Saves the Day/Hey Mercedes/Thursday - live in Hollywood (Cover Artwork)

Saves the Day / Hey Mercedes / Thursday

Saves the Day/Hey Mercedes/Thursday: live in Hollywoodlive in Hollywood (2001)
Vagrant Records

Reviewer Rating: 4.5

Contributed by: NotQuiteAsPunkAsYouNotQuiteAsPunkAsYou
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"Son, remove your spiked belt, we don't want anyone getting hurt inside," remarked the security guard. "But this is a punk show," I responded with a stern look. "No, no, EMO boy, now remove that leather." After hiding my belt under some staircase in a remote apartment building, I ran into.

"Son, remove your spiked belt, we don't want anyone getting hurt inside," remarked the security guard.

"But this is a punk show," I responded with a stern look.

"No, no, EMO boy, now remove that leather."

After hiding my belt under some staircase in a remote apartment building, I ran into the Palace where my friend was waiting. After checking out the merch tables and some jock's pleasing lady, we headed to the floor to await Thursday's arrival. And so they entered in front of a sold out crowd. Ok, yeah, they're amazing. If you think they sound incredible on cd, just wait till you hear them live. A pit opened up, but was only home to 7 robust young men. Everything blended well on stage- the screaming, singing, intensity, and fun; it was all there.

Time to pee.........This was a great experience. After I finished releasing some trifling fluid, I washed my hands. But as I looked around the counter, hair gel, cologne, shaving cream, combs, and other excessories were scattered about. I was soon handed, yes handed, a towel, by a nice fellow executing his "job" perfectly. I remarked again "I thought this was a punk show."

"No bathroom," he responded "bathroom."

Next up....Hey Mercedes. And HEY!...they suck live. Sorry, but all the hype around their live show and new record is undeserved. Their songs are slow and drainy and they just looked and sounded tired. But HEY, good luck next time Mr. Mercedes.

Now the intensity was building. After hearing that lullaby band, the entire throng of people eagerly urned for Saves the Day. A "S-T-D" chant started. I, for one, had never been to a Saves the Day show. I thought they all fancied some sextually transmitted disease- maybe Syphilis or something. Was this a benefit show? Nooo, it was Saves the DAy, ooooo, yes yes yes, I think I hear something.

And so the Terminator theme music sounded and the lights dimmed. Saves the Day soon entered and quickly started playing. The first portion of their songs consisted of stuff mostly off Stay What You Are and Through Being Cool. The response was incredible. Three pits filled the floor with sweaty boys, men, and even some perspired young ladies. Suddenly, all members execpt Chris Conley, the singer, left the stage. With acoustic guitar in hand, he belted out 4 songs off their I'm Sorry I'm Leaving EP. The band soon rejoined him, and played stuff of all their albums this time. Wow, the crowd really loved these guys. They pulled an encore excursion and played Holly Hox Forget Me Nots. This was acceptable as it's my favorite song by them.

So then we left.....and entered a valley of lukewarm emotions. Yes, I got my belt and soon returned with my friend to the venue to await the arrival of his mother. Ahh this bring a tear to my eye....All the members of Saves the Day came out of the Palace. Three of the members of Saves the Day, I will not mention names, left in a...limo. Yes a limo. I was truly shocked. The drive home with Jeff and his conservative mom didn't help either.

Saves the Day aren't kids playing punk rock anymore, they're rock stars playing punk rock.


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Anonymous (February 9, 2002)

the show was okay. The crowd sucked, they're were so many old people there,probably parents who took their kids cause they saw this band on MTV. I missed Thursday's set so I can't comment. I loved Hey Merceds and I think they've gotten betten,in conjunction to Braid. Saves The Day was okay.


Anonymous (February 2, 2002)

I was at the Palace show too and had to walk back to my car twice cuz the stupid ass security guards wouldn't let me in...Anyways, after that ordeal, I finally got to go in and see THURSDAY! They were f-ken amazing! I liked Hey Mercedes but have seen better shows. STD was awesome, but it was disappointing to see them leave in their big black stretch limo. I made a comment to Chris about it as he was swiftly taken into the limo by a big security guard. Anyways, its funny seeing them blow up like this. I remember a couple years ago, STD being unable to sell out shows, let alone have 100 kids coming to their shows...Anyways, their performance was great, the audience wasn't sedated like other shows. All around, it was fun..

