The Lawrence Arms - Apathy and Exhaustion (Cover Artwork)

The Lawrence Arms

The Lawrence Arms: Apathy and ExhaustionApathy and Exhaustion (2002)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: homiehomie
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I put this into my CD player haveng no idea what I would hear. Would it be metalli-core, hardcore, emocore....? It turned out to be a great punk rock record. Every song on here is a winner. No real "hit" song that leaves you pounding the side of your skull to a shattered mess with a tire iron .
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I put this into my CD player haveng no idea what I would hear. Would it be metalli-core, hardcore, emocore....? It turned out to be a great punk rock record.

Every song on here is a winner. No real "hit" song that leaves you pounding the side of your skull to a shattered mess with a tire iron to get it out of your head. But there's no song that makes you want to skip to the next one, either. The have a sound that you won't find on any other Fat album, but don't let that sway you. If you are a fan of bands like The Honor System, Alkaline Trio or any other good, melodic punk rock, you'll love this album.

Congrats to Fat for signing these guys and getting their sound out there. Check them out on the Fat Tour this spring with Less Than Jake and Strung Out (presumably after LTJ's tour with Bad Religion)


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mowlio (December 20, 2010)

Awesome album, It's Lawrence Arms so obviously it's awesome. But not as good as Oh Culcutta! or The Greatest Story or even Cocktails and Dreams. Hence 3 1/2 stars.

Foaming_97 (March 16, 2005)

Yeah I got this album like last week and it's really good. Not as good as Alkaline Trio but still good

Anonymous (June 13, 2002)

This actually reminds me a lot like older Connie Dungs, cept more serious, yeah Fat is getting better, the only really good fat bands are Propagahndi, These guys, whatver NOFX puts out on it, Sick Of It All and Dillinger 4(best band on fat right now) but fats been puttin out some quality stuff recently, congrats. Oh and just because Strung out is Talented doesnt mean there good. Not that i hate them, i honestly dont like them, but, im just sayin is all

ApAtHeTiC-BaNd-GeEk (May 31, 2002)

This is an incredible fucking album. This has to be better than all thier other efforts. The splits are excellent as well. If the lawrence arms songs that were on the splits were on an album, it would be the best album EVER. Yes, I am a little bitter with them for moving to fat but I got over it becuase they still play the small venues. I saw them @ Fireside Bowl and It was the best fucking show I've ever seen. And another note... this isnt a message board. Dont bicker at each other here, its a place for album reviews.

Anonymous (May 21, 2002)

I like this, but not alkaline trio. What's up with that? This album is really really good.

Anonymous (April 2, 2002)

Strung Out is by far the best band on Fat. Sorry but no band holds the talent that Strung Out has. Idiot.

Anonymous (February 21, 2002)

This album has only been out for 8 days and the Lawrence Arms are now Officially the best band on Fat. Just like everything else they've put out, (two full lengths and two splits)this record is fucking amazing. The only thing better is seeing them live.
P.S. Someone please stop Strung Out from making another album! Please!

Anonymous (February 18, 2002)

So, I've had a boner since I bought this cd yesterday. The only complaint is that I had to pay $14.96. Man, I don't think I ever had to pay more than 10 bucks for any of there other cds. I guess that's what you get for being on Fat instead of asian man.

Anonymous (February 13, 2002)

hum, i don't think they're gonna stop playing small shows just cause they're on fat....

they played the fireside the other night (and i was gonna go, but i didn't get the day off...fuck!)

they played at U of M the night before that....also a small show...

hum, and the guy who commented about these songs sounding like the chinkees split...i agree....but those songs (on the split) are probably the best they ever wrote...still, it kinda showed you how they were going to sound on this record...

which is, in one word, amazing...


Anonymous (February 12, 2002)

I got the album as soon as I could the today when it came to my favorite record store, and I must say its rocking man. The Lawrence Arms aren't as good as The Broadways were (but in my estimation, there aren't a lot of bands that are), but they are a close second. I hope they hit Cleveland with the amazing Less Than Jake and mighty Strung Out, what a sweet show that would be.

Anonymous (February 12, 2002)

My god is there was away to make this score thing neber stop going up that would be where I put this album...pure Genius, Every line and every Guitar riff is incredibly original and amazing...I thoguht they would never be able to Top the last 2 full langths and splits but some how they did this album is a masterpiece although I'm kinda a bad judge considering I drove over 18hrs to see them play at the fireside for like 40 people and then another 18= hours home afterwartds I spent more time int he car then I did in chicago and wasn't teh slighest bit dissapointed I almost did it again for the record release show but ran outta $$$ anyway this is the most incredible punkrecord todate it moght even surpass slapstick in my book just incredible unfortuently witht hem being on fat now I highly doubt they will ever play a small club again it my dismay anyway great record I was at the record store when the doors opened today and got the CD as it came out of the box.....I can't say enoguh good things about them

Anonymous (February 9, 2002)

I've been a big fan of The Lawrence Arms since the first release. Every release has been better than the one before, until now. This is a really good record, but it's not a GREAT record. I still highly recomend it, but the reviewer hit the nail on the head when he said there are no real "hit" songs on this one. As a freind of mine pointed out, "it sounds like the songs from the Chinkees split could have been on this album and if they had, they would have been the hit songs." Still a very good album though and it would be a good introduction to the band if you've never heard them before.

Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

from now on bands are new until they make it to epi, fat, vagrant, or nitro, etc. CALLED IT.

Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

this album is great - BIGJERK

Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

you mean Tuesday isn't the Alkaline Trio? Shit, good point...

haha, you're right on, but still...you have a band with ex-members, that is gonna happen...

you think Blake is ever gonna live down the Jawbreaker name (no matter how good JTB is) or Hey Merceds living down the Braid name? Nope, not gonna happen....

they're still different bands though!


Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

Forget about scout and chief, this record is fucking genius! Forget all that other crap, and just get this record. Great artwork too...

wyzo (February 5, 2002)

The lawrence arms are not the broadways nor slapstick. This can be seen in the following ways:

1. S-L-A-P-S-T-I-C-K is not spelled L-A-W-R-E-N-C-E A-R-M-S.

discuss. They might even be different bands.

Next, ill cover how fugazi is not minor threat and other amazing lapses in obviousness.

'Hey, I dont like mike ness solo stuff cause its not social distortion'
"why'd you buy it?"
"Cause I like Social Distortion"
"But if it was a Social D. record, it wouldn't be a mike ness record"

Kubrick directed 2001 and the shining, completely different movies but with a basic directorial technique, so while you can use a past related band as a good reference point, if you fuck the daughter and expect it to be the mom, just go and fuck the girls mother (in case I need to strip down my argument from overintellectualizing[ha]).

mean moody wyzo

sickboi (February 5, 2002)

To the guy below, you can't use "scout" and "chief" in one rant. Make up your mind.

Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

you had no idea what this record would sound like? You've never heard the lawrence arms before? Jesus christ , how are you able to write reviews on here. Lawrence arms have been around for years scout, you should do a little research before you review something chief.

Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

This is a fucking awesome album. I like their Split with the chinkees a little bit better, just because of the Pensacola song. Still this is one of the best albums of the year... So far.

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

haha, you said A3....chump

and the lawrence arms aren't really new.....



Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

I predict this will be the best record of 2002 and is a great follow-up in the vein of A3's genius "Infirmary". Don't kid yourself, this is the best stuff yet from the best new punk band.

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

i can't really get into all that much
i liek ghost stories, adn the svt terrace split (i haven't heard the others becuase i dont own them...) and i liked those more. but. i still have to go with the broadways all the way. and slapstick obviousyly is better than both of them. the broadways are more raw or soemthing, and the lyrics , from past impressions(i dont have the new disc yet onoymp3s) , were way better in broadways

someday i'll talk a small child down to the last grass covered hill in my town and say the whole word was once like this and more, but words and photographs won't make them understand
i work from 9 to 5 from 6-10 i watch tv, theres a million other people just like me...

just more my thing or somethign i dunno i'm rambling. killing time. im' waitign for a phone call and 8 o clock. suckahs.

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

his voice was at it's worst in slapstick....not that it's a bad thing, Slapstick is and always will be a million times better than the lawrence arms...

still, this is their best effort to date...chris gets more songs...the sound is great....lyrics are great...not a reason to dislike them anymore really (which i did until i heard this disc)....

sure, it's better produced, but it definitly doesn't have that "fat" sound everyone was worried about....

give it a chance....it's much better than their two previous full lengths...(although the splits are pretty fucking rocking)


wyzo (February 4, 2002)

I dont see how people complain about bands records not being up to there 'past work'.

The Lawrence Arms is one band that in my opinion started rough and has trimmed the fat with each release. The split with the Chinkees they put out recently being the best 4 songs Ive ever heard by them. So Im looking forward to this record alot, because I think they've gotten better with time.

Rock and roll,

glumble (February 4, 2002)

I'm sorry, but growing up in Chicago I've seen these guys like 14 fucking times. The only time the lead singer's voice was ever good was when he was in Slapstick. Otherwise, these guys are nothing special and nothing new. Don't waste your time. P.S. The Honor System is like the ultimate opening band of all time and mystery.

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

i love these guys and was a little disheartened by this album. i thought it lacked the intensity of their prior releases. a bit too watered down for the masses. no songs even close to "Asa Phelps is Dead"

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

good review. the lawrence arms are one of the better bands out there lyrically (along with honor system) and raw sound. chris' guitar melodies rock as usual, and his voice is of pure quality. bren is a legend. he rocks hard with the bass and his never to be duplicated, unique, incredible voice. i love these guys and they will make a lot of people happy on fat wreck.

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