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NOFX / Dillinger Four / The Flatliners: live in New Yorklive in New York (2008)
Fat Wreck Chords

Reviewer Rating: 1.5

Contributed by: the_other_scottthe_other_scott
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A few months ago, when NOFX announced a tour coming through New York City, I decided that it might be a fun trip down nostalgia lane. It had been at least eight years since the last time I'd seen them, and almost 14 years since I'd first heard "Liza and Louise" and "Don't Call Me White" on the first.

A few months ago, when NOFX announced a tour coming through New York City, I decided that it might be a fun trip down nostalgia lane. It had been at least eight years since the last time I'd seen them, and almost 14 years since I'd first heard "Liza and Louise" and "Don't Call Me White" on the first edition of Epitaph's Punk-O-Rama series.

While I'd moved on from them a few years back (Pump up the Valuum made me need a Valium), I've respected what they've done over the past five or six years. Unlike Propagandhi, who have holed themselves up in some Canadian cave singing songs about American corruption, or jerk-offs in NY throwing donuts at cops, Mike and company put up their own money for the Rock Against Bush series and truly galvanized an entire league of people to get involved in politics. So needless to say, I was interested to see what kind of things they would be saying a few weeks before the election.

Anyways, this was a horrible decision, and last night was one of the worst shows I've ever been to, even worse than the Thermals.

Thursday's show was the second of two sold-out NYC shows on the tour, and it started out with the Flatliners. Despite being part of a relatively solid Fat Wreck lineup, I'd never listened to these guys for more than one or two songs. After seeing them live, my mind hasn't changed too much as they (along with labelmates the Loved Ones) play a truly uninspired, flat, paint-by-numbers version of punk rock that I would've probably loved at 16, but couldn't sit through more than one song when I could be at the bar drinking a $17 beer.

The Flatliners didn't do much for the crowd, of whom 95% were there to see NOFX and maybe 5% for Dillinger Four. Their set seemed to go on way too long for an opening band and I think most of the crowd seemed to agree.

Next up was Dillinger Four. Despite owning most of those Fat comps in the `90s, and enjoying their set at the Fuck Yeah Fest in 2005, I've never picked up one of their records (I don't steal music) and I don't know their catalog all too well. I saw them a couple months ago opening up for the Circle Jerks and had a great time. Not so much this time. The band seemed off‚?¶lost voices, horrible sound, stage banter that went nowhere and a crowd that was only interested in seeing NOFX.

Highlight of their show: Paddy announcing to the crowd that (and this is a paraphrase) "For those of you who don't know us, we have this thing that if you really like our song, instead of clapping, our fans just chant 'NOFX!' after we finish." Each song thereafter finished with a "NOFX" chant.

To finish off the night, up came NOFX. I don't know where to begin. So I'll begin with the crowd, which was a mix of punk guys, hardcore guys, frat guys, preppy guys, hippie guys and guys that looked like they just left the gym. Maybe you've noticed the common denominator: penis. I was there with my fiancée and she was one of maybe 40 females in attendance. Testosterone levels were at an all-time high, and I grew up in L.A. in the `90s going to Pennywise shows. I'm a very peaceful person and I found myself having to get into different fights defending my fiancée, one with a guy in a polo shirt and sweater around his neck who repeatedly pushed her (she's about 5' 3", 100 lbs) with fists in the back, and once to a dude with camo shorts and hockey pucks in his ear who purposely elbowed her in the face.

Intolerance was also beyond belief; after "Kill All the White Man" I actually heard somebody yell, "Kill all the white man? Why don't we kill some niggers you fag?" It was like the message of anti-racism or anti neo-con belief systems was lost on a crowd of goons where were more interested in running around and pouncing on people than enjoying the show. And, I have to say, I spent a good part of my life in the mosh pit, and at most shows I have no problem with it, but at this show it seemed like these guys just wanted to smash some heads in. Sadly, songs like "Drugs Are Good," "Lousie," " I Wanna Be an Alcoholic" and "Bottles to the Ground" were more exciting to the crowd than "Eat the Meek," "Perfect Government" or "Leaving Jesusland."

