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Bad Religion: Stranger Than FictionStranger Than Fiction (1994)
Bad Religion

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Contributed by: SideLinedForLifeSideLinedForLife
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Well here we are in the year 2002 and one of the most anticipated albums this year is none other than Bad Relgion's "Process of Belief." These guys have been playing some of the best music ever heard for 20 plus years. And it appears they are not done. The song that got me into Bad Re.
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Well here we are in the year 2002 and one of the most anticipated albums this year is none other than Bad Relgion's "Process of Belief." These guys have been playing some of the best music ever heard for 20 plus years. And it appears they are not done.

The song that got me into Bad Religion was one that you people may have listened to before. It's a little song known by most as "I Want To Conquer The World," played fast, hard, but yet still to this day one of the most catchiest songs I've ever listened to. Bad Religion's early work could be found on Epitah Records, but in 1993 they switched things up by moving on to Atlantic with the album ". Many fans thought this album was a bit slow compared to early realeses such as "Suffer," and "No Control." Although this was the case, most opened up their minds and realized that it was the same BR and still some great music. There have been many people looking forward to "Process of Belief," but lets lay that to rest at this time and take a couple steps back to "Stranger Than Fiction."

"Stranger Than Fiction" is the second realese by BR on Atlantic as mentioned before. This album is definetely not as fast as their previous albums, but still packs a punch. The vocals done by Greg Graffin are very distinctive and catchy. Just like records before he has a certain flare to his voice that never makes it boring. The lyrics are very well put and to the point yet are very meaningful and original. Instead of ending this review right here this cd is worth a play by play so "let's go."

Incomplete -Pretty fast musically, but rather slow sung. Very good and catchy song, but not the best song on this record.

Leave Mine To Me -About the same speed as the second song, but to me not as catchy. Still a great song, and not one that you want to skip.

Stranger Than Fiction -A little more poppy than most BR songs, but a very cool song in it's own way. It has and up and down beat to it with some cool drumming.

Tiny Voices -This fast song has some very good guitar riffs in it and the lyrics are outstanding and some of the best on the album.

The Handshake -This track often switches speeds which never makes it boring, and like many other songs has a cool solo guitar in the middle, but the lyrics don't do it for me.

Better Off Dead -Wow. This to me is one of the better songs on this album because of the musical change. Plus the lyrics are very well thought and when sung very catchy. As far as speed its not fast but it keeps up the pace.

Infected -This song could be classified as a slow song, but it is the best on the album. With lyrics that will make you think and music that will make you want more. Very cool song and sure to be in my top rated songs of BR. Simply the best.

Television - Tim Armstrong in this song talks though verses and Greg Graffin sings the chorus. Some cool guitars, but in my opinion a weak point on the album as it does get annoying.

Individual-Another strong point on the album making up for "Television." Fast and the drumming in this track is pretty flat out amazing as are the lyrics.

Hooray For Me- Another poppy sort of track but who is complaning. Very good song, and sounds quite different from the rest of the album. The lyrics are actually quite nice. "Hooray for me, and fuck you!"

Slumber -A very slow song but very well pulled off. For some reason (and I know for a fact that people will get pissed at this) the beginning of this song sounds a lot like Weird Al's song about the chick ice skater and Loraina Bobbit. Or not. Anyway aside from that a good song to listen to, not fast but very catchy.

Marked -One of the faster songs on the album and sounds more like old BR. Got to love it.

Inner Logic -This song is a beautiful showcase of the songwritting abilities that BR has. Very awesome song. Definitely not one that you will skip.

What Is It -A rather slow song even musically but a very unique song on "Stranger Than Fiction." Oh and not to mention some cool guitar solos.

21st Century (Digital Boy) -Ahh this is the song that you will be singing all day in your head. Such a good song that will hook you from the beginning and never let up.

Well there it is and if you do not own this record I suggest you go and get it, and add it to that BR collection. Definitely one of thier best. Let's just hope they can keep it going.


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BorgieBaby (April 20, 2012)

First BR album Ive ever listened to, this album was amazing the first time I heard it, and it's a classic in my book. I really dont see how people dont like this band. Pretty much EVERYTHING this band ever released is great, even Into The Unknown (even though the production is kinda bad).

Listen to this band, if you don't , then get the hell out of this page and this website.

telegraphrocks (February 12, 2010)

Ah, the days of complete-amateur reviews.

Anonymous (December 22, 2004)

I love the opening of InnerLogic......what a cool Bad Religion tune...the thing that has kept me hooked for all these years is their ability to have so much originality, which is where it think bands fail to succeed (take Pennywise, for example) in having each and every song and album be so good but at the same time so diverse.


Anonymous (December 22, 2004)

Aside from the fact that i could go on...and on..and ON about how much i love Bad Religion, and what albums i dig and what albums i think are weak....Television is a great fucking TUNE....fuckin' EH

xLetThemEatWarx (June 18, 2004)

Bad Religion's 2nd best album in my mind...the lyrics show just how wide spread the bands vocabulary is, and i think that guy who made the comment about the band having no musical talent was just bitter because he couldn't comprehend half of what the songs even ment because Greg used too BIG of words that confused the poor stupid bastard...awesome album all around!

