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No Doubt: Beacon Street CollectionBeacon Street Collection (1995)

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: ChrisGorman2Chris Gorman
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Here is a review guaranteed to piss off the punk rock elite. Go ahead, bitch all you want. Cite creative mistakes such as the current single "Hey Baby" or perhaps Gwen Stefani's duet with rapper Eve. It makes no difference, because the fact is, No Doubt was at one time a staple of the ska-punk und.
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Here is a review guaranteed to piss off the punk rock elite. Go ahead, bitch all you want. Cite creative mistakes such as the current single "Hey Baby" or perhaps Gwen Stefani's duet with rapper Eve. It makes no difference, because the fact is, No Doubt was at one time a staple of the ska-punk underground in california, and they pre-date many ska and punk bands that get all the accolades today.

No Doubt's first major label release "S/T" was a commercial failure. The nation was still engulfed in a sea of grunge and metal, so ska-pop was not on anyones agenda. Interscope, while refusing to support the band further, also refused to let them out of their contract. So, No Doubt took songs they recorded between 1993 and 1995 and put out a self-produced disc, "The Beacon Street Collection". This disc actually proved to be better than their self-titled effort, and it set the stage for later success with albums like "Tragic Kingdom", "Return of Saturn" and the current "Rock Steady".

I find this album to be a little scatter-shot, which is to be expected of an album of this nature. Some songs come off sounding like watered down funk-ska, tracks like "Open The Gate" and "Blue In The Face". There are some great tracks though, and these make the purchace of this album worth it. Tracks like "Total Hate" for example, the duet with Brad Nowell from Sublime is a ska-punk classic. "Greener Pastures" has a cool opening riff, and "Squeal" is just about as good as No Doubt style ska-punk can get. "Snakes" has an opening riff that could have easily been ripped from Black Sabbath and "Doghouse" is a two-tonish ska track with a catchy hook.

This is a very different face of No Doubt then the one normally seen in the public eye. I will be the first to agree that their output ever since Tragic Kingdom has not been up to par, and while I am all for creative innovation, I'm not sure No Doubt is going in a good direction. On "Beacon Street", we get what I consider to be the real No Doubt, with Gwen's ever popular warble over a kinetic mix of funk, punk and ska. I like it. Recommended if you like: Radiation Kings, Save Ferris, Nuclear Rabbit, Fishbone.


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gecie (September 25, 2004)

I basically think everything past Tragic Kingdom sucks. Their first album isnt that great either. But I must say that The Beacon Street Collection is one of my favorite albums, and will probably remain one.

Anonymous (June 12, 2004)

This album is really good. I can't beleive so many people didn't like Return of Saturn though.. that's one of my favorite albums. Not ska.. but who cares? Good music. "Suspension without Suspense" is one of my favorite songs on there. I didn't like the album the first couple of times I listened through it, but then I listened to it over and over again.. and it ended up growing on me. Gwen is my idol. "Rock Steady" isn't my type of music.. but I give them props for trying out something new. I just hope their new CD isn't all that techo garbage and junk. I was so happy though, when I saw them live about two weeks ago.. they hardle played any of the Rock Steady stuff. They played all stuff from Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn pretty much :]~.
I hate it when people say benads are "Selling out". If you got really famous and you were making money for what you love to do.. wouldn't you keep on doing it? It just irks me that people judge bands on a "selling out" basis. If you didn't pay so much attention to things like that.. and more attention to say.. the music.. you might find out that you actually enjoy them.
IM: kiSs mE dEaDLyoX

SOYBOMB (May 19, 2004)

Eh, at least you can take solace in knowing that Gwen and the rest of the No Doubt crew will always have more money and be happier than you.


Anonymous (February 27, 2004)

Even when they were a ska band they were not that good. "Dont Speak" got them where they are now. A majority of the people who bought their records then and now didnt even know they were a ska band. Fuck No Doubt and that ugly bitch Gwen Stafani and her poseur husband.

Anonymous (February 27, 2004)

Even when they were a ska band they were not that good. "Dont Speak" got them where they are now. A majority of the people who bought their records then and now didnt even know they were a ska band. Fuck No Doubt

Drummadict (December 16, 2002)

i know what u mean, blink hasn't lost much sound but no doubt really has lost it all. in their videos they don't even have a band, it's all focused on gwen stefani. they're good but i wish they could've stayed how they used to be. later

Eddie (July 19, 2002)

Who can possibly say that blink-182 are bigger sell-outs then No Doubt? They have totally changed to electronic/reggae/techno/pop/"whatever you want to call it" crap. At least blink-182 has basically kept a punk-sound. This CD is awesome, and too bad No Doubt isn't still like this.

Anonymous (June 5, 2002)

gwen should take it up the ass till she dies.

Anonymous (May 31, 2002)

The new No Doubt video is damn good. Well, it sucks, but Gwen with a mohawk wearing bondage gear = masturbation.

Too bad the band sucks.

Anonymous (February 19, 2002)

coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz coz
yup...they r super

Anonymous (February 18, 2002)

this is for the person below me. I'm a huge No Doubt fan, but just cause you don't like a particualr song or cd doesn't make you less of a fan. I disagree with your statement about supporting a gruop in whatever they decided to do and not knocking it down, cause if my fav. band started puttin out crap, I would definetly not support them. As for No Doubt again I say this is a really good cd and I've liked everything they put out except Return Of Saturn. That cd sucked, but I still love them cause the new cd is pretty good.