Believe it or not, the crowd wasn't as bad as the show put on by the band. The set list, which was apparently completely different than the night before, consisted of a bunch of throwaway tracks ("See Her Pee," "Fuck the Kids") and a bunch of other songs that nobody seemed to care about. No "The Brews." No "Bob." No "Moron Bros" or "Beer Bong." In fact, in nearly an hour and a half on stage, I'd be surprised if they played more than 20 songs, and half of those songs were under a minute long.

Mike was drunk enough to fall into the crowd and forget the words to at least four songs, which is fine until you think about the fact that the guy's in his 40s and married with a kid. You could tell they didn't want to be there. You could tell they were just going through the motions.

I left a NOFX show feeling sad. That shouldn't happen.


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Dycelot (May 11, 2011)

I saw the same show in Montreal, and i totally agree. Weird! I've been in plenty of moshpits over the years, but the main floor was mostly jocks and dumb shits trying to push people around, so I went to the bar at the top and got drunk watching nofx with the rest of the aging punkers who didn't want to be anywhere near the stupid kids below.

TheGuwumpkis (October 27, 2008)

I saw the same show in providence, RI. a couple days before the NYC shows, and it was fucking awesome. drinkin, stinkin and never thinkin.

onegirlarmy (October 26, 2008)

The fact that the "Kill all the white man" comment reply this was yelled at an NYC show upsets me greatly.

DreeeamWeaver (October 25, 2008)

"i paid a lot of money to see a punk rock band."

you saw nofx, dude. they cost like $20-30.

score is for your wallet and money management skills.

killtaker (October 24, 2008)

One more thing: You couldn't be more wrong about the Loved Ones.

Scandelicious (October 24, 2008)

i like all 3 bands, so i'd probably have had fun no matter what
especially if flatliners played a good amount of songs off their first cd
not that i don't love their second one, but i like the energy on the first one a lot and live would be amazing
D4 and nofx i just NEED to see soon...

RoosterCogburn (October 24, 2008)

score is for nofx fans

telegraphrocks (October 24, 2008)

I like all the bands that played mentioned here (even the ones absent from the show yet mentioned anyway), but I really fail to see what is wrong, at all, with this review.

God damn personal opinions!!!!

Don't you whiners have some sort of 'Civil War' to take up your time?

crackpotdemagogue (October 24, 2008)

the best thing about all these comments is that the dude who wrote the review feels compelled to repeatedly answer to all the abuse he's getting... fucking brilliant. it's like one big drama!

score is for sensitive people

the_other_scott (October 24, 2008)

haha i forgot fuckyouoioioi was such a fanboy. what a clown.

did i ever expect "no moshing"? did i ever once ask for "greatest hits"?

i paid a lot of money to see a punk rock band. what i expect is that i'm 1. not going to a frat party and 2. not going to have to sit through a bunch of songs that nobody gives a shit about.

thestatewillwitheraway (October 24, 2008)

what a shitty fucking review.

Go watch some indie bands.

FuckYouOiOiOi (October 24, 2008)

oh yeah, score is for the review, complete piece of shit.

FuckYouOiOiOi (October 24, 2008)

this is the worst review i've ever read. this fuckin guy goes to a nofx show and expects a 'greatest hits' set with no moshing. what a fucking moron.

mikexdude (October 23, 2008)

You're an idiot; he wasn't in the mosh pit. Here, about this: He grows some balls, and you learn to read.

hayman (October 23, 2008)

Damn sooks, this is punk rock. You took your tiny missus into a mosh and she got hit? Fuckin Incredible!!! What else would happen? If you can't handle the heat, get out of the fire! Get some balls.

friokir (October 23, 2008)

nice honest review. I totally get what you're saying. what do you expect from a nofx show? hell, at least not being punched in the face and shoved when you're standing in the back, moshpits are moshpits and the back is for people who actually wanna listen to the music.

flannagin94 (October 23, 2008)

I was there that night and was a part of the 5% there for D4. The best part of the night was when a fight broke out and they threw the guy out who started it. I left after two songs of NoFX and watched the guy who got thrown out trying to sneak back in with the smokers. You forgot to mention that NoFX is Swedish for We love Fat Guys.

