Lagwagon - I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon (Cover Artwork)


Lagwagon: I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to LagwagonI Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon (2008)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: xcarlupanddiexxcarlupanddiex
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After three years from their previous full-length effort, and after touring their ass everywhere in the world, Fat Wreck Chords' first signed band Lagwgaon is back with a brand new EP. It's nice to hear to material from Joey Cape and friends, because you are always sure to hear some interesting musi.
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After three years from their previous full-length effort, and after touring their ass everywhere in the world, Fat Wreck Chords' first signed band Lagwgaon is back with a brand new EP. It's nice to hear to material from Joey Cape and friends, because you are always sure to hear some interesting music.

From the title of the EP to the comments Joey Cape made for this record ("It's gonna change the world"), you can see how the band's humor about themselves is still present here, and even though someone might be tired of the whole "we're old" stuff, there are still reasons to laugh about it. Because, well, Lagwagon is really old and people who have been listening to them since their beginning are seriously old. Also because, being the older brother, as it is in my case, makes you feel even older.

I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon fetaures seven songs that show how the band keeps on developing their sound. After their pop melodies on Let's Talk About Feelings, Lagwagon changed direction and drove into the dusty road of heavy and dirty punk, with albums like Blaze and Resolve displaying some of the rawest songs the band ever recorded. For the new EP, the trip is going on; even if this time the production (due to Joey Cape himself) sounds clearer, the result is still raw. Not only musically, but also lyrically. The EP starts with "B Side," probably the softest song on the record, with its catchy guitar riffs that remind me of Hoss. But songs like "No Little Pill" and "Errands" are seriously catchy, poppy, and at the same time, the music is strong and heavy. "Memories and Landmines" is the best song on the record to me, with fast-paced guitar riffs and very strong bass lines that reminded me of "Sleep," but in a hardcore way.

"Fallen," previously released as a B-side from Resolve, sounds very well in the middle of this EP, with its fast riffs, bringing you to the slower part of the album. "Live It Down" strats with a really slow and soft melody, as it was for "Choke" on Double Plaidinum, and it does not burst into an anthem until after a couple of minutes. "Mission Unaccomplished" closes the 19 minutes of this new Lagwagon experience with the last couple minutes of poppy punk melodies and Joey Cape's Bad Astronaut leanings.

Lagwagon is probably a lot like wine. The older it gets, the better. It's great and somehow scary to see how the oldest Fat Wreck band is the one that is still developing new, interesting and original music, while many other original acts disbanded or lost inspiration. I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon can surely be named the best half-full length most of us are going to hear this year.


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nikko (August 13, 2013)

This ep is so much more mature yet playful at the same time, like classic Lagwagon. Fallen is such a solid song. Could be a Descendents song in my opinion. Love Errands as well as the whole album. Live it down is the perfect example of how they've changed in sound but remain true to it. You'd think it was Bad Astronaut song but Joey wrote it specifically for Lagwagon. Only song I think is weak is No Little Pill during the chorus for some reason but love the bass lines and everything else.

benzilla (October 8, 2009)


thatsyouth (September 9, 2008)

It's pretty impossible for me to not like something Joey Cape puts out. Lagwagon is my all time favorite band so i'll dig anything. I like the EP. Not great. But not bad by any means. I thought a few of these songs could go on Bad Astronauts Houston We Have A Drinking Problem cd.

Jeevz (September 5, 2008)

I think this is a pretty good EP. I'll always eat up anything my old faves on Fat put out. Lagwagon is a tale of two bands, the pre and post Derrick Plourde days, this EP won't sniff any of the old classics but it hold up well against their last 4 efforts.

Dudley_Shale (August 27, 2008)

I have to agree, Capes got some really interesting vocals. I think it all lays in the drumming, honestly. The drummer is obviously talented, but it's the same exact NoFX/Fat Wreck drum beat that kept me from every getting into them.

However, upon further listening this EP actually showcases all their strengths as well as weaknesses, and in the end I'd have to say this is the first thing Lagwagon has ever done that I've liked. All these guys are very technical, proficient, and superior musicians, and yeah...I'd be behind saying it's worth checking out.

drugmoney (August 26, 2008)

as much as i hate ep's, its still lagwagon and the wagon never disapoints. i heard it, i liked it, but then again i cant not like any wagon cd. although the few songs on it will play through leaving u wishing there was more, its still worth dwnlodin. i like joey's acoustic redention of no little pill better, still great songwriting

blip (August 26, 2008)

generic skatepunk vocals? get real. joey cape is one of the more interesting vocalists in all of punk.

