Mephiskapheles - God Bless Satan (Cover Artwork)


Mephiskapheles: God Bless SatanGod Bless Satan (1995)
Moon Ska

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Contributed by: JoKe2KJoKe2K
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New York style ska. Satanism. Bumble Bee tuna. It's little things in life like these that make my tummy happy. Combined you recieve a lethal dose of the Mephiskapheles, a satanic ska band from the spooky streets of NYC. Sadly as you read this, these tenebrous souls have unfortunately broke u.
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New York style ska. Satanism. Bumble Bee tuna. It's little things in life like these that make my tummy happy.

Combined you recieve a lethal dose of the Mephiskapheles, a satanic ska band from the spooky streets of NYC. Sadly as you read this, these tenebrous souls have unfortunately broke up. Future projects are unbeknownst to me, but I did recieve a letter from the head grotto master of the Church of Satan's Man In Black grotto of NYC, Andres Shellinger (of the oi! band the Press) and he states that the next project from these guys will most definately another satanic one. So, back to this LP. God Bless Satan is their first effort and a remarkable one at that. Jazzy lounge ska and spooky organ lace this release with a unique sound that could catch your eye even if they didn't have their infamous schtick. The Nubian Nightmare's voice is remarkably unique but still nothing too out of the ordinary. Sometimes he sounds like something out of an Izuzu commercial but you still have a good time, especially when you find yourself singing to favorites like "Bad John", "Doomsday" and "Eskamo". Okay,okay isn't this a punk web site? Well after two more LP's the Mephiskapheles experimented a little more towards ska-core, or hardcore, if you may. Either way this is one of the better ska albums to ever come out of NYC.

So if you don't like this album you don't like ska. A must for Billy Graham fans worldwide. Not for fundamentalists.

Hail Satan!



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Anonymous (December 17, 2002)

hip-hip-hip-hip -- This CD inspired a lot of artists. And they put on a kiziller live show, baby. I saw them play in POughkeepsie -- DAMN good stuff.

sXe_nick (December 12, 2001)

This cd is great. My bolognie has a first name it is S-A-T-A-N! fuck yeah. how can you not like this cd. it is amazing, better than most metal. oh and Anal Cunt sucks a lot just to let you know.

Anonymous (November 20, 2001)

hell ya, and then i looked at you and behind you was Jesus standing there with his middle finger up. The weird thing was is that he was naked and his cock was surprising small. You would think he would have a huge one.

Anonymous (November 19, 2001)

so like I was saying... I was flying through the air and all of a sudden... the skateboard fell off my feet.. then it floated vertical.. and I landed on it cock first!! I screamed out JESUS!! and started doddling my balls to make sure they weren't bleeding. Thompson was there.

CallingLondon (November 17, 2001)

wait a minute...on the op ivy, winnie was saying how great the band is, and if anyone says a bad thing about them, they should be banned from buying another punk cd, and now on this review, he's saying ska sucks and you should be into metal. what the fuck? go away winnie.

Anarchy_Adam (November 15, 2001)

eyehategod is a band that has toured with pantera a bunch. Some of the members were in a band called "down" with the singer as well as members of C.O.C. and Crowbar. But seriously, what does pantera have to do with anything? This is a review for Mephiskapheles. Hail... Something?

OedipusWrecks (November 13, 2001)

Dude, they are so fucking trying to make a statement. Listen to their lyrics, it's all about how god forgives all if you truly believe, they're just demonstrating that, man. Why have you got to be all anti-Christian anyway? Pantera never attacked you religion. Asshole...

-Eddie W.

Anonymous (November 13, 2001)

I doubt there christian, but they were a glam band, I'm talking full out makeup, leather, spandex, big hair glam.
It's kind of bullshit about how much they say their the kings of metal.

Anonymous (November 13, 2001)

ummm...i saw pantera recently, and phil was wearing an "eye hate god" shirt. how is that christian?

ColdJuly (November 12, 2001)

I go to church with Dimebag.

OedipusWrecks (November 12, 2001)

Dude, they're fucking Christian as hell. Two of them went to Catholic school and that's where they met and started the band, the drummer was raised Christian Scientist and decided he didn't believe, but then when he hit seventeen he was in this crazy freak accident with his aunt and she died right infront of him, real gross. Soup everywhere. Anyway, he became a Born Again and then he met the rest of Pantera etc. etc. and they lived happily ever after...

-Eddie W.

Anonymous (November 12, 2001)

pantera is about as christian as satan himself....

sickboi (November 12, 2001)

Maybe I've missed something, but is Pantera a christian band? I've been drowned in my own ignorance over many issues but I've never been aware of that....hmm.

Anonymous (November 12, 2001)

oh and Winnie..your not "pissing any posers of" you coming off as one your self...get a life dude...