Killtaker (October 23, 2008)

Saw this tour in Pittsburgh and I loved it. I hate Club Zoo. It is a non drinking, dance club cavern that is not very good for live shows but D4 and NOFX made the best of it. I missed the Flatliners cause I was putting my 3 month old baby to bed but D4 was great. I have all of their records but hadn't seen them live before. They played a bunch of songs from the last two albums which I liked because I think Situationist Comedy and CIVILWAR are their best.

I have seen NOFX many times between their own shows and Warped appearances and know what to expect. They are fun and actually a fairly tight band. Watching them play "The Decline" was a real treat.

paulrulzdood (October 23, 2008)

they do not play the decline on every date, just the dates that they haven't already played it at before. they had already played it in NYC on a prior tour. Pittsburgh had never gotten it before.

SloaneDaley (October 23, 2008)

score if for the review

damnitsderek (October 22, 2008)

Score is for how joosy this thread is.

the_other_scott (October 22, 2008)


can you comprehend things that you read? just curious.

bluexmaslights (October 22, 2008)

also, being a little lady myself, i wouldnt be surpised or complain if i was in a pit at a nofx show and got an elbow to my nose, actually i'm kinda into that

bluexmaslights (October 22, 2008)

i dont know, its nofx. they're propbably the only band that could get up and be drunk assholes and insult everyone, and fall off stage or whatver, but its nofx and i'm not surprised. sounds like a show i'd want to go to jus tto see it

freesandwich (October 22, 2008)

Score is for the fact that NOFX never comes to Milwaukee besides on Warped Tours.


mashole (October 22, 2008)

really shitty show d4 just werent feeling it paddy left his shirt on. nofx also sucked with a really shitty set list and hefe seemed pissed as fuck the whole time. and fat mike was waaaay too drunk ive seen him play drunk befrfore and it was awesome just here he waas gone and kept fucking up a alot to the point were it wasnt even funny or cute anymore

suburbanxcore (October 22, 2008)

Preaching tolerance and respect, but bitching that people look different than you. Oh, the irony is so thick that you can taste it.

Seriously, like everyone's said, you expected NOFX to be tight and sound great? Really? If you've "spent you life in mosh pits" I figured you'd know what to expect.

Also, since D4 wasn't on Fat Comps you don't know them? Not saying they're huge, but to write them off like some bullshit local opener or something is just silly.

I'm not condoning shitty pit behavior, or treating girls poorly, but really dude, if you don't want her to get hit (as is part of pretty much any show), move to the back, or better yet, just stay at home and listen to your NOFX records. They sound a lot tighter on those, and you won't have to deal with so many people less "punk" than you.

sciulli (October 22, 2008)

so they played "The Decline" at the Pittsburgh show. Don't see that mentioned for the NYC show, did they play this on every date?

the_other_scott (October 22, 2008)

dude below. you are actually right to a certain point.

paulrulzdood (October 22, 2008)

i understand getting pissed at dumbasses pushing your girl around, but dude...it's a nofx show. they've been crawling with meat head skin heads, douchebaggy leatherjacket punks and drunk ass jocks forever. it's just pissing you off more now because your not that retard 18 year old in the pit anymore, at least that's how i look at it.

also, the flatliners kicks ass.

radioXwaves (October 22, 2008)

Booo hoo fat mike isn't a responsible adult!!! booo hooo

damo (October 22, 2008)

if your bird is "hard-as-nails" why the fuck did you have to "protect" her or why did she not twat them?

5ft 3in and can twat 90% of the lads - bollocks

so she's italian???? is that somehow a measure of being hard??? lol - the italians are generally pussies who play with knives as anyone who's been there watching their side play an italian team will know

apart from that, i love both bands and think you did a good review. about time someone wasn't a fanboy

paulrulzdood (October 22, 2008)

of course Fat Mike makes fun of young fans,he's freakin' 40 and it's NOFX, it's like going to a comedy club, don't sit in the front row if you don't want to get made fun of. it's all good natured, don't take what he says so serious, it's people that take him serious that he's been making fun of for years.

at the pittsburgh show he totally ripped on a dude for wearing a leather jacket "what, you think this is the 80's? who wears leather jackets to punk shows anymore, are you afraid of spikes?"

