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Crime in Stereo

Crime in Stereo: Is DeadIs Dead (2007)
Bridge Nine Records

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"CRIME IN STEREO IS DEAD." That is all it says against the virtually pitch black background on the quintet's new Bridge 9 release. That ominous album cover can very easily sum up a fair share of attitude towards Is Dead. The melodic hardcore beast Crime in Stereo that everyone knew isn't looking lik.
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"CRIME IN STEREO IS DEAD." That is all it says against the virtually pitch black background on the quintet's new Bridge 9 release. That ominous album cover can very easily sum up a fair share of attitude towards Is Dead. The melodic hardcore beast Crime in Stereo that everyone knew isn't looking like it used to.

Hardcore, and any of its subgenres, are a safe bet when it comes to a new release. There is only so much that can be done, and when certain bands try to expand the boundaries, they are met with a generally negative reception or the clich√© defense of releasing something "way ahead of its time." Is Dead is neither of these. More so, Crime in Stereo has taken a few departures from the gang vocals, speed-influenced riffs and the breakdowns and replaced it with even more melodies, a more accessible sound and a more diverse set of songs. Not to say that Is Dead doesn't have its hardcore moments. "XXXX (The First 1000 Years of Solitude)" plays under warped guitars that suggest desperation relevant to the song title, driven by speed and energy. "‚?¶But You Are Vast" take the melodic route reminiscent of much of the material that was on The Troubled Stateside.

Crime in Stereo experiments wildly throughout the album, though. This is no more evident then the distortion-ridden "Unfortunate Tourists," which adopts that oh-so-hard to identify ‚??post-hardcore' sound. If you weren't sure what Is Dead entailed, it is right at the beginning of this song that you can officially mark down the death of Crime in Stereo as a strictly melodic hardcore band.

Is Dead is by no means an easy listen the first time around. But that is because Crime in Stereo shatters the preconceived notions of what the new hardcore effort would sound like. The band has flexed its musical chops and the result is something new and something good. For some people, Crime in Stereo Is Dead is as true a statement as they come. For those that are willing to give it a shot, Crime in Stereo looks far from dead -- they're just truly starting.


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xBro-magx (March 13, 2009)

Its my least favorite out of all they released.. but its still a good album. Nothing will ever come close to The Troubled Stateside

johnnydanger (July 31, 2008)


Tangy (March 19, 2008)

So fucking amazing. Daaaaamn.

GlassPipeMurder (February 19, 2008)

"Small Skeletal" sounds like the Faint.

scarysmurf (December 26, 2007)

the first 5 songs are really good..album drops off after that

cassie9 (December 7, 2007)

I never really heard of Crime In Stereo until there newest cd had come out and I have to say I am now a fan!

jt (December 1, 2007)

not a bad experimental album at all, but The Troubled Stateside is better.

INDW (November 23, 2007)

Not a fan.

fattony (November 16, 2007)

Never really liked these guys, but this album is pretty rad. Might have to check out their older stuff (though from the other comments, it's pretty different from this).

FrankFF (November 7, 2007)

The sound is quite far from The Troubled Stateside, and overall Is Dead doesn't share the absolute awesomeness of the previous record, bit still i like what CiS did on this one. I'm surprised but not disappointed. However Modern Talking called about "Small Skeletal", they want their synth back. (Yet, even this has something appealing.)

martinnz09 (November 5, 2007)

I am just finishing my first full listen through and although it is very different I like it. Sure it doiesn't hit like Troubled State but it definately have that sound of an album that I am sure will grow on me and be one of my all time favourite releases

xjustmyluckx (November 5, 2007)

I loved that last CIS CD and was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately I was extremely let down. Not that this is really a bad album, because I do enjoy when bands try to do something different, its just that it seems they didnt really try to do something different as much as they tried to sound like Brand New.

Seriously, whenever I have my itunes or ipod going and their new CD comes on I wonder which Brand New song Im listening to. Ive tried giving this album a shot about 6 different times now and just cant get into it.

Maybe in the long run this is a step in the right direction but for now it sounds like they are trying too hard to emulate a band that broke its own musical boundaries.

crazytoledo (November 4, 2007)

Im liking the new album.

I find it a bit funny that they've basically followed a similar kind of progression that Brand New did on their three full lengths, except they did the melodic hardcore version of it.

Haha, I love this band.

nouse4ascnname00 (November 4, 2007)

I loved their last record and have been creeping into this new record but I can't help think of Taking Back Sunday when I hear it.

thatsyouth (November 4, 2007)

that is a pretty horrible album cover. but still good music

minutemen (November 3, 2007)

"Yo Crime in Stereo, you better be extremely fucking cautious about who you talk shit about"
That's what the answering machine said

chickswithdicks (November 1, 2007)

when can we expect the crime in stereo are fucking dead remix?

johnnydanger (November 1, 2007)


usversusthem (October 31, 2007)

Score is for a band naming their CD "Crime in Stereo is Dead" and then having such a terrible album cover.

