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The Frantic

The Frantic: Audio & MurderAudio & Murder (2007)
Sinister Muse Records

Reviewer Rating: 1.5

Contributed by: JohnGentileJohnGentile
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There's a huge difference between youthful energy and just plain immaturity. It's not clear exactly where the chasm lies, but most seem to agree that hate firmly belongs on the latter side. On their debut album, Audio & Murder, the Frantic start by clinging to the positive side and slowly begin to c.

There's a huge difference between youthful energy and just plain immaturity. It's not clear exactly where the chasm lies, but most seem to agree that hate firmly belongs on the latter side. On their debut album, Audio & Murder, the Frantic start by clinging to the positive side and slowly begin to climb their way up it only to make a major misstep and fall down...hard.

Audio & Murder starts out with real potential. The first half is filled with immediate pop-punk that flies along at a thumb-snapping pace. Choruses and "Whooooaaaaaa!"s abound, and there is no real depth; it's excusable because the rhythms are darn catchy. While most of the songs aren't groundbreaking in style, the Frantic picks a classic sound and sticks to it. Most of the topics deal with girls and rock and roll -- but when you're sixteen, as are the members of the band, these topics do constitute the majority of your mental processes. Actually, there is even a song about how a car can be preferable to a girl. But hey, if Brian May can do it, why can't these guys?

In fact, the group salutes rock 'n' roll so much, a few of the songs pay homage to `50s doo-wop rock by way of the Ramones. While they don't cover classics like the Ramones did, they "arrow" the sounds of these post-war 45's and adapt a good time rocking vibe throughout the album. There are even a few daring instrument selections. For instance, on "Movin' Along" the boys adopt a slide guitar into the song and weave a curiously drawn line between `80s pop-punk and `80s commercial country.

However, just when it seems like the Frantic may be off to a good start, cementing their sound and even playing with a few under-appreciated instruments, the boys loosen their grasp and pretty much throw away everything they've worked for on the song "Heifer." With the lyrics "Your waist is a waste of space / my ass looks like your face / you are a fat fuckin' heifer / you are a fat fuckin' heifer / you fat piece of shit!" It's unclear if these guys are targeting a specific person (maybe a former manager that wronged them?) but in almost all interpretations the song seems to do nothing but insult fat people in general. Someone needs to tell the Frantic that no one is sure what punk really is about, but it's definitely NOT about judging people because of their appearance. If the point of this song was to attack a specific person and merely uses fatness as a venue, then they sure did a poor job of making this clear (and this alternative might be just as bad as a face reading anyways). With a gang chorus chanting the refrain, the only thing separating this from a school yard posse surrounding the fat kid is overproduction.

Maybe when the Frantic grows up a little they'll be able to hold onto their rhythm writing abilities, craft a meaningful song, and finally leave the playground.


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ASVLN12 (February 19, 2008)

these guys are pretty cool. me and a bunch of my friends were starnded at a party with them like 3 years ago. funny guys, and there music is pretty good. its pretty weird tho hearing them play on the radio. Q101 is all over there nuts.

cpicciolini (February 8, 2008)

Ok, so now I have been watching this thread for some time and all I can do is think of how really unfounded some of these comments are. Regardless, you all are entitled to your own opinion and I respect them, although I disagree with them. Just to set the record straight:

1) Yes, I was involved in some very unsavory and generally disgusting politics when I was much much younger. That time is LONG gone and frankly I look back and it disgusts me as much as it disgusts you. That said, I'm not 17 anymore and I have moved on with my life to do positive things. So should you.

2) The Frantic are NOT and let me say this again to be clear...NOT racists. They do NOT use the N word. And for someone to slander them unjustly is just slimy. Period.

3) If you think The Frantic are glitzy and pre-packaged then you obviously know very little about them. They play their hearts out every night and everything they do is sincere. These guys have been doing this same exact thing since they were 14 years old. They started long before I got involved with them and frankly I think that these guys deserve a lot of respect, regardless of whether you like the music or not. They're good musicians. They write songs that people like. For fucks sake, they are teenagers (2 are 19, 1 is 18 and 1 is 17) and they are doing it with more passion than most other bands. And while they me be "immature" they write about what they feel.

4) Glitzy promotion? Not sure exactly what that means.

All in all, you can like them, hate them, be indifferent, whatever. They are going to continue to play music because they love to and they will play with heart even if you are not there to see it. But come on people, don't just speak just for the sake of hearing yourself talk. Life's too short to just be an asshole your whole life.

MotorX (February 7, 2008)

You guys finally got me to register because this shit's funny as hell.

This band is ridiculous, I saw them at Riofest and at TBR. Pre-packaged bullsit with glitzy promotion and zero legitimacy.

