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Brand New

Brand New: Your Favorite WeaponYour Favorite Weapon (2001)
Triple Crown Records

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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I've had a copy of this album since late October of last year. I've been meaning to write a review of it every day since then, I really have. There's just one small problem: it seems like almost every time I put this album on to really analyze it, various friends come in the room and stay for a fe.
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I've had a copy of this album since late October of last year. I've been meaning to write a review of it every day since then, I really have. There's just one small problem: it seems like almost every time I put this album on to really analyze it, various friends come in the room and stay for a few songs, then decide that they want to borrow the album. This game of CD cat-and-mouse has been going on for months now.

My Drive-Thru Records addict friend Mike has fallen in love with this band. He worships their really innovative three-voiced harmonies, as do I [we're both choir geeks]. He also loves how the band can cram a year's worth of hooks into just one song [take a listen to "Jude Law and a Semester Abroad" for an example]. Then there's my friend Craig whose favorite bands are Dashboard Confessional and Alkaline Trio. He loves this album because of all the emotion you can pick up in the vocals. The lyrics especially are pretty deep without making your head hurt, and some are just downright nasty. a sample from "Seventy Times 7" : "Have another drink and drive yourself home / I hope there's ice on all the roads / And you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt / and again when your head goes through the windshield." On a side note, ladies, this is why you do not date a musician. Anyway. Frequent visitors to my reviews might recall my friend Liz; even as a "jaded scenester" like herself, she likes this a lot. My Illinois-via-California friend Justin loves this because, to bring everything down to the lowest common denominator, Brand New is able to be a pop-punk band without sounding stale and repetitive. That is a feat in itself. So what is my verdict? It's pretty much a conglomeration of all of my friend's opinions.

This album has some *really* strong tracks, and there aren't really any songs that warrant the pressing of the "skip" button [although, on days, "The No Seatbelt Song" really gets on my nerves]. Opener "The Shower Scene," while sounding nothing like the rest of the album, propels the album straight out of the gates with a very Hot Rod Circuit-like style. Immediately following that is the aforementioned "Jude Law," which in an alternate universe would be topping radio and MTV charts across the planet. "Mix Tape" makes me laugh every time I listen to it, with sardonic lyrics like "I know that you're a sucker for anything acoustic / when I say let's keep in touch, I really mean I hope that you'd grow up / This is the first song for your mixtape, and it's short just like your temper / somewhat golden like the afternoons we used to spend before you got to cool." "Failure By Design" is about as straight up rock as you can get, which gets a thumbs up from me. And of course what pop-punk album would be complete with an acoustic song at the end? In this case, the song is called "Soco Amaretto Lime," and is a very quiet, slow paced song until it gets cut off in mid-chorus by the sound of a record skipping. It's kind of a cute way for the band to tell the listener the album is over.

But this band is not all roses. My biggest complaint is also one of my biggest praises - the band's vocal harmonies. I've seen them live twice [again, guys, I'm totally sorry for that Davenport, IA show] and they are a live force to be reckoned with. On recording, while their music comes across pretty closely, the vocals just comes off as sounding too whiny and high pitched. Of course, all this makes me want to is see the band live again, so it can't be all that bad of a complaint.

In conclusion [shit, it sounds like I'm writing a term paper], Brand New has got what thousands of other pop-punk bands do not. There really isn't a name for what they have, it's just that *thing* that only certain bands who are a cut above the rest have. This band is going to go on to bigger and better things and I wouldn't be surprised if, within 5 years, they're on a super big indie like Vagrant Records, or possibly even a major label. You're getting proper warning now.

Seventy Times 7
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
Failure By Design


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Wrongturn (August 14, 2013)

Great memories attached to these tunes. Much love for this band and their musical progression.

