NOFX - So Long and Thanks for All the (Cover Artwork)


NOFX: So Long and Thanks for All theSo Long and Thanks for All the (1997)
Epitaph Records

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Contributed by: HarveyHarvey
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Ahh, yes...the glory that is NOFX--the motley bunch. The ever imitated group of jimmies going over the hill, but still managing to pump out punk-rock splendor. Love em' or hate em', you gotta admit they are indeed the paradigm and founders of fat-style punk rock; this album displaying the former .
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Ahh, yes...the glory that is NOFX--the motley bunch. The ever imitated group of jimmies going over the hill, but still managing to pump out punk-rock splendor. Love em' or hate em', you gotta admit they are indeed the paradigm and founders of fat-style punk rock; this album displaying the former to the utmost.

Actually describing the album is completely futile, cause yours truly assumes that if you're on this site, you probably got and idea who these fellas are and what they sound like. If I'm wrong and your a newbie to music, I'll shoot the shit to give ya a taste of this classic slab of wax.

It's an amalgam of distorted guitars, whiney vocals, French lyricism, dope-smokin' reggae jams, alcohol-induced sing-alongs, a trumpeering Mexican, an homage to bing band jazz ala Herb Albert, insanity-laden drumming, Islam and Celibacy, patricide, Ketamine trips, and punk rock declaration. In short: a great way to pop your punk rock cherry, or just reminisce on the punk days of old.

This is the paradigm NOFX album, in your reviewer's humble opinion, and is well deserving of the immortal score of 5. Indeed a classic.


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majorthreat (October 29, 2011)

Quart in session is the only bad song

nicthekid220 (December 5, 2008)

the BEST!!!!
nice to hear a more hardcore sound too

GimmeLSD (April 24, 2008)

To whoever said that NOFX don't like this album, that is a complete lie. This is Fat Mike's personal favourite.

Anyways, this is my favourite record by NOFX - Punk In Drublic comes in second, of course.

lcfc (May 23, 2007)

I never thought so many people liked this album, its been my fave for years, but i dont know any Nofx fans to talk too, i always thought Punk in Drublic was a fave after seeing them, but this LP best one so far

randomhero323 (August 24, 2006)

best nofx album ever

nikko (October 19, 2005)

best nofx cd^_^

Anonymous (March 7, 2005)

This is defenetly the best nofx album. If people like nofx they have to like this one.

Anonymous (November 16, 2004)

sick cd!

Anonymous (October 19, 2004)

I yust think they are fuc**** great!! This is their best album ever!!!!

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

Stop say our opinion, the important it's to listen their Cd.

Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

lots of ska not their best but not worst

Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

lots of ska not their best but not worst

Anonymous (March 29, 2004)

This album is GREAT!! all Dutch People Like it!! (I think)

Anonymous (March 28, 2004)

Nofx are god and all of their album are good!!!

Anonymous (March 15, 2004)

I believe that even NOFX don't like this album - not great but you can't be great every time in the studio...so long

Anonymous (October 27, 2003)

This is a fuckin awesome CD. one of their best. all the songs are great especially the desperations gone, great song.

Anonymous (June 14, 2003)

I found it one of the best albums of nofx. They rock to hard !! by krikke182

Anonymous (May 8, 2003)

This is an alright album, but not "classic". There are some good songs on this CD, but too many bad ones. I also hate the sound of this CD. It sounds so fucking generic and processed, which in turn makes it sound poppier. I dunno, you might like it, might not.

Anonymous (May 7, 2003)

This album is just a NOFX album , there are no classic songs , excepted for Champs Elysees ( sorry , i'm French , so this song is just pretty cool for me to listen to ) . No classic songs , but all are of a really good quality , from Punk Rock Elite ( fuckin'good lyrics ) to the end , each song tells a story or makes you think , and I think that's what any good punk album should do . So , this is not the best NOFX album , far from it , but it's still NOFX , so it's better than hundreds of other punk records .

