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Top 10 of 2001: Chris Gorman's PicksChris Gorman's Picks (2001)
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OK it seems like the cool thing to do, so Im gonna submit my top 10 albums. I figure you are all gonna think I suck after this, but after I reviewed Bif Naked, I think I can handle anything. In no particular order: 1. System Of a Down - "Toxicity" In a pop culture obsessed with nu-metal sh.

OK it seems like the cool thing to do, so Im gonna submit my top 10 albums. I figure you are all gonna think I suck after this, but after I reviewed Bif Naked, I think I can handle anything.

In no particular order:

1. System Of a Down - "Toxicity"
In a pop culture obsessed with nu-metal shit like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, etc, its good to see a band saying something meaningful and intelligent. They bring a much needed dose of originality to the playing feild.

2. Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade - "Live Frogs: Set 2"
My favorite bassist had the nads to actually cover Pink Floyd's "Animals" in its entirety, and he did it well. Anything this man touches turns to gold.

3. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - "Global A Go-Go"
I was disappointed with Joe's "Rock Art and the X-Ray Style", but this restored my faith. The man is still a master song-writer, although he has chilled out a bit in his old age. This is my favorite driving album, and the opening track "Johnny Appleseed" is absolutely killer.

4. Jimmy Eat World - "Bleed American"
I was not prepared to like this album, thinking it was just going to be a cliche "emocore" album, but I was very wrong. I wouldn't even go so far as to call this band emo, but I will call them good. Pop rock that I can stand.

5. Sense Field - "Tonight And Forever"
I don't know what it is about this album that I love, but I have playing it constantly. A lot like Jimmy Eat World, but sappier, if that is possible. Some of the most beautiful music to come out this year.

6. Further Seems Forever - "The Moon Is Down"
Yeah yeah, this is like the most cliche emo ever, but I can't get the track "Snowbirds and Townies" out of my head. For all its sappy boy loves unattainable girl trappings, its a quality album.

7. White Stripes - "White Blood Cells"
Minimalist gararge rock baby! Just try to deny tracks like "Hotel Yorba" and "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground". Really cool and different.

8. Tenacious D - "S/T"
These guys actually have musical talent, and they are downright hilarious to boot. Of course, it helps to be in on some of the old jokes, but nonetheless, this is a great party CD. Check out "Fuck Her Gently", "Friendship" and "Wonderboy".

9. Gorillaz - "St/T"
Techo-pop-hip hop-rock by cartoon characters. It almost sounds too cheezy to be good, but it is great. Del Tha Funky Homosapien proves himself to be one of my favorite rappers, and Dan the Automater comes up with some really creative beats. Recommended.

10. Green Day - "International Superhits"
Yeah, its a greatest hits album from a band thats still around, but come on. Each track on here is good, and despite the glaring ommision of "Going To Pasalaqcua", its near perfect. Technically, this is Green Day's best CD ever. I dont expect a lot of you to agree on this one.

So there you have it. As if you all care. But yeah.


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Pink_Robots (July 30, 2003)

Good review Chris. I was stoked that the mescalaros were on there. I just wanna say that saves the day is horrible and savesthedaypunk is a poser himself so he isnt in the right to call anyone else a poser..or as he put it a pouser

Pink_Robots (July 30, 2003)

Good review Chris. I was stoked that the mescalaros were on there. I just wanna say that saves the day is horrible and savesthedaypunk is a poser himself so he isnt in the right to call anyone else a popser..or as he put it a pouser

savesthedaypunk (February 8, 2002)

Shut up you fucking pouser.

Anonymous (February 8, 2002)

system of a down are punk no matter what u guys can say , punk is not about what kind of fucking music u listen to but about a way of life and ideas , it s about being different and observe the world ....punk is just a label , not a kind of music

savesthedaypunk (February 7, 2002)

I agree with you london calling, but i think anyone who disses emo doesnt know what emo is lol.

CallingLondon (February 7, 2002)

hey there's some great emo out there. JEW is one of those bands, and saves the day has some good stuff too. I just don't like how all these emo bands that are coming out now have singers who all sound the same.

Anonymous (February 7, 2002)

i never want to see saves the day's name on this site again. come to think of it, i never want to see this site again or hear saves the day.

Anonymous (February 7, 2002)

Ok, first of all emo sucks. Its too whiny. Pennywise is bad ass and they have good lyrics, which is a rarity today. And secondly, Washed Up and Through the Ringer (Catch 22) came out Nov. 20th of 2001. You are thinking of their previous release with a similar title, dick. And I do agree that they are not nearly as good as they were during the "Keasby Nights era", but they are trying to get a new lead singer and still manage to write great songs. They have one of the best horn sections out there.
One thing I will say about this review though, after making my first post I proceeded to read the other writer's reviews and this was (sadly enough) the best one. You people have too much of a fetish for emo.

savesthedaypunk (February 6, 2002)

I hate you gorman. I never want to hear system of a downs name mentioned on this site again, i know im not one to judge since u all hate "emo" for some magical reason and some how saves the day is emo. But i think we can all agree on one thing, we all hate joggers...