MozzIsPunx (December 2, 2010)

Love the anger and emotion in songs like Seventy Times 7, it's just raw and aggresive. Amazing.

esk-Hi-mo (October 7, 2008)

this CD is by far my favorite, the lyrics are amazing =] i can never get tired of this CD.

krid1987 (July 20, 2007)

The first cd of one of the best if not the best band in the entire genre or in all of rock music...just an opinion

Anonymous (May 30, 2006)

someone described song 3 as a blink 182ish song. brand new toured with blink, and are fans of theirs. so if you like this band and not blink, your just another one of the million of people here who idk, are stupid just go look at a blink album review and read the comments your one of those guys.

Anonymous (November 10, 2005)

this album rooooooooooooooooocks

revolutionary (November 3, 2004)

so like, people dont like blink 182 now?
fuck that shit, i wish this site had like an online simulated fight mode where people could fight each other with sharp objects. the Ramones own all things. Brand New rocks.

Anonymous (August 2, 2004)

pretty good album, but theres some bad songs on here

Anonymous (July 7, 2004)

Track #1 - a cover of "theme song of the night flyers" by the rookie lot, this song is REAL GOOD. sounds like an older movielife song, but it's real riffy and has some really neat guitar twidling. there is also a lame ass distortion effect on the vocals to make lead singer jessie constapolas sound like a roughneck badass.

Track #2 - everybodys FAVORITEEEEEEE!!!!1 this is somewhere between pop punk faggotry and arena rock anthem. some great hooks, and more sobbing about girls. all in all a killer pop song.

Track #3 - bleh, junk. sounds like a bazillion other crappy bands. at least it's pretty catchy though. this is actually a cover of one last goodbye's "stick a hot cattle prod up my piss hole".

Track #4 - this song KICKS ASS, this sounds like some total stoner pothead shit. listen to those guitar riffs!!!! they make me want to spark a doob RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!! fuck the crying about girls thats going on and pretend hes singing about burning flags.

Track #5 - Boring Annoying and Dumb!

Track #6 - real catchy, horrible vocals and lyrics. can't get into this one at all.

Track #7 - woohoo!! this song is sweet, sounds like a GAY ASS (FUCKING GAY!) 1980s ass fisting coke binge goth fuck fest lifted from the cure's "dick integration" album but with the hooky, stadium ready guitar cum choruses you should be familiar with if you've listened to this cd up until this point. i know that description sounds awful, but i'm serious I LIKE THIS A LOT!

Track #8 - hahaha terrible

Track #9 - this is a dis track to crosstown rival gang the hymen bloods. starts off catchy and uptempo, then veers off into predictable pop song tom foolery. blah blah blah.

Track #10 - back on track here, sounds a bit like older get up kids what with the jangly guitar picking, nicely constructed vocal lines as well!! nothing original, but another winner for brand new, the assholes!

Track #11 - a terrible song about raping slave women.

Track #12 - another awful song, this one is acoustic and slow, so it's twice as annoying!!!

playing is top notch throughout, with a couple fewer songs and some things done differently in mixing/production this could have been an insanely good album, but the weak spots genericify it the fuck up. i still have to give them credit for coming out with something in the vein of "stuff that was played out three years before this was released" and injecting some serious life into it. it's pop music, but it's really good pop music. if you like hot rod circuit or the ten zillion bands that rip them off, or you are a hot 16 year old girl that wants to come suck my cock, you'll like this a lot.

Anonymous (April 30, 2004)

see, i think the vocal harmonies are a lot better on cd than live.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

make that 1.5 yrs til there on a major scott since u posted this review

Anonymous (September 27, 2003)

This record is one of my favourite records i have ever listened ro and dont say i should listen to better music or listen to more! I 23 and have listened to Punk since i was 13. I listen to such bands as OPIV, Rancid, thrice, alakline Trio, Blink 182, The Distillers, The Descendants, Sick of it All, Taking Back Sunday and Green Day!

And people who think Brand New suck are probably little boys and girls who think that drive thru is the best record label ever!

fuck im cool!:)


suburbancore (June 17, 2003)

he wrote this review long before the TBS album was even out, so how could any research have been done?

