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The Exploited: Punk's Not DeadPunk's Not Dead (1981)

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Contributed by: feeeding5000feeeding5000
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Oh my God. Why, why, why do people continue to love this band? This is simply one of the worst punk albums of all time, embodying everything bad about the music and the scene. Right in one little piece of plastic, you've got broad, ignorant takes on politics, preening punk fashion, violence, sexism,.
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Oh my God. Why, why, why do people continue to love this band? This is simply one of the worst punk albums of all time, embodying everything bad about the music and the scene. Right in one little piece of plastic, you've got broad, ignorant takes on politics, preening punk fashion, violence, sexism, drunkenness, intolerance and just basic stupidity. Every punk stereotype is presented here. These guys could play punks in some horrible `80's movie. You'd be sitting at home, watching it on cable thinking, "Fuck, those movie producers don't know shit about punk."

The title track, "Punk's Not Dead" is a direct response to the intelligent and enlightening Crass song, "Punk Is Dead." While Crass offered a biting critique of the hypocrisy of major label revolution, the Exploited just manage to come across as blind idiots, still clinging to the idea that "Anarchy in the U.K." really meant more than being pissed at mum and dad.

The songs are all basically about fighting cops, fucking, getting drunk and wanting the Sex Pistols' version of "anarchy." Tell me, how is this fun? I don't like punk because it gives me a chance to beat someone up (I'd get my ass kicked, anyway), but because I'm genuinely upset by the state of things, and want to change that, even if it's just through alerting others to what's wrong in the world. The Exploited do nothing but invite people to screw things up some more.

Now, let's take a song included as a bonus track on the 2001 reissue: the cleverly titled "Fuck the Mods." Shit. Basically, they play "Jingle Bells," but change the lyrics to "Kick ‚??im in the head, beat ‚??im in the balls, jump upon ‚??is head!" These drunken bullies are so fucking stupid that they can't think of anything to rhyme with head. It's just truly, truly upsetting.

In addition to the inane lyrics, the music itself isn't really that good. The one song that I found catchy, "Sex and Violence" (hmmm, I wonder what that's about), sounds like it's a five-minute intro to a song that's never played. The album is a chore to listen to. Wattie's voice is annoying without being distinctive and the guitar sounds far-off and tinny. The only really well-mixed instrument is the bass, which, unlike most punk albums, is audible.

But, believe me, this is crap. Now, if you like Oi!, then you have so much more to choose from, like 999, the Oppressed, Sham 69, the U.K. Subs, and especially the Angelic Upstarts. Please, don't waste your money on this filth. Just buy‚?¶hell, anything else.


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wasdanah (March 31, 2015)

Is this a good album? Is the Eploited a band I can relate to? I don't know. What I do know is that I bought and listened to this album when I was 15.It blew me away with it's energy. Later on, I found out that they did not stand for what I stood for and getting olderI distanced from their message ... but the energy. Just found out that Muckey Pup is a cover version. Punk was Dead? Of vourse it was, of course it was. But quite an attempt to revitalize it. Short sharp shock!

BorgieBaby (April 20, 2012)

the exploited are okay, you just have to in the mood for the non-stop Oi's and Wattie's ridiculous rants on how they should start anarchy and destroy the fucking world

nedsammy (September 6, 2011)

People who liked this album also liked Crass: Feeding of the 5000

Euronymous (January 12, 2011)

Maybe their worst album, but is not that bad.

SpoogeDragon (November 29, 2010)

i hate the song "punks not dead" but this review is terrible.

Dedricthere (June 27, 2010)

The Exploited has always been for Poseurs. Them and the Casualties are both fuckin' jokes.

StigStench (May 4, 2010)

The Exploited are the measuring stick of what is "authentic" or what is "Green Day/Good Charlotte-Bubble gum." The Exploited are The real deal.....End of Statement.

savato (November 26, 2009)

I've been listening through Beat the Bastards, haven't hit Punks not Dead.

Your expectations play a big role in how much you will enjoy music. When I boot up songs from Beat the Bastards I don't do it to hear lyrics that are enlightening or intelligent. Their music to me takes whatever frustrations I have boiling up to the next level, and for a little while I can relish the anger (if you guys know what I mean).

