Off with Their Heads - Hospitals (Cover Artwork)

Off with Their Heads

Off with Their Heads: HospitalsHospitals (2006)
Recess Records

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Contributed by: RedScareRedScare
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This is a good as it gets when it comes to a punk rock EP. 10/10, folks. Off with Their Heads' Hospitals EP was originally released as a 12" on Rock Bottom Wreckids out of Brooklyn, NY. The four-piece comes from Minneapolis, and sound -- get this -- a lot like and just as good as fellow Minnesot.
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This is a good as it gets when it comes to a punk rock EP. 10/10, folks.

Off with Their Heads' Hospitals EP was originally released as a 12" on Rock Bottom Wreckids out of Brooklyn, NY. The four-piece comes from Minneapolis, and sound -- get this -- a lot like and just as good as fellow Minnesotans, Dillinger Four. They're not a D4 clone, but they definitely share that gritty sound that you've come to expect from bands like the Arrivals, Toys That Kill, the Lawrence Arms, and much of what's released on No Idea Records. Like all the aforementioned bands, you can always trace something back to Screeching Weasel, and although we may be talking about bands with a "dirty" punk sound, OWTH couple that with some of the catchiest melodies I've heard all year.

Aside from the hooks, another notable feature on this release is the genuinely dark nature of the lyrics. You've heard that before about other droopy bands, but this is real struggle. Not songs about how hard it is to be in a band or about your girlfriend in the neighboring cul de sac. No sir. Off with Your Heads would rather sing about dead-end jobs, health problems, suicide, drug abuse, being ridiculed by your peers.you know, an average punker's life! If song titles like "Die Today" and "Your Child Is Dead" don't give you an idea of how cold the material is, the lyrics will. The last line on track 8 for example (which ironically happens to be one of the most sugary-sweet melodies on the EP) goes a little something like this: "I keep it simple, I love and trust my friends, but I'd rather be back in New York doing heroin again." Yikes. I'm guessing Aiden doesn't have songs like that?

I saw them play an amazing and hilarious house show in Oakland a few months ago and they were fucking great. They nailed all the back-ups and "whoa"s while frontman Ryan's rasp sounded perfect in that living room. I can't recommend them more. Don't take my word for it either -- two members of Dillinger Four have raved to me about Off with Their Heads, and that's all the endorsement you could ask for. Name-dropping and hometown biases aside, I put OWTH up there with a small crop of new bands that are both good and playing REAL punk rock. Bands like Dead to Me, Teenage Bottlerocket, and the Copyrights. When all the make-up washes away, I think we're still gonna have some decent punk rock music to look forward to and I think it's gonna come from these bands.

The record has since been released on CD by Recess Records, so not having a turntable is no longer an excuse. The band is also doing a fair amount of touring, so you should see 'em pronto.


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dlangl4 (July 22, 2009)

I completely agree. This is a 10/10 flawless fucking record.

PtvnSux94 (March 15, 2009)

I like this.......a lot.

scientistrock (June 11, 2008)

Oh, and yeah, perfection.

scientistrock (June 11, 2008)

Isn't Heroin in NYC track 7?

Sliced-T (June 9, 2008)

Mindz Blown!

This impressed the shit out of me.

rocktopus (August 5, 2007)

Yeah you're a fucking idiot............

Great CD.

Havenhurst (July 11, 2007)

Best CD I have ever put in my CD player and listened to and then took out and rubbed my nutsack all over it because that's the closest I will ever come to being able to have sex with this album. It's that good.

graphix (October 8, 2006)

Oh Hey! What is that you say? Fuck, you don't want to go to work today? You want to feel the sun shine on your face? Well let me tell you, it's ok, you shouldn't let anything get to you.

Ok ok, I hear what you're saying - you don't give a fuck about anything - and the future is bleak and only filled with misery and poverty. I understand this. Ok, fifteen years, you've made your point. We all wish we could turn the clock back 10 years. It's natural.

Whoa whoa whoa. I'm not saying I would, I'm just saying I understand. I understand, that you love me. And I love you.

And for the record - this album, my dear son, is perhaps the very thing that has kept me going these past few weeks. When I was in my deepest darkest dankest despair, Off with their heads swept into the scene and cleared my heart of sorrow.

So for the good of your soul - and the very essence your existence consumes, give this album a try. You won't be disappointed.

alamo (October 5, 2006)

fuck you you fikkin' asshole. the singer voice is great. it's better than great. it's like mel torme if he was fuckin' punk. what the fuck do you know anyway? what does your band sound like. fuck you get a life. fuck. fuckity fuck. you can eat shit.
off with their heads for ever.
i'll cut my own head off.

Anonymous (October 4, 2006)

Finally, this band is getting some well-deserved recognition. I love you guys.

Jonny Bomber

ilikepunkrock (October 4, 2006)

haven't heard many songs but from their myspace the singers voice just didn't really sound that great to me.

Anonymous (October 4, 2006)

Just ordered this shit rules.............

Anonymous (October 3, 2006)

These guys are fucking terrible. Have you ever seen them live? They cant even keep a lineup. That red headed bass player flops around like a trout, and the singer looks like a tool.

Anonymous (October 3, 2006)

Great dudes, great record, great live show. Give them your money and attention.

Anonymous (October 3, 2006)

Recess is sick. I love me some Toys That Kill


joeymagnet (October 3, 2006)

"not having a turntable is no longer an excuse"

it's never an acceptable excuse .

baseball (October 3, 2006)


RyanRockwell (October 3, 2006)

Good friends of ours and a great ep! That review and score is right on.

inagreendase (October 3, 2006)

I didn't realize I had this lying around until I recognized the cover art. Maybe I should give it another listen...

sickboi (October 3, 2006)

Good call Toby. This is definately my EP of the year right now...

Anonymous (October 3, 2006)

"Knowing Toby, I know he must wholeheartedly mean this score. He's a fucking music snob. And he has good taste."

Word, it's pretty f'n good.

"they suck. and i think ryan young just shit his pants."

hater. the end.

"flawless?? perfect??"

for an EP, maybe. EPs are easy though, but this is great.

Anonymous (October 3, 2006)

yep, this ep rules. glad to see it on here.

Anonymous (October 3, 2006)

they suck. and i think ryan young just shit his pants.

kidxdynamitexx (October 3, 2006)

i love this record.
i saw them last saturday at the Alamo house in Minneapolis. they were so fucking tight, i thought someone had just put the cd on. they kick so much ass.

Fuzzy (October 2, 2006)

Knowing Toby, I know he must wholeheartedly mean this score. He's a fucking music snob. And he has good taste.

Mute98 (October 2, 2006)

this EP is so damn good

but i dont agree that theyre one of a SMALL CROP of new bands playin great punk music, there are a good amount of new bands, but OWTH is easily one of the better ones

gladimnotemo (October 2, 2006)

I'm excited for the 7' on FASHIONABLE IDIOTS.

nocigar (October 2, 2006)

flawless?? perfect??

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