Anonymous (March 16, 2003)

brand new's nothing original. the only standout track was of course jude law. infectious tune, no doubt. but the rest were your typical pop punk shit. i couldnt really figure this album out. i mean, here's the lead singer who's like what? 24? and here he is singing sappy puppy love high school shit, and it's like dude, your 24 get over it.

insinceredave (March 4, 2003)

i was distracted. its good.

Anonymous (February 7, 2003)

yeah dude do some research before u put out a review. Jesse the lead person in Brand NEw wrote the song seventy times 7 for his ex bestfriend the lead singer from taking back sunday becuase that guy slept with his girlfriend. I really think your a moron for saying that, know what your talking about before speak dude. by the way one fo the best albums ive ever listened to

plowro (January 23, 2003)

It usually takes a couple of listens before I really get into an album. Your Favorite Weapon is probably the lone exception. I was instantly hooked the after the first listen. I'm a big fan of instrumental talent and creativity. A lot of people seem to think that bands like this have no talent and all sound the same. I disagree greatly. One of the biggest keys to my liking a song is its catchy sound. This band cannot be overmatched when comparing overall creativity, catchy-sounding riffs and lyrics. In my opinion, OUTSTANDING!

Anonymous (December 22, 2002)

Several things...... First of all, Scott, it was kind of out of line to say "most of the user-submitted reviews tend to consist of "dude, this rules, you should buy it cause evry song rox totally." That's offensive to every reviewer who ever puts in the effort to write a thoughtful review. Your website would be kinda empty without them. Nest, to CHOADIUS and bruceless: great comments. "Your friends are faggots" and "your friends suck." That's fuckin insightful. Because his friends were definitely the point of his review. To the anomymous guy who saw these guys in Poughkeepsie with NextIINothing (kinda shitty, although I have the CD cause they're local)... dude, you can't say Fizzlewink (aka "The Getaway") is the best band in the world. You really believe that? The best band in the world?? Finally, about the album -- I've only heard "Jude Law." The song rocks, there's no question, but yes, the harmonies can get really, really annoying. The lead singer is good, but the guy who does the backups it TOO LOUD. He's not supposed to be louder then the lead singer. It sounds unprofessional. --JP

bruceless (August 25, 2002)

Your friends suck.

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

well i bought the album and it kicks ass. nothing groundbreaking, but good newstyle pop punk. mostly like midtown, w/ touches of good charlotte(don't crucify me for that, listen to failure by design).if u ever heard digger it kinda sounds like them. a little. good vocal harmonies, catchy songs, clever lyrics. only problem is the production. if this was mark trombino or ryan green product it would probably get a 9 from me. but its low budget (understandably) production leaves the vocals gasping for more balls....if that makes sense.nothing to original, but if u are a pop punk fan, you'll like it. and taking back sudnay do kick major ass.but teh ataris suckm, mainly cuz of chris's lame ass lyrics in my opinion. NFG rule.and i smoked potw/ them b4. cool guys.

Anonymous (June 4, 2002)

i'd like to thank scott, his opinions always jibe w/ mine. so i think i'll go by this, since i love poppunk. scott, u used teh word sardonic. that makes u sound smart, unlike my reviews.

Anonymous (March 14, 2002)

i saw them last week with hot rod circuit...they seem talented, but their lyrics remind me of stuff i'd hear on either the radio, or Dawson's Creek. I thought it was pretty pathetic. In fact, i'm pretty sure they are a big joke and are laughing at everyone who actually thinks their band is good. It's a strong possibility.

"If you were a phone you'd still be off the hook." -Brand New
what the fuck is that all about?

Anonymous (February 19, 2002)

after downloading the mp3 for "jude law and a semester abroad" i had to get this record...suprisingly it was pretty easy to find at my local best buy...it's amazing...i don't listen to it that much but i get it stuck in my head a lot...about 2 or 3 songs have lead vocals like New Found Glory and it's a little annoying but i love the rest of their vocals with their other singer screaming...um it's cool

Anonymous (February 18, 2002)

brand new is an amazing band and they are some of the coolest nicest guys. and taking back sunday is also an amazing band and they are awesome guys. they both rock so hard.