Anonymous (February 3, 2002)

System of a fags are not punk!

Anonymous (February 2, 2002)

Your list was decent. Toxicity was an amazing and innovative album. Few of the choices could've been left off (Green Day for example). But the JEW cd was great. Other bands that should've made your Top 10 but didn't:
THURSDAY "Full Collapse"
Alkaline Trio- From Here to Infirmary

Anonymous (February 1, 2002)

Pennywise sucks now. Washed up didn't come out in 2001. Dick.

The top ten list was okay, except I can't be too freindly with anyone that thought the new sensefield was anything but shitty. That band used to be pretty good, but the new album was sub-mediocre at best. The Gorillaz album was pretty shitty too. I'll admit, at first, it was kinda catchy. At First listen. After about a week, It got old. Fast. Toxicity was an amazing album, but I wouldn't say it was the best album put out this year. Finally, Green Day. Fuck. Going to pasalaqua wasn't the only thing missing from teh album. How about everything before Dookie? That totally ruined the album. Shit.

Anonymous (January 31, 2002)

I dunno man, Im pretty much of the opinion that Pennywise sucks. I mean, if you like em, whatever, but I am not really in to generic skate punk. As for Catch 22, I haven't liked them since they lost their first singer, that guy was great. Their output since has been mediocre at best. I think I am fully capable of rating good music.


Anonymous (January 30, 2002)

This list was decent at best. The fact that you could even leave off "Pennywise - Land of the Free?" and "Catch22 - Washed Up" completely discredits your ability to rate albums. 2001 didnt have a ton of great albums, but you managed to skip over the few that did come out.

Anonymous (January 29, 2002)

i think you guys should be a little more open minded and accepting. i hate to be the asshole that says that, but it's true. I'm interested in all kinds of music. what do i care what you consider punk or not? to me, system of a down is punk as fuck. it may not have your typical punk sound, but this is a totally original band who wasn't afraid to be original in the first place. that's my opinion. they're punk, and who the fuck are you guys to decide for the rest of us?

as for the choices of top 10, I don't really like any of them. Oh well.

Anonymous (January 29, 2002)

Green Day, and Joe Strummer are good choices for a punk website top 10. But I would have to say that EMO is not punk, not that all of it is bad but for the most part it is. Jimmy Eat World not EMO but close is a good call, and a good CD. Tenacious D all I have to say is Awesome. Other than that what is Gorillaz doing on any top 10. And like most of the other comments System of Down while intelligent, and not too bad are not punk. Not that non-punk is bad, but this is a punk website.

CallingLondon (January 29, 2002)

"Wath! the!!! all this album sucks but not all but..."
what the FUCK kind of sentance is that??? Anyway nice list i guess. i haven't heard a some of those albums but i like a bunch of them.

Anonymous (January 29, 2002)

System Of the Down??? No Way!!!!! Get off this site! Just a reminder it is PUNKNEWS not Satanicnews

Anonymous (January 28, 2002)

I applaud your usage of the word 'Top' in the title "Top 10 of 2001". It's very decieving. I also liked how the title had more numbers than letters in it. That was clever (5 letters and 6 numbers). It's too bad I didn't like any of your choices, but hey, great title man. Keep those creative juices flowing because you're going to wow a lot of people. Cheers...

Anonymous (January 27, 2002)

God. Even SPIN has more dignity than you. Joe Strummer is the only punk on your lame-ass list.

Anonymous (January 27, 2002)

it's good to see system of a down get the recognition they deserve. and to the dude below, just because something isn't punk, doesn't mean it can't be good.
hell, can punk fans ONLY like punk music these days?

Anonymous (January 25, 2002)

Best top ten list i've seen yet...good choices, gorman...

Anonymous (January 23, 2002)

Dipshit, I said no particular order, and look around, they are on everyones top 10. Thats becuase the album is great.


Anonymous (January 23, 2002)

.hold on, i thougth i was on "punk news", why is system of a down on your top ten, they arnt punk. and it souldnt be #1.

moldy (January 21, 2002)

finally somebody put joe strummer in thier top ten list, that was deffently one of the best to come out this year

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

Wath! the!!! all this album sucks but not all but...

wyzo (January 21, 2002)

whose chris gorman?
whose walt flanagan?

Boring list, but I do give you a nod for reviewing bif naked. Hey, that first song on that record is fucking catchy, dont let anybody tell you otherwise, there too jaded to appreciate a good pop song.


sickboi (January 21, 2002)

Christ, are you guys gonna post every top 10 list submitted? I have no intention of submitting a list. Coldjuly, Fathead...I can understand that, but god damn...

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