What's even funnier is the whole thing about the band using the "N" word because:

1) The guy who runs their label was, or maybe still is, a Hammerhead. For those of you outside of Chicago, that's a nazi-skin. Maybe he's rubbing off on them.

2) They're going on tour with Whole Wheat Bread. And that's just loaded with irony.

Goes to show ya that you can's pre-package everything in commercial punk.

William_Jess (February 7, 2008)

This album is both terrible and great. It's great because it's catchy. A bit immature in the lyrics? Sure, but, that's because they're young. They have potential, but here's the other part:

They're terrible because of what I'm guessing the label is doing. They're being pumped up like the Backstreet Boys. The promotion on this band is so glossy and over the top that they will only attract 14-year-old girls and dumb highschool kids. Thus, in 4-years, they will have a very small fan base, because it just seems fake and forced. And the sad thing is, they have potential. I know some promoter freinds in different clubs who say the same thing.

Generally, we laugh about what's happening, but, at the same time, it's sad because they're becoming worse than the Street Brats. At least the Street Brats believe in what their values -- albeit, idiotic nihilism.

theviking (February 6, 2008)

I saw these guys at Riot Fest. They opened day 2 and some of the stuff they performed wasn't half bad as far as tightness goes.

As far as the content of the music...if you didn't know the ages of these guys you wouldn't think any differently than you all do now? Really? Granted the immaturity is obvious-yet that seems to be part of the appeal. I don't know.

I wouldn't buy this record...I just know a hell of a lot of kids who would.

Christian you are doing an awesome job with The Frantic and Deadtown Revival. Keep it up!

The Viking

JerryCola (February 6, 2008)

Eh, I saw this band live at the TBR record release show at Reggie's and they were bland musically. I got the vibe though that they must have thought that they were big rockstars or something, which just seems silly from a bunch of high school kids?? playing in a band no one has heard of before playing by the numbers punk rock.

Maybe when these kids grow up and mature then they might be able to add some substance to their music.

telegraphrocks (February 6, 2008)

"Second, any true fan of The Frantic would know where the song "Heifer" came from and truly appreciate it being on the album since it was gone from their set list for so long and still gets left out to this day."

They played it two weeks ago, bud.

deadmusic (February 6, 2008)

First off, i just want to say that this record is great. The music and lyrics can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. Like most bands, these guys have worked their asses off to get where they are today and it's great to finally see them get some recognition.

Second, any true fan of The Frantic would know where the song "Heifer" came from and truly appreciate it being on the album since it was gone from their set list for so long and still gets left out to this day.

Third, sure some songs may come off immature and child-like but come on, I'd like to see another group of 15 and 16 year old kids write these sort of songs. There are bands out there pushing 30 that still write material with less substance.

telegraphrocks (February 6, 2008)

"When did the guy use the N-bomb?"

I think it was between Chinese Telephones and The Copyrights sets.

Outside smoking, and I thought I heard him say it referencing one of the homeless dudes on the block, then clearly heard him say it again.

TheOneTrueBill (February 6, 2008)

Obviously pandering for a major label deal. Terrible terrible terrible. Watching them magically transported me back to 2000 watching shitty pop punk bands do "joke" covers of N'Sync songs in the post-Enema of the State/NFG era.

When did the guy use the N-bomb? I hung out outside for the majority of the second half of their set because I couldn't take it any more.

telegraphrocks (February 6, 2008)

Too bad the bassist (or maybe it was the second guitarist) proved himself to be a racist sack of asshair at the show at Reggie's recently.

The "n-bomb" should've died before Lincoln.

I'm not even going to comment on their music, I solely base my grade of "1" from the repeated use of that word heard with my own ears, as well as another friend telling me one of the other dudes was saying it ONSTAGE at a different show before that.

Cloudkicker (February 5, 2008)

Never heard the Frantic, but I personally think half the appeal of punk is the side that isn't PC. While I love bands like Strike Anywhere and Propagandhi I find a need for bands like Guttermouth and Hickey and anyone who shits all over the serious side of punk or life for that matter. If a band has a song targeting a fat girl, so be it; it's refreshing to know immaturity is alive and well in punk rock.

GlassPipeMurder (February 5, 2008)

so this is good except for "Heifer"...and for that it deserves a 3/10??
i thought most of this was pretty good. "r&r renegade", "fast girl," "big poppa," "audio and murder," and "frantic summer" are all great. reminds me of riverboat gamblers.

cpicciolini (February 5, 2008)

This review makes me want to run out and buy this album RIGHT NOW. And I'm not just saying that because I own the label that put this out. I don't feel the need to defend the song Heifer but I will anyways. It is a song about an annoying fat girl that was written when these guys were in 8th grade. Get over it. The song is great, the album is even better. This review is funny! Thanks for your support.

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