I've only been listening to punk for about, 2 or so years now, so I'm still forming my interpretation of it. But I know I don't want it to be something about mindless destruction, it should be something that can bring people together. But even if The Exploited don't line up with that, I can still enjoy their music for something. I don't think their stupid, it seems like their whole discography is music of that nature so those songs had to have come from real feelings.

That's my two cents.

Fiend71 (November 20, 2009)

FUCK YOU ya fucking wanker! The Exploited totally fucking kick ass. If you were here right now in front of my I'd put a boot up your ass. The Exploited EMBODY punk, The Exploited ARE punk in the purest form. How can you say you like punk and hate The Exploited???? You make no sense. You want to hear an amazing album? Pick up The Exploited's Beat the Bastards.


SlowStupidHungry (October 7, 2008)

Or rather, he is a Nationalist:

"In the book "Carecas do Sub√ļrbio ("Bald Spots of The Suburbs"), written by Brazilian M√°rcia Regina, is an interview with Wattie of The Exploited, in which he says that the sw√°stika is a "punk" thing which promotes unity between punks and skins, and affirms their mutual hatred of Pakistanis and Arabs."

SlowStupidHungry (October 7, 2008)

You're also forgetting that the singer for this band has ties to the Nationalists... But who cares. The Exploited suck. I like some good shitty UK punk... The Partisans, The Fits, and the Skeptix all blow this shit out of the water, to be honest.

tragedyrules (October 7, 2008)

Usually I like your reviews but this one is terrible. I like Crass, therefore, they are great. I don't like The Exploited, therefore, they suck. Comparing the two makes little sense to me. One is a dead serious political band, the other a gruff hardcore band with a sense of humor. Further this album has some decent tunes (Blown to Bits, I Believe in Anarchy, and Royalty) that are full of anger, frustration and pain. What's more punk than that? Check out the Jesus is Dead ep, for an example of their best work.

skinheadisland (October 7, 2008)

No, I don't really enjoy doing ironic hipster crap like that.

Misanthropee (October 6, 2008)

You don't watch public access TV because of its quality programming. The funniest stuff is funny cuz it's not supposed to be funny. Get it?

skinheadisland (October 6, 2008)

How can you respect anyone that listens to music "ironically".

Misanthropee (October 6, 2008)

Great review. I have zero respect for anyone who likes this band in anything beyond an ironic way.

lushj (October 6, 2008)

I would never classify the Exploited as an oi band, either.

Exploited as 80-81 UK punk? You betcha, along with Anti-Nowhere League, Subhumans, Conflict, Partisans, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Adicts, GBH, etc etc.

UK oi includes Angelic Upstarts, Blitz, Business, Combat 84, Skrewdriver, etc etc.

2 bands that are grouped with oi bands but really sound nothing like the others are Sham 69 & Cock Sparrar.

skinheadisland (October 6, 2008)

Now, if you like Oi!, then you have so much more to choose from, like 999, the Oppressed, Sham 69, the U.K. Subs, and especially the Angelic Upstarts. Please, don‚??t waste your money on this filth. Just buy‚?¶hell, anything else.

999 and the UK Subs are nowhere near being Oi bands. I think you are trying too hard to trash an album that is probably one of the best of the band's catalog. That doesn't mean it is a 5 star classic but it definitely has some of the better examples of the style from that era on it, especially SPG.

lushj (October 6, 2008)

Shucks, thanks!

Do you think The Business were poking fun @ Crass? That was my interpretation of their cover, but I've gotta say I enjoy both versions of the song.

feeeding5000 (October 5, 2008)

To Jesse Luscious -
I don't really enjoy the Business. Most oi, unless it's ridiculously pop, has no appeal for me. I always felt like the Business were more about the terrace chants than the Cock Sparrer/Sham 69-ish pop songs. Their cover of "Do They Owe Us a Living?" takes away the scratchy amateurism that made Crass as awesome as they were.

I also want to thank you personally, for giving me many late nights of yelling "tonight, we're gonna fuck shit up" with friends. That song means the world to me.