mikexdude (August 25, 2008)

You ever eat something so spicy you had to add something to dull it a bit? Lagwagon is like that: the instruments are just fucking amazing, but once the generic skate punk vocals come on, it loses it's umph.

paulrulzdood (August 25, 2008)

i don't know about Ryan Greene, but it is an interesting point...NUFAN, Nofx, Strung Out, Lagwagon...none of them have worked with him on their latest albums. I loved his high-gloss and punchy production but oh well.

people that say Lagwagon is boring need to eat a bag of dicks

this EP is great, more experimental than 'resolve'

resolve was not great but it wasn't bad. for what it was (a reactionary, spur of the moment, eulogy for Derrick Plourde) it was a depressing success but due to what it was, it lacked the fun and energy of prior 'wagon works. but i still thought "automatic" and "heartbreaking music" and "days of new" and some others were really awesome songs with the classic fat-punk-skate-punk-double-time pace/structure of their past stuff. this EP goes more in the direction of "blaze", mixing up structures and trying out some new sounds.

Yea, joey sounds older because...he is. he can't freeze time any better than the rest of is. he's 41 now, he's not going to sound like the 27 year old that wrote "hoss". his lyrics are still amazing and his vocals are still unique and bold.

lagwagon rule

christian (August 25, 2008)


Much better production than on Resolve. Am I alone in thinking the production on Resolve was shoddy at best?

I miss Ryan Greene.

The songs are killer, but they would sound *that* much better with a little of that Ryan Greene magic sprinkled on.

Why in the world won't any of the bands who used to work with Ryan Greene hire him to produce/mix/engineer anymore? Has he been 86'd or something?

blanktapesemptybottles (August 24, 2008)

I feel like since Joey recorded the solo album and the band was like, "Oh shit let's do all of these!" he was kind of bummed and was like, "I wanted to do other songs..." and thus we have this album

telegraphrocks (August 24, 2008)

Fuzzy thinks he's a hawk, but he's just a fuckin' sniiiiiiiiiitch.

fuzzy (August 24, 2008)

A "solid" score for an EP (or LP) is not an 8/10 (4/5)!! "Solid" implies a 6 or 7 at best. Good gravy. Most bands probably make one 8/10 album in their career. 9's are extremely rare and a 10 is reserved for something gamechanging or unforgettable, not the flavor of the week with the best crooning.


teeto (August 24, 2008)

THis ep is rad, love the drumming on "live it down", jesse's on fire on "memoirs and landmines". I'll buy it at their show sep 6th, can't wait, finally gonna see only crime too.

Dudley_Shale (August 24, 2008)

As much as it pains me to agree with mikexdude, Lagwagon are kinda boring. I like Cape, I like almost everything else he's touched, but Lagwagon is just so...blech.

mikexdude (August 24, 2008)

Have it, boring. Cool guitar, that's about it.

LinoleumMagazine (August 24, 2008)

Hey mikexdude, pick up Duh and Trashed. If those records bore you, then I think it is you who is boring.

BarleyPat (August 24, 2008)

Errands is the best.

friokir (August 24, 2008)

well, I have to take back my words, this one's a grower.

BarleyPat (August 23, 2008)

I like it alot. It kinda reminds me of a mix between Trashed and Let's Talk About Feelings (closer to the latter).

strizzmatik (August 23, 2008)

Definitely a solid EP. Lagwagon's one of my oldest favorites and they've never put out a bad album. "Errands" is fucking sick. The production's a little weak in spots and it the inclusion of "Fallen" is lazy and unneccesary. This band is still awesome though, and along with Strung Out are one of the only Fat bands still making kickass music (and yeah that includes NOFX).

telegraphrocks (August 23, 2008)

Snooooooooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzeeee Toooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnn.

mcflynnthm (August 23, 2008)

Solid EP. I can't believe Newbury Comics is charging $10 for it, though.

Johnny_J (August 23, 2008)

You know the song "May 16th?" Well, every year my friends and I celebrate that day in recognition of the song by Lagwagon. So this past May, we decided to get out some old bikes from when we were younger, and ride out to this street from it's almost a complete drop-off downhill. (If you go down it in your car, better make sure your brakes are working). We did this at 3am so cars/trucks wouldn't be getting in the way. Anyways, so we finally get there, start to ride down, and after 5 seconds of going downhill my bike hits a crack in the road and I flew over the bike 15-20 feet into the air, land on my arm which was right under my head as I smash into the pavement. I broke my elbow in a couple spots, and had to wear a cast and was out of work for 2 months. I'm not sure I should celebrate May 16th by Lagwagon in the upcoming years....

