Caulfield - ... sleep tight ya morons (Cover Artwork)


Caulfield: ... sleep tight ya morons... sleep tight ya morons (2001)

Reviewer Rating: 4.5

Contributed by: nickNick
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Amazing! What else can I say about Caulfield? They are an excellent pop-punk trio from Detroit Michigan who have single handedly renewed my faith in the pop-punk genera. Almost every pop punk band these days is carbon copy of the last. Caulfield on the other hand, are writing great music, using .

Amazing! What else can I say about Caulfield? They are an excellent pop-punk trio from Detroit Michigan who have single handedly renewed my faith in the pop-punk genera. Almost every pop punk band these days is carbon copy of the last. Caulfield on the other hand, are writing great music, using elements common pop punk, and making it something all their own. They have the fast poppy drums, riffs galore, and harmonies. Oh those sweet harmonies. On top of all this, Caulfield do one thing that makes them one of the best. They still have that raw feeling that a lot of mainstream pop punk bands have lost, and replaced with the over polished feeling found on an N-Sync CD.

Caulfield start off strong with "slipshod." With lines such as "Don't put to much stock in what anyone might say. Take a hard second look at how you represent yourself‚?¶. Pay no attention to the sentimental ass holes singing ‚??I believe in yesterday'. ‚??Cause I don't give a fuck and neither should you." With lyrics like that how can you go wrong? They follow "slipshod" up with a great track in "getting out", a song about a girl that has had it with her life and is getting out and moving on. "Aimee went away", is a slower song about Aimee, a girl who always talked about leaving her life behind and starting new. No believed her until she want away. (Maybe the same girl as in getting out. Who knows?) "Sit Behind", which in my humble opinion is the best song on the CD, is a fantastic track about seeing friends growing up and moving on while your left behind wondering why they are growing up. "Dreading September", we all know what that's like. This song puts how you feel about going back to school to music, "‚?¶you're losing your mind. You'll die when that eight a.m. bell rings. The magic of summer is gone and replaced with dread of the school year impending." "I don't want to fall in love with you" is a short song about not wanting to fall in love. Knowing that all it will bring is heartache. A great song we can all relate to. "Girlfriendectomy", I think it speaks for itself. "Roam" is the heaviest track on the CD. It adds some variety to the CD. It has a little breakdown mid way through, nothing amazing, but it is a nice affect. Finally we have "This one goes to 11"a song about knowing what you want to do, and doing it. It also carries a little message "Follow your dreams‚?¶ what they told me‚?¶", "you're free to choose."

This is a solid first effort by Caulfield. Keep an eye out for these guys, as I'm sure we will all be hearing more from them in the near future. Well-done guys. Good luck.


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Anonymous (May 20, 2004)

To say that Caulfield is nothing more than a Screeching Weasel ripoff is not only incorrect, but you would be writing off some of the greatest songwriting any breed of punk has ever been blessed with. Granted, this album (their first release) leans too heavy on the Weasel at times, as it's defintitely their main influence. But, the lyrics are as beautiful as Weasel's at their best, and probably even better. "I'll love you when you've burnt every building and bridge, and you're shivering under the stars. When you don't you don't even know yourself anymore, I'll love you for who you are." While the album has a handful of standard fare pop punk tracks, there's definitely no shortage of highlights that show just how much potential these kids have. To people who say this is a talentless easel ripoff, I have to wonder if you even listened to the fucking album, or were just quicker to fearfully dismiss something that your worthless ass couldn't do by crying cliche. A shame you're missing out.

slippy (July 1, 2003)

caulfield and the gibbons are the best punk rock bands in the detroit scene. word

Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

caulfield rocks!!!!buy it now!!!!

AccidentProne (February 22, 2002)

I think this cd is pretty good except for track 3 (cant remember the name) where it sounds as if they are trying too hard to sound like Screeching Weasel, other than that not too bad.

