

SlowStupidHungry (August 9, 2006)

I love Mark McCoy's bands, but seriously, I hold the dude accountable, along with three one g and the San Diego shit scene.

It's bred this pathetic generation of know nothings who don't listen to bands unless they're "ironic" or have annoying sounds/haircuts or something. I think my mom should start giving free lessons to these keyboardists so they can start to utilize their instruments without doing a repetetive two-note bleepy noise over and over again.

Anonymous (August 9, 2006)

Does anybody else remember when art-school kids DIDN'T listen to grindcore?


Anonymous (August 9, 2006)

i really doubt these guys consider themselves a grind band.

Anonymous (August 9, 2006)


I back the Phobia/Disrupt comment.

Anonymous (August 9, 2006)

can't a band just be about nothing for once? not every band needs to 'have a message'. there should be more that do, i agree. but not every band needs it. daughters are just a fun listen.

Anonymous (August 9, 2006)

Yeah, giveme, that's cool in a superficial, bullshit, "proffessional wrestling" sorta way, but what is he saying? What do the oblique lyrics mean? Why is the music like it is?

This band just seems so void and empty.


givemeamuseumandillfillit (August 9, 2006)

Will: Yes, i know, but still.. have you seen this band in a live setting? No matter if it's positive or negative, everyone who has ever seen the daughters has a strong opinion about them.

And this record really shines live, with the singer spazzing out like a mad professor while sounding like a black priest on pills.

bombshoes (August 9, 2006)

wow, are these vocals really that much less tolerable than an ear-piercing shreik?

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

why is it that kids these days think that grindcore is just noise random notes and obsucure song titles, listen to some real grind pick up a phobia or disrupt cd and see what real grind is not this garbage

SlowStupidHungry (August 8, 2006)

I saw the Kinison a year and a half after that and it was horrible. Ugh, any fun that was had at their show with F Minus was erased by that bullshit.

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

You love the music, except for the vocals and give 2 stars? What's up with that. Terrible review. Great record. His vocals sound a lot better this way, there's enough screaming already.

givemeamuseumandillfillit (August 8, 2006)

Will, with you liking bands like the kinison because of their liveshow i really thought you'd respect this band.

This record is pretty obnoxious, but see them play this record live and the lightbulb will pop up. Great band.

Infrarecon (August 8, 2006)

Man, Pig Destroyer have played DC like 2 times this year and played about 15 mins from me at a free house show in NoVA, stuff always comes up so I have yet to see them .

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

ive never considered daughters to be a grind band. people who call them grind have no clue what the fuck they are talking about.

that being said... i love this album. i'm glad it doesn't sound like the last one, because that one got BORING fast. his vocals are just right for the sound and who cares if they're ripping off arab on radar? there is worse bands to rip off. plus... i could never get into arab on radar on album, i loved them live, however. but daughters have succeeded in making a listenably annoying record.

score is for this record, and should be what the reviewer gave it as well.

p.s. anyone else think it kinda sounds like earlier dismemberment plan covering daughters songs?

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

"I guess I need to buy myself a new pair of ears, but I don't get the Melvins/Pig Destroyer comparisons whatsoever."

They have covered the Melvins a few times (namely "oven" which you can check out on Explosions In Ward 6, as well as 36 Counts of Battery) and they site them as an influence. So apparently that consitutes a rip-off these days. Again, scores for Terrifier, and if the Daughters are considered grind when Napalm Death are still making music... then wow.

SlowStupidHungry (August 8, 2006)

I guess I need to buy myself a new pair of ears, but I don't get the Melvins/Pig Destroyer comparisons whatsoever.

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

Score's for Terrifyer. Seriously. Too bad Pig Destroyer are worse than Propagandhi when it comes to touring.

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

"Terrifyer is a melvins rip off album."

Back this statement up. I consider a "rip-off" to not mean "strongly influenced by"

RyanRockwell (August 8, 2006)

I'll be honst, i've never heard a recording of this band. One time though I saw them live and it was one of the worst shows i've ever seen.

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

if they had him just screaming, people might actually like it again, and then it wouldn't be grindcore.

superdude (August 8, 2006)

This is a pretty good review, but it leaves a lot to be desired:

1. Is she going to mount that horse? Bareback?

2. To what Moof said to comments down, "he doesn't scream once." Well, how many times does he scream?

3. I didn't have a ham sandiwch for breakfast.

ryne (August 8, 2006)

I love the vocals on this.

moof (August 8, 2006)

"For real...do you even listen to grindcore?"

obviously you don't because this isnt grind anymore.

he doesn't scream once.

this is a good release, but at the end it all starts to sound the same and run together. i dig the front half though.

and yes, "Terrifyer" is a Melvins ripoff .

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

i happened to actually like this release. i like the vocals and it sounds like the music that would be playing on the elevator to hell.

call me crazy

Archangel (August 8, 2006)

Score is for Isaac Brock.

etwiels88 (August 8, 2006)

"Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at 12:55 AM (EDT)
My Score:

Terrible. Listen to Pig Destroyer's "Terrifyer" and thank me later.

For real...do you even listen to grindcore?

Anyways, I like Daughters for what they are.

RondoMondo (August 8, 2006)

People are so fucking stupid. Daughters isn't very trendy, I know 1 person that likes them around here. They're in the new grind vein, give 'em a fucking break.

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

Terrifyer is a melvins rip off album.

DenBez (August 8, 2006)

I think you're being awful closedminded here. This is hot shit.

But you should still listen to Terrifyer.

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

I wonder if they could ripoff Arab on Radar just a littttttttle bit more... hmm?

SilentStorms (August 8, 2006)

That's if you like hardcore/metal/grind ... that is.

SilentStorms (August 8, 2006)

I think everyone should listen to the new Phoenix Bodies album, best release of this year. Seriously.

Old Dave Man Gloom Norman

Inspection12e (August 8, 2006)

Is it me or is that song that song linked in the review unlike anything on their previous ep.

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

"Thank god this trend is dying."


SlowStupidHungry (August 8, 2006)

Thank god this trend is dying.

Anonymous (August 8, 2006)

Terrible. Listen to Pig Destroyer's "Terrifyer" and thank me later.

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