SilentStorms (October 5, 2008)

I must holler at this review, I have always known that this pathetic bullshit dream to be punk would backfire in their asses. I hope it hurt. Score's for shitty glamour/Oi punk. That shit sucks ass.

shark-e (October 4, 2008)

Score is for the review.
Even in eighth grade, when I was drawn to anything that dared to call itself punk, I never liked the Exploited. Even if it's 27 years too late, I'm glad someone's calling them out on their bullshit.
Maybe in a couple more decades someone will write a review like this about The Casualties.

TrueBeliever (October 4, 2008)

Anybody else notice that when you read the comments to album reviews, you see tons of people who you never see post comments on the articles. I don't know, I always notice that and I think it's pretty funny.

JayTee (October 4, 2008)

This album is classic. Who gives a fuck what he's saying, you can barely understand him when he's talking let alone singing.

This and Troops are the only good Exploited albums, everything else is shit and I'e heard nasty rumors about how dumb this band can be, but the old shit is worth a spin regardless.

crackpotdemagogue (October 4, 2008)

excellent review. good to see someone talking sense. i find it amusing to see some people below jumping to the defence of this band - which is unsuprising... idiots attract idiots

bryne (October 4, 2008)

There was a kid at my middle school who would wear an Exploited shirt to school nearly every day. He was cool.

HumanUnkind (October 4, 2008)

This album is hilarious. haven't listened to in a long time so i can't really think what to rate it. This is definitely not the best the uk has to offer by far though.

PoliticsOfStarving (October 4, 2008)

The scribblings of a retard, in album format.

Torgo (October 4, 2008)

Punk is supposed to be shitty with horrible, horrible lyrics?

donny (October 4, 2008)

the stupidest fucking review i've ever seen, period. the album is a classic and the exploited is punk rock. this is punk at its best and the way it's supposed to be. 10/10.

Torgo (October 4, 2008)

The album is awesomely bad, I feel that deserves at least a 1.5/5.

xkidxdynamitex (October 4, 2008)

thank you for mentioning the bass!
its mixed so well on this album!
fuck epitaph for setting the punk standard of almost mixing the bass out entirely that all punk bands now do.
fuck that.

xIxKilledxJesusx (October 3, 2008)

THANK YOU! best review ever on this site, im sick of the old school bias.

waitingroom (October 3, 2008)

This band helped me get into liking The Casualties.

Rastid (October 3, 2008)

fuck you, man, not everything has to be fucking genius. sometimes things can just be fast, loud, and fun. as long as people don't listen to your pretentious bullshit, the exploited will be right, and you will be wrong.

lushj (October 3, 2008)

Hey feeding- what's your opinion of the Business cover of "Do They Owe Us A Living"?

GlassPipeMurder (October 3, 2008)

A classic for what it's worth.

lushj (October 3, 2008)

What do you do with that bottle when you can't recycle it? Smash it on a skinhead's face!

Up teh p0nx!

TahoeJeff (October 3, 2008)

feeding5000 clearly does not know how to up teh p0nx! Fuck this guy!

mikexdude (October 3, 2008)

One of the most overrated punx bands. Fuck this album.

feeeding5000 (October 3, 2008)

This review is at least 2 years old. Wow. Well has run dry.

xote (October 3, 2008)

Crass was amazing. They actually experimented with punk rock... which is what punk rock is all about to me.

lushj (October 3, 2008)

This is by far their best record. There's really no need to own anything else by this band- later records got heavier & sonically thicker, even sometimes dipping into metal. Throughout, the lyrical outlook stays the same, so you may as well stick with their musical apex.

The reviewer is right on about the band's lack of lyrical intelligence. A box of rocks has a higher IQ than the words on this record. Still, it's catchy, singalong, and pissed off.

But I don't just like smart, thoughtful punk, do you?

mattramone (October 3, 2008)

I really like this album. it's rah-rah idiocy is part of its charm to me, I guess.

And I can't stand Crass for more than 10 seconds.

fifthwheel (October 3, 2008)

this is one of the funniest reviews ive read on here ina while

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