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Omission: The More You Want ItThe More You Want It (2006)
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Reviewer Rating: 3

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Fresh off a split with fellow Michigan natives Comrade Kilkin, Omission have brought their gritty punk rock back once again, this time for a full-length effort, one that really gives them ample opportunity to expound on the potential shown on that split. With exactly 60 minutes' worth of those oppor.

Fresh off a split with fellow Michigan natives Comrade Kilkin, Omission have brought their gritty punk rock back once again, this time for a full-length effort, one that really gives them ample opportunity to expound on the potential shown on that split. With exactly 60 minutes' worth of those opportunities on The More You Want It, this four-piece shows exactly why they deserve some recognition.

More than anything else, Omission succeed at laying a great rhythm down at the very base of the song. They recognize that rhythm is what everything else must be built from, and subsequently each song finds them one step ahead before the vocals even enter the picture. With gritty delivery and cascading riffs that pick up intensity by the minute, they constantly lay down a great foundation from which to build.

Take "Solitude Is My Only Attribute," a song that bursts out of the gate with some powerful chord progressions before settling into a very quick groove that stays throughout. Its quick rhythms like this that keep what could be a fairly mundane punk rock song interesting. That's not to say the rest of the band doesn't have merit, but with a record that just about eclipses the hour mark, things have to stay interesting somewhere. Luckily, what's lost in brevity is made up for in a constantly changing approach from the band's two guitarists.

Don't discount the vocalist, though, as he's able to keep the album pretty rough around the edges. His scruffy delivery is a welcome addition to the ruckus his bandmates are constantly creating. His delivery also goes through several transitions through the course of the album, anywhere from a more subdued singing to a borderline scream that amps up the volume a few notches and invites the bassist, guitarists, and drummer to do the same.

The one issue I do have with the record, as mentioned earlier, is it can grow to be a bit tiresome. An hour isn't exactly on the short side of things, especially not with this type of music, and I feel like some people may find it trying to listen to all 12 tracks in one sitting.

Regardless of minor qualms like that, I still do find a lot of promise in these guys, albeit they're still really trying to find their sound. Once they do, and once they trim a bit of the "fat," so to speak, I'll stand by my statement of this being a band to really look for.


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Anonymous (February 15, 2007)

you're both morons. but dude two posts below is way off. seriously? stoner doom metal? isis? are you shitting me?
ears checked bro. shitty bro punk? maybe, but i checked out the songs on the website too, i definitely hear some hardcore, and thrash-metal influences which makes it more interesting than the average punk band. but yeah, they are definitely based in the mid 90s epitaph sound.

elephantdwarf (February 15, 2007)

ummm.... uhhhhhh.... dude below me... did you just call this band "stoner doom metal with punk elements"? WTF!? i just listened to a song from that split on their website to see if they changed dramatically... but no... it still sounded like shitty bro punk. let me ask you this... HAVE YOU EVER HEARD DOOM OR STONER METAL? cause my guess is you haven't. and whoever told you they are like isis has fucked up ears.

SilentStorms (February 15, 2007)

I thought I'd be self indulgent. I bought that split with Comrade Kilkin two years ago and haven't listened to it since. Here was my pathetic and straightforward review of that cd:

"Comrade Kilkin would have made me jizz in my pants about 7 years ago. They have a very Strung Out punk/metal style that works well for them, but I have since (5 years ago) moved on.
As for Omission, that was why I bought the cd - because I had heard it was Isis-esque. It is ... and isn't. But mostly isn't. Mediocre stoner doom metal with some punk elements, as I think their instrumentals are great but the vocals could use some work. Anyways, an ok split at best. Nice artwork though!"

Score is for the split cd, as I haven't heard the full length, although I would like to hear it.

elephantdwarf (February 14, 2007)

if this is a gem in detroit punk rock i'll stay away from the rest of it. thanks...

Anonymous (February 13, 2007)

omission are a hidden gem of detroit punk. i saw these kids play at the 2500 club, totally blew me away. weird no one talks about them. heard they are breaking up though, sad.
long live the zombie cover.

elephantdwarf (February 13, 2007)


Anonymous (February 13, 2007)

I remember Taras Shellay from this band showing up on my doorstep at like 3am on a sunday night, drunk on Black Velvet whiskey and wearing tights for some reason. Taras, if you are reading this - I challenge you to a drink-off, you Ukranian bitch.

Love, Ken

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