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Punknews.org is staffed by volunteers, writing when they have time and largely of their own individual motivations. There is no editorial mandate here, no bands that we collectively plan coverage of, and likewise none that we collectively plan to praise or pan in reviews. It's fitting then that this overall site list is first seen by most of the editors when the public sees it.

Thus this overall list is determined entirely by math, scoring the albums on the individual writers' lists and running the totals. Sometimes these equations lead to some unexpected results. Last year's number one album surprised even most of the staff, so we're hoping our re-tooled equations have provided a more representative list. Looking over this year's results we believe you'll find nice cross-section of the tastes of the Punknews editors and reviewers.

Of course the real meat of our yearly retrospective can be found in the individual staffers lists. Make sure to check them out.

Without further ado...

Punknews.org's Top 20 Albums of 2007

#20. Tegan And Sara - The Con
July 24 on Sire Records
I'm amazed at this band's appeal. I'm not even really surprised anymore when I hear their praises from people who otherwise dine exclusively on the manliest of manly hardcore. It's not hard to see why the sisters Quin have gained so many accolades, as their knack for stringing together deceptively simple yet razor sharp pop hooks is second to none. (Adam)
#19. Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere in the Between
November 13 on Victory Records
There were a few ska discs that made me get out my skanking shoes this year, but none hit me quite as hard as Somewhere in the Between. A natural progression from Everything Goes Numb, this disc's 10 songs cover a lot of ground and manage to provide some of the best sing-along moments of 2007. (DarrenMcLeod)
TIE - #17. Fake Problems - How Far Our Bodies Go
April 24 on Sabot Productions
To be perfectly honest, it took a little while for me to really get into How Far Our Bodies Go. Fake Problems' first full-length effort sounds as though it was crafted by a band as excited as they were anxious to get an album out from under their belts. However, I now believe that my initial hesitation comes from being exposed to the band truly being themselves for the first time and writing the record they wanted to write. After taking some time to settle, How Far Our Bodies Go has proved to be quite the little gem. (Ben)
Joel Plaskett Emergency
TIE - #17. Joel Plaskett Emergency - Ashtray Rock
May 1 on MapleMusic
Last year Halifax indie rocker Joel Plaskett released three songs on an EP included with his Make A Little Noise DVD. Each was an absolute classic -- and they promised something anthemic and mighty on the next full-length. Ashtray Rock isn't what I imagined at all: It's something with much more heart. The album's narrative follows a pair of friends in a high school rock band as their relationship shatters over a girl. It's remarkably fun and playful at times yet strikingly poignant at others... (Adam)
TIE - #15. The National - Boxer
May 22 on Beggars Banquet
Yes, this is probably the most obvious indie rock pick a guy could place in his top 5. But there's a reason that every hipster this side of a thrift store lost themselves over Boxer -- it's simply a great album. A brooding, menacing disc that grows on you with each listen, Boxer certainly earns its spot in the top 5 of any list. (DarrenMcLeod)
TIE - #15. Filthy Thieving Bastards - I'm a Son of a Gun
For all the Pogues namedropping bands like the Tossers and Flogging Molly get, the band that deserves it most is Filthy Thieving Bastards. I'm a Son of a Gun manages to channel the spirit of the Pogues with a highly memorable blend of folk, pop, Celtic and punk songs without actually sounding like the Pogues much at all. Then again, the Pogues never restricted themselves to sounding like the Pogues. (JonDaley)
The Menzingers
July 17 on Go-Kart Records
The Menzingers' confoundingly compelling, proper debut is one of the most passionate and earnest punk rock releases in years. Gravelly, Clash-inspired sing-alongs regarding political and social unrest come in spirited, rigorous form multiple moments. Now I have two things to love about Scranton, Pennsylvania. (Brian)
#13. Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice
August 21 on Suicide Squeeze Records
As you can surmise, Planet of Ice is a a somewhat more serious effort from the hard to pin down Minus the Bear. The only thing that perhaps could leave one feeling cold is the bit of distance that is created between listener and band via MtB's constantly evolving and impressive musicianship on display. (JonDaley)
#12. The Copyrights - Make Sound
April 24 on Red Scare Industries
Lifting a line from my review: "The best pop-punk album of the year goes to the Copyrights." Simply put, there are very few bands that approach the Copys in terms of pop-punk songwriting prowess. This isn't "gritty midwestern" pop-punk, this is born of cheesy leather jackets and too many listens to the Queers and Screeching Weasel pop-punk. While my taste for neither of those bands were ever well-developed, Fletcher and company have that special something that keeps me coming back for more. And it's not just an embarrassing story about my birthday last year. (Justin)
#11. Against Me! - New Wave
July 10 on Sire Records
These guys could've made The Shape of Punk to Come for their major label debut and some of you still would've bitched, so why not just let them make the album they wanted to make instead? New Wave is blast after blast of intelligent punk rock tackling issues no other band on a major label dares even speak of (the fucked up nature of the music business, the futility of protesting the war in Iraq, the need for something new to keep music from stagnating). It's worth every line of critical acclaim it's receiving if more 15-year-olds become tired of Hinder. look for a change, pick a copy up and have their life changed. (Scott)