You agree ? You don't ? contact me at :

Anonymous (April 20, 2003)

Pretty cool album. Fun to listen to when skating or snowboarding.

baron_von_tito (April 18, 2003)

my first NOFX full length album. and what great lryics and sound. very good album

Anonymous (February 7, 2003)

i dont know why people think that this is a bd album cos it's short. and cos its got ska. maybe nofx wanted to try out different stuff. punk (distorted guitas, whiny lyrics, all that) gets boring n ska is the best way to go. mix the two and you have some good shit
hell of an album

M4CH1N3 (December 22, 2002)

Great music except for a couple songs, anyway this album is worth bying for the song "the desperation s gone" alone.
That's punk enough for me, whatever some might say

M4CH1N3 (December 3, 2002)

1st NOFX cd I listened to, I love it. Never had ska fitted punk rock so well.

bemused (September 25, 2002)

This was my first NOFX cd and one of my first punk cd's. I sat there after listening to it, not knowing what to think. It was good but shorter than I expected and it seemed to have these wierd filler songs. Well, I eventually fell in love with this and all their other stuff and through Nofx I was introduced to this wonderful style of music that is Punk Rock.

Anonymous (July 7, 2002)

This was my second NOFX album. For some reason most people dislike it. Whether the ska is too much for them or it seemed uninspired to them, i don't know, but i still love it from day one. It's right there with Punk In Drublic for me. Extremely powerful tunes, and often powerful lyrics give this a 9.

Anonymous (June 2, 2002)

This album rules.... Reminds me of how cool ska is combined with punk which is what nofx mainly did with this album.... And it has an operation ivy sound on some tracks....... In my opinion this is the second best nofx cd... First punk in drublic.

fakesmile (February 17, 2002)

great record, it even gets emotional without getting emo... to me that's a good thing....un comparable to white trash... that's why i'm givin' it a nine...

and mr potpourri... stop showin off your punkrock knowledge, you obviously don't know shit...

Anonymous (January 11, 2002)

just to clear up this comment:

"NOFX has had their songs played on the radio by the way, whoever said they didnt. Bottles to the Ground and Dinosaurs must die most recently."

NOFX gave some radio stations permission to play one song, "dinosaurs will die". which, for those that dont know, is a slap in their face considering the whole song tears apart the bullshit corporate music industry. but radio stations didnt like that song too much (for obvious reasons) and played a more palatable song from the album, bottles to the ground. when NOFX heard about this they got pissed and pulled all of it from the radio. and yes, nofx is punk as fuck, if not in sound then in attitude. good album too but not their best.

Anonymous (November 13, 2001)

I!C!O!U!L!D!N!"!T! A!G!R!E!E! M!O!R!E!!! H!E!Y!!! W!H!A!T!'!S! W!R!O!N!G! W!I!T!H! M!Y! C!O!M!P!U!T!E!R!?!?! Shit!! that took a long time

Anonymous (November 5, 2001)

i hate when people use exclamation marks where they're not supposed to be. it makes them look so gay. oh, and this a great album

Anonymous (October 30, 2001)

This is far from this bands best.
I'd suggest not waisting your hard earned money on this album.

Anonymous (October 30, 2001)

i wouldn't call nofx rockstars.

Anonymous (October 29, 2001)

NOFX have become rock stars now. Real lazy rock stars. They do make good music, this isn't their best, but they've made some great albums in the past.

Anonymous (October 29, 2001)

Second best NOFX cd ever to the decline. Heavy Petting zoo rock's and is fuckin great too. I don't want to hear about how this album isn't punk. It may be over produced, but it is still fast, rock'n music.

Anonymous (October 29, 2001)

i love NOFX, therefore i love this album as much as any other NOFX album, enough said :)

pat41 (October 28, 2001)

woops i gave it a 6

pat41 (October 28, 2001)

OK so some people suck at life, like lots of the people that commented here... NOFX isnt punk, ok dude whatever you say. NOFX is punk to the fullest, maybe now always in their music but definitley in attitude. This album isnt their best work, White Trash, 2 Heebs, and a bean is my favorite tied with Punk in Drublic. And NOFX has had their songs played on the radio by the way, whoever said they didnt. Bottles to the Ground and Dinosaurs must die most recently.

coldjuly (October 28, 2001)

I agree with the dude 2 posts down...NOFX is not the most-punk oriented band in the world, nor is this album. But then again, not many bands are anymore. I don't care It's all good music, Punk or not.

Anonymous (October 27, 2001)

I actually like Heavy Petting Zoo the most too, (to the guy at the bottom). I think that album is their best.

As in terms of people going off about not punk... NOFX is more punk than you. They pretty much created the "mall"punk sound and they do it really well. They haven't sold out to majors, they don't play their shit on the radio, and they've opened a door for god knows how many bands.

Grow up Punk is not a sound. Punk is an attitude and NOFX is punk. Fucks.

