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Fenix TX: Fenix TXFenix TX (1999)
Drive-Thru Records

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Contributed by: EddieEddie
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Fenix TX, one of the recent pop-punk bands to make it big, released this CD a few years back, and unfortunately, it took me these few years to actually get it. And I'm starting to wish I'd gotten it much sooner, because it's amazing. It's pretty much what I expected, though. After I heard their.
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Fenix TX, one of the recent pop-punk bands to make it big, released this CD a few years back, and unfortunately, it took me these few years to actually get it. And I'm starting to wish I'd gotten it much sooner, because it's amazing.

It's pretty much what I expected, though. After I heard their awesome first single, "All My Fault," I knew this was my kind of band. It's a fast-paced, catchy, upbeat pop-punk song that I loved for weeks when I heard it on the radio.

They have lots of other great punk songs on this CD. "Minimum Wage," "Surf Song," "G.B.O.H.," "Jolly Green Dumbass," "Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste," "Ben," "Philosophy," and "Jean Claude Trans Am" all sound great. Lots of people say they're just the next blink-182, but no way, these songs are pure punk. Though they do have other songs that are more on the pop side. Along with "All My Fault," there's "Flight 601 (All I've Got is Time)", "Rooster Song," "Speechless," and "No Lie."

I also think this CD to be better then Fenix TX's sophmore album, "Lechuza," which has heavier guitars, and sometimes catchier choruses, but it's not as upbeat, fast, or punk rock-sounding as this.

So, if your fave bands are New Found Glory, or Sum 41, then this is definitely a CD for you. But if you strictly only like bands like Rancid and NOFX, then I suggest you stay away.


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thatswack (January 7, 2005)

I don't know why, but I love this album, it's one of my favorites. Picked it up a week or so after it came out in 97' and I still love listening to it. "Jean Claude Trans Am" priceless.

Anonymous (January 2, 2005)

fenix tx!! The best band ever!!!!

UnunitedSA (October 29, 2003)

I bought this cd back in 97 when they were still called River Fenix. It's an awesome album. I just love how fast paced it is and the tounge in cheek songwriting. The song titles are funny puns too. I still listen to this album today. It's great.

Anonymous (November 21, 2002)

Pop-punk meaning fenix-tx, not the bands in the ( ). thats wut i meant

Anonymous (November 21, 2002)

Too bad they're not even like a freakin band anymore. They lost their guitarist after "Lechuza" I like them but w/o the original guitarist, i don't think i'll bother. Besides, i found real punk (the distillers, bigwig, the exploited, the casualties, rancid, and nofx.) those bands are so much better b/c they don't sing about love 24/7. Otherwise, if u like pop-punk, then u'll love them. Later

Anonymous (November 19, 2002)

There's no point in reviewing an album by saying "it blows" or "it fuckin rocks." There's no point. That doesn't say anything about the music or about the review. No one can ever prove things like whether something is the worst album ever or the best album ever or anything, cause it all depends on taste. If I hate all Led Zeppelin, and I think it sucks, I still can't come out and just say "Zepplin sucks," because there are millions of people out there that think that Zeppelin rules, so how am I gonna prove that they suck? It's like arguing over whether God exists or not. It's not worth it. Anyway, about the album...I think that it's a really good album. Granted, it's pop-punk, and if you hate pop-punk, you'll hate it. I would disagree with the reviewer who said that certain songs on it are "pure punk"...they're definitely not pure punk in the traditional sense of the word. However, they are fast, emotionally charged, and catchy, so they're punk in that respect. Anyway, this band has a tender side that is hard to find in Blink's music (unless you go way back to the Cheshire Cat days), because even the most "tender" modern Blink songs (like Stay Together for the Kids) are still way too draped in Blink's corporate bad-boy image. So yeah, this album sounds kinda like Blink, but it's definitely not a carbon copy. It's a really decent pop-punk album, and, among the pop-punk bands that get commercial radio play, it's one of the best.

