Quicksand - Manic Compression (Cover Artwork)


Quicksand: Manic CompressionManic Compression (1995)
Island Records

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Contributed by: fatheadfathead
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'Ahead of it's time' is an understatement concerning this band. I am fully convinced that if this album came out in 1999 instead of '95, Quicksand, along with a little help from Tool, could have single-handedly save hard rock from it's recent demise into the dark clutches of rap-metal. Alas, it was .
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'Ahead of it's time' is an understatement concerning this band. I am fully convinced that if this album came out in 1999 instead of '95, Quicksand, along with a little help from Tool, could have single-handedly save hard rock from it's recent demise into the dark clutches of rap-metal. Alas, it was released in '95, got very little, if any, mainstream recognition, and the name Quicksand has nearly faded into obscurity, ocassionally resurfacing in mention of the members' new bands.

This album is 12 songs of dark, borderline depressing lyrics, and hard alt-rock that would probably be somehow considered emo-core nowdays. Heavy, crunching guitars are often complimented with a different, melodic guitar part to make the sound stand out among other acts of the time. The drumming is excellent as well, pounding harder than most thrash metal bands could think of. The vocals are not as you would expect them. Very little screaming or growling. Instead, he sings with an almost emo-sounding pitch. Quicksand's lyrics are downright sad if you read them without the company of the music.

    "Rain, it's rain again, rain down on my parade, I'm wrong,you're right, It's not what you would do, Walk one mile in these shoes."- East 3rd St.

Every song is unique in it's own way. Some are up tempo like 'Blister', while others like 'Landmine Spring' are meloncholy and slow through most. There really isn't a predictable moment on the album, which keeps it fresh everytime you pop it in your stereo.

I believe I heard one of the Beatles say something like this once;

    'We may not have been the most talented, or the most intricate of musicians, but even today, our songs sound new.'

Quicksand could say the same thing. This album is a must own, in my opinion, for any fan of heavy rock, emo, or metal. It can stretch into any one of those genres, and blow most of the competition away.


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Godfather (October 1, 2005)

fuck, i forgot to give them a score

Godfather (October 1, 2005)

um yeah, this album will rock your face off

Anonymous (November 22, 2004)

Eh, whatever...I can't get into this much. If you're not familiar, Quicksand play heavy, somewhat melodic mid-tempo post hardcore with really really slick production. Bass loud in the mix, perfect heavy guitar tone and crystal clear vocals. It sounds *great*, I'm not gonna lie. The mix on this album is amazing. Stylistically, elements of '88-style NYHC creep their way in all over the place, I definitely hear a couple nods of the mesh cap to bands like Heroin on here as well, but if I didn't know any better I'd just say they sound like a faster early Tool.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing either! I enjoy Tool! I enjoy Quicksand as well, but overall they fail to click with me. As for being "ahead of their time"? This band played Nu-Metal before it was unfortunately called that. Big deal. I also prefer the Quicksand EP and Slip album to this one, all of them are worth checking out.

Anonymous (April 5, 2004)

i'm currently listening to slip and think it's a step above manic compression, but it's still really cool that people remember this band. any mention of quicksand is good in my book. that's all.

Anonymous (December 8, 2002)

I hate you all. my email is jebus98@hotmail.com

Anonymous (November 20, 2001)

great, great album. im not so sure about rival schools though, the record didnt impress me. and to the gentleman who said that seaweed wouldnt exsist without quicksand...seaweed was around years before quicksand. circa 1989, biatch.

coldjuly (September 28, 2001)

Quicksand ruled, rival schools rules..fuckin great shit. The best is the quicksand EP for revelation...with the clay head or whatever..check out that one.

Anonymous (September 25, 2001)

awesome, thanks man.- fathead

maverick (September 25, 2001)

Fathead [and everyone else] -
I changed the link above to Quicksand.net. That is an insanely detailed fan webpage for the band which is updated frequently with the member's other projects. Check it out.


Anonymous (September 24, 2001)

I remember I ordered this cd in high school from bmg music club, for the main reason cause I heard they sounded like helmet. I had no clue they were a key band in the hardcore/punk scene...so young and naive*sigh*

Anonymous (September 24, 2001)

hey everyone, the website i supplied has nothing to do with the band,, i had to fill it in with something. yahoo.com has a little info on them in the music search dep., along with how you can get 3 of their albums. ok, rock on.- fathead

cos (September 23, 2001)

Rival Schools is the best thing so far this year

maverick (September 22, 2001)

This album is the fucking shit. Bands like Seaweed and Fireside would have no reason to exist had this band never fucking rocked out and inspired them. Walter's voice is insanely great, Sergio's bass is as crunchy as anyone's has ever been, and this band as a whole should live in infamy forever. And Rival Schools rocks, too.

Anonymous (September 22, 2001)

Quicksand is greatness.....as is the new band Rival Schools which is composed of members of CIV, Girilla Biscuits and Quicksand...if you liked Quicksand, you will like Rival Schools...."United By Fate" is one of the best albums of the year....go check it out...


Anonymous (September 22, 2001)

this is an awesome album, but I remember seeing the cover before and that's probably the only problem I have with this, that the cover looks so fucking stupid, but other than that it shreds.


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