Anonymous (January 9, 2002)

This cd makes me sick, I like the music though it sounds like all the other cookie cutter pop-punk out there, but what really dissapointed me was when the singer opened his mouth and tried to sound just like Ben Weasel, I know s.w. sound is heavily influenced by the Ramones and Decendents but at least Ben sounded a little different, whiny in a good way, Caulfield just sound to much like Screeching Weasel's little brother. I know it is very hard to sound original but I think these guys should stick to covering weasel and ramones tunes. So save yourself some time and pick up Miols goes to college, Ramones leave home, My brain Hurts or even Dude Ranch.

Anonymous (December 14, 2001)

i have to admit caulfield sound exactly like sw and i even listened to caulield for a second thinking it was sw but i dont think their consciously? ripping them off. they just play in the same style.

Anonymous (December 11, 2001)

person below obviously knows not a whole lot about music if they think this cd is a 'sw ripoff'
it's really good and takes an old style of music and does newer things with it

Anonymous (December 11, 2001)

caulfield definitly sound like they have an sw influence. Ripping them of is a whole different story altogether. I picked up caulfilds cd about a month ago. It is awesome! Every band has its influences, and by no means is this cd a rip off of sw.

Anonymous (December 10, 2001)

I'd sell my soul to the devil for a really good biscuit. Cuz I figure, hell, I bet I couldnt sell my soul for much more than the price of a biscuit.

*Plastic Disaster*

Anonymous (December 10, 2001)

Maybe Screeching Weasel did rip off The Ramones to an extent, but they also took what the Ramones did and used it as a basis to extend their music and make it better, and they did a great job of it. Screeching Weasel at least doesn't sound exactly like the ramones. Caulfield on the other hand took what Screeching Weasel did, tried to copy it and play just like SW did, and failed horribly. I mean it's not a bad thing to sound like SW, since they are one of the best punk rock bands ever, but c'mon, Caulfield isn't even close to being able to play like SW, and they never will be able to, so they should stop trying and find their own sound rather than ripping off SWs.

Anonymous (December 10, 2001)

if you reckon caulfields a rip off of screeching weasel then screeching weasels a fucking rip off of thr ramones. Punk aint innovative.

Anonymous (December 6, 2001)

Haha yeah throw away kids? pretty good.. um no.

Anonymous (December 6, 2001)

i don't know what that person below is talking about. most of those bands from detroit aren't anywhere close to how creative and musically tight caulfield is. they've been one of my fav locals for a while and that review is right on.

Anonymous (December 6, 2001)

Yeah. Caulfield's not that good. We have plenty of much better bands here in Detroit. Like the Bump-N-Uglies, Nipon, Furthest Extent, the Throw Away Kids, the Fleaflickers, hell even the Gibbons.... the list goes on and on. So yeah, some of these bands might not have cd's but they still rock the shit outta Caulfield.

undone550 (December 5, 2001)

right, so i really like this cd. i'm not so sure about the person talking about how it was a bad SW ripoff. in my opinion it's one of the best pop-punk cds i've listened to lately since SW's anthem for a new tomorrow. so, yeah, just my opinion. if you like the queers, or screech, or the teen idols, then i really think you'll enjoy this cd.

Anonymous (December 5, 2001)

judging from the review I'd say it seems like I wouldn't like them

Anonymous (December 5, 2001)

Caulfield sucks, they are a bad Screeching Weasel rip off band, if you wanna hear a good band that sounds like SW, listen to fist her face 55. caulfield sent me their demo and i threw it out my car window.

Anonymous (December 4, 2001)

im pretty sure theyre called caulfield cos of the book catcher in the rye.And if youve read that it makes sense. And the cd title "sleep tight ya morons" is what holden sais in the book to all the jerks in his school. Im definitely gonna check these guys out. Soothe my rejected fucking self.

CallingLondon (December 4, 2001)

wow, three songs about people leaving to follow their dreams? i haven't heard of this band. i think i'll check them out.

Anonymous (December 3, 2001)

Hell yeah, i picked up this cd at a show not too long ago.. its definetly terrific, heavy rotation in my cd collection, ill say that....

i just thought it was intersting when i saw caulfield listed on the review section so i thought i'd support it

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