--Jay Porter

punkboy_1 (November 6, 2002)

great cd. better than the new one. flight 601, minium wage, and ben are really good songs. if you like pop punk then you will more than likely love these guys

sickboi (February 1, 2002)

"These guys are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked, oops, gotta go, my damn weiner kids are listening."

Anonymous (January 30, 2002)

what the fuck is everyone's problem? this album is fucking amazing so stop dissing it. everyone who doesn't like this album can go fuck their stupid retarded moms. you stupid fucking twats. fenix tx rocks.

sXe_nick (January 28, 2002)

ummm i bought this cd awhile ago and am not GIVING IT AWAY becuse the record stores dont want it. It is Crap!!!!

Yellowtrash (January 28, 2002)

Pure punk? What the fuck are you on? Go listen to some Blink 182. I also heard they have one ska song on this album which made my zero stars to half stars.

Anonymous (January 27, 2002)

Dear God this shit is so uninspired. Even if i hadnt heard it before, it would suck. Its so unoriginal, its like they made a compilation of other corporate pop bands and put their own name on it.

SaYnE_GuY (January 27, 2002)

Nothing I haven't heard a hundred times before.

Anonymous (January 26, 2002)

As far as the whole "exposing" people to punk, it ain't untrue. I knew about Blink and Goldfinger and Green Day and the radio hit bunch, but it wasn't till I got this one (the MCA version) that I really started getting into stuff that wasn't major label. I must say I don't really like Drive-Thru much, and I don't think Fenix is too great, but it is fun to just sit back and listen to this cd. It's fun, pointless, pop-rock, and 'speechless' (as cliche as it is) is a great song.

ChrisGorman (January 26, 2002)

I find myself so curious about this band. I don't own any of their stuff, the only songs I've heard are the songs "All My Fault" and "Speechless" and the single off "Lechuza". Out of all the modern rock Blink rip-offs, this band gets the most praise and the least shit talk. Of course, they still get a lot of shit talk, but still.....makes me wonder.

Kurt_F (January 26, 2002)

HEY MORONS, Lechuza is a great album, and the songs actually have energy, and Will's voice doesn't have that muffled sound to it. It also has "Threesome" and "TearJerker" and some like, metal-sounding songs. A much more original cd than the self-titled.

Anonymous (January 26, 2002)

Click that little View All Reviews link next to Eddie's name. Heh. Heh heh heh.

MusicIsMyLife (January 26, 2002)

I think it's great that a band can come out and get kids into punk. If you live in a country town like I do (Marion, Arkansas), you really don't exposure to a lot of different music. So you morons that say they didn't have any factor in "exposing" punk, well, they do. At least for me. And anyhow, its not like you all were born listening to punk. You had to have been "exposed" somewhere. So cut the guys a break.

Anonymous (January 25, 2002)

I think you's should all give bands like this a break if you hate them as much as you say you do then why the hell are you replying to the review in the first place? And as if they make their music for the sole purpose of wanting to sell out, most bands just wanna get their music heard and don't really give a shit about how they go about and what dipshits like you will say about it. I personally think is a really good cd, they have their own style and to say that they sound like anyone else is bullshit.

Anonymous (January 25, 2002)

How can anyone call this a good album? If you already have a Blink 182 (which if you do I feel sorry for you) don't waste your money and go by a cd that sounds exactly the same. If you do want to hear a more original cd buy their new one, although it's still not great atleast it isn't a Blink 182 ripoff.

PorkPie (January 25, 2002)

Ryan Greene helped produce this album, so it's bound to be decent in that aspect.


theboywhocriedangel (January 24, 2002)

"exposing" punk?

Anonymous (January 24, 2002)

How come bands like this... crap... get props by more people than not but bands like sum 41, blink 182, and good charlotte get shit on? I dont find Fenix TX any different than these other shit bands. They are all exposing punk to make a dollar. This band even had a song on an MTV Movie soundtrack... how much more can you sell out?!

theboywhocriedangel (January 24, 2002)

oh my are these comments hilarious... i mean, my english teacher would just have a mental/physical breakdown, trying to plow through the unbridled disregard and butchering of the english language... seriously, i'm willing to bet that even the inept ol' george w. bush has better grammar! but oh well. thanks for the laughs, guys!

kluchorama (January 24, 2002)

so basically you're exactly the same as the guy you're making fun of...