Anonymous (January 30, 2002)

seriously. i was at the fireside bowl show in chicago as well. they played the sportsplex in darien once too, i dont know if youre from northern il but the sportsplex isnt even a venue its a rented room above an ice hockey arena. they put on an amazing show even there as well. thursday = my rock and roll hall of fame. you can all suck the big one if you cant even appreciate their show.

Anonymous (January 29, 2002)

word....go see hatebreed.

Anonymous (January 28, 2002)

I'd have to disagree with the kid who said saves the day has more talent than blink 182. I've seen each band play live and saves the day plays decent music horribly, yet blink plays horrible music very well. While blink may be the death of punk rock or whatever people on this sit want to call it, they can still play a lot better than saves the day. don't get me wrong (which i'm expecting most of you will), i'm in no way defending blink 182. they sold their souls a long time ago, and i don't even think their early stuff is any good... but they can play their instruments, and saves the day cannot.

as for thursday, they have the most amazing live show i've ever seen. I saw them once at the fireside bowl in chicago, and then in bloomington, in. The bloomington show was amazing because there were about 70 kids in this large room, but only about 20 were really into it. The band, however, didn't let that phase them and put on an amazing, very personal show.


Anonymous (January 27, 2002)

Its like Satan himself asked the three lamest "your girlfriend likes 'em" bands to spew out a piece of crap and drive the stake a little deeper into the heart of punk rock.

ChrisGorman (January 26, 2002)

I bet this was a cool show, though I haven't liked much of what I have heard from STD. I am still trying to interpret "At your Funeral".

Yellowtrash (January 26, 2002)

wrong rating :) I'll give it a 7 just for Thursday.

Yellowtrash (January 26, 2002)

It's surpising that the people responding to this post didn't go to the show. At least STD is better than Blink...

Anonymous (January 25, 2002)

On man tbones I'm sorry for insulting you. I never said Saves the Day were sell outs. I like Saves the Day a great deal. And who said they were original anyway. I have heard peole do stuff like them before. Yes, they do it amazingly well and maybe the best. I know about Thursday on MTV. I saw it. I was disappointed but hopefully they can add some variety to the MTV lineup. I never once said anything about abondoning these bands because they are getting popular. Yes, I do have the new Bigwig record but lyrics like "My dad can beat up your dad, my mom can beat up your mom" are ridiculous at times. It's a good record though. And oh tbones....is the new Snoop Dog joint out. What! What! j/k man

Anonymous (January 25, 2002)

Mr. Reviewer,
Hey, Mr. punk rock! How's it going? Did you get the new bigwig record? I heard it's breaking new musical ground. Anyway, wow Saves the Day are such sell-outs! Damn rock stars! How dare they actually try to infiltrate the current lame muscial landscape with some originallity! How about we just complain about how bad "the radio sucks" but when something good goes on it, complain about that too! Gasp! I don't know if you heard but Thursday is on M2 now! Time to throw the book at them! Don't they know what "rock stars" they will become. It's a shame. Good thing no one likes the Casualties. They'll keep it real. Hope this was an accurate display of the conversation you and your pal had on the way home in the minivan.

Anonymous (January 25, 2002)

"WHOA!!!! cool you wear a spiked belt you must be like hell punk n stuff "If this is supposed to be your poor attempt at sarcasm then i am very dissapointed... The kid never said anything about being "hell punk n stuff". If you were going to be sarcastic about something maybe it should be his age... he seems really young.. but even that would be dumb because how can you be too young to not like music.. who cares... it was a good review. He was right about everything.. even that Hey Mercedes sucks live.. they are ok... just ok... on record but suck live.

