Rancid: live in St. Petersburglive in St. Petersburg (2008)
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In 1995 Epitaph was including inserts in CDs with descriptions of their existing catalogue. For ...AOCTW, the headline was "RANCID RULES THE UNIVERSE!" Well, it's 13 years later and Rancid still rules the universe. First off, the opening acts for the June 18/08 show. I was from out of state .

In 1995 Epitaph was including inserts in CDs with descriptions of their existing catalogue. For ...AOCTW, the headline was "RANCID RULES THE UNIVERSE!" Well, it's 13 years later and Rancid still rules the universe.

First off, the opening acts for the June 18/08 show. I was from out of state and arrived after the local band played. I talked to quite a few people and found everyone to be pretty cool.

Next up was.....Whole Wheat Bread! Now, you probably really like or really don't like the band, but I'm in the former camp, despite what my teenage hardcore past would think.

After opening with a couple of newer songs that are a little slower than some earlier material, a good circle pit formed for the up tempo "206," "Broke" and "Old Man Sampson."

The band had some really good crowd participation with "When I say Whole Wheat, y'all say Bread! Whole Wheat! Bread! Whole Wheat! Bread!" Haha, if you've seen them then you've seen this.

After WWB, I felt like a little kid on the verge of Christmas morning. The excitement was unbelievable to see.........Rancid!!!

I actually liked Indestructible but most people don't, so some may have thought opening with "Fall Back Down" was an ominous sign. Most people though were so stoked to hear the raddest band ever that they piled into the pit crowding out any room to move.

Next up was a blazing version of "Roots Radicals," followed by "Tattoo" which was a good indicator that the set was going to be an eclectic selection of the comprehensive catalog.

"Journey To The End of The East Bay" seemed to exhaust people at the humid open air show with 80 degree heat on a gorgeous summer night because by the time "Maxwell Murder" hit, a lot of space opened up and we were able to rock a circle pit for the rest of the show. Even when - unbelievably - "I Wanna Riot" played, space remained and a skanking pit afforded a lot of room to move.

Those who worried about an overload of Indestructible (myself included, even though I liked the record), were relieved that, other than the opening track, only "The Other Side" from '03 was sung.

For me, highlights of the show included hearing songs that weren't expected including "Who Would've Thought," "Hoover Street," "Rejected," "Adina," "It's Quite Alright," and "Antennas."

When I would have to take a break from the pit to catch my breath, watching Rancid play was almost as enjoyable as going off. When the band played Saturday Night Live in 1995, it was the most unbelievable musical event I've ever seen on TV because of the energy exhibited. While this enthusiasm seemed to be listed MIA during shows circa 2004, it was back in full force this night. Lars was moving around like he'd never had back surgery and even Tim was running around. Matt had a perma-grin on his face and Brendan was tight on the drums. All of the guys seemd to be having a legit really good time on stage.

I'd never been a huge fan of "Something In The Way" but enjoyed the live version with Tim doing a punk rock quasi running man while singing part of the song. Haha, I can't describe it, but those at the show appreciated it.

I remember part way through the set at Janus Landing, looking skyward toward the exposed skyline with neighboring office buildings, breathing in the warm humid air, thinking "This is the perfect night."

I was really stoked with the set list played. If it was up to me I would substitute a few of the above for "Outta My Mind," "Get Outta My Way" (though it's a cover), "7 Years Down," "The 11th Hour," "Corazon de Oro," "Coppers," "Don Giovanni/Disgruntled," "Poison," "Meteor of War," "Young Al Capone," "Stop" and "Intro" from Life Won't Wait (just kidding about the last one, haha).


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SilentStorms (August 7, 2008)

Nothing against the reviewer or anyone who likes Rancid ... but I fucking hate Rancid. I didn't touch punk with a ten foot pole (hahaha) for 4 years because I thought it was all like Rancid. Then I heard NOFX in 1998 and have been a fan ever since. But I still fucking hate these guys. Score's for my opinion of Rancid and oi punk.

damo (August 4, 2008)

lol, at 1st i thought this was the russian st petersburg!