Anonymous (January 23, 2002)

I can't believe this cd is even being reviewed. The only person i know who likes this band is an arrogant lying scumbag, who has never been to a punk show, wouldn't know what punk actually is and the only "punk" he listens to is Fenix TX, Sum 41, Blink 182, New Found Glory, and Goldfinger. Now Goldfinger and Blink are ok, and I kinda like Sum 41 but for some reason this bands annoys the shit outta me. I'm am fairly certain the reviewer is below the age of 15 and a girl. I mean, my 9 year old sister at least listens to The Ataris(pre-blue skies), No Use, Reel Big Fish, and some other cool bands. She also likes Blink. But not even she would listen to this shit. It makes me want to beat up the guy that listens to this cd. Now I'm no hardcore, I do listen to some old school, some new school, some emo, some new school hardcore and heaps of other shit, but i refuse to listen to this abomination of a punk album.

evildeadalive (January 23, 2002)

I think it's kinda funny how most of the people who like these guys have bad grammar. I'm guessing it's because you are 13.

Anonymous (January 22, 2002)

this cd is cool and in my opinion lechuza is an awesome album better than this one because it actually steers them into their own band it kicks ass

Anonymous (January 22, 2002)

this album blows
the riverfenix cd was much better. it basicly has the same tracks but with out it being completly slowed down,in short it was unMCAed

Anonymous (January 22, 2002)

Way better than lechuza!, very catchy. Rooster Song, All my Fault, Minumium Wage, Apple Cowboy Toothpaste, and jolly green dumb ass rule. But what was this revier thinking when he wrote this:
"Lots of people say they're just the next blink-182, but no way, these songs are pure punk. "
WTf? Blink is such a better and more punk band than Fenix TX.

RowdyKid (January 22, 2002)

This Album is much better then there new one "Lechuza" in my opinion.

RowdyKid (January 22, 2002)

Fenix Tx Rocks

motor_league (January 22, 2002)

can anyone tell me why they try to be hardcore when they play live? its disturbing.

sickboi (January 22, 2002)

Whatever floats yer boat I guess, but the whole "pure punk" statement is pretty god damn funny.

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

I bought this cd way back, possibly around '98, I thought it was pretty cool when it came out, and now, I still ocasionally throw it in my stereo when Im in a bad mood and I wanna cheer up, all in all, personally, I find this album was the beginging and the end of this band, Lechuza disapointed me in many ways.
-Fat Rob

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

"The Surf Song" is the lamest song ever.

kluchorama (January 21, 2002)

even better, once you're sick of listening to it, your 14 year old sister will just LOVE it!

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

I think you should all do your research. This cd was NOT released in 1997 on Drive Thru. The Riverfenix s/t was. Then this cd (Fenix TX s/t) was re-released on MCA/Drive Thru, remixed, with 2 songs added and 2 songs dropped. The artwork is also different. So while many of the songs are the same recordings (but remixed) they are in fact different recordings. I guess you guys meant well, but it came off sounding cruel.

theboywhocriedangel (January 21, 2002)

blech. "pure punk"? nah, more like pure POOP.

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)


AVandal (January 21, 2002)

The facts being correct or not, I think this is a fun album. Maybe not the best ever, but it puts me in a good mood. I dunno why I like 'em, cause I cant stand any bands like them. In any case, a very nicely made cd.

maverick (January 21, 2002)

Maybe you yourself should do more research, this album is different from the first one. The track listing is jumbled from the first one, there's different artwork, it's been mixed differently, and there are 2 new songs on the album.

So shaddupa yo face.


Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

released in 99?
no....people should do research before reviewing CDs
...this was released in 1997 when the band was still called riverfenix...the "fenix tx" version is exactly the same except for the cover art

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