American Steel
#10. American Steel - Destroy Their Future
October 2 on Fat Wreck Chords
I first got into American Steel after they broke up a few years ago. I checked out Jagged Thoughts, and enjoyed much of it, but nothing stuck in terms of continued listens. Upon receiving a promotional copy of their return this year, I was blown away by their refreshing brand of post-punk with deep melodies and thunderous choruses. What amazed me even more was after seeing them for a few consecutive days on the road, my least favorite songs on the record became my new favorites. Hopefully they will stick around a little while longer this time around. (Chris)
#9. Big D and the Kids Table - Strictly Rude
March 20 on Side One Dummy Records
Maturing is generally equated with becoming substantially more crappy. Not so here, as the lyrics improved tenfold and the compositions seem thoroughly thought-out. Oddly enough, there were some duds on here: "Deadpan," "Strictly Rude" to name a few. However, the good songs were my favorite of the year: "Shining On," "Raw Revolution,""The One," "Try Out Your Voice" and the epic 7-minute "She Knows Her Way." And even more oddly, some of these songsâ?¦not that good live. But on Strictly Rude, they're next to perfect. (GlassPipeMurder)
#8. Feist - The Reminder
Interscope Records / Cherrytree Records
What can you say about a well-written album? Leslie Feist has put in her time with punk and indie bands in Canada for years, and just now she's getting some well-deserved recognition. The last album she put out revolved around a distinct vocal jazz style with electronic sounding instruments. This one is a warm assortment of classic vocal jazz stylings over acoustic accompaniments. (Jesse)
#7. Chuck Ragan - Feast or Famine
August 7 on Side One Dummy Records
After Hot Water Music's unfortunate split, 3/4ths of the band went on to put out a record as the Draft; Chuck Ragan was the remaining fourth, and this fine solo endeavor full of heart and grit proves that he can succeed without the rest of HWM. When he belts "I feel it in my bones when the storm is close," it's next to impossible to not feel it in your bones as well. (Anchors)
Crime In Stereo
#6. Crime in Stereo - Is Dead
October 23 on Bridge Nine Records
This is one of those records where no individual tracks jump out, yet when played start-to-finish takes on a life of its own -- and what a tortured, fractured, difficult life it is. This band went from being just another run-of-the-mill pop-punk band to becoming a full-fledged progressive rock unit, capable of the highest of emotional highs and lowest of their lows all within the span of one record. Remind you of anybody? (Scott)
#5. Career Suicide - Attempted Suicide
April 19 on Deranged Records
While aiming to sound like Morris-era Black Flag is an often attempted but rarely met goal, it's refreshing to see a band who does it, pats itself on the back and then looks forward to see what might have happened had Morris remained the frontman of the band; if "Nervous Breakdown" was a band instead of just an awesome song, this would be the band. (Aubin)
#4. The Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim
May 29 on XOXO Records
Not often does a band come out of nowhere and release an album you want to tell every single person you know about. An album that defies practically every classification in independent music. I saw the Gaslight Anthem, and heard Sink Or Swim in the same night, and was blown away. The pure and raw emotion contained within every song immediately brought to mind other bands that had cemented my loved of punk rock -- bands like Hot Water Music, Kid Dynamite and Avail. Since hearing the record, I haven't gone a day without listening to a least one song from it, with the exception of the two weeks I spent with the group traveling cross-country, where instead I had the pleasure of hearing the songs live every night and seeing people developing the same appreciation that I have. In my review of Sink Or Swim, I originally gave it a score of 9 out of 10; however, I can honestly say I now believe this is a 10: a perfect record. (Chris)
Attack in Black
#3. Attack in Black - Marriage
July 31 on Dine Alone Records
A splendid, diverse array of songs that remind me of a hybrid among the Get Up Kids, the Weakerthans and Smoke or Fire. Marriage is a thematic, impressively cohesive record that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and frailty of what happens when we begin to take our relationships seriously. (Brian)
#2. Lifetime - Lifetime
February 6 on Fueled by Ramen Records / Decaydance Records
The triumphant return! Ari Katz, Dan Yemin and the rest of the gang haven't lost a step in ten years and even though this was my first Lifetime record, I still felt like it was part of a much broader picture. With eleven flawless melodic-hardcore-pop-punk mini-masterpieces, this disc rarely left my car's CD player. (GlassPipeMurder)
The Weakerthans
#1. The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour
September 25 on Epitaph Records / Anti- Records
Despite the sheer reverence shown for the Winnipeg act, the Weakerthans are really a delightfully simple band. Particularly in Canada, the indie scene's treated them with the acclaim afforded to luminaries like Broken Social Scene and the Arcade Fire. While I'd argue that John K. Samson and company certainly deserve it, they're clearly of a different breed. When I listen to those bands I'm well aware that I'm listening to art, intentional art, and the bands know it. The Weakerthans? They're a rock band. They play rock songs. However literate their songwriter, however many roots tangents they travel, that's always been the case. Reunion Tour rides a wave of anticipation but it delivers exactly what makes this four-piece so endearing: touching, exciting, and accessible rock music. (excerpted from my full review) (Adam)

