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As much as the punknews staff like to wield their mighty fisty...fist, and by no means do I suggest every reader post a top 10, I am no 'reader'. Why you may ask? Ego. My massively gigantic ego which sits on its alabaster throne in Valhalla with my feral chicken chained to its armrest, looking.

As much as the punknews staff like to wield their mighty fisty...fist, and by no means do I suggest every reader post a top 10, I am no 'reader'.
Why you may ask?

Ego. My massively gigantic ego which sits on its alabaster throne in Valhalla with my feral chicken chained to its armrest, looking past the engorged smorgasboard to the huge hall fire place carved from the crushed skulls of babys. There's no other rooms in the hall, my ego needs none other. It presides and dictates its whims and eccentric perversions through an intermediate agency of unicyclists and that woman who sculpted the butter last supper at the iowa state fair.
What does it want? LOOSE MEAT SANDWHICHES!!!
When does it want them? ONCE ITS ULCER SETTLES DOWN!

So now that I have validated my credentials, here are my top ten of 2001. (this refers to records I got in 2001, not necessarily records that came out in 2001).

1 Blueline Medic - The Apology Wars (fueled by Ramen)

Quite simply, one of the best emotionally gripping records Ive heard. Its like Jawbreaker, but reminds me of Mel gibson in Mad max, possibly because both blueline and mel are from australia.

2 As Friends Rust - Won (Doghouse records)

After so many EP's, and not one full length, I had high expectations and was nervous at playing it. Amazing fucking record, from the tension of temps and vocals, to the lyrical ferociousness, wonderful record, absolutely great first record.

3 Black Cat Music - Hands in the Estuary,Torso in the lake (lookout records)

Haunting, beautiful, and downright great to listen to when your drunk and driving home swerving and hitting that car decapitating that family of 4 (they were dysfunctional anyway, you know the father was molesting his son, its all there). The line "the rest of the world died on the day that we met" sends chills down my spine, which isnt much since ive been confined to a wheelchair after my DUI/vehicular manslaughter charge.

4 The Epidemic - I am compltely Oprationa L (Ache records)

From the break up of DBS (others going on to form red light sting), this is largely relaxing and interesting music. Despite a tracklisting, it runs best as one long song. Great mellow, and hypnotic melodies, soothing and very creative. Which means, Its not very punkrock, but its great music.

5 Lost Patrol - Songs in the key of resistance (starttracks)

The solo record from Denis from refused made after the break up and before (I)NC. Acoustic stuff, mainly political but a great change of pace in some areas. I would even dare say two songs that are about another person, ohmigod and it doesnt mention killing the pigs or nothing. In "Sparta-Warsaw" you can hear it raining in the background. Beautiful song. Recorded in his Bedroom.

6 Last Days of April - Angel Youth (Jade Tree)

Melancholy, brooding, discordant yet theres an odd sad glow of sweetness in all the songs. Honestly if you listen to songs 2 and 3 back to back you will want to shoot yourself in the head. If you like the weakerthans, youll most likely dig this.

7 Trapdoor Fucking Exit - s/t (bridge)

Swedish Hardcore, I mean HARDCORE, and not that lame shout along NYC shit. I mean emotional hair raising hardcore. This fierce of a hardcore band I usually dont ever get into, but this band is amazing in the way they are so brutal and yet have this background tone that is genuinely melodic. The vocals are raw and yet you can make sense from the chaos. Check them out if you want something hardcore but dont like screamo bands. Trapdoor will rip you a new kidney where your elbow used to be. Think about that one.

8 Murder city Devils - Thelema (subpop)

Only a ten incher, and not the best perhaps, but definately rocking and a fine farewell to this awesome group. I got to see them live three or so times, including their farewell tour and they were flawless. Much missed.

9 Holly Golightly - Singles Collection (kill rock stars in the US)

Just found out about her a couple months ago, eating her stuff up since. Bluesy garagey rock and roll with a punk attitude and delivery. Slide guitar, a woman scorned lyrical style, and a great old time rock and roll feel. If you like new bomb turks, or want to hear what Mike Ness would sound like if he was a woman and twice as much talent.

10 Small Brown Bike - Dead Reckoning/Split 7" with Cursive - (No idea/Makato records)

The split for the 7 inch club with cursive was great and I hope their new ten inch or LP or whatever next year will be equally amazing. Blew Hot water music away live when I saw em last year.

Honorable mention: Veda Hille and Christine fellows (Christine fellows song 'after' will make you happy no matter how jaded or hardcore you are, or how depressed). Frankie Stubbs s/t 10 inch is great too if you like leatherface its a must.

And the gin blossoms have a best of cd, does anybody else find it wierd a band who put out two albums has a best of album? Why not just buy the two fucking albums? And Toto.....what happened to toto?



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Anonymous (April 3, 2002)

the epidermic is andy's solo project.. he is also in the red light sting.. just too clear it up

Anonymous (February 12, 2002)

wyzo, you are a dick that has some seriously shitty taste in music. and watch the ego there boy, dont wanna let that massive head swell any more.

Anonymous (February 8, 2002)

Wonderfully executed telling-off, filled with wit and pizzazz.
-Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

wyzo (January 28, 2002)

To the fellow below. Rule #1 about punk rock: Dont define it and dont act like you can.

All other rules including do not follow rules are merely arbitrary aesthetic.

Lars fredricksen and the bastards arent on my list because its a horrible record full of horrible music made by unecessary people. The most cliche predictable overdone paint by number fashinably street punk record ever. Why not just use Crass lettering and have a photo of a guy giving the middle finger. But I bet you believe this is then hardest record since the last hardest rawest record youve heard in your life full of hard raw angry raw intense depictions of commonly associated things that are considered raw, hard, and the most chic of adjectives 'real'. This album was really in your face,huh? No, it sucked, and it was boring, and never needed to be made. I dont like rancid, so i wouldnt like Lars side project. The phrase 'Side project' makes me queesy.

And Dropkick Murphy's record wasn't on my list because after McColgan left, I left too. They went from a great band to a mediocre and obvious band. Do or die was amazing, everything after was just 'do you get it? We're Irish like, and we say oi, and we drink'. They have enough unenthusiastic song titles and lyrics to last me a lifetime. I'm sick of the legend, ballad, tale, story, myth, eulogy, limerick, anecdote, or fable of (insert name here).
Honestly. I'm sure its good and fun, and theres a sing along, and bless em for making records, but its not amazing. Its just the new hellcat/epitaph release that tagged it street punk so you scurried off to get it.

Now have a good raw intense in your face day on the 'streets'.

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

Does anyone know what punk is. I thought that people who write for punknews would know what punk is.
Let me help you out a little.
Top 2 albums of 2001 that have yet been mentioned on any of these peoples top 10.
1. Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards - S/T
2. Dropkick Murphys - Sing Loud, Sing Proud

Yellowtrash (January 16, 2002)

Can't fuck with MCD!

evildeadalive (January 15, 2002)

DBS kick ass. A lot off ass. Your ass.

Anonymous (January 14, 2002)

good man good man.. im glad to see at least someone MENTION the word d.b.s even though it was for the epedemic. d.b.s rocks, and 'forget everything you know' might be just an ep, but still one of the best pieces of music i have ever been in contact with.. a must for everyone..

Anonymous (January 14, 2002)

the as friends record is good but they suuck live. too bad with the potential they have on record...

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