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Days Away

Days Away: The Feel Of ItThe Feel Of It (2001)
We The People

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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Days Away have been paying attention. They have studied their peers. They graduated with honors from the Quicksand School of Hooks and Heaviness. They probably attend the Church of Jimmy Eat World Christ and the Latter Day Get Up Kid on Sundays. They know what works: Lots of low end on the bass.

Days Away have been paying attention. They have studied their peers. They graduated with honors from the Quicksand School of Hooks and Heaviness. They probably attend the Church of Jimmy Eat World Christ and the Latter Day Get Up Kid on Sundays. They know what works:

  • Lots of low end on the bass.
  • Jangly, repetitive [in a good way] guitar parts.
  • Just the right amount of vocal harmony.
  • Plenty of plaintive, wailing vocals [high pitched, of course].
  • Pounding [but not overdone] drumming.
  • Breakdowns in all the right places.
  • Sterling production.
  • An acoustic number to cap off the EP.

    The band has enough bite to satisfy any jaded scenester, as well as enough sincerity to quench the thirst of the biggest emo wuss you know. This EP blows you away with production that is bar none. I have no idea how a band this small on a label this insignificant can afford to make an album that sounds this good. Everything is clear and mixed really well, and when it all comes down to it, it's just loud. The lyrics are what you'd expect, 5 songs about girls. Oh well, they could have committed worse sins. If this EP falls into the right hands, this band will take off to heights that haven't been attained by a band in a long time. This CD is almost too good -- I keep thinking that I've heard it all somewhere before, but I can't remember where. I'm willing to bet that during a show, these guys all jump onstage at the same time, that they have huge Marshall stacks, and that they will soon have a hoarde of 14 year old girls trying to get with them. They're living the rockstar dream without the radio or MTV, but I'm willing to bet that the radio and MTV will catch up to them in a year or so. Be on the lookout.

    Hear the whole EP at DaysAway.net/thefeelofit


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    Skaphox (March 16, 2002)

    These guys originated from my area and mostly, I think, from my school and I've been a huge fan from the beginning. I really respect Days Away, and their EP sounds incredible. (Props to the Special Thanks in Finch's "What It Is To Burn"!) Hopefully, one day, I'll be playing a show with them in my band, East Falls, through our upcoming shows with The Movielife and The Starting Line. Hey, I hear that's how they got big, too, but I could be wrong. Till then, I'll cradle the demo CD I bought off Keith last year and keep my fingers crossed. Choice musical pick.

    Anonymous (March 6, 2002)

    dude you guys live in cali now .....thats awesome we should hang out sometime!! my email is dirtnap007@aol.com email me sometime -melissa

    Anonymous (March 6, 2002)

    i liked your album it was good......i would have to say im not into the whole emo kind of music and talking about love all the time but you guys were great live and what can i say i love dancing!!! you guys were great at the fresno show.im surprised that you guys decided to come here its a sorry town but there is a big punk/rock community here as well. i hope you come back soon
    um....good luck with you careers and i hope everything goes great but dont get big headed and come back!!!! bye,melissa
    im not a groupie but i digged your drummer!

    Anonymous (February 8, 2002)

    This band totally rulez ! and im not just sayin that because i am greg's(guitarist) step brother. I think they have what it takes to make it. They are a great band.

    Anonymous (January 28, 2002)

    I just heard you C.D and i think its great at first i didn't want to hear anything new but my friend got me to listen and its good
    P.S im black :) (chris told me to tell you that)

    Anonymous (January 26, 2002)

    saw this band in philly and worchester
    ma.great sound .great lyrics.this band is gonna go far.i hear they're in la area,go see this band they're great!

    big fan nj

    Anonymous (January 11, 2002)

    production: we the people kicks ass.. duh.

    it sounds like, astoria, and the starting line .. 2 other we the people bands..

    track 2 sucks.. the rest of the album kicks ass.

    Anonymous (January 4, 2002)

    The labels better start getting in line for this band, can't wait till their full-length and tour. Finally some music that doesn't sound like everything else, and still stays true to the post punk movement taking over....
    New Jersey

    Anonymous (December 30, 2001)

    talking about just being a day away, a day can matter alot in some areas. say your girlfriends late a day, thats scary. Being late is never a good thing. Thats why I hate this band, just because they are a day away. Its not right to provoke something so phenomenally horrible. Our society will just have to pick up our unemployement rate to make up for the loos of enertia that has been sprung upon by new punk groups with there purple hair and mohawks, dog collars and spikey crap. all you damn kids need to learn that its not being late that will make you cool, its being early to class and doing your homework while eating beans.

    Anonymous (December 29, 2001)

    I had the pleasure of seeing this band live. They are as tight live as they are on CD. They played a good number of new songs too, and they blew me away. I dont doubt the full length will blow everyone away. They are moving to California in January. So, everyone in CA look out for them. It will suck not being able to see them play for a long time. Yes, I do know the guys personally, and met them through my band. I was blown away by the EP. It's definately worth buying!

    maverick (December 28, 2001)

    Why not 5 stars? A)it's an EP. I'll save the 5th star for their full length, if they can pull it off. B)it's a promo with lame promo artwork. I hate getting butchered copies to review! I consider the artwork/layout/etc. to be just as essential to the overall package as the music. That's just me.

    Anonymous (December 28, 2001)

    haha this band is dam good. This label seems to know how to pick 'em eh! But why not 5 stars scotty?

    punky (December 28, 2001)

    tnx shindo ;)

    adam (December 28, 2001)

    Aubin has a backlog of reviews to sort through and post. Scott and I however have access to post our own reviews, just not the submitted ones. That's why you see our stuff popping up before yours. However your review is not lost and will be posted as soon as Aubin gets to it. Thanks...

    punky (December 27, 2001)

    Can anyone from punknews.org tell me what is going on with review, i've posted 2-3 log time ago...just asking

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