F_Ward (October 31, 2007)

"playing the spoiler...NOT THAT GOOD!!!"

Correction: "ALWAYS playing the spoiler..."

I have yet to get this, but I will. I absolutely adore The Troubled Stateside.

baseball (October 31, 2007)

quite a departure

very good still, but it's definitely a whole album kind of listen...single tracks don't stand as well on their own

solid all around with a lot of replay value

insinceredave (October 31, 2007)

Great cd

Crime in Stereo does indeed live

dougkatz (October 31, 2007)

Amazing record.

danperrone (October 31, 2007)

playing the spoiler...NOT THAT GOOD!!!

maverick (October 31, 2007)

This record is totally sick -- definitely in my top 20 for the year, and probably my top 10. Never liked their older stuff, but ape Brand New and bam! I'm your new biggest fan.


SloaneDaley (October 31, 2007)

I think the dude meant Violent Minds mayhap?

does Choke come off as Dear You-ish at times to anyone else?

jamespastepunk (October 30, 2007)

I listened to a few samples and they kind of remind me of Negative Approach.

Really? Because this sounds nothing to me like Negative Approach.

This disc kills and crushes everything released on Bridge Nine and Deathwish Inc this year not called Prepare to Be Let Down..

victim (October 30, 2007)

If you want a hardcore record this year pick up the Violent Minds record on Deranged.

I listened to a few samples and they kind of remind me of Negative Approach. The production too (lol)

salsashark (October 30, 2007)

I adore this album, even if its incredibly depressing (Odd considering CiS usually hypes me up). "Choker" and "Animal Pharm" are gold.

llmp (October 30, 2007)

Something about Crime In Stereo has always seemed a little off to me. But with this album they finally seemed to have found the sound they were meant to make.

NotPatriotic (October 30, 2007)

This is a very interesting record. I guess I would call the band alternative, not really hardcore at all. If you want a hardcore record this year pick up the Violent Minds record on Deranged. This album is pretty good, way better than the Saves the Day album reviewed above this review.

SloaneDaley (October 30, 2007)

What i think is unique about this record is while melodic hardcore bands can get more poppy and cease to be hardcore at all (bands like The Movielife and Saves the Day), CIS has foudn away to explore melody in a more rich and interesting way while maintaining some hardcore sensibility and not becomeing outright pop exactly.

robyourselfblind (October 30, 2007)

Ill also hafta say this album is up with my top albums of the year. I think its a race between them and The Gaslight Anthem.

Great change of pace for this band. Its a totally different band, but at the same time, its oh-so Crime In Stereo.

LooseKanonYankee (October 30, 2007)

I could also do without the falsetto they do sometimes, not feelin it

SloaneDaley (October 30, 2007)

I've only listened to the album a few times now but wow I think it is leaps and bounds better than the last album which kind of was a disappointment.

sillygirlrecords (October 30, 2007)

I guess i'll give this a shot, I have tons of respect for the label.Not a big fan of the band though..

TheMarc (October 30, 2007)

Awesome transformation. Top 10 of the year, probably!

ramo (October 30, 2007)

It's a grower and if you just let it sink in, "...Is Dead" will captivate you. And sure the "Deja Entendu" comparisons will fly around the woodworks. But in all honsesty, is that really a bad thing?

By far their best album released and will probably hold a position in the top 3 for my year end list. It's that f'n great.

coldwaffles (October 30, 2007)

5 star album. Classic.

canaandrumzz (October 30, 2007)

This album went down very easily for me. One of my tops for the album of the year. I kinda agree with the guy who said the lyrics aren't quite as good. But with time that'll clear up since the quality of the music more than makes up for it.

Adam_K (October 30, 2007)

This review blows.

This record does not. Best of the year.

bryne (October 30, 2007)

Totally unexpected, but really fucking good.

BJR (October 30, 2007)

I agree with you Alex (Revenge Therapy), definetly in my top 5 at least.

R3vengeTherapy (October 30, 2007)

This is what an "Album of the Year" should sound like. Very easily one of, if not the best, releases this year.

LooseKanonYankee (October 30, 2007)

I really hope this grows on me. Lyrically I dont think its as strong as Stateside, that album is just so cohesive.

inagreendase (October 30, 2007)

As much as Crime in Stereo have essentially adapted to a melodic hardcore interpretation of Brand New, I love this thing to death -- plus there's spots on this that are wholly theirs. Absolutely brilliant album.

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