Aubin (February 18, 2002)

I agree with you Scott. This is a great record, except for "The No Seatbelt Song" which is way too goth-rock for me.

evildeadalive (February 16, 2002)

Alabama Worley is hot.

Anonymous (February 15, 2002)

alabama lol

Anonymous (February 14, 2002)

http://www.ipackedmybags.cjb.net go there and listen to "I Packed My Bags a Year In Advance" the new album from Huntsville, Alabama's very own: Curbside Service!

Anonymous (February 13, 2002)

I saw them live @ the chance in Poughkeepsie, NY back maybe 2 or 3 months ago. They played a kick ass show with Taking Back Sunday, Next II Nothing, and The Getaway(best band in the world), any ways They guys were cool at the time I met them. But, now I hear they talk shit about all the bands at that show. So, in my opinion Brand New Sucks as people. But, the cd is ok.

maverick (February 11, 2002)

Actually, we all kinda think Mike is gay. If he ever comes out of the closet, I'll be sure to let you know, so you can feel better about yourself for calling random people "faggots." Deal?


CHOADIUS (February 11, 2002)

your friends are faggots.

savesthedaypunk (February 10, 2002)

If you guys wanna hear a good underground band get " fifth hour hero" i havent heard a better band then them. i was the one who said the thing about moshing while playing (i dunno why it came up anonymous) but fifth hour hero played that same show to and they were termendous, Breaking Pangaea's pretty good to.

Anonymous (February 10, 2002)

Taking back Sunday blows brand new right out of the water. Cant wait for the new album. This one is well, alright i guess. Song 3 is just the most blink 182ish song I've heard.

Anonymous (February 10, 2002)

How come when I reviewed this album about three months ago everyone replied said they hated this band, now everyone loves them. Good review my friend. Everyone keep a lookout for another great band from Long Island New York called Taking Back Sunday, they have a debut lp titled "Tell All Your Friends" coming out on Victory Records.

Josip (February 10, 2002)

i like this album a lot but didnt ANYONE notice, that "the shower scene" starts exactly as "the signs" by i against i?

Anonymous (February 10, 2002)

I enjoy this alubum.. Some times.

I always skip song 4 (mixtape) just because, well, it reeks crappyness. There are good songs, but there are also shitty ones.

I'd buy it, in fact, i did.

maverick (February 9, 2002)

To Chimerical Burst:
Dude, I give bad reviews all the time. Click on my "View All Reviews" link above and take a look at all the albums I've given low scores to. I didn't give this a low score because it's good. At least I justified myself, whereas most of the user-submitted reviews tend to consist of "dude, this rules, you should buy it cause evry song rox totally."


Anonymous (February 9, 2002)

Theres nothing wrong with the ataris. any way, I saw these guys in a basement show before anyone knew of them a while back and they were great. The bassest was moshing in the middle of songs. Great band, great album, great people.

Anonymous (February 9, 2002)

i know this isn't buddyhead, and this certainly isn't the band nor the record, but does this site ever post bad reviews? or am i only interested in bands that get good reviews? or am i a self-indulgent asshole?

-chimerical burst

Anonymous (February 9, 2002)

Just to nitpick and be a scene asshole, Drive-thru is basically a major. Drive-thru is a feeder label to MCA.

Anonymous (February 9, 2002)

this albums off the hook
I dont know how to classify it but as just a plain out kick ass record

Anonymous (February 9, 2002)

I was going to blast these guys, assuming you were exaggerating how good they are. They're alright, nothing too spectacular though. Still they're not painful to listen to like New Found Glory or the Ataris.

Anonymous (February 9, 2002)

The more I listen to this, the more I think it is an excellent album. It definitely warrants a rave review. Your friends sound great, Scott, but you don't need to justify how good the album is by saying that they like it.

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