Honorable Mentions

The Swellers - My Everest (Search and Rescue); Saves the Day - Under the Boards (Vagrant); Nothington - All In (BYO); Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Living with the Living (Touch and Go); Comeback Kid - Broadcasting... (Victory); Maritime - Heresy and the Hotel Choir (Flameshovel); 108 - A New Beat from a Dead Heart (Deathwish Inc.); Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank (Epic); Sundowner - Four One Five Two (Red Scare); A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide (Nitro)

Top 2 EPs

#2. Bridge and Tunnel - Bridge and Tunnel [7"]
May 9 on No Idea Records
Yes. Long Island's punk rock formula mixed with what sounds like Sunny Day Real Estate and other mid-`90s emo and indie rock influences. Awesome. It's powerful and moving without being cliche, yet feels so comfortable all at the same time. Hoping for more from these guys. (Justin)
July 17 on Bridge Nine Records
On Scared People, Bay Area thrashers Ceremony have about eight minutes to prove why theyâ??re one of the best active hardcore bands -- and yet, thatâ??s plenty of time for them. Scared People is convincingly angry, abrasive, and full of menacing, maddening fury, and thatâ??s why itâ??s my favorite 7" of the year. (Brian)


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The_Wayfarer (January 24, 2008)

Justice was definitely served on this best of 2007 list. And I get pretty sick of "orgcore" tastes, but it seems to be pretty irrelevant amongst the staff (see the actual recognition of New Wave as a GREAT album.)

Good job guys.

sleepwalker (January 7, 2008)

"Besides, the only real "punk" album of 2007 was Burial's Untrue, which no one has mentioned on here yet that I have seen."

"What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK? That is the stupidest fucking comment I've heard on this site. I didn't even know who they were so I checked them out on myspace and WHAT THE FUCK? You actually just said that this album was the only PUNK album of 2007? That wasn't even close to punk. Keney G is a punk rock king compared to that electronic shit. Go back to sandstorm."

That's a pretty ignorant thing to say. You obviously have a very narrow opinion of what can and cannot be considered "punk". I'd say someone recording and releasing music anonymously just for the sake of doing so is pretty punk. Who cares what the genre is.

conebone69 (January 7, 2008)

I'd just like to say LOL@Colin's review of Chase This Light.

No amount of fandom could save that turd.

Pirate (January 4, 2008)

"Besides, the only real "punk" album of 2007 was Burial's Untrue, which no one has mentioned on here yet that I have seen."

What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK? That is the stupidest fucking comment I've heard on this site. I didn't even know who they were so I checked them out on myspace and WHAT THE FUCK? You actually just said that this album was the only PUNK album of 2007? That wasn't even close to punk. Keney G is a punk rock king compared to that electronic shit. Go back to sandstorm.

sleepwalker (January 4, 2008)

While all the bitching is to be expected, it's still ridiculous. Especially about "non-punk" albums/artists being in the Top 20. Besides, the only real "punk" album of 2007 was Burial's Untrue, which no one has mentioned on here yet that I have seen.

Icapped2pac (January 4, 2008)

I finally bothered to do one of these. However, it made me realize that 2007 wasn't all that great of a musical year for me, at least. That said, these are what I think are the best:


4. Mustangs & Madras - La Lechuza
3. Bridge & Tunnel - s/t
2. Coalesce - Salt & Passage
1. Transit - Let It Out

Full Albums:

12. Decompoze - Decomposition
11. Sean Price - Jesus Price Superstar
10. Look Mexico - This Is Animal Music
9. Raheem Jamal - Boombox
8. Daggermouth - Turf Wars
7. Strung Out - Blackhawks Over Los Angeles
6. Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice
5. Panacea - The Scenic Route
4. Ambitions - Stranger
3. Marco Polo - Port Authority
2. Y Society - Travel At Your Own Pace
1. The Swellers - My Everest

Favorite Older Album I Discovered This Year:

The Kidcrash - New Ruins (2004)

8dollarclarinetsolo (January 4, 2008)

really no the ergs? not even honorable mention???!?