Picklebat (August 4, 2008)

I was there. Pretty fun show. Anyone else realize that Tim rarely plays guitar anymore? Or that he aimlessly wanders around on the stage? Funny stuff

RonnieD (August 4, 2008)

Hey, for whatever reason, the set list was cut out of the review. I can't recall the order of songs, but here's my best recollection of what was played:




*St Mary


*Maxwell Murder
*Roots Radicals
*Time Bomb
*Olympia, Wa
*Ruby Soho
*Journey To The End of The East Bay
*The Wars End
*The Way I Feel


*Hoover Street
*Something In The World Today


*It's Quite Alright
*Black Derby Jacket


*Fall Back Down
*The Other Side


*I Wanna Riot
*Knowledge (OpIvy)

wyzo (August 3, 2008)

"This guy/gal probably had one of the best nights of his life at this show and people on punknews.org rip on his review!"

I would love this to be www.punklifecoach.org, but Dr.Phil doesn't sponsor the reviews and a review shouldn't just be some guy telling you he had an awesome time.

Have a great day? tell your friends. Writing a public review of a show? write a review of the show. I'm not trying to express hatred to the kid, but he surely has some friend who gives a shit about this more than a bunch of anonymous strangers.

Show reviews are always a little irrelevant though.

My only complaint is the review ends with a bunch of songs the band DIDNT play at the show. Okay, mention a song or two they should have played but the kid posted like a whole fictional setlist, like I give a shit about the hypothetical bizarro rancid show that didn't actually happen.

client-9 (August 3, 2008)

"a lot of space opened up and we were able to rock a circle pit for the rest of the show."

That does it, I'm officially way too old for this site!

dX927 (August 2, 2008)

FYI, they had been performing an acoustic version of The 11th Hour early on this tour but it was missing from Orlando's set as well.

necktattoo (August 2, 2008)

can't believe they played Something In The Way by Nirvana

niveK82 (August 1, 2008)

I went to the first night in Chicago. I haven't listened to Rancid in a long time and pretty much went because a lot of friends were going. As soon as they came on stage I felt like I was 13 again. It was such a great time. Plus, they played 'Knowledge.'

mikexdude (August 1, 2008)

I'm going with NotPatriotic on this.

NotPatriotic (August 1, 2008)

Great Review. Don't listen to the haters. This guy/gal probably had one of the best nights of his life at this show and people on punknews.org rip on his review! Way to go guys. I think I'm starting to realize how dumb it is to rip on other people's positive reviews. It's their opinion. Seriously, why do we rip on a person who typed out a positive review for a concert which he/she attended. Maybe I am in a frenzy because I watched "I Am Legend" last night and the Bob Marley reference really hit me. I'm not really a fan of Bob Marley's music and I have no idea if the reference in the movie is true, but when WIll Smith tells the story about how Marley was shot in his home two days before a benefit concert promoting peace and still sang at the concert because, as Marley stated, ‚??the people that are trying to ruin this world don‚??t take days off." That quote is legit.

Archangel (August 1, 2008)

telegraphrocks nailed it.

crackpotdemagogue (August 1, 2008)

wow, excessive use of paragraphs!

wallofyouth (August 1, 2008)

i remember the description of SLATFATS -- "if you don't have this CD yet... you suck"

now, over 10 years later, they still use the slogan, albeit slightly modified. for example, the new FFTL album -- "if you have this CD, you suck"

TROOF (August 1, 2008)

Why are they opening with Fall Back Down? I think the last live review said the same thing. How about something more uptempo like Maxwell Murder.

holy_balls (August 1, 2008)


VictorIkpeba24 (August 1, 2008)

In Russia, St. Petersburg is.

mikexdude (August 1, 2008)

Aw, that was mean.

telegraphrocks (July 31, 2008)

Score IS RonnieD's age.

Chewy_Almighty (July 31, 2008)

my friends were the opening band: The Scurvy. i was very surprised by how many people came out early and saw them (whether they were trying to get in early for Rancid or not) and they were very well received (i think they're gonna be opening some dates on the Street Dogs/ Flatfoot 56 tour)

didn't WWB do a Rage Against the Machine cover? 'Killing in the Name' maybe....

Rancid's set was pretty tight. i think another friend of mine filmed a couple songs...but it seemed like it was a really short set (at least for a lone headliner)

the only set back of the whole show was the assholes who attacked my friend while he was loading up his equipment.

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