hilarious. some people get their humor and some don't. Mike has been acting like this for over a decade, you should know what to expect from them at this point.

they still play a solid hour and a half set every night, over 20 songs every night spanning their whole cataloge and their performance is tight as hell in my opinion, drunk or not.

you guys are pussies and no, they would not be out of a job if the under 25's stayed at home. the majority of the fans at the Pittsburgh date were certainly over 25. fuck the kids, they've been saying it all along.

fallingupwards84 (October 22, 2008)

Sadly, songs like ‚??Drugs Are Good,‚?Ě ‚??Lousie,‚?Ě ‚?? I Wanna Be an Alcoholic‚?Ě and ‚??Bottles to the Ground‚?Ě were more exciting to the crowd than ‚??Eat the Meek,‚?Ě ‚??Perfect Government‚?Ě or ‚??Leaving Jesusland.‚?Ě

So? I'd rather hear those songs too. A political song here and there is ok, but if I'm at a show, I'd rather sing along to songs about drugs and lesbians than politics. Maybe thats just me.

grantino (October 22, 2008)

nofx was one of the first punk bands i got into about ten years ago when i was in middle school. i finally got my chance to see them last may (montana doesnt get good music). i was so disapointed by their half ass performance, i was pissed i went. if not for american steel being there, i would have basically demanded my money back. i think nofx needs to give it up. new music sucks, the shows are down right horrible, and just like this review said, theyre just going through the motions. nofx will always have a place in my heart but it grows smaller with each passing year.

necktattoo (October 22, 2008)

who cares about The Brews and Bob. they've played those songs enough

dannydefcon (October 22, 2008)

Honestly, I agree. I felt it wasn't so much the whole band not caring but just Fat Mike.

I saw them in NJ and Fat Mike was a complete asshole. Yes, I know there are a lot of people that like that type of personality in a front man but I don't know how many times he has to make fun of young people. I mean that shit gets fucking old. All he gave a fuck about was drinking his white Russian and getting drunk. He bitched about a couple of things and also made fun of a lot of the kids in the crowd. And then by the end of the night he was nice and drunk and said "Seriously I'm having a good fucking time, better than New York. We're an old band and you guys still check us out, thanks." I think one of you guys said that he also said that line in NY "you guys still come check us out." At first I thought this was nice of Mike to say, but then I realized how much of a fake piece of shit he is. I mean it was all drunk sincerity. Do we hear Greg Graffin or Jim Lindberg say over and over again "Damn, you guys are young as hell." I mean if it's not for the "25 or younger" demographic that goes to their shows, they'd be out of a job.

All in all, it was an alright show. They played some sweet songs. I'm actually kinda jealous with the their set list for NY cuz they played a lot of b-sides it seems.

Oh yeah and just for the record, D4 and both NOFX kept saying "New York sucks." Hey, they said it, not me.

nikko (October 22, 2008)

Pretty bad review....I agree Dillinger Four was horrible, but Nofx was great

xshoutoutx (October 22, 2008)

why has nobody reviewed the D4 / Ergs! last show in Brooklyn yet? I'm just way too fuckin lazy myself.

Score is for Brooklyn Show

xkidxdynamitex (October 22, 2008)

i saw nofx play last year and the crowd was practically the same as you described but they were all fucking wussies who didnt know how to mosh.
highlight of that show: seeing two meth-heads buttfucking, right in the middle of the floor.

also, i would like to know what D4 played.

american_666_jesus (October 21, 2008)

That dude in the video below was at the Falcon show on Saturday and got on stage and danced around with no shirt on. It was weird.

the_other_scott (October 21, 2008)

also. in regards to a lot of your comments.

maybe i should've put it this way...

i've seen older bands like bad brains, tsol, circle jerks, fear, agent orange, and social distortion, hardcore bands like AFI (when they were a hardcore band) H20 (when they were a hardcore band), Sick of it All, and Death By Stereo, old 90s bands like Pennywise, Good Riddance, NUFAN, Lagwagon etc

and i've never, ever seen a crowd as awful as this one.

the_other_scott (October 21, 2008)

ha. i forgot how testy people are.