Anonymous (January 23, 2004)

to the dude who made the butt rape comment grow the fuck up this band rules and theyve been ruling for over 20 years words cannot describe the hatred i feel for you for dissing them you shall die a painful death!!!!!

RondoMondo (December 10, 2003)

Damn right, Better Off Dead is wow. That song is the second best song off the cd, after Infected.


Anonymous (July 6, 2003)

great review great album

Anonymous (May 16, 2003)

FUCK THIS BAND!!! they suck so much they have absoolutley not one millabyte of talent they suck and should die the singer and the drummer proly butt rape each other they suck!!!!

cawknocker (August 2, 2002)

definately some weak points on the album, such as the annoying 'television' or the just weird and dumb 'slumber'. some filler here and there, as w/ all their albums, but incomplete, the title track, infected, better off dead, the classic 21st century, and horray for me make this a really solid album. tiny voices and hand shake kick ass too.

ChrisGorman (February 3, 2002)

along with "Dookie", "Smash", Clash "S/T" and "Never Mind the Bollocks Heres the Sex Pistols", this is one of the first punk albums I ever heard. Its worth noting that Johnette Napolitano had a hand in writing "Television". If you dont know who that is, check out Concrete Blonde.

savesthedaypunk (January 30, 2002)

Howard's right...

Anonymous (January 26, 2002)

Recipe for hate is the album that started to turn me off to BR. I still love them, but I just can't get into their albums from then on. recipe for hate, american jesus and skyscraper are some of my favorite br songs, but kerosene... that song bugged me as the more current songs do. My favorite BR albums in order:No Control, Suffer, How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, Against the Grain, Recipe for Hate, Generator, all the rest.

Anonymous (January 25, 2002)

Yeah, that "weird Al" song you're talking about was actually a parody of the Crash Test Dummies "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm", so it's not really his song...

Anonymous (January 23, 2002)

Thanks Shindo you are the man. -Rock

howard (January 23, 2002)

Recipe For Hate was originally released on Epitaph, but they had distribution problems, so Brett Gurewitz sold the rights to it to Atlantic. In Europe however it was issued on Epitaph

adam (January 22, 2002)

I fixed your "Television" error for you... Nothing's written in stone...

homie (January 22, 2002)

Definitely re-released on Atlantic. My copy of the CD is Epitaph-only, nothing to do with Atlantic.

sickboi (January 22, 2002)

How the hell could you say 'Television' is a weak point? And you don't like the lyrics to 'The Handshake'? What the fuck?

"Handshakes are nothing but a subtle FUCK YOU!"

Anonymous (January 22, 2002)

This is the album that got me into Bad Relgion, I remember the day, I was chillin around the local skate shop and they were playing a Bad Religion cd. Up into that point I thought they were a decent band, but noting more of it, then I was like to the guy who was working at the time "Dude, what album is that by BR?" And he answered "Stranger Then Fiction of course..." so i went to th emall, and bought it, it is still to this day my favorite album by Bad Religion. Closely followed by the Grey Race.

SideLinedForLife (January 21, 2002)

First of all let me apologize for screwing up the whole thing with Tim singing in "Television." The easy way out would to say i was drunk but at that time i was actually very sober and must have deleted Tim's name. It originally said: "Tim Armstrong talks through the verses while Greg sings the choruses." Anyway my bad. And also i did think this was their second release on Atlantic not aware that they re released an album. Anyway sorry for that one Im just still kicking myself for forgeting Tim.

evildeadalive (January 21, 2002)

I'm gonna say it's their first on Atlantic too. My copy of Recipe For Hate was put out by Epitaph. Atlantic is not written on it anywhere.
This cd is pretty damn good. One of the albums that really got me into skate punk along with Punk In Drublic and Unknown Road by those other dudes in those other bands.

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

This was BR's fisrt album for Atlantic...Are you new to BR? What a lame review!

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

This was BR's fisrt album for Altalntic...Are you new to BR? What a lame review!

Eyeball_kid (January 21, 2002)

Hehe I can't believe you got GG and Tim Armstrong mixed up. Talk bout tarmac and gravel.

ETx310 (January 21, 2002)

Stranger than Fiction was the 2nd album for them on Atlantic. Epitaph was allowed to release Recipe for Hate on vinyl in a limited pressing though. That's why the songs from Recipe for Hate are not on All Ages.

FAKESMILE (January 21, 2002)

Television does rock in my opinion... Pretty awesome album...

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

two things

1-this is actually Bad Religions FIRST
album on Atlantic. Recipe for hate
was released on Epitaph and then
re-issued a few months later on
2-Greg Graffin only sings the chorus of
Television. The "talking" is Tim
Armstrong of Rancid.

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