CallingLondon (November 12, 2001)

haha, is that true? i had no idea they used to be glam. As i said i'm not in to metal at all, so don't try and give me shit, but if that's true, it's pretty funny.

Anonymous (November 11, 2001)

eh, ok music, but certainly not even close to the best ska to come out of NY.

Anonymous (November 11, 2001)

Ha! Whoever said Mayhem and Emperor is one cool dude. I hope you have fun listening to your fantasy racist bullshit "metal." Most every metal band mentioned below is lame. A bunch of racist fucks, half of which used to dress up in spandex and make-up during the 80's, but changed once it was uncool. Like Pantera. I do like some of Panteras music, but come on, all they do is bitch about trends and a little more than 10 years ago they were posterboy glam, even the guitarist changed his name from Diamond to Dimebag to look cool. Then they all wore flannel in the early 90's, and now they're just as generic as all the other metal bands ou there. Fuck that shit.

As for Mephiskapheles, a great NYC ska band, but no where near Choking Victim.

Anonymous (November 11, 2001)

the post below this is ridiculous. i hope nobody actually took the time to read it. god bless mom's apple pie.

WinstonFeatherby (November 11, 2001)

I'm on this website just to piss you posers off. AND ITS WORKING! HELLO!!


CallingLondon (November 10, 2001)

whatever, i'm far from being a metalhead, and i'm far from wanting to be a metalhead, but Pantera is 20 times better than most metal bands out there. Winnie, if you're such a big metalhead, why are you on a punk site? Punks and Metalheads don't generally mix.

moldy (November 10, 2001)

you know here not a real metalhead if hes on a punk website

OedipusWrecks (November 10, 2001)

Sickboi- The only way pantera could kick a band's ass is if the other band was tied to something, knocked out, and if pantera had a blow torch. I am so tired of all Pantera's bullshit. That's what i can't stand about all these Christian punk bands, they sit there and shove god down your throat and try to be hardcore.I don't have a problem with God or Christianity, but I never forced atheism upon them in my music. Why do they have to be such dicks...

-Eddie W.

Anonymous (November 9, 2001)

"pantera isnt metal. theyre pop. thats why all you boners heard about them on the radio. if you think they're heavy, then you have no idea....i pity you.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA that was the most pathetic attempt at a comeback that I have ever seen...get a life dude, phil alsemo(sp?)has more metal in his shit than you will ever have in your life....sad when I have to defend pantera in a punk forum...

WinstonFeatherby (November 9, 2001)

pantera isnt metal. theyre pop. thats why all you boners heard about them on the radio. if you think they're heavy, then you have no idea....i pity you.


sickboi (November 9, 2001)

That last comment gets a 10.

I think Pantera could kick ANY bands ass. They are some tough dudes.

Anonymous (November 9, 2001)

"...Emperor, Mayhem, Eighteen Visions..."

umm whatever don't eeeeven try to put 18 visions wack asses in with some real metal bands, and quit tring to act like a "real" metalhead, your just some dumb hardcore kid who found out that metal is "cool" and decided to namedrop some bands on a punk rock website...a real metal head is some goofy lookin kid who you made fun of for wearing a pantera shirt on your way to that earth crisis show....give it up.

WinstonFeatherby (November 9, 2001)

You guys like satan? Why don't you put away for two-toned, suspender-wearing ska crap and sink your clenched fist into a vat of real bloody metal. Put down your imaginary 'trombone,' quit acting like a moron in the 'skank pit' and go check out reeeeal heavy shit. Try out Discordance Axis, Emperor, Mayhem, Eighteen Visions, Undying, Arkangel, Martyr A.D., or NILE!! Hell yeah, you'll feel your goddamn throat being torn to bits as you suffer under the utter insanity that is the modern underground metal scene! HEY MEPHISKAPHELES!! Quit posing and fess up to the fact that you aren'y satanists at all. You're all BAPTISTS!! And you're ska, so you suck by default. Ska sucks.


Anonymous (November 8, 2001)

They haven't broken up, but the band that calls themselves mephiskapheles aren't the same band that put this album out. The current mephiskapheles contains one original member. He fires the rest of the band, and reformed it from scratch. The new mephiskapheles is horrible. The new album is one of the sorriest excuses for a release that I have ever heard. It definately shouldn't have used the mephiskapheles name. On the other hand, this is one of the best ska album's I've ever heard. I never get tired of it. Mephiskapheles may not have broken up, but they really should.

Anonymous (November 8, 2001)

...get the facts straight before saying such dumb things

Anonymous (November 8, 2001)

Awww! Well that title's just so darn cute!

sickboi (November 8, 2001)

This album is good.

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