deadxlast (August 23, 2008)

I'm super pumped to hear this. Lagwagon is one the solidest punk bands ever.

justaine (August 22, 2008)

weak EP, no wonder why the majority of the songs are on the Joey Cape solo album!

greg0rb (August 22, 2008)

Anyone else ever used to buy stuff out of the old paper Fat Wreck zines just on a whim? Got Trashed that way and that's how it all began. I think I need to get this.

i-type-poorly (August 22, 2008)

As someone who can't get into any of their pre-Feelings albums, this one feels like old Lagwagon done right. The production is good enough so I can distinctively hear the instruments, and it's got those loveable, yet predictable old 90's Fat Wreck melodies. Only drawback is that Joey voice is starting to wear out for the pace of this music, especially in the first couple songs.

bytheslice (August 22, 2008)

Haven't bought this, but I love the 'Wagon very much.

Question: Does anyone else think that "Trashed" should be remastered? That's my favorite Lagwagon record by far, but I always thought the guitars sounded a little thin...

MrStylson (August 22, 2008)

Solid Lagwagon release. Does Fat have the vinyl up for it yet?

ddb43 (August 22, 2008)

Very solid review. I agree w/ almost everything you said. I actually love the album, album cover, and title even more. I've been listening to Lagwagon since the beginning and never get bored w/ them. How can people not talk about Trashed and Duh being some of Lagwagon's best work? Those albums are classic!!

Fresnoska (August 22, 2008)
T-Rock (August 22, 2008)

What does this have to do with Gaslight Anthem?

Johnny_J (August 22, 2008)

Let's Talk About Feelings is the best Lagwagon album.

usversusthem (August 22, 2008)

All my favourite Lagwagon songs are actually by No Use for a Name.

baseball (August 22, 2008)

Really nice that one of the best Fat Wreck bands is still making good music. Kind of thought we had seen the last of them after Resolve. Solid EP.

punk_rawk_show (August 22, 2008)

Got this today, its lagwagon so it should be good. The wagon never disapoints

xote (August 22, 2008)

I don't care about Lagwagon at all. But the artwork I think is supposed to represent one of those dumb T-shirts for a reason. I mean it goes a long with the name of the album. It's all tounge in cheek i'm pretty sure.

ickefes (August 22, 2008)

I love that my all time favourite band is still going strong. It has taken some listens for me to get into this album and now I enjoy it alot! I would give it a 3½ overall. Errands is probably my favourite. Regards

paulrulzdood (August 22, 2008)

as for the cover art, I'm sure they assumed that most people will either buy this off iTunes or steal it off the internet, so why spend money on cover art?

at least it comes with a lyrics booklet for those that actually do buy a physical copy.

Hoss and Double Plaid are still the best IMHO

paulrulzdood (August 22, 2008)

Certainly not their best work, but a solid EP regardless, I enjoy each track on it. "memoirs and landmines" is outstanding, "b side" is great as is "fallen" and a few others. I'm just glad Lagwagon is still touring and making new music in 2008, if you would have told me that in 1998 I probably wouldn't have believed you. For a band 16 years deep and 7 albums deep into their career, i think its a solid effort. The lyrics are amazing as ususal, the music is a bit more experimental and varied than "resolve" and it ventures into some new territory for them and tends to stay away from the standard double-time skate-punk stuff that makes up most of hteir back cataloge. nothing wrong with a little variety.

also, this EP is a grower. if you think it is "boring" or whatever, give it some more listens. It took me about 5 listens for it to really "click". The song structures are different and theres no obvious hooks, so its not as instantly memorable or accessible as their other stuff but its still pretty awesome once you give it a chance.


crackpotdemagogue (August 22, 2008)

they could have done something so much better with the artwork. that cover is boring!

branden (August 22, 2008)

grown on me a lot since the first listen.

disconnected (August 22, 2008)

Nice short and sweet EP, Fallen sounds much better then the original b-side version.

necktattoo (August 22, 2008)

it's not the greatest but i've still listened to it every day. listening to lagwagon > most other things

insinceredave (August 22, 2008)

Solid band, i'm interested to here this, resolve was a good but difficult record to listen to.

stuckinbielers (August 22, 2008)

I did a brief interview with Joey Cape if anyones interested:

friokir (August 22, 2008)

too slow, too clean. blaze and lets talk about feelings are the best tho.

mikexdude (August 22, 2008)

Ready for my unpopular opinion...

This band is boring.

hotcheetos (August 22, 2008)

Eh. Heard a few songs, liked the melodies okay, didn't care much for the vocals...

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