lets say two things.

one. this was not a hardcore show. this was a fucking nofx show.

two. my fiancee could, and would, beat the shit out of 90% of the guys out there that i know. she's a tough-as-nails italian daughter of a cop.

that being said

we were standing in the back. if you want to be tough at a show, push me, don't keep pushing a girl around you. and definitely don't stand behind the girl pushing her. if she was running around in the pit its one thing, but she wasn't.

thomas7155 (October 21, 2008)
Torgo (October 21, 2008)

I'd submit my review but that would be 3 D4/NOFX reviews in a very close amount of time, and Brian is probably wants to do the LI show.

therehabaddicts (October 21, 2008)

at the end of the show, fat mike said something along these lines to the audience "on a serious note, it feels really good to come to new york and still have all you guys come out. Thanks a lot. Seriously, it means a lot. We're playing Long Island in a couple days, see you guys there". If this is a band hating what they do and just going through the motions, i must have been at a different show. You're also forgetting the time when fat mike jumped off the stage to go joke around with a kid in the front who kept flipping him off. And the time where he chased his roadie off the stage for trying to steal his vodka. Fat mike and the rest of the band were laughing the whole time, and so was most of the audience. So the validity of your read on how much fun the band was having is invalid.

wyzo (October 21, 2008)

"Sometimes (most times) I just want to get loaded and sing fucking dumb songs"

What's funny is that this comment would fit perfectly here or in a fucking mainstream pop-country music forum. Or an Usher forum. Or a Mariah Carey forum.

Shows are boring these days. People shouldn't have to stick to certain territory at a show in order to watch it. Bands are just lucky people pay them to travel and drink.


inagreendase (October 21, 2008)

There were a lot of girls at the LI show.

spec (October 21, 2008)

Sounds like alot of shows. I don't know man, in the late 80's early 90's I saw SOIA, Agnostic Front, Judge, Slayer, ect. and those were some crazy, blood on the floor, brass knuckle type shows. Most of the stuff I go to these days seem rather tame in comparison. But I am probably just old and slow.

TROOF (October 21, 2008)

There is a difference between being pushed at a show and being purposely elbowed in the face. I don't know how close this reviewer was to the front but I have been to a show where a girl who wasn't even close to the pit was elbowed by in the face by some dude (who was laughing the whole time) and had to taken away by paramedics. There is no reason for shit like that.

Evil_Dead (October 21, 2008)

I was at the two NYC shows and the LI show, and they were all fuckin' awesome. You crazy.

joeg (October 21, 2008)

"And, I have to say, I spent a good part of my life in the mosh pit, and at most shows I have no problem with it, but at this show it seemed like these guys just wanted to smash some heads in"

I think all the indignant nofx fanboys who've pissed their panties because their favorite punk band in the whole wide world is getting an unfavorable show review glossed over or chose to ignore this line while furiously typing up their insightful responses.

Good review.

thudbucket (October 21, 2008)

Since it's such an obvious question:
W-H-Y D-I-D Y-O-U S-T-A-Y O-N T-H-E F-L-O-O-R? Or at the front, or in harm's way, or whatever? Took my 16 year old daughter and one of her friends to see NOFX/Flatliners @ HOB in Chicago in March and yes, it was definately a hard mosh. But, when the floor got too rough for the kids, we fell back to the rail and guess what? I had to beat no one.
Also- why can't the crowd prefer ‚??Drugs Are Good,‚?Ě ‚??Lousie,‚?Ě ‚?? I Wanna Be an Alcoholic‚?Ě and ‚??Bottles to the Ground‚?Ě to your more "politcally spirited" examples? Sometimes (most times) I just want to get loaded and sing fucking dumb songs, and would rather not listen to anything even remotely possessing a social concience, thanks.
Second to Last Rant- I thought Flatliners were phenominal-what I saw was a bunch of 18 year old kids playing fun songs and having what appeared to be a pretty good fucking time playing fast and loud.
Last Rant- I hearby pronounce you a Poser-ArtPunk-Douchebag. Have a Fun Day.

