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Blink-182: The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!)The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) (2000)
Universal Music Group

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Contributed by: fallingupwards84fallingupwards84
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If you're a small person, the front is not the best view. And if you hate seeing shitty bands, any of this is not a good view. This whole, everything, every seat here. I was sixteen when Blink-182 released their first and, what turned out to be, last live album. Back then, if you liked Blink you we.

If you're a small person, the front is not the best view. And if you hate seeing shitty bands, any of this is not a good view. This whole, everything, every seat here.
I was sixteen when Blink-182 released their first and, what turned out to be, last live album. Back then, if you liked Blink you were picked on mercilessly by all the "punks" at school -- I just remember thinking Enema of the State and Dude Ranch were the greatest albums ever and not giving a fuck what that kid in the Dead Kennedys shirt said. Now in 2007, in a day dominated by Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, all of a sudden Blink doesn't even seem that bad anymore to the punk community. They're recognized as a pop-punk band that many listened to before discovering other punk bands. Personally, if my friend had never let me borrow that Blink CD back in high school, I most likely never would have even been exposed to this style of music in the first place. So for that, I'm thankful. Even if Tom DeLonge is a joke now.

Now for the album. Released at the height of their popularity, the song selection naturally favored the multi-platinum Enema of the State. In fact, it so favors that album that the first five real songs (unless you count the hilarious "Family Reunion") are the first five songs from Enema. This is a disappointment and takes a lot away from the album, although the sped-up and energetic "Dumpweed" and "Don't Leave Me" are fantastic openers. Unfortunately, "Aliens Exist" and "Going Away to College" are quite unexciting in a live setting and by track six you're starting to get a little bored.

The album really starts to pick up, however, when they dive into the batch of Dude Ranch songs. "Dick Lips," "Untitled," "Voyeur" and "Pathetic" are all showcased here, although "Josie" is mysteriously left out. The general consensus among Blink fans seems to be that Dude Ranch is their greatest album, so naturally this stretch of the live album is also going to be its strength. Of course, a common complaint of this live album is the fact that only five of the nineteen songs were chosen from Dude Ranch, which is certainly a valid criticism that I agree with.

Mark and Tom's chemistry on stage in between songs is fantastic; the jokes are extremely juvenile and immature, but that was the point and they're still funny even today. The last 29 tracks on the album, in fact, are nothing but twenty-second clips of jokes and is arguably one of the greatest parts of the album (although the Satan jokes get old very quickly). It's amazing to listen to today and know that Mark and Tom hate each other and are taking music way too seriously now.

Overall, this a decent live release. Not the best ever -- NOFX, Reel Big Fish, MxPx and the Descendents have all released far superior live albums. It would have been better if they mixed the Enema and Dude Ranch tracks together instead of isolating them into two distinct parts of the album. Also desperately missing are songs from Cheshire Cat; only two are represented. Despite these flaws, however, The Mark, Tom and Travis Show is still a fun album between the jokes and the songs that are represented; the bonus track, "Man Overboard" emerged as a fan favorite after this release.

So will Blink ever get back together for a reunion tour when the cash starts running low? Probably, so don't worry if you never got to see these guys live. In the meantime, pick this album up on eBay -- it was a limited release, so you probably won't find it in stores.


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punkkim (October 12, 2010)

Blink is my all time, hands down favourite band ever! and always has been
funny as shit but just as amazing as all their other albums

literamaniac (September 8, 2010)

On the real, I love the song "Man Overboard" and I barely even like Blink...

CBSrocksteady (March 20, 2008)

One of the greatest live albums ever. They make the Enema songs sound 10x better. Great Great Great. I give it a 10.

DeadMilkMan (November 28, 2007)

Honestly, I love this album. I listened to it for the first time in like three years because of this review and nostalgia ensued.

moneenerd (November 26, 2007)

"Put those boobies away!"

"Hey Mark!"

i dont mind this album. Enema sucked, for me, but Dude Ranch was definately an influence on the musical tastes that I developed. i, too, was sorta picked on by the kids in the DK shirts (who ended up being mindless cash grabbers in the end) who i see now in their 20's with no jobs, dating 16 year old high school girls.

treos (November 26, 2007)

score is for the review ...blah

necktattoo (November 26, 2007)

i went to this tour. not one kid there paid attention to bad religion and nobody knew any songs pre-enema.

WilliamHowardTaft (November 26, 2007)

i love this. soooo much.

"you will be fine you fucking asshole waaaaaahooooooo"

Branden (November 26, 2007)

i consider blink as pretty good. but i definitely grew out of them. enema was the biggest disappointment of my preteen life. i thought that album sucked. still kinda do. i dont think it's all that unfair to stop listening to a band if they dont keep putting out good material. nothing after dude ranch is anything more than a 6.

punk_rawk_show (November 26, 2007)

I will admit i never grew out of them. Although in saying that, I am pretty young, I still crank them on every single day, best pop-punk ever in my opinion. I dont see why you would be ashamed to like them

R3vengeTherapy (November 25, 2007)

Though they may have been the worst live band to ever sell out stadiums, this record is entertaining. I still enjoy blink to this day, and even though the jokes are about as immature as they come, I still can't help but smile at some of the banter between songs. "Man Overboard" is one of blink's greatest tracks.

ryanrockwell (November 25, 2007)

is anybody here not to cool to say they likes this in seventh grade and grew out of it? blink was awesome and still is and has made alot of great songs, I'd rather someone just think they suck period than say they used to like it, I can only imagine what amazing music you people that "grew out of this' listen to now.

miff (November 25, 2007)

where do you live! round me pretty much any any CD shops that are still open rarely sell anything for less than £10

ryanonthembta (November 25, 2007)

Honestly, maybe the best live album I've ever heard. I can recite the jokes line for line.