Anonymous (February 18, 2002)

all of you people need to get a life. there is nothing wrong with no doubt and there never was. everyone says how they *sold out* and dont sound the same. well oviously you people arent even no doubt fans every fuckin cd sounds different dont put a label on them they want to play music and thats what they do. why is it hurting you. are you jealous you cant be like them. yea probably. grow up and learn to respect artists. and its not their fault that their on mtv . its just what happens and if you were a true no doubt fan you would no that supporting them through everything is the best thing you could give instead of disrespecting them. at least i no that i will always stand by them because their great. oh and someone said how no doubt has a rapper on the cd you oviously cant tell regge to rap. and if you are whinning about that then complain about rancid doing a song with rappers, or is that ok.?

Anonymous (February 18, 2002)

(To the person who was talking bout selling out 3 or so messages before me)
The fact that people complain about bands selling out is not because they become popular, its the fact that they change their style of music in such a way to fit the mainstream genre. Often disposing of the only quality that made them a good band in the first place- inteligently written lyrics that actually mean something.

PS. Dont pay any attention to the score i gave this album coz i personally havnt heard it and therefore am not willing to give it a 10 (coz very few albums deserve it)

Anonymous (February 14, 2002)

seek is experiencing an identity crisis.

Anonymous (February 13, 2002)

Metal metal metal metal napalm skullfuck arggggbbppppppppplllllllllll satan

Anonymous (February 11, 2002)

I am Tired of People using the word sell out " blink are sell outs, New found Glory are sell outs, No Doubt are sell outs." who cares! as soon as they become a big band they are acused of being sell outs. good for them for making it big. you liked them before. so throw away that stupid, immature, so-called pride.
As for no doubt they have changed....so what.let them. they are just rtrying something new...very new. i still like no doubt

Gwen Rulze!!!

seek (February 11, 2002)

I'm just a girl. No, really, I am.

Or... am I?

Duh. I just said I was.

But maybe I was lying?


Anonymous (February 8, 2002)

Twisto Frumpkin was a much better OC band. Too bad they broke up and became fat losers.

Anonymous (February 8, 2002)

wow, I made a mistake when I said No Doubt has been ska since 1990. I meant they were ska band till 1990, then they just became a ska influenced band.


CallingLondon (February 7, 2002)

i dont' think there's anyone on this site that thinks RBF and the Bosstones invented ska, everyone knows it was Operation Ivy (just kidding). the fact is they were a ska/funk/metal band, and now they're a shitty pop band, that writes songs about What girls say or some shit like that. i'm gonna try to check this cd out tho cuz i bet it's good.

Anonymous (February 7, 2002)

This is one of No Doubt's cool cd. I put this cd as #1 and Rock Steady as #2. Now as for the people bitching about how No Doubt lost their "ska" sound you peopole need to grow up. None of the cd's they've put out have been ska. It's all been watered down version of ska. For goodness sake Tragic Kingdom was not ska, the only close thing to ska on that cd is "Different People". I'm guessing some of you jumped on the No Doubt bandwagon, or ska boom in '96 thanks to your precious MTV. Your the same peole who think The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Reel Big Fish invented ska. No Doubt has been ska since like 1990. I do agrre that they had ska elemests way back in the day when they were a 2Tone band,but they've moved on and so should you. So for all you people crying for them to return to their "ska" sound. Get your heads out of the ground and pick up some Skatalites,or The Specials to start you with some really good ska bands.

evildeadalive (February 6, 2002)

Oi to the World was a Vandals cover.

Anonymous (February 6, 2002)

i totally agree! no doubt was right up there with skapunk. one mistake (rock steady) shouldn't condem them to the pop pits of hell. when in doubt look back to "oi to the world"!
-jess shaw,
sn: amateur punk84, amatuerpunk1984@hotmail.com http://www.geocities.com/amateurpunk329/artgirl.html

ETx310 (February 6, 2002)

I liked this album, and I like their new one too! (no sarcasm this time) As far as them looking different... people change! Do any of you look the same as you did 8 years ago? I certainly don't. I don't really know what their public image is now though, I don't watch any MTV.

Anonymous (February 6, 2002)

WARNING! PUNKER THAN THOU KIDDIES BELOW! Judging this album, its a fun decent quality album. Tragic Kingdom gets a 10, and Return to Saturn gets an 8. Are they punk albums? No, so what? Good music. Can't say much for their new album, not my style.. but how is that selling out? -- AtomicGarden

YellowTrash (February 5, 2002)

Shit. I remembered their first album. Gwen didn't have blond hair, their bassist looked like a long haired artist, and everyone else looked grudgy. Now only did they play funk/ska, their only two black members were actually real members of the band!

CallingLondon (February 5, 2002)


sickboi (February 5, 2002)

They weren't that bad back in the day, but come on, they are the epitomy of selling-out. Gwen hanging with the Ruff Riders? Listen to their music now, crap-crappity-crap-crap.

Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

No doubt are so cool it rock my sock!

Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

this review says 1 thing: "i've seen the no doubt behind the music"

good job regurgitating all that information, I remembered it from the first 3 times i saw it on mtv though. shitty review.

ChrisGorman (February 4, 2002)

hey CallingLondon, the person who said Tragic Kingdom didn't do well was being sarcastic.

CallingLondon (February 4, 2002)

how did tragic kingdom not do well? it was their first successful album, and it broke them into the mainstream. Even so, it wasn't really a ska record.

wyzo (February 4, 2002)

Does gwen not realize it is possible to wear pants that cover up her thong? Or is the thong even there, or is it just stitched into the pants and shes actually not even wearing it, its just two straps sewn into her waist?



ETx310 (February 4, 2002)

Ya, they figured Tragic Kingdom didn't do to well (sold like 7 million records) so they decided a change was needed. Makes sense. As far as this collection, I like it. enuff said

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

One of the only bands i used to like that SOLD OUT. They were a good ska/punk/pop band, then they made some shitty one of those albums, "return Of Saturn" and totally changed their style to hip hop and shit directly to sell more albums. blah

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