DreeeamWeaver (October 21, 2008)

score is for you being the douchebag with the forearm "protecting your girlfriend's honor" instead of having her stand where she should, out of the fucking way. you are my least favorite person at every show. your girlfriend is grown up. let her deal with her own shit if she cant hang at a punk show, then get her shit out of dodge. and if you can't hang with not having your arm around her for five goddamn minutes, then you have an attachment disorder. why not just buy a goddamn loveseat and set it up in the middle of the crowd so you can watch sisterhood of the traveling pants while "rocking out".

borntaloze (October 21, 2008)

there's douchebags at every show. i work with douchebags...douchebags in the streets, go to the supermarket and you're sure to run into a couple too. that's life dude. maybe you shouldn't leave your house at all. lock your girlfriend up while yer at it.

nofx and d4 in jersey was a great f'n time. and yes i ran into some douchebags there... i'm just not prissy enough to let them ruin my fun.

irish_joo (October 21, 2008)

they played louise? awesome

mikexdude (October 21, 2008)

Do reviews always have to break out into a fight? People go to shows for different reason, I'm probably more like the reviewer: I don't like wreckless douchebags and I like hearing quality music when I could be paying 10 bucks less to see a local band sound better. But to each their own...

Scores for the review.

DJGootch (October 21, 2008)

This is the same cry baby at a punk show that I can't stand. Sure the douches at a show suck, but dude...you first heard NOFX on a fucking comp? Fat Mike gets drunk and uses drugs, he doesn't pretend like he doesn't. So like someone else said "What were you expecting"?

I saw them last night in Philly and it was an amazing show...yea fat mike was wasted, yea D4 had some voice issues and inane banter (it's D4, you've come to love them for that) and The Flatliners were great, I like these guys because yea they're not trying to reinvent the wheel here with their music, but what they do they do well.

And finally, your crack on why you don't own any D4 albums "because I don't steal music". Dude, you're such a fucking tool that it's beginning to hurt my eyes. Your "holier than thou" attitude is sickening and your whining about having to protect your girlfriend is mind numbing. If she's so helpless, don't take her to shows. You're the same asshole that probably stands near the pit hugging your girlfriend and is surprised when she catches an elbow and then you get pissed at the people who did it. Maybe next time, don't put your hand in the lions mouth if you don't anticipate being bitten.

fucking idiot.

ilikenothing (October 21, 2008)

I saw them last night in Philly and they slayed.

Sucks to be you bro.

arod12 (October 21, 2008)

I was the the NJ show the next day (i think) and it was awesome. You're gonna get your share of douchebags at any show so don't blame the band for that. NOFX was really good. They played well, good song selection, and were a good time. I guess the reviewer just had a bad experience or I'm easy to please.

mikexdude (October 21, 2008)

Also, my girlfriend is 4'11 and can hold her own in any crowd.

mikexdude (October 21, 2008)

Are you hating on the Blackout Pact?

Jay3313 (October 21, 2008)

Just throwing this out there, but you are calling The Flatliners paint-by-numbers punk, and yet you list The Blackout Pact as one of your top bands?

Fuckin retarded.

Equally retarded is:
1) Going to a NOFX show and expecting quality music from sober professionals.
2) Complaining about your midget girlfriend being pushed at a show. Everyone gets pushed.
3) Critiquing the audience more than the bands in a review.

So yeah...go back to being super fucking hardcore or something.

HOISTDATRAG (October 21, 2008)

I saw Rancid a few months ago and it was the same crowd. Ruined the show completely.

BMXPunk (October 21, 2008)

you went to a NOFX show dip shit... what the fuck did you think you were going to see?
no score, for you being a dumb ass.

TeaEssAre (October 21, 2008)

i went to the long island show a couple days later and i thought it was awesome

i mean, they're supposed to be like that, and NoFX is a big band, therefore assholes will like them, not a big surprise

red_eye_inc (October 21, 2008)

I treally bummed me out when I saw nofx and they played all those short songs and spent half their time talking. I'd rather hear a sing by them I don't know than listen to the singer yack on about nothing trying to be funny.

scientistrock (October 21, 2008)

Who gives a fuck what you think about the Loved Ones?