Anonymous (January 25, 2002)

you guys are all retarded A-holes. Thursday is amazing live. You obviously dont know your head from your butt if you think theyre better on cd. Thursdays live show is an amazingly exhilerating experience. Its as if theyre standing on your chest pounding the music into you. Geoff is catching his breath from screaming, pouring himself into the lyrics. Swinging the mic around because he's in the moment. I've seen Thursday four times in the last year alone. Don't hate, appreciate. If you're looking for a musician that will just stand there and pick their nose, not moving at all-then maybe you should go to a weezer show or print a picture of the band of the internet and tape it to your wall and listen to the cd.
PS- "Yea, im cool I post on punknews.org and apparently im cool because i know nothing about music itself. ill swallow anything you throw at me if ill be cool for listening to it. cd versions of bands are the best because its recorded in a studio and editted a million times so its a washed version of an incredible live experience." ill admit to liking pretty much everyone in that line-up. but why is it that im pretty sure most of you just jumped on the saves the day bandwagon and knew nothing about hey mercedes or thursday? do the math. youre dumb as rocks if you cant differeniate between talent and marketting strategies.

Anonymous (January 25, 2002)

how old is the kid who wrote?

he is soooo "punk"

Anonymous (January 24, 2002)

Yes, saves the day played a perfect set in chicago too. All 3 songs that I waited through before couldn't stand it anymore. Their songs are so fucking easy that not even my dog, playing all instruments at once could screw it up. They reminded me of all the freshman bands at my high school. Yeah, I was in one of those bands and we sucked too, but there's no way that I'm ever paying $25 and driving 3 hours to see a band that sucks that bad. I went for Thursday in the first place and missed all but 3 songs. God damn it. I didn't like Hey Mercedes either. What a waste of time, energy, and money.

Anonymous (January 24, 2002)

Thank you. I spent all last night revising that for you. I said to myself "what would sickboi do."

sickboi (January 24, 2002)

That was funny, really. Heh heh.

Anonymous (January 24, 2002)

FUCK YOU! No just jokin. Hey, this is Chris from Saves The Day. My weewee is huge. And I would just like to say to that little boy whom I fucked in the asshole that he needs to wipe his butt more because my dick is still brown from that little fling.


Anonymous (January 23, 2002)

I was Back Stage with saves the day and i saw chris and i was like "Hey man what the fuck is up?" and so he says "FUCK YOU!" what a total asshole i am thinking. so i said "hey man can i see your weewee" and he was like "oh you want my penis in your asshole?" as i said "yes please" he stuck his huge wang into my ass boy was that a plesent time i had back stage with saves the day. BANAnAS ARE GOOD! word to my man chris! and not that chris cause his post was cool.

HungOverHero (January 23, 2002)

Thursday is a great band; but they are horrible live. The singer has to catch his breath every 10 seconds, and while he's doing that he just throws the mic to the crowd. Hey Mercedes is boring as fuck live. They put everyone to sleep. Saves The Day played a perfect set.

Anonymous (January 22, 2002)

Thanks for noticing how "hell punk?" I am. The cookies are in the mail.

Anonymous (January 22, 2002)

WHOA!!!! cool you wear a spiked belt
you must be like hell punk n stuff

down with police and like society and all that gay stuff or something.

motor_league (January 22, 2002)

ok.. ill be honest here. 2 months ago, i would be the first one to defend saves the day. i was a huge fan, and i still am a fan, to a degree. chris' lyrics are amazing, i think, although i wouldnt argue if someone argued with me. they strike a chord with me, and i can imagine that for some, the lyrics are just stupid. but, i digress. i always walk around my campus with a cd player. [it lets me avoid all the people here. is that healthy? probably not] anyway, im walking around today with through being cool, an album i have listened to many, many times before, and a strange thing happened. i couldnt get into the music. have i outgrown the sound of std? regardless, they are still talented. you must begrudge them that, at least. rock stars? yes. punk rock? eh. in sum, good show. except for the fact that thursday didnt show, and hey mercedes is so horrible live. [cinci, you know what im talking about]. thats all. if you read this far, then you certainly have a long attention span.

sickboi (January 22, 2002)

I'd rather stab myself in the tongue with a rusty screwdriver than go to this show.

moldy (January 21, 2002)

haha got a ride home from his friends mom

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

when they played on long island, ny the show was "m.c'ed" by Jay Wolf (host of One Step Beyond...ska/punk radio show)..anyways, jay wolf introduced all the bands on stage before theyd start playing....but Saves The Day refused to be introduced saying "You don't see anyone announcing aerosmith when they play live do you?"
....thats the exact line they gave the m.c. guy before they went on
...now if thats not pure rockstar bullshit,i dont know what is
they should just die already

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