NotPatriotic (January 3, 2008)

I can't remember if the Bayonettes "We're Dommed" 7 inch came out in 2007, but if it did I'm adding it to my list.

NotPatriotic (January 3, 2008)

My top 17 full lengths

1. Signal Lost - Prosthetic Screams
1. Chinese Telephones - S/T
1. Blue Scholars - Bayani
4. Witches With Dicks - Manual
4 Red Dons - Death to Idealism
4 Wendsday Night Heroes- - Guilty Pleasures
4 Statues - New People Make us Nervous
4. Career Suicide - Attempted Suicide
4. Revisions - Revised Observations
7. The Childrens Crusade - Get Awesome
7. High Tension Wires - Midnight Cashier
7. Brother Ali - Undisputed Truth
7. Tranzmitors - S/T
7. Clorox Girls - Jaime les Filles
7. Off With Their Heads - All things move towards their end
7. Violent Minds - We are Nothing
7. The National - Boxer

Top Ep's/45's

1. Autistic Youth - Empty Eyes
2. Intro5pect - Real Politik
2. Sinks - S/T
2. Government Warning - Arrested
2. Epoxies - My New World
2. Red Dons - Escaping Amman

GarrettIrish (January 3, 2008)

I'm excited to see some diversity on this, not to mention the Gaslight Anthem (who's gotten great reviews deservedly in my opinion). Even more surprising to me is Attack In Black, who I've been into for awhile, because out here no one but me knows them, but I think Marriage is definately one of the best albums of the year.

Kudos punknews math calculator?

elephantdwarf (January 3, 2008)

I agree wih several fo these picks. Though I think it's a tad bit pretentious to not include the new Coheed album, just for the awesome music they produce.

Score is fo the lack of that.

it's not because of pretentiousness that it isn't on any lists. it is because they are a horrible band that makes shitty music.

im_john_galt (January 3, 2008)

You guys complain far too much, the reason I come to pn.org is cause they give me sincere bands without the wash of some trendy sub-genre. I don't mind getting a little Feist or National review in with my Lifetime. I may not agree with your top twenty, but you're giving me the goods- I appreciate it. And I have the esteem to make my own opinions about punk rock. How punk rock is Weakerthans at the top of your year end?! I'm into it.

karmabad (January 3, 2008)

haha...did one too if anyones interested. enjoy!


gypsymazzurco (January 3, 2008)

Ben Weasel - These Ones Are Bitter !

pitoresco (January 3, 2008)

How the fuck A Wihelm Scream didnt make the top 20? Career Suicide is by far the best album of 2007.

Shitty reviews

billnye (January 3, 2008)

"If i wanted folk reviews, I'd read rolling stone."
what the fuck?

keithybobeefy (January 2, 2008)

I agree wih several fo these picks. Though I think it's a tad bit pretentious to not include the new Coheed album, just for the awesome music they produce.

Score is fo the lack of that.

inagreendase (January 2, 2008)

How did Blackhawks Over Los Angeles not make 1 writer's top 20? This is insane.

Probably because it's not that great.

iamthebat (January 2, 2008)

Pirate is a hater.

I personally do not care if this site chooses to expand the genre of "punk" music. We all know what's up. I don't want this to be shittyhardcorebandnews.com either. Genre bitching is pointless.

Pirate (January 2, 2008)

Seriously, why doesn't this site just change it's name to emonews.org and be done with it? I've been reading this site for probobly 5 or 6 years, and it gets worse every single year. I just don't understand why a bunch of this whiney folk music is on PUNKnews.org. Don't get me wrong either, for instance, I like Feist. But WHY Feist is on this site I have no fucking clue. Same reason I don't understand why reviews like Atmosphere and Sage Francis (which both I like) are on the site JUST because they're on Epitaph. If I wanted folk reviews, I'd read Rolling Stone. If I wanted hip hop reviews, I'd read allhiphop.com.

punknews.org is dead

Vincent_M (January 2, 2008)

How did Blackhawks Over Los Angeles not make 1 writer's top 20? This is insane.