Anonymous (October 27, 2001)

All bands need to evolve. I wouldn't say this abum is punk as fuck. I don't think its even that good, I wouldn't say NOFX is the punkest band in the world either contrary to some peoples thughts. But the whole Old-school vs. new school thing has been said a million times already.

coldjuly (October 27, 2001)

To the guy below me: Punk isn't always going to stay how you want it to. Punk, like many other types of music has to evolve with time. It can't always be old-school you know.

Anonymous (October 27, 2001)

This is not punk as it's supposed to be! This is some smooth over-produced shit that reminds me more of blink 182 and the new JEW-album than real punk. What happened to the rawness punk is supposed to contain. Fuck new-school, old-school rocks!!

Anonymous (October 27, 2001)

just because you like something doesn't mean you have to give it a ten. does anyone review something they don't think is perfect?

Anonymous (October 26, 2001)

What can I say? NOFX is great. But yet... they seem only like a band for getting IN to punk. After you've gone and listened around, it gets a little harder to pop a NOFX record into the stereo. I really do like the music, but it just seems like I have to force myself to listen to it sometimes. Also, I would agree with Coldjuly that White Trash, 2 Heebs, 1 Bean (originally 2 Kikes and a Spic) is their best.

-Sr. Potpourri

oldpunker (October 26, 2001)

Once again people are using words like "classic" or "masterpiece" to desribe boring shit albums like this one from arguably the most overated band in music(and this sure as shit is not punk

Anonymous (October 26, 2001)

I love this CD

Anonymous (October 25, 2001)

this cd rocks

definatly one of nofx's best

Anonymous (October 25, 2001)

this was the worst review ever

Anonymous (October 25, 2001)

best nofx album hands down

AtomicGarden (October 25, 2001)

Not a bad album. Not my favorite from NOFX, but it's still high quality. heh.

MonosyllabicGirl (October 25, 2001)

its all about doing it for the fuck of it... .... doing not thinking.. sensation, not reflection

Anonymous (October 25, 2001)

When i first bought this album, it was the first NOFX album i had ever heard. That was a few years ago. Since then, I've purchased Punk in Drublic, and I enjoy them more and more each time I listen to them. This album is a great, raw, punk-rock album laced with stupid, yet funny humor, but the music still holds true to punk sound and punk attitude, unlike Blink, which is just a stupid pop band with distorted guitars. I think this is a great album, and I think the guy a few comments below me, who says they're not a punk band is wrong. 10 points for NOFX.

coldjuly (October 25, 2001)

Good album..."White trash, Two heebs and a bean" rules..their best one.

ETx310 (October 25, 2001)

Great record. And yes, I do consider this to be a "punk" album.

Anonymous (October 25, 2001)

This and the decline are two of the best albums they done!! in my opinion altough all there albums are good yes (even there older stuff) they never seem to fail. They may not be Gods of punk or anything, but they are one of better and long lasting ones around... but so long thats for the shoes a very nice diverse cd and its always been around my cd player!

Anonymous (October 25, 2001)

Good album, I actaully grew tired of it after a while, I wouldn't say it's their best, but it's good indeed.

sXe_nick (October 25, 2001)

i love this cd. it was one of the first i bought. before that i just listened to his. This cd is really good. but for all of you who hate ska, it does have some ska. I love ska so i like the ska songs. this cd makes me happy. so does boy sets fire.

Anonymous (October 25, 2001)

One of my favorite NOFX album. Fat Mike's are fucking when he's serious. Also, the guitar the guitar playing is awesome. The best songs are Kids of the K-Hole, 180 degrees and All outta angst.

rightclique (October 25, 2001)

considering that they're a novelty comedy, band they still make a lot of shitty music.. i'd like them a lot better without all the stupid immature blink 182 style jokes. obviously they were doing stupid immature jokes long before blink 182, but the jokes are just as bad or worse. i like nofx more serious songs, or at least the ones that are't incredibly stupid (my vagina, to name one).. they have a good sound, but truthfully, at least half of their songs can't be called punk rock. and pretty much every band on fat wreckc chords sucks anyway. most of them aren't even punk, but since most people on this site have lost site of what punk really is, i guess thats just the way it goes...

Anonymous (October 25, 2001)

It's a great album indeed, but I actually enjoy Heavy Petting Zoo the most. I think I'm the only one on earth that does so, but eh, ya know.

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