Scruffy (November 25, 2007)

I'm sure with independent labels it varies. Bad Religion's Tested was great because it was not recorded like that at all. They carried a recording rig around Europe on a 60 day tour and used the best tracks from the tour for their live album. Any crowd noise came in through the stage mics. It's a pretty rad album.

brangelina (November 25, 2007)

Funny, we just bumped this in the van yesterday. This album rules, and I feel real lucky to have been at the tour this recording came from. It was my first concert/show/whatever ever and it's like Geffen decided to immortalize my 14 year old moment-in-history by releasing an album of it. Totally stoke-provoking.

Edia_Ave (November 25, 2007)

(talking to the people below) what about bands on large independent labels...such as fat? are the NOFX, Lagwagon, and Against Me! live albums also overdubbed like other releases from major labels? and do they just do that to make the production sound better? i'm just curious because this is the 1st ive heard of such jibba jabba.

Matthew330 (November 24, 2007)

Those dudes made it sound like it was a studio record with live noise.

I know live records are lies. Reel Big Fish totally admitted to it on their last record.

Scruffy (November 24, 2007)

The large majority of live records by highly successful bands are recorded live with a bunch of microphones on the crowd as well. Then, the band goes back into the studio and "fixes" all the mistakes. Most live records, this one included are half studio overdubs. The only thing truly live about them is the crowd reaction and stage banter.

Matthew330 (November 24, 2007)

This is the first time I've heard this isn't really a live record.

Any truth to this or just Internet crap?

someone138 (November 24, 2007)

Wow, I feel old , I was 22 when this came out and although I can't say I didn't like them when they first came out (Cheshire Cat is still a great record to me) this was pretty bad, but not as bad as their two bands today.

salsashark (November 24, 2007)

Blink is still my nostalgia fix. This band was always so much fun.

And my first show to boot.

Scruffy (November 24, 2007)

So, did anyone else NOT grow out of Blink-182. Band is amazing. If they'd never made it huge, they be talked about as godfathers of pop-punk.

But Take Off Your Pants still sucked.

skankbook (November 24, 2007)

I remember going to pick this album up the week it came out back in 9th grade. At the time, blink-182 was my all time favorite band, and I thought this shit was classic.

Here I am 7 years later, and I still listen to this album two or three times a year. My friends and I find ourselves still quoting some of the lame jokes (such as "You can leave now and beat the traffic or stick here and beat your meat"), and it makes for a good road trip sing along album. Yeah, it's blink-182, but I wouldn't be into the bands I am today if it weren't for them.

Score is for an album that somehow has stood the test of time for me.

tlo (November 23, 2007)

It's not a bad album, the jokes were funny when it came out, when I was...15, but they're just so immature and brainless I can't really get anything out of it anymore. For an album that was 75% recorded in studio, it's pretty good. Agreed about the song selection, but as mentioned they were still riding the Enema wave (what? lol), so, they probably sold a lot more than they would have if it had more dude ranch/cheshire (even tho it would've been way better)...

If and when they do reunite, I'm hoping that they play Less Than Jake-esque shows like their tour with RBF this past summer - where they had a Price is Right gimmick going and spun the wheel with all their albums on it, and whichever it landed on they played. But DeLonge is probably too pretentious to do something so cool.

Phantom_Maggot (November 23, 2007)

I was already getting out of my Blink 182 phase by the time this album was released (I was getting REALLY into Very Proud of Ya by AFI), but I appreciate this review. My freshman year of high school consisted a lot of Dude Ranch, White Trash, and Misfits....good times for sure. Thanks for reminding us that Blink 182 was something we might look back at cringe at, on some occasions, but a for a few years there, they were the right band at the right time.

Branden (November 23, 2007)

i got into blink 182 when i was 11, pretty much right when dude ranch came out(thanks to 12 angry viewers on mtv hahaha). by the age of 12 i had that stomping rabbit t shirt and nobody in the 7th grade knew what the fuck it was.

Shroom (November 23, 2007)

Hmm, there shouldn't be any need to go to ebay and pay the ridiculous prices, this cd was definetely re=released a year or two ago, it goes pretty cheapthese days. I think my local store has it for £7

GlassPipeMurder (November 23, 2007)

Back then, if you liked Blink you were picked on mercilessly by all the "punks" at school

at my school, if you listened to Blink 182, you were the punks at school

damnitsderek (November 23, 2007)

I was never a huge blink fan, but I really enjoyed this record when it came out. Being fifteen, the fucking-my-sister jokes tickled my fancy.

hubitcherkokov (November 23, 2007)

I loaded this album onto my itunes about a year and a half ago and I just listened to it because of this review. You're right, the Satan joke is pretty lame, as is most of the between song banter, but overall it's a pretty good release. It also reminded me of how much I like "Enema of the State."

video_cognito (November 23, 2007)

It's mostly Enema songs because they were touring in support of it when they compiled this live collection.

Torgo (November 23, 2007)

I think you should have mentioned how it's not really live, just the drumming and the talking between songs.

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