CBSrocksteady (January 2, 2008)

People on this site really think everyone cares what they think. Geez, i didnt think every fucker on the planet had a top 20 list. Anyways, there was this band from Canada called B-Squad i got into this year. Probably the highlight of the year. They only have a demo out but its fuckin wikid.

everybirdsnest (January 1, 2008)

Well I guess its another year and onther year Im gonna have to get out my big bitter flag and wave it once again. Last year it was Much the Same and this year its none other than A Wilhelm Scream. A spot on one list? and yet a garbage rock record form Against Me is popping up everywhere? this band is playing circles around every other band in music these days, they are so far beyond on another level its not even funny.

My list
1. A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide
2. Last of the Believers - Paper Ships Under A Burning Bridge
(Ya its an EP but its so good Im counting it as a full length)
3. Anberlin - Cities ( Alot of people will probly laugh it up and call it horrible emo or whatever but the melodies these guys are coming up with school any band that atempts this usually horrible genre of punkrock)
4. MXPX - Secret Weapon (what an amazing comeback)
5. Smoke or Fire - The Sinking Ship
6. This is a Standoff - Get excited
7. Strungout - Blackhawks over Los Angeles
8. Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light
9. Voila - Bigger than Jesus
10. Tiger Army - Music From Regions Beyond

coldwaffles (January 1, 2008)

Crime in Stereo, pop punk?

Problematiclogic (January 1, 2008)

My Top 10...

1. Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers
2. World/ Inferno Friendship Society - Addicted To Bad Ideas
3. The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour
4. Silverchair - Young Modern
5. Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell
6. Lifetime - Lifetime
7. Mad Caddies - Keep It Going
8. Against Me! - New Wave
9. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Living with the Living
10. Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

mikestupid (December 31, 2007)

1. The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour
2. The Gaslight Anthem - Sink Or Swim
3. Bomb The Music Industry! - Get Warmer
4. American Steel - Destroy Their Future
5. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Living With The Living
6. Bedouin Soundclash - Street Gospels
7. A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide
8. Bad Religion - New Maps Of Hell
9. Crime In Stereo - Is Dead
10. Thrice - The Alchemy Index, Pts. I & II
11. Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light
12. Chuck Ragan - Feast Or Famine
13. Sundowner - Four One Five Two
14. Andrew Jackson Jihad - People Who Can Eat People...
15. Broadway Calls - Broadway Calls
16. Matt Pond PA - Last Light
17. Big D & The Kids Table - Strictly Rude
18. Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere In The Between
19. J Church - The Horror Of Life
20. The Copyrights - Make Sound

remy_rat (December 31, 2007)

my 2007 picks:

1.The Queers "munki brain

2.Jamie T "panic prevention""

3. The Shins "wincing the night away"

4.Joe Lally "there to there"

5.Dinosaur Jr. "beyond"

6.Bad Religion "new maps of hell"

7.Peter Bjorn and John "writers block"

8. Animal Collective "strawberry jam"

9.Radiohead "in rainbows"

10. Fujiya and Miyagi "transparent things"

Rastid (December 31, 2007)

disappointed just in listening to only crime

fallingupwards84 (December 31, 2007)

disappointed to see that Only Crime was completely left off the lists

Infrarecon (December 31, 2007)

I probably could have gone into some of this stuff with more time, anyway here's my top 20:

20. !!!-Myth Takes
19. A Wilhelm Scream-Career Suicide
18. Pelican-City of Echoes
17. Deerhoof-Friend Opportunity
16. Maserati-Interventions For The New Season
15. Eluvium-Copia
14. Black Moth Super Rainbow-Dandelion Gum
13. The National-Boxer
12. Spoon-Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
11.Baroness-The Red Album
10. Moving Mountains-Pneuma
9. Weatherbox-American Art
8. Caribou-Andorra
7. Do Make Say Think-You, Youâ??re A History in Rust
6. Minus the Bear-Planet of Ice
5. Menomena-Friend and Foe
4. Dinosaur Jr.-Beyond
3. Battles-Mirrored
2. Modest Mouse-We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
1. Explosions in the Sky-All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

Neill_Cawley (December 31, 2007)

Chris mentioned Cobra Skulls. My bad.

Neill_Cawley (December 31, 2007)

Red Scare should get Gaslight Anthem, then label of the year is sealed for 09.

A few comments:

This website seemed to be all over Cobra Skulls, but I don't think they got one mention. That made my top 10 because of this site.

Streetlight better than Big D? Maybe for ska purists, but Streetlight's CD is better music than Big D's. Can you really listen to Big D when you're not in the mood for ska? Because I can't, and I like some ska.

Did anyone mention the potential for new Bouncing Souls and Lawrence Arms next year? I think I saw Falcon, but not the other two.