Torgo (October 21, 2008)

Eh, I just think going to see D4/NOFX you have to expect songs not played that well, sore throats, and songs only the bands want to play with a big middle finger to the crowd of jocks and assholes. It's a moot point to complain about it. That's like going to a Gaslight Anthem show and complaining the whole crowd is smelly guys in flannel.

Neill_Cawley (October 21, 2008)

Crowds can make or break shows. Nothing wrong with this review, he says the bands kinda sucked anyway.

Torgo (October 21, 2008)

This review kind of sucks. I mean, I think the general rule is to mention the crowd , not base your ENTIRE review around it. Though it's nice to see some negative reveiws since it's rare, it sucks that it's because of something completely out of the bands hand. It's silly, I'm just picturing you going "OH SHIT GOTTA SAVE MY GIRLFRIEND!! FUK U JOCK"

thirtyseconds (October 21, 2008)

Nice review Scott. Shame for you.

On a related note, I can't remember what band it was, maybe Strike Anywhere, but it was recent. It was the first time ever I have been to gig and there was absolutely no mutual respect in the pit. Sickening. I hope it was a one off.

Dead_Weight (October 21, 2008)

I thought it was awesome hearing some of the So Long songs that they usually don't play. Here's the setlist for this show (Almost in order)

pharmacists daughter
see her pee
fuck the kids 1
seeing double at the triple rock
six pack girls
eat the meek
The Quass
Dying Degree
telling tim
fuck the kids 2
the man I killed
champs elysee
drugs are good
quart in session
falling in love
leave it alone
I wanna be an alcoholic
Murder the gov
perfect gov
oops I od'ed
bottles to theground
don't call me white
kill all the white man

daff (October 21, 2008)

The NOFX shows I went to in the late 90s were some of the best shows I have been to in my life. NOFX is one of my favorite bands and even I am starting to get bored of their live show. They've basically been playing the same songs live for the past 7 years. Maybe break out some more old songs? Or play a different song off of your last few albums than the same 2 or 3 you always do?

I was thinking the same thing about Fat Mike drinking. If i had a kid I'd probably be trying to live long enough to see her hit 20.

marcusd (October 21, 2008)

Score is for the Tuesday D4 show in BK.
That shit was awesome!

wearestillalive (October 21, 2008)

I really liked this review, and agreed with it wholeheartedly. I don't think i could see D4 without having a good time, even if they were a little off, but then this guy clearly isn't in to them as much as me and won't be biased.
And it's definitley true that a crowd can ruin a show, especially when it's full of dicks. And pits can get stupidly violent at times. Like, if he was complaining about his fianceé's foot getting stepped on or getting nudged in to by people dancing and having a good time, I would have told him to fuck off and get to the back, like I do to people who complain that I've knocked in to them in a fucking mosh pit. But to purposefully elbow, or throw retarded hardcore punches, in the vicinity of really short girls is just fucked up. There's a huge difference between having a good time and jumping around, and displaying retarded dance moves that are gonna hurt people, or acting hostile and deliberately trying to hit someone.

lostandclowned (October 21, 2008)

long island show was great.

freesandwich (October 21, 2008)

My fiance

eazyd2 (October 21, 2008)

wahh wahh wahh wahh wahh cry cry cry wahh wahh wahh wahh wahh boo hoo wahh wahh wahh. if youre stupid fuckin midget girlfriend cant handle her shit then get that bitch outta the mosh. i fuckin cant stand little girls getting in my way when im trying to jump around. of course it was mostly guys, surely youre not that fuckin stupid. next time take your stupid bitch to a limbeck gig and you can hang out with other sad bitches and you wont be pushed around. cock.

crackpotdemagogue (October 21, 2008)

i know what it's like going to a show like this.. it just tends to be what happens when you go to shows from bands who have gone beyond the 'underground' and have elevated beyond d.i.y shows etc. to be honest i think you are being overly pessimistic about the whole affair. If you and your girlfriend were getting shit, why didn't you just move? and so what if fat mike is 40 with a kid and still getting wasted and making a fool out of himself... at least he is having fun, unlike you!

MN_punkmaster-skaman (October 21, 2008)

Interesting perspective on rating a show, even though I'd do it solely based on the bands instead of the crowd. But yeah, good old mixed demographic shows.

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