Numbers 1, 2, and 4 were all in my top 10, Gaslight and Weakerthans were top 5. So good job in the end.

Redscare (December 31, 2007)

Do I have to personally appoint Red Scare as Label of the Year, or what?

Next question, does that Canadian Content shit apply websites too, or what?

Wokka wokka!

Good year everybody, here's to your continued success.

brett-nola (December 31, 2007)

I'm not sure exactly how many brand new releases I bought this year. I recall buying:

- The Gaslight Anthem, Sink or Swim

- Black Tie Bombers, Eternal Happiness and Good Health

- Several Off With Their Heads splits (the one with Dear Landlord being the best of the bunch)

Other than that, I invested in a bunch of stuff from last year that I'd put off buying or just recently discovered. Worthy mentions:

- Banner Pilot
- Monikers
- Witches With Dicks
- This is My Fist!

For 2008, I'm looking forward to new stuff from Banner Pilot, the Bouncing Souls, Off With Their Heads, The Gaslight Anthem, The Falcon, more Dear Landlord (hopefully), and maybe (finally) a new studio release from AVAIL?

SloaneDaley (December 31, 2007)

Attempted Suicide did indeed come out in teh final quarter of last year on vinyl but it received compact disc treatment and wider release I believe early this year.

elephantdwarf (December 31, 2007)

My Top 20 of 2007 ( honorable mentions)

20) Four Year Strong Rise or Die Trying - So catchy... I tried not to like it, but i couldn't help it.
19) Achilles Hospice - I remember thinking their last full-length was ok, but they have grown by leaps and bounds on this one.
18) Black Cross Severance Pays - Not as good as Art Offensive. More stripped down, but still better than every other band calling themselves punk these days.
17) Jesu Conqueror - A bit of a letdown after the Silver EP, but still can't stop listening to it.
16) Big Business Here Come the Waterworks - "Grounds For Divorce" is one of the years best songs.
15) High On Fire Death Is This Communion - If this was as good as Blessed Black Wings it would be number one.
14) The Ocean Precambrian - The first disc is a 10/10. Second disc is 8/10.
13) Jose Gonzalez In Our Nature - Hadn't heard this guy until this year. Wish I had. Reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel meets Elliott Smith.
12) Daggermouth Turf Wars - Kind of reminds me of why I use to love the band Fastbreak years ago. Fun record.
11) Baroness Red Album - Who the hell is Mastodon?
10) Bloc Party A Weekend In The City Keeps growing on me, even almost a year later.
09) Wolves In The Throne Room Two Hunters - This is how to make a modern black metal record.
08) The Snake The Cross The Crown Cotton Teeth - Horrible name, great record.
07) Neurosis Given To The Rising - A welcome return from one of my favorite bands.
06) Om Pilgrimage - Everything I liked about this band fine-tuned into a perfect record.
05) Okkervil River The Stage Names - Better than Black Sheep Boy, although I'll probably get arguments on that.
04) Engineer The Dregs - I want to kill things when I listen to this record... in a good way.
03) Gaslight Anthem Sink Or Swim - Didn't buy the hype for a long time, but the hype was well-deserved. Can't stop listening.
02) Akimbo Navigating The Bronze - This band can do no wrong. Bonus points for the drum solo in the middle of the record.
01) Band of Horses Cease To Begin - The best song of the year opens this record up and sets the tone for the best record of the year. Maybe I just really identify with Ben Bridwell's beard, though. Far better IMO than their debut.

Honorable mentions: American Steel Destroy Their Future, Beirut The Flying Club Cup, Boys Night Out Boys Night Out, Coliseum No Salvation,
Dinosaur Jr. Beyond, The Good Life Help Wanted Nights, Graf Orlock Destination Time Tomorrow, Harlots Betrayer, Radiohead In Rainbows,
Rosetta Wake/Lift, Say Anything In Defense of the Genre, Today Is The Day Axis of Eden, Witches With Dicks Manual

Best EPs of 2007

02) Torche In Return
01) Trap Them Seance Prime

phantomboner (December 31, 2007)

DIdn't Attempted Suicide come out last year?

Also, Street Gospels didn't make anybody's list. That kinda sucks.

totonotdead (December 31, 2007)

i don't disagree that much with the list, even though many artists are not even "punk" but im ok cause there is no brand new "the devil.." and no angels and airwaves.

Rastid (December 31, 2007)

man, surprised world/inferno, comeback kid, a wilhelm scream, btmi!, bad religion didn't do better. also didn't mika miko's 666 thing come out this year? that was pretty awesome.... and the death set's ep thing?

drunkenriot (December 31, 2007)

no Playing Favorites? really?

BruceLebruce (December 31, 2007)

.....kettle and hairspray can, sounds like radiohead. are they from iowa? the lead singer of the weakerthans sounds like he is singing while plugging his nose because a big pile of shit is plopped beside his fair trade sneakers.

SloaneDaley (December 31, 2007)

i need to get a subscription to maximum rocknroll. this site is extremely predictable and disappointing. case in point, i love career suicide, but good god damn every skinny pant fuck head is creaming their pants because it's expected of them to like at least one obscurity. i could spend an hour on myspace and discover 20 far better bands then the ones heiled here. back to hand held yahtzee.

a healthy guffaw to you self-righteous fop. if you can't see MRR as closeminded and insular as anything you need help. if you'd taken the time to read the actual individual lists you'd find a breadth of diverse tastes. these are just that we heard this year that we thought were the highest quality. sure there could be an album from some chap in Iowa that uses nothing but a kettle and can of hairspray but we haven't heard it so we don't know. I do suggest you go out and pick up MRR and listn to bands on myspace because those are great ways to find new bands as well as coming on here.

BruceLebruce (December 31, 2007)

i need to get a subscription to maximum rocknroll. this site is extremely predictable and disappointing. case in point, i love career suicide, but good god damn every skinny pant fuck head is creaming their pants because it's expected of them to like at least one obscurity. i could spend an hour on myspace and discover 20 far better bands then the ones heiled here. back to hand held yahtzee.

_911 (December 31, 2007)

my top 2 for sure are the weakerthans and attack in black. i can't decide what one is better. if attack in black keep it up then they have a bright future ahead of them. it's so awesome to see a band so refreshing from southern ontario. i got to see them both play a show this year! it was one of the best that i've ever seen.

i thought that a wilhelm scream would have been up there.. i thought thrice would have also made this list. now what will 2008 hold for music..

telegraphrocks (December 31, 2007)

My top 10.
Feel free to make fun of me.

10) The Flatliners- The Great Awake (hated the FUCK out of this when it came out... times and minds change).
9) Big D And The Kids Table- Strictly Rude (by far their best material)
8) Chuck Ragan- Feast Or Famine
7) Smoke Or Fire- This Sinking Ship
6) Tegan And Sara- The Con
5) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Medium Rare (even with only 3 new songs, MMB are so great that this is #5)
4) Against Me!- New Wave
3) Streetlight Manifesto- Somewhere In The Between
2) American Steel- Destroy Their Future
1) Cobra Skulls- Sitting Army (fuck. yeah!)

In the last few weeks of posting this on various boards, the 9 and 10 spots and have changed a wee bit. I previously had The Tossers' "Agony", The Weakerthans' "Reunion Tour", Bright Eyes' "Cassadaga", and Vic Ruggiero's "Hamburguru" in there.

OverDefined (December 31, 2007)

No Ergs?!?!?!?!?!?!

baseball (December 31, 2007)

judging by these reviews it looks like i need to check out Attack In Black

i still say Street Gospels was the best album released this year

damnitsderek (December 31, 2007)

Score is for DanPerrone putting the Cunninlynguists album in his list on the comments.

Scruffy (December 31, 2007)

I'm disappointed at how few mentions of A Wilhelm Scream, Bedouin Soundclash and J Church there were. Also, The Ergs newest disc is better than all of these save The Gaslight Anthem.

bwillysg (December 31, 2007)

No Larry Arms related projects on the top 20? GASP!

Clearly we all love Brendan more than Chris, considering he made last year's list twice, although Sundowner did have a strong showing.

SloaneDaley (December 31, 2007)

Career Suicide is a good band but theyre not the only band of their kind like these idiots think.

I'll admit that most of the reviewers/regular community members might not listen to much of the music you are refering to but the albums ability to appeal to those that don't always listen to that type of music is one of its virtues. Coming from someone that does listen to relatively a lot of 80's hardcore revival, CS released an album far superior to the rest of their own output and much of their peers.

skankin_in_the_pit (December 31, 2007)

If the Inepsy album came out earlier it would probably be #1. Or if I'd never heard Motorhead. Score is for my list. It rules.

1. The Ergs!
2. Career Suicide
3. Double Negative
4. Muni Waste
5. Inepsy
6. Cloak/Dagger
7. Aggrolites
8. Subhumans
9. Filthy Thieving Bastards
10. Streetlight Manifesto
11. Witches With DIcks
12. Criminal Damage
13. The Vicious
14. Bedouin Soundclash
15. Buck 0 Nine
16. Revisions
17. Coliseum
18. Signal Lost
19. Mustard Plug
20. Red Dons

Just Missed: Big Business, Busy Signals, Riff Randells, Mouth Sewn Shut

Best 7"s
1. Wasted Time
2. Government Warning
3. Life Trap
4. Dustheads
5. The Ergs! / Lemuria

Best Demos
1. Bad Advice
2. Civic Progress
3. Obstruction

cheezitzzzzz (December 31, 2007)

so apparently my top 20 is mostly hard stuff. whatev.

and apparently my top 20 is a top 10. WHATEV!

10. Horse The Band - A Natural Death
9. Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty
8. Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster - II
7. The Number 12 Looks Like You - Mongrel
6. Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain
5. The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal
4. Arsonists Get All The Girls - The Game Of Life
3. The Chariot - The Fiancee
2. Circa Survive - On Letting Go
1. The Fall Of Troy - Manipulator

and apparently (according to my choices) i'm basically some scene kid.
and apparently saying "whatev" makes me a scene kid. LAME.

INDW (December 31, 2007)

i am not going to bitch as is easy to do.

Instead I will say well played to the reviewers picking out unusual choices like Feist, Kanye West and the fantastic black lips.

In the mean time, I apparently have some listening to do.

Cheets PN.org

Grue (December 31, 2007)

Cloak/Dagger "We Are" - better version of Career Suicide's album.

Also "Career Suicide" the album > everything in that list.

FrankFF (December 31, 2007)

Reunion Tour at n°1 is a no brainer, but i can't believe there's no Bedouin Soundclash - Street Gospels in the whole list... Such a brilliant record...

protestsong (December 31, 2007)

so glad Attack In Black is getting the proper recognition they deserve. it's about time.

AphasiacIIc (December 31, 2007)

there IS a band called Nervous Breakdown. and they released a badass EP called Join the Army.

Career Suicide is a good band but theyre not the only band of their kind like these idiots think.

welcome_to_1984 (December 31, 2007)

Yeah what they said... no Street Gospels? A number of the reviews have different songs from the album on their mixtapes but the album is not good enough to make it on it's own? For shame! Also I miss when Mp3's used to be embedded into the mixtapes. Happy New Year!

cuapunkradio (December 31, 2007)

the artwork for the national album needs to be changed

cuapunkradio (December 31, 2007)

that is the score for the reviews this year. very average. the fact that aws did not make the list is bizarre.

fallingupwards84 (December 31, 2007)

complete BULLSHIT that AWS didnt make it

iconoclast (December 31, 2007)

yea seriously, where the fuck is explosions in the sky?

DavidM (December 31, 2007)

Bridge & Tunnel are so good live.

ItsAgiftAndAcurse (December 31, 2007)

My top 10:

10. Bad Religion-New Maps of Hell
9. Porcupine Tree-Fear of a Blank Planet
8. Nightwish-Dark Passion Play
7. Amber Pacific-Truth in Sincerity
6. Strung Out-Blackhawks Over Los Angeles
5. Sonata Arctica-Unia
4. SUM 41-Underclass Hero
3. Dream Theater-Systematic Chaos
2. Motion City Soundtrack-Even if it Kills Me
1. Avenged Sevenfold-Avenged Sevenfold

You can read my top 50 on my myspace blog.

damnitsderek (December 31, 2007)

Where is the fucking love for Street Gospels on punknews this year?

skapunk810 (December 31, 2007)

where the hell is explosions in the sky, the swellers, and A WILHELM SCREAM

TrueBeliever (December 31, 2007)

No Bedouin?

MattyG (December 31, 2007)

biggest upsets: Modern Life is War not making the list, Against Me! being higher up than Fake Problems and Streetlight, American Steel not making the top 5

thank god: that New Wave isn't number one

hey, lifetime and weakerthans are both the shit. they deserve the top spots.

danperrone (December 31, 2007)

a wilhelm scream didn't make the top 20 at all? that shit is WEAK

20. the gaslight anthem - sink or swim
19. pulling teeth - martyr immortal
18. the national - boxer
17. cunninlynguists - dirty acres
16. between the buried and me - colors
15. baroness - red album
14. aesop rock - none shall pass
13. bruce springsteen - magic
12. coliseum - no salvation
11. lcd soundsystem - sound of silver
10. career suicide - attempted suicide
9. do make say think - you, you're a history in rust
8. the weakerthans - reunion tour
7. *shels - sea of the dying dhow
6. modest mouse - we were dead before the ship even sank
5. dälek - abandoned language
4. moving mountains - pneuma
3. ruiner - prepare to be let down
2. explosions in the sky - all of a sudden, i miss everyone
1. a wilhelm scream - career suicide

and the song of the year is lcd soundsystem's "all my friends"

you all wish i was still writing for this bitch

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